Christina Aguilera got engaged on Saturday to her long time boyfriend Jordan
Bratman. Aguilera said, "I just want my fans to know that even though I'm
getting married, I will still continue to be a huge whore".

Love is in the air, so love our New Shirts, New Color

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Valentine's Day Massacred

I feel bad for you lonely losers on Valentines Day. Personally, I have a
brightly colored tissue box stuffed full of Valentines. I'm also in
several, meaningful relationships, as well as a few purely sexual ones; not
to mention one fairly abusive one with the 14 year old runaway chained
up in the basement.

OK, feel bad is probably too strong a term. I could really care less about
you. But my job is spreading joy so that's what I'd like to do.

Valentines Day always reminds me what a stupid place full of suckers the
world really is. I don't understand why they have a holiday dedicated to
love. They should have a holiday dedicated to hate. Hate is so much better
than love. Love is bullshit. Most people go their whole life without being
loved by anyone, and without loving anyone back. But hate is just the
opposite. Everyone is hated, and everyone has tons of people that they

Everyone is always confused about love. Do I love him? Is it puppy love or
true love? I love you, but I'm just not in love with you. Who do I blame
for this? I blame Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. I think they should be
drawn and quartered in the town square. But then they should sew them back
together but scramble up the parts so they would be these two crazy
patchwork one breasted/half dicked/half pussied Julia Roberts/ Hugh Grant
creatures. That would be awesome. And while they're at it they should hack
up Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Just hack them up and feed them to the

But back to the hate. Hate is so beautiful and so pure. There's no
confusion, there's no question. Do I really hate him? Yes, you do. Is it
puppy hate or true hate? It's true, true, deep hate. I hate you, but I'm
not in hate with you? Oh you're in hate with me alright you stupid mother
fucker. If ever something deserved to be celebrated, it's an International
Day of Hate.

I propose Yadsenit N'elav, the anti-Valentine's Day. I think we should
make Nora Jones' birthday, March 30th, an international holiday to celebrate
hate. A day dedicated to telling everyone you hate to fuck off. On
Yadsenit N'elav you do not send people cards. Fuck you Hallmark, you're
not getting a dime.

Do I have to teach you people how to hate? On Yadsenit N'elav you don't
give people anything. Instead, you take something nice from the people you
hate. It doesn't have to be expensive; perhaps you take something of
sentimental value. Is there anything better than seeing someone you hate

What about the flowers and candy you say? Valentine's Day has flowers and
candy. Fine. Go to the yard of someone you hate and dig up all of their
flowers. Happy? Eat a box of expensive chocolates and then stick your
finger down your throat and Mary-Kate that chocolate right back into the
box. Give that to somebody you hate. Pour it out in their car.

The best thing about making a holiday about hate is it's a great way to
avoid getting in trouble for being the miserable cunt you truly are. When
your boss, or your teacher, or the police start to give you problems, you
just tell them, "I'm celebrating my holiday you fuckbag! What are you the
fucking Taliban?" Nobody wants to be compared to the Taliban and they will
let you go on your way.

So go find Cupid and shove his quiver full of arrows up his ass. If you
can't find Cupid, any winged baby will do. Just be sure and go out and
spread the hate. You know you have plenty to go around, so don't be stingy
about it. I leave you with this soon to be traditional Yadsenit N'elav

A Hate filled Yadsenit N'elav to all of you. You all suck.

Yadsenit N'elav Mail (See it's catching on!)

From: S. Vyent
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 9:21 AM
Subject: why

What you mean is:
Before they become like you, someone who has no problem with selling
t-shirts that are disrespectfull to the black comunity an above all to all
the peoples in the world that are trying to make a diffrence!

People who believe that our youth should have a better place to live in
without people who try to put them down for there colour, believes or

You better think!!!

(Editor's Note: I better think? Are you going to make a 'diffrence' with
our youth you ignorant cow? Are you going to teach them to be illiterate,
uninformed cretins like yourself? I think you spelled your own name wrong.
Vyent? Vyent?!? No one here is putting down anyone for their 'believes'. We
make funny t-shirts that anyone with an I.Q. over 10 could understand. Oh
sorry, no offense. One thing I do 'believes', though; I do 'believes' you be
a stupid, stupid twat.)


----- Original Message -----
From: Dawn F.
Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 11:49 PM
Subject: A small Message

I am not even sure how to start this email. Let me start by saying this is
thee most offensive, abrasive, racist website, no corporation I have ever
seen. You hide behind freedom of speech but when you print and sell shirt
with slogans such as "Arrest Black Babies Before They Become Criminals",
"There are two people F*cking on the back of my shirt...Just kidding,
believe in Jesus", "Nigger Lover", " I Bought Christopher Reeve's
Wheelchair on Ebay", I'm not gay, but my ass hole is" what are you tryin to

Not only do these shirts take it over and beyond any line I can think of
they are degrading to the people who made them. They say look how
dumb I am I thought of things to say that everyone else is to decent to say!
I just want to let you know that I am highly appalled by you and everyone
affiliated with this company, and I will be doing EVERYTHING in my
power to have you SHUT DOWN!

(Editor's Note: This sounds exactly like one of my press releases!
Seriously, I would say all of these things but I wouldn't want to sound like
I was bragging. And the shirt said, "Niger Lover" you dopey bitch. It even
had an outline of the country on it. What did you think it was, the outline
of that last piece of crack you smoked, you insipid, delusional prune? You
go ahead and do everything in your power. Crawl out of that cardboard box
you live in, wring the piss out of your house dress and go shout on the
fucking street corner until the neighborhood watch comes and beats you
unconscious, again. )


----- Original Message -----
From: Martha M.
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 9:17 PM
Subject: autistic shirt

As the grandmother and legal guardian of autistic twin boys, I must
vigorously protest the cruel message on your autistim-related shirt. I
gather from your website that social responsibility is not a part of your
mission. Even so, mocking an affliction as vicious as autism transcends
parody or even dark humor, and descends into unacceptable depredation.
Surely you would not try to make money from the plight of, say, people with
terminal cancer?

(Editor's Note: I currently have 2 t-shirts that make fun of people with
cancer, and don't call me Shirley. Shirley is that other black woman from,
"What's Happening" but I get that a lot. Personally, I think I'm more of a
Hale Berry type, but as long as you don't call me Whoopie we'll be cool.
Calling me Whoopie will get my foot in your throat. Grandmas with twin
autistic boys should have better things to do than writing to sarcastic
t-shirt companies. Go knit some drool guards you tired, old crone. I'll
bet your vaginal discharge is nothing but ashes and sand. )


----- Original Message -----
From: "jeff"
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 5:12 AM
Subject: Re: Here ya go...

I am interested in the shirts when and where can I pick them up also what
size are they?

PS I need directions to your house I live off of NothLake West.
Unfortunity underr 18!!!!!

(Editor's Note: I can't be sure, but I like to think that Jeff is
exchanging t-shirts for underage sex; which I've done for years and might I
say, it works like a fucking charm.)


Michael Jackson's attorney may call basketball star/rapist Kobe Bryant as a
witness in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial. "It's not that we
think he has anything to add" said Jackson's attorney. "Michael's just
looking for some pointers."

Peace, Piss, and Applesauce