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The 50th Annual Grammy Awards took place last week, and Amy Winehouse took home an amazing five statues. When reached for comment, Winehouse stated, "I am so grateful to all of my fans. This means so much to me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see how much crack I can get for five Grammys."

Speaking of awards, this year's Oscars will be handed out on Sunday. The glitz, the glamour, the boring movies hardly anyone will see...Thanks, Hollywood, for sucking your own dick, so we don't have to.

After three months of intense negotiations, the writer's strike which crippled Hollywood is over. Finally. Now the American Gladiators can stop relying on improvisation.

Roy Scheider, star of Jaws and Debbie Does Dallas, recently passed away at the age of 75. Although best known for his role in Jaws, he also starred in the classic films Marathon Man and The French Connection. That's why it was so sad to see him resort to making Deuce Bigalow, The Animal, and The Hot Chick just for a paycheck. He deserved better.

The Roger Clemens saga continued last week as the baseball superstar stood before Congress and declared that he has never taken steroids or HGH. After being told what steroids and HGH were, Clemens said "Oh...God yes. Is that what this is about? I did that like ten times a day." Then, in a bizarre twist, Clemens, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield melded together to form a giant monster that destroyed Congress.

Once viewed as the clear favorite, Hillary Clinton now trails Barack Obama in the delegate count needed to secure the Democratic nomination for the presidency. I suggest they just end all of this and make it an Obama/Clinton ticket. They could be known as Coont. Yeah, that was blatantly racist and sexist, but I work with what I'm given.


penis vagina


Along with our usual assortment of shirts for slackers and people seeking blowjobs, our latest batch also includes a healthy dose of politics. But don't be misled. We don't suffer from any delusions (hallucinations maybe) that we're saying anything relevant about the current political climate. We're just happy to be making juvenile jokes about pot and oral sex while using the election as a backdrop.

Also, there's a shirt calling Hillary a bitch. Because somebody had to say it. Check out our new political tees and many others below.

All of our new shirts are here:

long division


andyWe are more than halfway through Black History Month and at this point you've heard all the old standards at least a dozen times each. "Harriet Tubman started the Underground Railroad, Jim Crow was the first black baseball player in the majors, Danny Glover invented peanut butter, blah blah black."

African-Americans (you may know them as "rappers") are an important part of U.S. history, both culturally and politically. They richly deserve to have the shortest month of the year dedicated to honoring their contributions and accomplishments. That is why I feel this month does them a disservice. We briefly acknowledge a handful of events as if they were answers to be memorized for an upcoming quiz, rather than something to be celebrated and honored.

To read any high school textbook on the subject or see the obligatory news footage recognizing black history, you'd think the only thing a black person ever did in this country was sit at the front of a bus or get sprayed with a firehose. Not so. Those are but two of the countless (it's gotta be at least 20) contributions America has received from the black community.

So instead of clubbing you over the head with the same handful of facts you've heard every February since you can remember, here are some things about black people you may not have known. Enjoy, niggas.

#1. Despite what people believe, we've had three black presidents in this country. They just disguised themselves as white guys to get elected. Kind of like that movie where C. Thomas Howell pretends to be a black guy so he can get into Harvard, except the opposite. And a lot

#2. Black people spawn several more black people any time you get them wet. Also, you should never feed them after midnight.

#3. The classic phrase "Kill Whitey" came about when the President of Black People decided that the phrase "Knock up Whitey's wife and make him raise your coarse-haired child" wasn't catchy enough.

#4. We all know black people have extra leg muscles which account for their superior athletic ability, but did you know they also have a third kidney and an appendix that actually serves a purpose?

#5. Thurgood Marshall was our first black Supreme Court Justice. Which is why I was surprised to find out he was the fifth Justice who could dunk a basketball.

#6. The idea that black people have an affinity for fried chicken and watermelon is degrading and unfair. While it's true that they must eat these things on a daily basis, it's only because it acts as fuel for their x-ray vision and super-strength.

#7. Frederick Douglass grew up as a slave, but later in life he became an author, orator, and an integral figure in securing equality for all Americans. But as anyone who knew him could tell you, he was only truly happy when he was a slave.

andy#8. Civil War reenactors are legally allowed to whip any black person who makes less money than them.

#9. It is well known that black males have larger than average penises, but who among you knew their penises have more functions than the penises of any other race? Along with urination and ejaculation, black penises also emit a high-pitched sound which repels attacks from fruit bats.

#10. Jackie Robinson only grudgingly became a trailblazer in the world of baseball. The sport in which he truly wanted to break down walls was curling.

#11. George Washington Carver's creation of peanut butter was sheer serendipity. He was actually trying to invent crack.

#12. The Black Panthers went through a long list of nouns before finally settling on Panthers for their group name. That list included: Onion Farmers, Pizza Chefs, Kitties, Clog Dancers, Jew Rapers, Julie Andrews, and White People.

#13. Martin Luther King hated black

#14. Jackie Robinson was ultimately accepted into what had always been a white man's game, thus making it possible for other players of color to join the league, effectively shutting down the Negro Leagues. And subsequently putting nearly one hundred black men out of work.

#15. Rosa Parks could outrun most city buses on foot. She was just being a total bitch about the whole thing.

#16. Other than athletes and entertainers, there are only two black men in America with a taxable income.

#17. Blacks make up 12% of the U.S. population, but comprise 44% of our prison population. Those are disturbing numbers. Even more disturbing? 56% of U.S. prisoners are innocent.

#18. Jerry Mathers was the primary speechwriter for Malcolm X.

#19. The Jim Crow laws famously mandated "separate but equal" status for black Americans, requiring separate schooling, toilets and eating areas for whites and blacks. These laws briefly included an amendment that called for mixed-race children to be cut in half and educated in two different schools. But this law was repealed due to the black half of the child always dropping out of school. Also, both halves died.andy

#20. The NAACP has been irrelevant for the past 20 years. They just keep having meetings to get out of the house once in a while. Black or white, we all hate married life. Am I right, people?

#21. The Aunt Jemima character is based on an actual woman. She never used syrup, and she wasn't even much of a cook, but her blood was often used by aristocratic white men who wanted their pancakes to taste more "sassy."

#22. The now-iconic image of Tommie Smith doing the black power fist at the '68 Olympics almost didn't happen. He was trying to do the Vulcan greeting, but he couldn't get the fingers right.

#23. In a recent poll conducted by the USA Today, it was learned that rap music and crude stereotypes rank second and third in embarrassing African-Americans. Receiving 95% of the vote, the landslide victory went to Al Sharpton.

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brine  02/19/08 6:10 pm
Fuck ya

the grand wizard  02/19/08 7:29 pm
would you leave those poor niggers alone-we have oppressed them for 400 years-in 2050 my whole family can start on there foodstamp saga-just niggers and mexicans-

sweet_n_naughty  02/19/08 7:33 pm
As a black women.. I have to say.. This is the funniest shit I have ever read.. Brine.. Lighten up.. It's just a joke ^__^

Fred Rogers  02/19/08 7:34 pm
Yeah, I've got a complaint: Your shirts aren't offensive ENOUGH. Pussies.

RC  02/19/08 9:44 pm
#16. Other than athletes and entertainers, there are only two black men in America with a taxable income. are too good!

Toya  02/20/08 8:02 am
That shit is too funny! I especially loved #6: The idea that black people have an affinity for fried chicken and watermelon is degrading and unfair. While it's true that they must eat these things on a daily basis, it's only because it acts as fuel for their x-ray vision and super-strength.

ChrisJ  02/20/08 8:12 am
If you write this column singlehandedly, you are one of the funniest columnists I have ever read. Your use of satire, extreme characterizations, and deadpan references to horrifying acts of violence, is too well crafted to be anything but brilliant. Keep it up; these "things" of yours are the highlight of my month.

Oh yeah, just to make sure this comment doesn't exceed the culture or class level here, I'm contractually obligated to include the following:

"Piss, shit, wah, fucking dyke bitch, oh my god offensive, what about the children, all niggas/crackas/beaners/kikes/micks must die."

Iman Azol  02/20/08 9:35 am
Your racist jokes piss off my niggers. I won't get any work out of them the rest of the day.

Of course, I don't get any work out of them most days.

My fuckup for hiring Mexican niggers.

Kerfuffle  02/20/08 10:19 am
Why hasnít this information been passed along to white people before now? Son-of-a-bitch. I canít even tell you how many times a fucking black penis holster would have come in handy on my spelunking belt.

Dimwit  02/20/08 4:09 pm
Kerfuffle-- Everyone has a built in black penis holder (male or female) I'm sure you know the one I'm referring to.

jay  02/20/08 4:20 pm
Just like to inform your sweet black ass that George Carver didn't event peanut butter, it's actually a common misconception. He utilized and is responsible for peanut oil's expansion in a number of ways, but he didn't event peanut butter - that was someone else.

Jesus  02/20/08 5:28 pm
Jesus says kill those nigga apes.Kill em all!Even the angry black dyke who writes "The Mid February Thing".Kill them with plunger handles.

Big Black  02/20/08 9:38 pm
Fuck you and Elvis Presley

Yuri Tarded  02/21/08 1:09 am
Black History month?? I thought it was James Earl Ray month.

WhoDaFuk  02/21/08 11:12 am
holy fukkin shit... that had to be the best "Thing" yet! Abso-fukkin-lutely hilarious... my favorite was #3! Keep up the good work, assholes!

aphex  02/21/08 1:31 pm
black history month = kill 27 more and we get the whole month off

Michele  02/21/08 4:24 pm
i enjoyed your website until today. I am just wondering why I never see offensive shirts for all you cracker ass insecure ass white people. You go outta ya way to offend everyone but white people. go eat a fuckin cheese sandwich

Kroenen  02/21/08 5:27 pm
best Thing ever.
I thought it was "Whine About 50 Years Ago" month. But whatever.
Guess I'll go eat a fuckin cheese sandwich.

Dalton  02/21/08 6:28 pm
Michele, lighten up! This is funny stuff. The reason they don't make shirts for you people is this: If you managed to save up the $18.00, you would probably buy a crack rock and a two piece meal(dark meat, I'm sure). Hey, there's a great idea for a shirt!

I + Jebus  02/21/08 8:33 pm
That was great. My favorite is #17. It's a shame that the other 56% are innocent, but we couldn't leave the prison guards alone with all those blacks running around.

c  02/22/08 8:56 am
.. Fuck. If my boss reads #9 he'll know why the fruit bats that live in his palm tree are always gone when he gets back from playing golf.

Slayer  02/22/08 3:48 pm
It's all fucking funny!

If you can't a joke, FUCK YOU, you ultra sensitive vaginal blood fart.....

Pissed of Irish  02/22/08 5:31 pm
Why is it they get a whole fuckin month and all us white folk have is Saint patricks day... oh wait forgot about Presidents day.

asmallrn  02/23/08 9:33 am
I am new to tshirthell, and I have to say as a middle aged professional with children, I must say this website has made my top 10 all time funniest shit I have ever read in my life list! Please keep up the equal opportunity bashing for our entertainment! (a.k.a. BRAV-FUCKING-O!)

Lady Jae  02/23/08 10:23 pm
of course it's funny. some people are just way too sensitive. and there are t-shirts that make fun of cracker ass white people. two of my favorites: 'Jesus is a cracker' and 'Blue Trash'. actually, i guess that one makes fun of smurfs, not white people. oh, well.

Aussie Coon Kurb Stomper  03/03/08 5:25 pm
Well, hog-tie me and butt fuck me to heaven... Why don't we have something like nigger month here in Australia... After our dick-head Prime Minister apologised to all our coon's now we're gonna have to pay for that one... What i can't figure out is how come that AIDS numbers are so high amongst the coons... usually they're to lazy, to get off their asses to stick anything in 'em... FUNNY, FUNNY SHIT AAA+++

Slayer  03/04/08 8:15 pm
Why did your PM apologize to them? Was he sorry for having to stick them back in cages because they didn't want to be toilet trained? If you really want to see lazy coons, come to the US and wander around New Orleans right now. Those fucking pieces of shit are real busy trying to steal everything that isn't chained down or locked up. Why? Why work when someone will take pity on you because you live in a shithole like Lousy-ana? Why fucking work when someone will give you something like free Nike shoes? But, offer the motherfuckers an honest job and they disappear like a wetback turning himself in to be deported just so he'll get a free meal!


-----Original Message-----

From: Kareem K.

Sent: Friday, February 08, 2008

Subject: Use of brackets

Hello, I'm the guy who asked about your "Fuck Cookies and Milk, Where's the Whisky Tits" shirt and I was just wondering about your use of brackets when writing the Editor's Comment underneath each of the emails. Not that it's incorrect or anything, but doesn't something so unnecessary get a bit boring after a while? You write an Editor's Comment, and surround it with brackets. Every single time. Why?

And by the way, are you really black and female? And can you really put three bowling pins into your anus?



andyEditor's Note: [Thanks] [for] [your] [question] [Kaz][.] [I] [can] [assure] [you] [there] [is] [a] [perfectly] [reasonable] [explanation] [for] [our] [seemingly] [unnecessary] [use] [of] [brackets] [.] [I] [can't] [get] [into] [details] [,] [but] [it] [has] [a] [lot] [to] [do] [with] [you] [being] [a] [goat]-[molester] [who] [licks] [Allah's] [snatch] [.]

My apologies if that Muslim crack didn't offend you. I just saw the name "Kareem" and assumed insulting Islam would get your curry-scented blood boiling, since I can safely assume you aren't the king of the skyhook.

To answer your question, yes, it does get a bit boring repeatedly carrying out an unnecessary, mundane task. Thankfully I am in the fortunate position of being able to pay knife-wielding hoboes to fight for my enjoyment during the .25 seconds it takes for me to include brackets in my comments.

To answer your other question, yes, for the thousandth time, I am black (don't hold it against me) and female (put it in me). The "three bowling pins" thing, on the other hand, is completely off base. How am I supposed to fit three bowling pins in my anus with Muhammad's face buried in it?

Comments (9) - View Comments - Add A Comment

RC  02/19/08 9:53 pm
To answer your other question, yes, for the thousandth time, I am black (don't hold it against me) and female (put it in me). The "three bowling pins" thing, on the other hand, is completely off base. How am I supposed to fit three bowling pins in my anus with Muhammad's face buried in it?

You are the shit, girl....

Skullmetal  02/20/08 9:23 am
You guys are fucking GREAT! Simply the best!!! LMFAO!!!!

Iman Azol  02/20/08 9:37 am
While you've got Mohammed's face back there, you either need to flex really hard or grunt out a shit.

Mike Oxlong  02/20/08 11:20 am
I'll put it in you, how much?

mackloki  02/21/08 1:06 am
Shit that photo looks like Ma. But without the towel & clothes & beard & Ma's clitoris wasn't at the rubbish tip being pecked at by the rooks & gulls.

father  02/21/08 8:24 am
shut your yap...
nuke america and kill all jews

Malochi  02/21/08 10:11 am
Hmmm he's not even Muslim, mind you most Americans won't realise that

Slayer  02/24/08 6:45 pm
Who gives a shit? Everyone knows that islam is the devil's religion, running a close second to scientology and Tom Cruise.

Trey  02/25/08 3:12 pm
hahahahaha.... pwned... that's great.
i also find it amusing how my capta(sp) code is CUMLK... cum lick anybody?

joy division

-----Original Submission-----

From: mark P.

Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Tshirthell staff,

this is random, but still a request. Could you please change your opening page picture, i can't stand looking at that fat creepy dude anymore, its been up there forever, and its making me want to kill myself thanks.


Editor's Note: On the list of things which should make you want to kill yourself, a picture of a fat, creepy dude on a shirt website shouldn't rank in the top 100. Seriously gude (gay dude), in a world occupied by George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and Canadians, that picture is what's going to push you over the edge?

How about the impending environmental catastrophe? How about economic and global turmoil? How about the fact that we're alone in the universe and this is all pointless? Is that doing anything for you? Okay, here's my last try. Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter is the biggest musical act in America.

If that didn't do it I will gladly pay you a visit and pull the trigger on your behalf. But not before forcing you to clean that fat guy's taint with your tongue.

Comments (13) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Sabrina  02/19/08 7:27 pm
*grrrs at billy ray cyrus' daughter and her musical act.*

Genius  02/19/08 10:43 pm
why dont you just bookmark the tshirt hell main page instead of the opening page??

Iman Azol  02/20/08 9:40 am
I would so fuck Silly Ray Virus' daughter, as soon as she's 16, or can pretend to be on TV.

Of course, as a redneck chick, she's had regular tonsil washings, ass stretchings and twat reamings since age 4, so she's got plenty of experience.

But she probably isn't tighter than a fifth grader.

JP  02/20/08 10:14 am
(ok, it's not true, only those from Quebec does!)

Kerfuffle  02/20/08 1:53 pm
For the love of cock; you mean your life is so goddamn mundane that you have to make a comment about someone elseís fucking comment?!?!?!

Uh - wait a minute Ö

Sir Malek  02/20/08 3:50 pm
In case you consider to really try to kill yourself visit this website dont forget to mention it on your suicide note

Gregor  02/20/08 5:19 pm
Hi Iman Azol! I too would fuck Billy Ray Syphillus' daughter! It would help if it was done in front of a live studio audience, you can even add the "canned laughter" if you want & have Hillbilly Ray walk in saying "Well golly, how did that get in there?" or "I hope your gonna clean up that mess boy". Violate ya later, Greg

sixx  02/20/08 9:54 pm
Dude, Canadians from Quebec most decidedly DO NOT rock. In fact, Canadians from Quebec need to get the fuck back to France.

lyssa  02/20/08 11:12 pm
The world is truly coming to an end when THAT sad, pathetic excuse for entertainment passes. I say assassinate whoever's in charge of Disney. They've been needing to go for a long time...

mackloki  02/21/08 1:13 am
Just because RON JEREMY'S let himself go since retiring, doesn't mean his image should be withdrawn from his pride of place. Are you aware he can "eat at home", if you catch my drift. For Dogs sake the guy's a leg end, literally.

Jake Malicious  02/21/08 6:36 am
That little preteen slag looks like the crown o' mah cock before I pull back the foreskin.

vb  02/22/08 2:12 pm
an excerpt from your reply to a letter.... Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter is the biggest musical act in America. That statement alone qualifies you for president. I question the state of mind of the American people who would actually watch, listen or pay to see this homely, non talented adolescent girl. Sad. Sad and Sad!

Slayer  02/22/08 3:52 pm
What is this blatant personal attack against the creepy fat dude? So what if his hair looks like shit and could use a good washing? All he's doing is trying to earn a living aside from standing on a street corner begging for money. Give the fucker a break!

division of labor

-----Original Message-----
From: James M D.

Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008

Subject: In Reference to the "Bros before Hoes Shirt"

Hillary Clinton was way more qualified them some BLACK Illinois Senetor with the Name Barrak "OSAMA" Obama.....he's a flippin muslum terrorist!

Editor's Note: Thanks, racist version of Napoleon Dynamite. Senator Clinton appreciates your endorsement. Now if she could only get backing from "Americans for Giving AIDS to Kittens" and "Nazi Qaeda" she'd have the presidency all sewn up.

It is this kind of ignorant and simple-minded thinking that keeps America from progressing. I mean, to hate a man based on his skin color or name instead of the fact that he's a politician? What is this, the 1950's? Or even worse, present-day Texas?

Once and for all, not all Muslims are terrorists or even radicals. Don't let a handful of extremists influence your opinion of what is essentially a levelheaded and peace-loving set of religious beliefs. Let us not forget what Chapter 37 Verse 18 of the Koran tells us: "Blow some shit up indiscriminately and you get to fuck a bunch of prudes. Peace out, bitches."

I did not make that up. I could clearly read that passage in between my smeared shit.

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Submission-----

From: steph steph

Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2008

i cant believe anyone would think up such garbage and put this clothing range on the children ... what is it teaching them no wonder society is becoming so scungy... i am shocked and horrified... i feel for the kids so much... you eveil people.... kids get abused sexually asulted and tortured and i blame the parents and you guys.... how do you sleep at night?

Editor's Note: I find it hard to believe that anyone who knows "scungy" is an actual word would have trouble spelling evil or assaulted. I'm going to assume you were trying to spell something else or you simply bashed your head against the keyboard to kickstart that pool of fluid that resides where your brain should be.

You and I are not as different as you may think. For example, you mentioned that you "feel for the kids so much." Well, remove the preposition "for" from that sentence and it describes me all over. Speaking of which, blaming me for children getting sexually assaulted is perfectly justifiable, but don't you dare blame the parents. How are parents supposed to prevent their kids from being molested after I've tied them up and shoved them in a crawlspace? You owe a certain dead couple an apology.

Anyway, I'll tell you exactly how I sleep at night. Through the aid of prescription drugs and booze. Also, on top of a pile of money and dead babies. Thanks for your question, Steph Steph. Remember - The extra "Steph" is for extra "stupid bitch."

Comments (28) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Schindler  02/19/08 7:06 pm
this e-mail is pretty classy and I like your reply, but i am mostly writing this about the closing statement. nothing nice can ever be said about money grubbing kikes, to me they are comparable to the outcome of eating old lunch meat. if you can't figure that out i suggest you try it and get back to me.

Choleric  02/19/08 9:17 pm
In reply to Schindler, as a dirty jew myself, I'm glad SOMEONE finally stood up and used "kike". For years I've been telling people that instead of using; heebee, big nose or red-sea-pedestrian (all of which are offensive) that I prefer kike. it's just the right thing to do.

billbudd  02/19/08 10:58 pm
What the fuck is scungy?

billbudd  02/19/08 11:01 pm
Scum + grungy? Come on people, help me out.

Killian G  02/20/08 12:10 am
heheh, steph infection. hah!

Iman Azol  02/20/08 9:45 am
I want to know where children are being sexually assaulted EVERY night.

No, I don't want to participate, you suck fucks. I just want to watch, take photos of tear-stained, terrified faces, and spooge off on them.

FotherMucker  02/20/08 11:01 am
You can make a shitload of cash with such pictures, Azol.. Anyway, "suck fucks"? Don't you mean "sick fucks"? You seem pretty excited ;)

And steph steph, you despise me. Comparing innocent shirts to horrifying kid-rape.. you're such a pedo -_-

Jessica  02/20/08 4:41 pm
"No wonder society is BECOMING so scungy"???? Are you fucking serious? I believe curb stomping and lynching (an old american past-time) may have played a small part in that... or wait... was it the mass rape and murder??? I don't know.. I tend to lose track. But fuck it let's blame this shit hole we live in on a fuckin' t-shirt website... yeah that sounds good.

You piss the world off by waking up everyday...where's the website where I can go and bitch about that?

Sane Person  02/20/08 6:16 pm
You all have issues, and if you weren't so fucking pampered you would realize that rape and molestation isnt funny, and you should all go fuck yourselves.

Another Sane Person  02/20/08 7:08 pm
I beg to differ. Wearing pampers while you rape a rapist is always funny. Raping a molestor can be funny, too, but not molesting a rapist. Isn't that weird?

sense of humour  02/20/08 8:20 pm
Hey there Sane Person! What about all of us that were molested as children and were warped so badly that therapy has no effect. We need this kind of humour to keep us sane! You gotta think about the poor victims ...

The First Sane Person  02/21/08 6:53 am

father  02/21/08 8:19 am
nuke america..i'll be glad

Douglas Crilly  02/21/08 2:27 pm
You have the most opened web site that I have seen in years! Keep up the good work !

Jesska  02/21/08 3:04 pm
I love to read your commentary on the hate mail...If people took a minute to realize how intelligent you are, they'd trip over their own feet. Love the newsletters, keeping intellectual people entertained everywhere... ;)

Kroenen  02/21/08 5:38 pm
Just thought i'd put in my 2 cents.

Fuck yeah, curb stomping!

meggymeg  02/22/08 2:04 am
What the hell was the silly bitch doing pokin' around t-shirt hell for anyway? Well, I got a good laugh out of it all!

Slayer  02/22/08 3:59 pm
How fucking stupid. I blame everyone who posts here for children being molested. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, for thinking you had the right to free speech. You should all be rounded up and gang raped for fun. See how you like it!!! :P

Sane and Sexy!  02/22/08 4:45 pm
Listen people...Rape is not funny and should never happen! Unless of course you have a good reason. Like if someone that you wanna have sex with doesn't wanna have sex with you. I mean how else are you supposed to orgasm inside their body?

Lord of Inferno  02/22/08 9:18 pm
This bitch needs a C4 enema. It's called humor you fucking skank. As far as my last recollection goes; a t-shirt has never raped a child, and furthermore if it could... I'd pay hard cash to see it cause that would be wilder that any trip I'd ever been on ;)

fuck face  02/22/08 10:40 pm
Dude i love all your shit tis fucking great! cracks me the fuck up! been getting shit for years it keeps getting better and better!

pffft  02/23/08 9:45 am
Too bad people like steph steph are using up the very oxygen my children breathe. Thankfully, the editor edited your original submission, otherwise we would all know how fucking stupid you really are.

Jake Malicious  02/24/08 12:47 am

Jake Malicious  02/24/08 12:50 am
Forced T-Shirt Hell into censoring itself, and I didn't even have to poison their president!

God damn! Do I rule or what?

Schindler  02/24/08 8:23 pm
yes jake you are special. I'll bet you wear a hockey helmet so your exposed brain doesn't get harmed. consider suicide!

Gregor  02/25/08 6:57 pm
What happened to the comments on Obama

Steph's daddy  02/26/08 12:30 pm
Steph is just angry that when she was 10 I would only fuck her in the shower so that i could slick her hair back and pretend she was a boy

Wicked Rapunzel  02/28/08 3:18 am
Shut up bitch or I'll break this beer bottle and hold it to your face.. the same way your daddy did.

divided we fall

[P.S. - I Just Queefed]

If you can't say anything nice about dirty Jews don't say anything at all.


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