The Early February Thing

This year's Academy Awards ceremony has come and gone, and Martin Scorsese finally got his much-deserved Oscar. It's about time. Everyone knows he should've won for Kundun and Bringing Out the Dead.

Come on Wonder Bread... you could be Vice President.

In political news, the 2008 presidential race is really heating up. And if early poll numbers are any indication, it looks like the White House could be smelling like watermelon and chicken any day now. On the other hand, maybe Hillary will lose.

Before I move on, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Or, as my dad calls it, "Today's Excuse."


New Shirts

Remember a few weeks ago when Jesus descended from Heaven and started raping nuns all over the place? Well regardless, we found the shirts he left behind and decided to sell them as our own.

Included in this group is a shirt for people that like the good kind of chick flicks and a shirt that gives the perfect instructions to anyone that doesn't press one for English.

There's also a brand-new baby shirt, so go ahead and buy that. At least that way the homeless guy that discovers your baby in the dumpster can have a laugh before he eats it. Check out all of these and many more.

All of our new shirts are here:


Hit yourself one more time.

Check it out - she looks like PredatorHere's the deal, Britney. I don't blame you. It's not your fault you had terrible parents that pushed you into show business. It's not your fault that we bought all of your shitty music. It's not your fault we kept talking about you and snapping pictures of you even after you stopped making albums. It's really not even your fault that you were a bad mother. I mean, you don't get mad at a retard for dry-humping a watermelon and taking a dump in the middle of Wal-Mart.

This is all on us, the American public. With every abortion of an album that we bought and with every magazine we purchased just because you were slapped on the cover, we helped ensure that you would eventually become the mayor of Crazy Skanksville. This is all our fault, and I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire country.

Oops.Having said all of that...PLEASE kill yourself. As I have already clearly stated, you didn't get yourself into this mess. But you're the only one who can get you out of this mess. If you leave us to our own devices, we're just going to keep discussing you for no good reason. Every time you eat a Starburst or paint your toenails a new color, we'll be there to take pictures and turn it into a weeklong gab session.

So, to repeat, PLEASE kill yourself. It's clear that none of us are going to help you. Because the only way we can help you is to leave you alone, and as I'm sure you're already aware, we're incapable of that.

I did it again.But I'm not asking this of you for your own sake. I'm asking you to do this for the sake of the entire nation. We're slowly being crushed to death under the weight of our own ignorance and stupidity, and it's up to you to save us. I mean, I can't tell you the name of my state's congressman, but I know virtually everything you've done for the past five years. In short, help us help ourselves. The only way you can get us to move on to more important things is to get rid of yourself. Sometimes even that doesn't help, as Anna Nicole's corpse can attest to, but you should at least try.

How you do it is up to you. Hang yourself, jump off a building, take an entire bottle of pills, divorce an ex-football player. I don't care how you do it, just get it done.

And don't mistake this for pity. I'm not trying to say 'Oh, leave the poor girl alone.' Not only do you not deserve pity, it also wouldn't do you any good. If anything, pity would just get you addicted to a different form of attention. Right now you're being barraged with mockery and scorn. And throwing pity into that mix would be like trying to get someone off of heroin by getting them hooked on crack. So don't confuse my request as pity. This is simply a plea for you to do what's best for everyone involved.

Hey girls.  Here's a sandwich.And that goes for all of you starlets, not just Britney. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, the Olsen twins and all the rest. As is the case with Britney, none of you are responsible for this. You're just young, dumb people doing what any young, dumb people would do if they had fame and fortune. When you get right down to it, WE are the problem, but YOU can be the solution. So grab a razor and get to slashing...for a brighter tomorrow.

(Note: If Britney has already killed herself by the time you read this, it would be fucking awesome.)

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Antonio  03/05/07 1:23 pm
Simply amazing. I love you.

Ben Q  03/05/07 2:51 pm
Thank for saying what really needed to be said

Swampy  03/05/07 4:50 pm
Holy shit. I mean, holy fucking no--holy fucking shit on a jesus-shaped cracker!
You have astounding mental powers, Tshirt Hell. You really do.,22049,21325695-5001026,00.html

Nikki  03/05/07 5:50 pm
I don't know ... the third time is a charm, but a certain blonde fucktard has yet to get it right. Maybe you should make a 'speshul' t-shirt for our starlets that correctly shows, in pretty pastels and trendy bedazzling, how to properly commit suicide? Oh! Make it pink, that will match those snazzy rhinestone-plated Sidekicks they like so much.

Michael Z. Williamson  03/05/07 8:58 pm
What Nikki said

Because Spear Britney, the Ditzy Twits and other refuse are just too fucking stupid to even figure out suicide.

Roxxie  03/05/07 10:00 pm
You are fucking awesome. Loved every word of it!

ToddJ  03/05/07 11:27 pm
One can only hope that this newsletter reaches Miss Spears doe eyes, and she obeys you're every command T-shirt hell. Oh please satan make this happen...please.

Bruno  03/05/07 11:34 pm
In said of sending people with cameras after nuthouse celebs, they should send out people with tranquilizer darts and wrap-around jackets. A few days at 'Happy Hills Institute' might do them (and us) some good!

B Nicholson  03/06/07 2:02 am
that wasnt really funny man, i do agree with you completley but i used to think everything you said was funny and now i only think that some things you say are funny. you really are a crackhore dumb niga bitch hahaha now thats funny muwhahahaaa

omar the great  03/06/07 8:58 am
that would be the way if we would just let others take the blame for every thing all the sheep do I say let the sheep be killed fun to watch

Kim N.  03/06/07 11:21 am
I heard on my Sirius today that Britney had written "666" on her shaven head, told everyone at the rehab center that she was the anti-christ, and then attempted to hang herself with a bed sheet. I'm not sure about the validity of that story, but I figred you'd appreciate hearing it, nonetheless. :)

JJ  03/06/07 12:16 pm
I always love the letter, but where are the results for the mascot contest?

Mary  03/06/07 1:07 pm
thats hilarious, but seriously, these famous bitches need to get a real life, and btw, the Olsen twins are so ugly now, what happened? (prolly too much crack)

Luis Nasser  03/06/07 2:00 pm
I think the brain has already followed your suggestion. It's a matter of time for the body to follow suit. Sadly though, the retards will continue to discuss her long after the maggots have shat out her digested remains before they take their first flight.

Jenna  03/06/07 2:06 pm
I hope she does too, plus it would keep me from doing more work that I already don't do

JROC  03/06/07 2:34 pm
Poor Britaney shaved her head because she wants to be taken seriously and for everyone to pay attention to her talent. Oh wait a second, Sinhead O'Connor already did that, and Britaney has no talent unless you count being a stupid cunt a talent. So I guess now she just looks like a fucktard.

foofoolamarr  03/06/07 3:18 pm
Right on! And damn, Britney, please leave your $$ to an animal rescue society (something you should have been enrolled in as a child).

tar.gz  03/06/07 6:45 pm
I've got $100 that says Britney Spears will be dead within 6 years. Suicide, drug OD, or a car crash (because she was fucked up). Anyone want to take the bet?

Liz D-M  03/06/07 7:10 pm
Fuck yeah! If we can get Britney, the Olsen Twins and Lindsay Lohan into a 4-way chainsaw-flamethrower contest that would be so much fun!

Jay  03/06/07 9:19 pm
Unfortunatly...she's still alive...that would make a great shirt though, Brittany's dead or something...

Jo  03/06/07 11:48 pm
that was so fucking awesome. i totally agree with you.

steve  03/07/07 2:28 am
absofuckinloutely brilliant observatios my dear fella!!

WaAwaA  03/07/07 5:12 am
Don't forget to include Paris Hilton in the list of people who MUST kill themselves - i'll do it for her.

J DM  03/07/07 9:47 am
Amen! Testify!!!

actually, don't, religious people are next on the list of people who should be "gently encouraged" to try getting a better night's sleep through the "bound, gagged, thrown in a sack & dumped in the river" system.

but, anyway, yes, i do believe some sort of Diva Holocaust of mass self-sacrifice would do wonders for the future of our country. Paris drives off a cliff, in 10 years we have a balanced budget. One of the Olsen twins (doesn't matter which one, who gives a fuck) OD's on Oxycontin, in 5 years we've got a national healthcare plan. Nicole Ritchie starves herself to death, national hunger is wiped out by 2020. Jenna Bush blows her head off, we've got peace in the Middle East before church time next Sunday morning.

what a beautiful world it could be... you should get in on the '08 elections before those things start to heat up.

PkY  03/07/07 11:16 am
Hell yeah.

silenoz_db  03/07/07 11:57 am
yes, i think it is true about her attempted suicide, and it pains me to say the word, attempted... i wish i could be saying succesful, but anyways, heres a link for people to read the story too

rod  03/07/07 1:42 pm
haha.... you're a shower of utter cunts, but i like you....

Reverend Fukdup  03/07/07 3:42 pm
Talking shit about peoples spelling is like talking shit about someones accent. I love that bad spelling makes uptight dictionary gnomes get there pantys all twisted.

beerbellykelly  03/07/07 3:54 pm
we had a book on this britney chick and its been run for six years,all the clever money says this is the year she going to do herself in...whats going to be worth more?

doug the great  03/07/07 5:46 pm
KIM N. - You're a dumbass. Thats the bullshit this month's thing pertains to. No one fucking cares.

Druid  03/07/07 7:53 pm
How short-sighted and insensitive of you, Tshirthell Bitch! How dare you invite her to off herself before she swings by my place for some painful, commanding buttfucking until blood pools under her's what Paris would want.

Sex Panda  03/07/07 10:46 pm
I've been reading these comments between looking at animal porn and selling stolen radios on ebay, and i have to say there are some real fucking losers in this world. Your not funny, leave that to the ones that are.

Oh and Britney Speares needs to be aborted... what would that be, 60th trimester? Something like that.

rose  03/07/07 11:56 pm
Dear Muffin. Shut the fuck up, please. Britney isn't the only one who should kill herself. God knows how many illiterate douchebags we could prevent from reproducing if you would just follow suit. Thank you.

Jesus Christ  03/08/07 10:57 am
What is with all the cursing my children? I have arisen and shall take the blood of the one you call Britney to appease my fathers need for crackwhore juice. Last time he had a good fill was from that dirty bitch I call Mother. 'Sif she was a virgin. Filthy slut!

J.M.  03/08/07 2:25 pm
This Letter w/ the pictures too should, NO, MUST be turned into a T-Shirt!!! I would wear it with Pride especially to her funeral!!!

Sinfrost  03/08/07 5:12 pm
Absolutely brilliant.

kim  03/10/07 12:57 pm
The list of these peripheral characters in our lives needs to be expanded and soon. The politicos that are taking our country down need to wield razors and/or pills, razors, bullets, belts, rope, whatever. on themselves. Save us all or we're all going down on the Titanic.

Alex  03/10/07 6:03 pm
That is so fucking true. Wow, what a fucking good read.

Jesus Raped Me  03/11/07 10:52 am
Kill them.Kill them all.

aceblueridge  03/19/07 8:23 pm
can i still fuck em? Before or after, it's all the same to me.

Mr. Obvious  03/22/07 7:39 pm
That would be a great idea, however, we are a country of such blithering idiots that we will find OTHER useless blondes and lose ourselves to them, too. Nonetheless, I applaud your effort to seek a solution for this nauseating circumstance.

Melli  03/24/07 2:38 am
Is there some reason Jessica (is it tuna or chicken?) Simpson was left off this list? I mean, she might have been able to find someone to read it to her, right?


-----Original Message-----

From: Kareem K.

Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello, T-Shirt hell people. Just wondering: should there not be an 'and' in between the "WHISKY" and the "TITS" on this baby's T-Shirt? If you rectified this mistake, I might buy this for my nephew's birthday and put him up on the Whores section of your site :-)

I'm grateful that you will be silently thanking me for pointing out this obvious error in your shirt. I'm sure this will hasten your decision to fire Pepe the retarded nitwit of a shirt designer and speed your employment of Maria, the Mexican firebomb who you'll employ for $1.01 and hour to do your ritualistic administration and water bondage duties.

P.S. I love it when you cuss off people's hate mail! Can you do this for my email as well? Cheers!

Kaz, London, UK

Editor's Note: Don't worry. I'm not responding to this email simply because this guy asked me to. I'm responding to it because he just happens to be a fucking moron. I'm disappointed when a fan is an idiot, but sadly, it happens.

Anyway, as I'm sure everyone but this dumbass is already aware of, the shirt reads correctly. At least to those of us who know what humor and adjectives are.

Please pay attention.Thank you very much.Kareem, the shirt is meant to suggest that the baby wants breasts that dispense whiskey instead of milk. The baby doesn't want whiskey AND tits. I suppose confusion set in for you because there's no such thing as tits that lactate whiskey. That's what makes it a joke.The prospect of breasts producing whiskey is ridiculous and, therefore, humorous.

And for future reference, Henny Youngman doesn't really want you to take his wife. I would apologize to you for being so patronizing, but I don't think you're even aware that I was patronizing you. Regardless, congrats on making it into the newsletter. Now go wrap your mouth around the end of a gun and pull the trigger. No, the other end.

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Dios  03/05/07 11:18 pm
And this is proof that some retards actually like I do not understand how anyone could not have gotten that, it defies human logic (much like my grammar)

Mustard Dick  03/06/07 12:17 am
Forget the fact that this bedwetter has no sense of humor. He needs his ass fucked with a flaming 4x4 post for making the little smiley face. Why do people do this? It really makes me want to repeatedly stab a puppy with a fork in front of school children. Screw you limey.

Buzz  03/06/07 8:04 am

ATX  03/06/07 9:46 am
As much as I don't want to admit it, Mustard Dick is right. That smiley face continues to allow me to make fun of Brits and stereotype them until the day I die. Congrats on being a douchebag and can someone please provide this guy with a gun so he can fucking end himself? Thank you.

ballz  03/06/07 12:26 pm tits

Shortbuss  03/06/07 12:57 pm
that's hilarious. god damn do i love this news letter.

Smart Ass MoFo  03/06/07 1:09 pm
I hate all those dumb fucks that just post a web address in their comment. Nothing else, jst a web address. I mean seriously, how much of a fucking loser do you have to be to scour the internet to find shit like this? Get a life you fucking loser

GW  03/06/07 1:35 pm
That fucking limey piece of shit is not only a fucking moron but also his name sounds like a sand nigger's name name kareem. Let me tell you something, make fun of mexicans now, but when we are making all of you camel jockeys our slaves, I'll have the last laugh. ;)

J  03/06/07 2:47 pm
I'm guessing that GW is a yank. Typical illiterate inbred cousin of ours. Does nobody else see that Kaz's satirical comment is a subversive attack on the very heart of the hatemail page, the general (American) public. I'm young but even I can tell who the intelligent people that write in are, what they are attempting to portray and, most importantly, why it is funny. I would like to say that the editor of T-shirt hell, along with Seth macFarlane, Matt Groening and the other two admirable Americans (that escape me at the moment) are not Americans at all, but have brains that surmount the usual "haw haw, he said 'dick' on TeeVee" humour and may infact be from somewhere with a higher overall IQ. Antarctica for instance, but alas, I know it not to be true.

Felltablet  03/06/07 3:54 pm
I thought it was obviously satirical until the poor mexican humor was introduced (a shift away from the arrogant tone). Eiether way fun results.

fixing lazyness  03/06/07 4:38 pm
for those too lazy to CLICK the link.... 1. whiskey tits 12 up, 7 down

the dream of a baby, to have a mother whose tits dispense whiskey as opposed to the tradional milk. If evolution occuredthen for a lactose intollerant baby this would happen

the baby and the father are fighting over the mother's whiskey tits.

Moribundi  03/06/07 8:53 pm
I love the Brits. What sour puss fucking people you are. You're so apt to call Americans stupid, yet you're the one that lives on a little shitty Island out in the Atlantic, full of ugly, inbred, dryly sarcastic half-wits with the social acumen of a microwaved dildo. "Hark, the yanks are rutting again. Someone come and beat me about my stupid and pretentious Brit face, and then expel onto a plate so that I might eat it!"
At least that's what your mom said.

Anyways, we know your the superior culture. With all the British accomplishments in the last hundred or so years, all the wars you've won, and the fact that you still have a royal family, you guys are just fantastic! Eat a dick, mate. Fuck Ireland... Er... England.

kelleyann  03/06/07 10:18 pm
I love you, Mustard Dick (above)

J  03/06/07 10:54 pm
I love the brits too, mate (or Poms as WE call 'em) but they can't play cricket for toffee.
Why is it that when my hopes are built up by a great intro I am time-and-again disappointed by the body of the text. In this case over-usage of swear words and unimaginitive, poorly thought through put downs (suggesting an inability to properly express herself maybe?).
Moribundi, please put down your "pre-teens guide to playground cussing", never come-back with a "yo mama" joke to anyone (we're not 11 anymore), and try not to act on impulse like this again. Next time think your reply through, analyse the possible nationality of your victim and try not throw meaningless abuse for abuses sake. Or in American "shut the fuck up you retard-shit-fucker, suck your fucking moms cock, you have a shitty country, Canada (haha Its close to his country so he'll be offended) and you're all fat fu...." you get the idea.
Stop picking on countries smaller than yours, I just know your following in your great leader's footsteps but its not nice.

Britny  03/07/07 12:47 am
it's kind of sad when you have to explain the humor. it makes it a tiny bit less humorous.

Tara  03/07/07 11:24 am

The Truth  03/07/07 11:50 am
J, I'm sure that in your head America is a land of retarded hicks. And there are states where that may be true. However, we don't have a national tradition of inbreeding like our cousins across the pond.

That put aside, you are very well written, and good for you. That is the prettiest looking ignorance I've seen in a long time. The original E-Mail is simply a Brit not getting American humor (humour). Could be because he's a Brit, but it's probably just because he's stupid. Yes, stupid people exist in England. It's sad, but it's the truth.

P  03/07/07 12:04 pm
yeh J, shut the fuck up. he is retarded for not getting it, and you damn well know it. now go post on a european blog somewhere, stop polluting ours

J  03/07/07 12:41 pm
You still haven't worked out the Pom comment guys? It's what we call Brits (Limeys?) in Australia.

We may well have inbreeding and stupidity here too (as well as England and every other country on this planet) but I would still like to stand by my comment on the immature humour of much of the posting community, this site inparticular (although the Ed seems capably intelligent).

I admit my own ignorance and accept that two wrongs dont make a right, this is how wars are started afterall, but wanted to see if the same sort of thoughtless comments made about Kaz would be acceptable, directed towards the US.

The Truth, I enjoyed your post and agree that stupidity is, indeed, everywhere. You seem like a decent upstanding citizen, free from prejudice and mindless put-downs (except for the 3rd sentence) and for this I applaud you.

Beefcake  03/07/07 3:24 pm
I'm soooooooooo pretty!

Beefacke Snickerdoodle  03/07/07 3:50 pm
J you flaming Australian Sabbertooth Crotchcricket!
Your mamma's so fat, when she sat down we had to add another country to the map. And hairy, too. Why she's soooo hairy, when she gave birth, you almost died of rugburn. Even Mustard Dick couldn't ketchup with the wet spot when he rolled her around with his friends.
You admit you are inbred, stupid and ignorant. And you criticize the maturity of this posting community you condescending, supercilious douche-bag! I think not.

Muffin  03/07/07 4:04 pm
For all you people cursing and damning the brits and auzzis or however you fucking spell it...

Muffin  03/07/07 4:06 pm
AMERICANS ARE STUPID. honestly i am an american. i live in boston. come one people dont even pronounce their "R"'s including me. now thats no stab at boston but you watch the news and hear how stuppid we sound trying to say car or dollar. >Oh and just because the british dont need a token dick or fart joke or someone being horrifically made fun in every fucking show DOSENT MEAN THAT THEY ARE BAD PEOPLE! come on i know most of you are over the age of 6. and again im not saying its not funny. its like saying that a certain type of music sucks. you cant say that because its your preference or opinion. >And who the fuck cares if i only post a link? dont read it. dont click on it. you'll live. >Also why does everyone here feel the need to use big words and make fun of people who cant spell? have you not realized the simple humor of this site? >its funny how about 11 or so comments out of this were acctually about the newletter itself. >>>the point it....Kaz is an egotistical retard who thinks that the world infact revolves around his "knowledge", for lack of a better word. he is clearly trying to point out that he is smatter then the person who made he shirt. he was being more satirical then i thought humanly possible on a fucking newsletter and it all backfired in his feebleminded face. and the whole p.s. was a sad attempt at reverse psycology. he only said that to make himself feel better when it happens and the editor feel rediculous for obeying.

Beefcake Snickerdoodle  03/07/07 4:52 pm
You are stupid. That is the point. You retards are all over the world. Stupidity knows no bounds. (are you "smatter than the person that made he shirt" you moronic boston r-less dork). You must feel "rediculous" about now; now go look up how to spell it you mindless boob. And while you're at it, were 11 or so comments "acctually about the newletter" you dictionary-less dope. Did you award only half-credit for some posts?
I'd also suggest you learn to use a contraction, but you'd probably think I'm talking about birth control. And by the way, rap music really sucks, just like you.

marbles  03/07/07 7:30 pm
it is funny how after a few comments it all just turns into a blog fight, hell i dont even remeber what the letter said ha, but muffin speak for yourself im american and i im not stupid. then again you did say you are from boston so its not your fault totally. you come from a place where if you see a light bright of a cartoon space invader flipping the bird you call the bomb squad. no more light brights for boston kids, not that you could figure out how to use them

christy  03/09/07 9:55 am
wow dude ur dumb im a woman n i got this gawd so men r retards but its not your fault u dont have the x cromison

Beefcake Snickerdoodle  03/09/07 1:58 pm
You need some Beefcake Snickerdoodle.

Mustard Dick  03/09/07 3:13 pm
Muffin, you are from Boston, not America. I have been there and on a one to ten shithole scale that place is a 9. The only thing worse than Boston is St Louis. It is undeniably clear to all of us that you are also as bad an offender of internet blog posting tomfoolery as this bleeding rectal wart Kaz. I mean really. What the fuck is this>? Is it your little pet alligator? Is it where a thought registered in your puny fucking brain? It just looks stupid. Also noted. Only a person who has trouble getting their point across or lacks confidence in themselves needs to put "words" in quotations. Quit it. America was built on dick and fart jokes, well that and American Indian graves and I hate whatever kind of music you like so there. Now get back in the kitchen and do some dishes before I tell your husband or domestic partner to beat your ass. J mind you fucking business on your own continent and stay the fuck off of mine.

Captain Canada  03/10/07 9:47 am
Wow, the only thing retarded here is this blog. Americans are not dumb fucking retarded people , just George Bush is. He is without a doubt the dumbest biggest piece of shit out there. He makes Americans look like fucking bright shining stars in the night. Remember the American people do not have t-shirts depicting them as losers , just good ol' George Bush.

J  03/11/07 12:02 pm
I'd like to thank Beefcake for perfectly illustrating my point

spunkmonkey  03/15/07 10:37 am
I like pie!

Sabuu  03/23/07 12:41 pm
I love it when a simple flaming of e-mails turns instead into an all out argument between people not at all involved with the original purpose, flaming the stupid fuck who wrote the email. Instead, it turns into an all out argument over race and national origin. Man, I love blind hate. :) there's a smiley face for the smiley haters. Also, for the "I hate people who post links" type of person, here is a link for you. Never posted here so it might show up as a link, or a picutre. I really don't care either way. It will actually amuse me more, and I'm sure piss you off to no end, if you have to edit out the html to copy the link into your address bar. On a more realistic note, at least I will sleep better at night knowing, at least the guy in the picture is a winner and probally gets more pussy then the rest of you could ever dream of. I would be in that same boat, but unlike most on this site, I have learned well from the educational shirts sold on the site. I just take that shit, and afterwards I kill horses, get black babies arrested, and last but not least, make sure to get in my daily prayers to Hitler for the purely awsome number of jews he killed. Oh, and for the person who wrote the email, maybe if it had read whiskey dick, it would have made more sense to you, since obviously you can't be bothered with putting down the cock long enough to make simple realizations about a shirt as simple to understand as that one. You saw the chance to feign some sort of hetero-sexuality, by using both Whiskey and Tits, in the same letter, and jumped on the chance to prove how "Not Gay" you really are. I'm sorry to inform you though, since you were so eager to send your "correction" to TSH, you actually only showed how utterly and hopelessly homo-sexual you really are. A straight man would have just muttered, hell yeah, I want me a Whiskey Tit ! Instead you felt the need to correct the owners and designers for the obvious mistake they made not including the and. My best advice, order one of the "I support gay marriage shirts", and go down to the local truck stop for some good ole salad tossing, but make sure you assure yourself, and the underaged boy you'll be most eagerly rim jobbing, that you are most definately not gay.

Oh yeah, and I like cake.

beagle  07/06/07 10:26 pm
fuckedy fuck fuck fuck ey. love 2 hate the fucktards that think any of their comments wil make a change in life. if your reading this maybe you should take a page out of 'sudam insane' (yes thats a pun) and fuck'n hang yaself 4 you are the main contributor 2 global warming. knock knock fuck off.


-----Original Message-----

From: Ian O.

Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Subject: Shirts

While I find your shirts way funny, the god having gay sex one is too much. I'm pretty sure I'd punch anyone in the face caught wearing such an offensive shirt.

Editor's Note: Are you telling me you would punch God in the face? Because he ordered one of these last week, and I don't think he'd be cool with a twat like you punching him in the face. (Note: It was incredibly hard to find a shirt in size "omnipotent")

But God aside, I highly doubt you'd punch anyone in the face if you saw them wearing this shirt.

OF COURSE IT'S A GOOD IDEA.As is the case with most douchebags, you talk a good (retarded) game, but you could never muster up the courage to act on your desires because your courage has long since drowned in a sea of faulty chromosomes.

I'm guessing if you ever see this shirt in public, you'll just turn your head and maybe pee your pants. But you don't have to worry about that happening, because anyone that buys this shirt is awesome and they stab losers in the face before they get a chance to read it. Now, if you don't mind, I've got to go form a daisy chain with God.

Comments (18) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Chelsea  03/05/07 3:55 pm
Was just curious as to what the heck a "daisy chain" was, maybe I'd like to form one as well?

ashlee  03/05/07 8:01 pm
One method of creating a daisy chain is as follows: Daisies are picked and a hole is made towards the base of the stem, generally by piercing with fingernails. The stem of the next flower can be threaded through until stopped by the head of the flower. By repeating this with many daisies, it is possible to build up long chains and to form them into simple bracelets and necklaces.
A daisy chain is used in military terms to describe how individual units of exploding ordnance are linked together. These units are linked together in a pattern of any design in order to create a wider area of damage that would explode at generally the same time. The former being my Daisy Chain of Choice.

Michael Z. Williamson  03/05/07 9:02 pm
And the daisy chain in this case is a ring of people sucking and licking each other off.

Nullbert  03/05/07 9:24 pm
I once fucked christ in the ass. Mary likes to watch. Joseph prefers the stable animals.

BioDork  03/05/07 11:36 pm
I hate these stupid types of emails. All for free speech until someone takes it "too far". Its kind of an all or nothing affair. The simplest answer is if you dont like it.......dont f

BioDork  03/05/07 11:49 pm
ucking look...... (cut me off before)

satans left testicle  03/05/07 11:57 pm
I cannot believe that someone on here actually knew what a real daisy chain was. It was brilliant that someone actually corrected her to the "right" meaning though.

John C.  03/06/07 10:03 am
To Ian O. (who would punch anyone he saw wearing the "Eveytime you see a rainbow, God is having gay sex" tee): I wear mine all the time. I'm not a violent guy at all, and I never throw the first punch. I also enjoy pounding bigots into the dirt and reminding them that they can twell thier wife/girlfriend/hooker that a fag just kicked their pompous ass. Just a thought...

Kamikaze  03/06/07 12:09 pm
Ian O. go fuck your mother!! filthy retard!! I hate hypocrite gays like u!!

Smart Ass MoFo  03/06/07 1:22 pm
Ian your just mad cause you hit on Jesus in the gay bar last nite and he went home with John C instead cause he was wearing such an awesome T-shirt and all you had was your buttless chaps, and noone wants to see your cottage cheese ass, even the old, fat gay guys you suck off behind the bar for nickels (they close their eyes and dream it's Brad Pitt)

Felltablet  03/06/07 3:59 pm
I know this guy, Ian Orr.
He is an egotistacal fuck.
You know one of those people who finds it odd when everyone takes time out of there own day to throw something heavy in his direction.

blaaa  03/06/07 4:33 pm
it sucks when you have to explain a joke... after that it just isnt as funny.

fluidshadow  03/06/07 9:58 pm
If god had any kind of sex it would be gay sex. He wouldnt want to get another whore pregnant and make the same mistake twice. So Ian O. You better hurry up and put your head back up your ass because that giant gaping vortex makes a pretty tempting target for gods giant cock.

Naldym  03/07/07 5:16 pm
The shirt no doubt offends God deeply (he's quite petty for an omnipotent being of infinite love). But I know all Christians, up to Jesus himself can feel a little better knowing that you'd viciously assault someone wearing a shirt you don't care for. Jesus was all about the face punching. I consider myself lucky to have someone so vigilantly defending the true essence of Christianity: God loves the snatch. The rest is just details.

Jesus Christ  03/08/07 11:07 am
My dad just got his shirt, and he wont take it off! It truly is a great shirt! Just wish he would wear pants instead of assless chaps.

Beefcake Snickerdoodle  03/09/07 2:01 pm
Jesus Christ, your dad must have fucked him hard if the poor chaps have no asses!

spunkmonkey  03/15/07 10:38 am
I like pie!

P I. Sstaker  04/22/07 8:42 am
Loved the Monty Python-referenced picture.


-----Original Message-----

From: master comander

Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Subject: funny shirts

I couldn't stop laughing reading your shirts, and I was going to blow a hundred bucks on Xmas gifts to friends. Then I read your two shirts about Hitler. That's not funny. That's just plain disgusting. I wouldn't spent a dime with you.

Editor's Note: So there are multiple reasons you won't be spending a dime on us. The first being that we don't accept dimes as payment. We only accept Visa, MasterCard, and bags of Jew-teeth.

Idi loved a good laugh.Regardless, I'm sorry that we're losing your business. It's rare that we get a high-ranking official as a customer. A "master comander," no less. Apparently you're not the master comander in charge of spelling or using verbs in the proper tense.

I only have one question for you. How did our shirts make you laugh in the first place? You said you were laughing while reading our shirts, but that seems like the kind of action a person with a sense of humor would do. Is your idea of reading to look at words and imagine that the letters are ducks farting underwater? Or were you unknowingly being tickled by the drool dribbling down your chest as you read them?

Whatever the case, it sucks that you won't be blowing a hundred bucks on our shirts. I guess you'll have to blow it on candy corn, Play-Doh, staples and whatever else retards put on their sandwiches instead.

Comments (27) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Addy  03/05/07 1:49 pm
I have to laugh every time I see these hypocritical morons who say they like some shirts but not others - don't be prejudiced people, hate everybody equally!

Streets  03/05/07 4:38 pm
Ditto !

Brent Elskan  03/05/07 5:36 pm
Mmm... Retard sandwiches. The do a good "& layer" at Taco Bell these days. Of course, one becomes tired of the layers being in the wrong direction after a while, but as a sometimes snack they're tolerable. Though this writer isn't.

Tough break there, TSH: a whooooole hundred dollars in dimes! Man, _that's_ some fun to be had.

Kavinorum  03/05/07 7:22 pm
So where do I send the bags of jew-teeth, and how many bags for a shirt, and how do I order them. Damn if I knew you accepted jew teeth I would have had all your shirts long ago.

Kavork  03/05/07 9:26 pm
This guy walks into a bar with a lampshade on his made made from his back...

Choncer  03/05/07 10:43 pm
How many jew teeth for a "I'm not a full blooded jew" shirt?

Cameron  03/06/07 12:25 am
Beautiful. The imagery associated with a retard viewing letters as ducks farting underwater. Sheer genius.

Iain O  03/06/07 1:48 am
Well then there is the daisy chain in which a group of men form a circle then they sink their cocks up to the nutsack in the guy in front of thems ass forming a "Gay" daisy chain. I have heard its popular in navy.

glitch  03/06/07 11:14 am
so, the guy thinks the shirts are funny, and then sees the hitler shirts, remember how his entire family was gassed/tortured/cooked/etc and gets mad....what a fag

The German Bitch  03/06/07 1:11 pm
Damn, I maxed out my visa and masters cards- but I have a bunch of pretty Auschwitz designer lampshades around I would love to trade. I'll take a bunch of the Hitler and Jew shirts for it- and in toddler size too, for my German son.

Morgan  03/06/07 5:18 pm
Ahh, another one of those people to whom everything is funny until it's about them, then they're offended. Is that called a pussy or a hypocrite? I forget which. Perhaps there should be a new, stronger word for this, like hypopussy, or pussocrite. Yes, this guy is a pussocrite.

WB  03/06/07 8:26 pm
I know you said Jew teeth, but will just the fillings suffice?

Moribundi  03/06/07 9:02 pm
this kind of reminds me of the last girl I stuck my pecker inside of. She was all cool with me coming on her ass, face and tits, but was all bent out of shape when I told her I thought it was funny to make fun of retarded people. Come on! It's not like they care. They're fucking retarded. See, it was great when I was making her act like a retard, moaning and twitching and whatnot, but I bust out a t-shirt that says I want to fuck a retard (which I just got done doing, cause you'd have to be retarded to let me stick my dick in you) and she gets all fucking defensive. So I did what any sane male would do - I ruined her marriage and told her I didn't want to talk to her anymore cause she was crazy. That will show her.

I hate you  03/07/07 8:37 pm
He's just pissed because he couldn't jew em down for the Hitler shirt.

Komisches  03/08/07 12:25 am
I'm just glad that there's a few more people out there who knew about the lampshades, and that I wouldn't have to the first to offer one in exchange for a t-shirt. Jew-teeth be damned, cured skin is so much more exciting!
Oh yeah, down with hypocrisy!

rose  03/08/07 1:01 am
Dear Editor,
Who fell asleep while checking your last paragraph? I guess T-shirt sandwiches just don't seem right,-to me, anyway.

Rabbit  03/08/07 12:19 pm
everytime some fucktard declares they'll never shop at T-shirt hell again, God has gay sex with Hitler.

Lexy  03/08/07 11:17 pm
Master. Fucking. Comander. Beautiful, simply beautiful

Stefan  03/09/07 9:33 am
If you thought that having a sense of humour means one may only find one specific catagory of jokes/humour funny or offensive,that's fucking stupid and rediculous! If you'd agree to such bullshit, I guess one can label you dipshits as narrowminded dipshits! And you of all people don't want to be labelled as such, right? Because you're the only people who can think for themselves,right?!? what ever, you people don't know the first thing of thinking for yourself!!! You all try so hard to sound like these hardcore motherfuckers who finds nothing offensive or unethical! This is what you all sound like: I don't like jews, I'm stronger than God, I hate Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Blah blah!! That's fucking pathetic! Even the thought of mentioning how stupid celebrities are is stupid! Word of advice,get your own life! While you sit there in your miserable entity, infront of your pc,whilst thinking you're the coolest thing to happen (sadly you're the only one thinking that! That's why none of the jocks you love to hate so much,never greeted you or acknowledged your absolute "hardcoreness") do realize how utterly pathetic you all sound! Ha, computer dipshits pretending to be something! Try moving something other than your mouse! What's even more hilarious is the fact that you'll be the first one to cry like a lil bitch before you would try to stand up for yourself! And I'm not talking about from behind your pc, dipshit!! There's a saying which I think is most relevant on all you fags: You're born, You hate people, You Die!!! Cheers you dumb ass, Hardcore Wannabees!

Beefcake Snickerdoodle  03/09/07 2:08 pm
Stefan spells his name like a fag.

Mustard Dick  03/09/07 3:55 pm
Spells his name like a fag and didnt take his pills today either. Fuck girlfriend, did your vaginacologist find a lump in your pussy or did you run out of hair gell again? I bet you were the kid that got his ass kicked a lot in school. Well I am the one armed Vietnamese midget that duck taped you to the goalpost in the north endzone and fucked your little brother. Want a real saying? There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity. Now go fuck yourself.

BUSH EATS COCK  03/10/07 6:57 pm
Jew teeth.I love it!!

muslim ass poker  03/10/07 7:03 pm
How many jew teeth for a hand-job?

Stefan  03/13/07 4:21 am
Ooh,nice one Mus(re)tard Dickhead! One can expect comments like that from some shitface twat who's age consists of a single digit! How could you have forgotten to mention that your shoesize is bigger than mine? Oh well, at least you rememberred the;"did you forget to take your pills?" If you want to insult someone, rather use something more relevant, something that can at least have an effect on me! You just make yourself look like a retard from primary school who's insulting people on the internet while your mommy is quickly out shopping! If you have a problem with getting over your highschool years, speak out man! Let us all know how much you can cry like a lil bitch!

spunkmonkey  03/15/07 10:40 am
I like pie!

GOD  03/17/07 4:07 pm
MMMM...jew pie!And Stefanie,take a pill you fucking retarded cocksucking son of zion bitch

Melli  03/24/07 3:38 am
Is saying something nice allowed? Because I just wanted to say that I am still laughing over the 'pussocrite' remark! And starting to develop a strange hankering for pie...


-----Original Message-----

From: Matt B.

Sent: Sunday, December 03, 2006

Subject: t shirt


What? You mean a toy plane right?Editor's Note: I agree that a shirt mocking 9-11 is pretty disrespectful, but how about 9-11 itself? I think that might've been more disrespectful than the shirt. Or did you not see that? It was kind of fucked up. I'll send you the video.

Anyway, don't you think it's a little hypocritical of you to chastise us for spoofing 9-11 right before you call it great? Oh...wait. You probably meant great in terms of its magnitude, not in terms of how awesome it was. Which it totally was.

Good work on going with all caps, by the way. Most of the emails are like "Ahem...excuse me. I'm a dumbass. Here's my worthless opinion that only me and my imaginary cats care about." But when you use all caps it's like your email gets up on a stage and you proudly proclaim "Yes! I am a huge cock! I gladly waste precious oxygen and resources that would be put to better use by houseplants and derelicts!"

And thanks for letting us know you won't be visiting the site anymore. I'm assuming this will put an end to all those curious emails we get where people ask us why they can't taste the shirts when they lick the screen. Later, sack of shit that all the other sacks of shit laugh at.

Comments (44) - View Comments - Add A Comment

tZar  03/05/07 2:12 pm
Well Matt thinks being ironical about 9-11 is the MOST disrespectful thing he'd ever seen... He must have not seen a lot then...
Shirts laughing about starving people, dying people, etc... don't offend him but hey! 9-11 is THE absolute horror. It wouldn't hurt some people to travel a bit or maybe just try not to be so selfish sometimes.
And hell, I'm not even going that way, he's a twat! end of comment

Ashly  03/05/07 5:15 pm
Isn't it hilarious that everyone who writes these emails because they have been offended are absolutely retarded? If I were trying to make a point, I think I'd proof read so I could make my point stronger. As soon as someone makes a grammatical error it just makes them look absolutely fucking retarded and their stupidity is validated! Obviously every one of them also has an ear of corn up each of their asses because they cannot seem to take a joke! Here's a suggestion: 1. Remove the ear of corn from your asshole, you'll feel better and you may be able to have a sense of humor since you won't be uptight and have a lingering feeling of constipation.
2. Get Hooked on Phonics! It really works, I promise! It won't be a waste of your hard earned money and you'll be satisfied with your outcome!

I have ordered a number of products from T-shirt Hell and I have never been disappointed! I love the products and I will continue to buy! They are all hilarious! I just want to say, I am sure fucking glad I have a sense of humor because it must be really fucking sad and lonely to have nothing to laugh at and to be constantly offended by everything that is not a god damn knock-knock joke!

Anita B  03/05/07 5:41 pm
Is ironical a real word? If you must bash...bash in more widely accepted words; e.g. ironic.

andy  03/05/07 6:13 pm
Are you serious? 3 seconds on would let you know that ironical is a word. "bash in more widely accepted words"? For real? Now we have to dumb down our "bashing" so that the mildly retarded can still laugh at the severly retaded?

Spookster  03/05/07 6:14 pm
Anita, are you trying to be the word police? Before you start YOUR bashing, do your fucking homework. Yes, ironical is a real fucking word, you fucking twat. Don't try to give us bashing guidelines on our word choices. We will bash with whatever words we choose and if you're too stupid to know if it's a real word or not, then go use a fucking dictionary before you open your moronic mouth, you cretin. (And before you ask, yes, Anita, cretin is a real word and so is MORONIC...isn't that IRONIC?)

andy  03/05/07 6:16 pm
Yes, severely is spelled incorrectly's called a typo, not a spelling error. If I had written it by hand rather than typing it, the pencil would be stabbed in your eye.

Kerb  03/05/07 7:39 pm
Wait a second, I thought the shirt was about columbine or hitler's Birthday. They all happened on 4/20. Dammit, i guess i can't remember 4/20 anyways, too much smokey-ness

Michael Z. Williamson  03/05/07 9:07 pm
I believe ironical is now canonical:)

I was going to buy every shirt some fucktard decided he wasn't going to ever buy any shirts again because of (Yes, I know this sentence ends in a preposition. However, if you diagram the phrases you'll find it's still correct, you anal-retentive scumsucker). But I don't have that much money.

deadguy  03/05/07 9:46 pm
I can see finding something not funny, or even finding it offensive, but that's kinda' the whole point, right? If one shirt offends you, you can rest assured that the last four that you had no problem with and laughed at, offended someone else.

If it offends you, skip to the next shirt, there's nothing saying you have to buy it, or even view it any longer.

Personally, I'm glad for some of the shirts offered here just because they're like a huge warning label on the person wearing it, like.. "Hey, I'm cold and insensitive, and am likely to laugh at your misfortune." Of course the irony is, I'd buy that shirt if they offered it.. go figure..

BioDork  03/05/07 11:47 pm
I dnot tihnk taht tihs eamil cna be undretsood. Is tihs bieng iornic or ecxeptoinllay samrt ? Hmmmmm.

I Like Cock  03/05/07 11:51 pm
Why cant fuck-bags like this guy just shut up? I personally find that if something is bad enough to offend me, it deserves a little respect for being more offensive than myself. Also, people need to shut the fuck up about 9/11. Yes, it was tragic and people died and blah blah blah, but the government moved on from the country that did it ages ago. Why cant we?

george  03/06/07 3:07 am
I dont think i've seen the word cunt in this whole article. Is cunt not allowed on the site, or does cunt have to be used on "special occasions?"

Figment Image  03/06/07 7:24 am
Ok, call me a dumbass, let the hate flow for no reason other than to flame someone on a website for all to see, but at least SOMEONE answer my question (while calling me a retarded cunt, if you must). What the fuck does "Remember 4/20" have to do with 9-11? Apparently the shirt isn't even up anymore, because I can't find it on the site, so if it had some kind of graphic joke along with it, it might make more sense. But I have to agree with Kerb and say that I would assume this shirt had something to do with Columbine or Hitler, or at the very least, smoking weed, but nothing at all to do with 9-11

Sean  03/06/07 12:30 pm
I thought five years ago 9/11 was the greatest tragedy to ever take place on American soil. What other great tragedy five years ago on American soil that could compare to 9/11 did I miss?

torsoless ted  03/06/07 1:26 pm
I was hoping to see my picture in this newsleter ? what's up ?

HUH?  03/06/07 4:46 pm
What the hell is wrong with everybody? 9/11 was almost 5 and a half years ago. Geez

Weasel  03/06/07 6:24 pm
Ok, apparently some of you need a history lesson. The shirt is in reference to "420," the fictionalized "California Penal Code" for marijuana possesssion. 4/20 has been adopted as the slang code for the pro-legalization movement or anyone who supports the decriminalization of marijuana, and hence why April 20th is usually the day pro-legalization folks smoke up.

tar.gz  03/06/07 6:42 pm
Oh Weasel. You are soooooo smart. I bet you have a great job and suck your boss's dick. I bet all the girls want to suck dick like you!!!

John W Smoke  03/06/07 7:03 pm
I agree with George. Matt B is a cunt. And Ian O., hes a cunt too. In fact, cunt is too good a word for them. Cunts serve a purpose. Ian and Matt should take the advice dipensed to Brittney and kill themselves without further ado. Im gonna buy both shirts and challenge like-minded faggy little cocksucking cunts to challenge me. Long live free speech.

Knobhead  03/06/07 7:12 pm
"On American Soil"? I thought it took place in the air???

God  03/06/07 9:01 pm
Weasel almost has it right. While he is right about what 4/20 means....the shirt is also clearly tying in 9/11 (it's called parody, morons).

Moribundi  03/06/07 9:15 pm
You know what you guys should do? You should make a shirt that says " I am a big, fat fucking loser and I am offended by every fucking possible thing in the entire fucking world. I am going to go cry and kill myself now. Oh, wait, that's you."

J Thane  03/07/07 12:37 am
You crackhead motherfuckers. The shirt in question had two vertical joints above the text, parodying the twin towers. The text "Remember 4/20" parodies "Remember 9/11". How often do you people visit this site? You call yourselves fans?

Dean  03/07/07 1:30 am
I hate you..i hate you all.

Figment Image  03/07/07 7:24 am
Ahh, now I remember the shirt. By the way, J Thane, you're a complete and total asshat (I never said I wouldn't flame back, did I?). Being a "fan" of the site doesn't necessarily mean memorizing every joke, every discontinued T-Shirt, and every graphic that goes along with a snarky quote. I'm sure you can tell us what "The End" snippet was on every newsletter TSH has ever released, categorically by date, because you're a true "fan", but some of us just don't have the time or motivational drive to memorize everything that comes out of a T-Shirt company whose website they visit, maybe, once a week. Thanks for the answer I had hoped for, though!

Hannah  03/07/07 7:50 am
It always gets me when these twats tell you that they love your shirts... but not this one. I don't care if you make fun of autism, homelessness, breast cancer, the Holocaust, God, or other highly offensive thing. It's so funny how these people have a sense of humor until they see something that THEY don't like. So by all means, who cares if they make fun of people dieing? Just don't mess with MY thing. Because I am SOOOO much more important than you. I personally think ALL those shirts are funny as hell, but what do us people that actually have a sense of humor know? Fuck these retards.

jon G.  03/07/07 12:10 pm
Sean 03/06/07 12:30 pm
I thought five years ago 9/11 was the greatest tragedy to ever take place on American soil. What other great tragedy five years ago on American soil that could compare to 9/11 did I miss?....-It was also the day he was born.

reya  03/07/07 12:15 pm
i'm just glad he qualified "greatest tragedy" as the greatest one to occur here 5 years ago. although, i'm pretty sure bush was still president at that point, so the point is still debatable.

whore  03/07/07 3:37 pm
I really don't think the "Remember 4/20" shirt is mocking 9/11/01 anymore than dramatizing the events with movies like "World Trade Center" and "Flight 93".
I mean, if it's too soon to make fun it, then it's too soon to turn it fucking hollywood.
So lick my cunt, Matt B. Twatlips.

Muffin  03/07/07 4:27 pm
Andy, i knows you were makin fun of tha Anita dick chick but um yeah...i AM stupid...smaller words get to the same point....=] if not thats cool...i gots haha and hey now how come hollywood can make millions on movies about 9/11 (cause ya know they dont give a shit cause we all allready know what happend they just threw a story line behind it) but god forbid a t shit people thingy makes a small joke that infact isnt even makeing fun of 9-11? its like hole the shittles shirt works....noones making fun of skittles...

Muffin  03/07/07 4:29 pm
shit i suck at typing.

Sex Panda  03/07/07 10:51 pm
Dude thats great. I submitted that idea and now its getting hate mail. Shit, i would have rather had this then the 200 bucks, but that did buy enough crack to get me through the week.

rose  03/08/07 1:28 am
Dear Anita B
Yes, ironical IS a real word. Dictionary, (also a REAL word), get one. Please. Dumbass.

rose  03/08/07 1:42 am
Dear Muffin, Can you read? PROOFREAD means check what you wrote BEFORE you submit it and show the world your uneducated blithering. Your writing is like vomit in text. Please stop. My gag reflex is very weak.

Christopher Shawn Hayden  03/08/07 10:25 am
Houseplants don't put oxygen to use. They photosynthesize carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. So plants "using" oxygen would be like us breathing pure lung waste. But I guess that plant-oxygen comment kind of goes in line with something that a dumbass really would say (Matt B). BTW, 9/11 was my 20th birthday and I was pretty fucking excited that they did that all for me.

pisshead  03/08/07 1:16 pm
Actually house plants do use oxygen. Photosynthesis requires light, so at night or when there is no light photosynthesis can't occur and instead plants produce energy from respiration. Basically its glucose oxygen ---> CO2 H2O energy

Beefcake Snickerdoodle  03/09/07 2:15 pm
Have you been reading my comments about Muffin on the Whiskey Tits comment page? I think you give her way too much credit.

rose  03/11/07 1:52 am
Beefcake Snickerdoodle,
I have read your comments, and you're right. She IS stupid. I did tell her about her "uneducated blithering" but now I remember that she did say not to use big words. You're right. She CAN'T read.

sy  03/12/07 9:56 pm
why is everyone so angry! with the bashing, and the eye-stabbing, sure when the black lady's writing it (if it's still the black lady who's writing it) it's freaking hilarious, but why copy her crude and violent style??? do you people have no voice! no job, no money, no life but to pretend and be greater than those who put this site down!! trash i say, all those who write here are TRASH!

*and if you don't get it, irony irony irony!

brockster  03/14/07 7:45 pm
Amen! Tha's what Amelicka be all "bout. Go!! Amelicka!!

spunkmonkey  03/15/07 10:40 am
I like pie!

Victoria  03/17/07 12:43 pm
These people that complain about certain shirts must have never gotten laid. Dude, go get laid, trust me, it makes you have a better sense of humor.

Sabuu  03/23/07 1:22 pm
420 might be the code for pot in California, but next door, here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it's the code for Homicide. Which brings me to my next point, is there a free shirt contest in the works for showing Anita B. and the author of the lette,r what such a big word as Homicide really means? Also, since shirts can now be paid for in Jew teeth, is there any plans soon to start accepting WTC victim teeth collected in aiplane vomit bags? If so, I would like to place an order please. Oh shit, did I just post that on the internet? Gotta go before Captain America and the patriot defenders get here to seize my hard drive.
Seriously, loosen up people. If you can learn to see some irony in life, or maybe just to laugh at homosexual nazi mentally challenged quadrapledgic nigger Jewish border jumping midgets, then maybe the world would be a better place.

Deese  06/01/07 4:54 am
"Remember 4/20"?? WTF? Is this idiot pissed off about 9/11? Or did I miss some tragic event that happened on 4/20 5 years ago? Anyway-idiots like this make me glad that I remember 4:20..


Jerry Collins - A.K.A. The End

"Thank God Almighty, we're free at last!" That means free to embarrass ourselves with rap music and bling, right?