Hey there, you're looking very heterosexual today. April Fool's! As always, you look like a great big faggot. Remember to pay this April Fool's prank forward. When you're sucking your boyfriend's cock later, don't bring him to climax.

Anyway, how about that AIG? What with the bonuses and all... Don't even get me started. Seriously, don't. I don't know what any of that shit is about. What're they, like a school or something?

Natasha Richardson, actress you've never heard of, recently died after a skiing accident. An autopsy revealed she died of head trauma. Apparently this team of doctors was trying to win the Nobel Prize for "Most Pointless Autopsy in History."

I think the medical examiner should've violated the body and shot it a couple of times, just to spice up the story. Why am I the only person who thinks of these things? And why was I recently fired from my job as a medical examiner?

David Letterman married his longtime girlfriend last week. Not to be outdone, Jay Leno kept on sucking. Letterman said he would've been married much sooner, but they couldn't decide who would get Biff and who would get Rupert after the divorce.

After initially being attached to the project, it was recently announced Zac Efron would not be starring in a remake of Footloose. He said he'd love to remake Footloose, but he's busy filming a similar movie titled "Anusloose."

The Supreme Court recently heard arguments to decide whether or not a 2008 movie based on Hillary Clinton was constitutional. Jesus Christ... Is it me or does it seem like the Supreme Court is perpetually doing busy work? A fucking movie? Why don't you just discuss Beverly Hills Chihuahua while you're at it? Can't those old fucks do something useful and tend a garden or die?

On a recent trip to Africa, Pope Benedict said condoms are not the answer in the AIDS fight. So what is the answer? "That's easy," said the Pope. "Win five championships for the Lakers."

long division


picture 1

April Fool's, everyone's favorite non-Jesus holiday, is finally here. Come to think of it, Christianity in its entirety may be some kind of prank, so maybe it is Jesus related. Either way, it is time for April Fool's, perhaps the most underappreciated of all holidays.

You don't have to buy shit, see your family, pretend to care about some dead person/people, shove pounds of food down your gullet, or insincerely convey some emotions you don't have to that person you're boning. All you have to do is fuck with people.

The problem is that humanity's general shittiness has left most of us so skeptical it is virtually impossible to prank someone. I would like to help establish April Fool's as the preeminent holiday in America, so I have come up with some skeptic-proof pranks you can all play this year. Enjoy.

picture 1

-- Fire a machine gun loaded with blanks at the White House. Secret Service may not find your gag all that amusing, but once you shout "April Fool's!" you can't be arrested. That's a fact.

-- Rape a really hot girl. Then be like "April Fools! I don't find you physically attractive at all."

-- Send a bunch of Ethiopian kids pictures of you burning food. I don't think they're even aware of April Fool's over there, but that just makes it funnier.

-- At the family dinner table, unscrew the top of the salt shaker. The next person to use it will get salt everywhere! And when they lean over to clean up the mess, inject them with AIDS.

-- If you have a wife and kids who depend on you to provide for them, kill yourself. That's a lot to sacrifice, but comedy is all about commitment.

-- Replace your pastor's latest sermon with the script from Gremlins. It's likely no one else will notice, but it should make you laugh.

-- Throw darts at fat people. It’s not much of a prank, but fat people don't really deserve the effort.

picture 1-- Plant a bunch of blueprints for the Empire State Building in a Muslim guy's house and make an anonymous call to the FBI. Don't worry, Muslims have a terrific sense of humor.

-- Tell your parents you're not gay.

-- Wait until August 27. Walk into a Burger King and make your way back to the kitchen area. Cut off an employee's head and toss it in the deep fryer, then shout "April Fool's!" When someone says "It's August 27, you crazy asshole!" you just say "Oh..." and walk out.

-- Terminate your wife/girlfriend's pregnancy while she sleeps. Funny now, practical later.

-- Descend from the heavens dressed as Jesus. When all eyes are upon you, say "Sorry, not yet. Make sure your kids waste their time on this bullshit too." Then return to the clouds.

picture 1-- When he's not looking, paint a black guy white. He'll be so disappointed when he ends up getting hired.

-- Tie a bottle of glue to the end of a stick. Tie the other end to the top of a retard's head. Works as a prank or as transportation. (Note: You can also glue a tail to the back of a tard's pants and watch it chase the tail. God, they're a fun bunch.)

-- Kidnap a doctor and tie him up in a shed. Posing as his replacement, Dr. Frank Luftwich, tell all of his patients they have cancer.

-- If you truly want to make your mark on this day, exterminate six million Jews. People are still talking about that one.

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Russell  03/31/09 1:06 am
I think I love You

Richard C. Mongler  03/31/09 1:09 am
Oh god, I lol'd. Bright light!

Anjunk  03/31/09 8:28 am
--Shit on someone.

"GRUNT! April Fool's fucker!"

codeBLUE  03/31/09 8:57 am
Damn, how do you come up with this shit? Comedy genius.

Lt. Commander Data  03/31/09 1:44 pm
Great ideas, very original, but what about the tried and true ones? Yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theatre, "Bomb!" in an airport, things like that. You'll go to jail, sure, but when that big black Bubba's hammering away at your ass, you can still remind yourself that it's all just a big joke...

america sucks  03/31/09 3:13 pm
what a brilliant concept, dangerous aprils fools jokes,,, now hang on , let me think...oh yes, lets not let the kids drink piss weak beer until they reach 21, but give them assault rifles and drop them off outside their old school, with a bulging sack of...wait for it... no not sperm you doofus,, large guage remington ammo....oh no, hang on, thats been done...damm i shoulda thought this one thro...only joking...god bless america and all that ... love from the british....and dont forget , we really save the world ....

Woofdog  03/31/09 4:43 pm
Actually I think "america sucks" is onto something. Set up some dumb shit to go blow away half his school, and leave him with the wrong size ammo. Then you don't even leave wintesses, 'cause the cops clear his dumb ass out of the gene pool.

codemon09  03/31/09 5:57 pm
These r pretty good April Fool's jokes & it isn't even A1 yet--just think what fucked up shit we will spit when the fateful holiday arrives, like going over to your college's soriety & eating all pussy in site after you spray your lips w/anthrax!!!

Humdinger  03/31/09 7:24 pm
I think this is the funniest thing I've ever read. T.S.H., YOU'RE MY HERO!

April  04/01/09 8:11 am
I just pooped myself

Iman Azol  04/01/09 9:32 am
How about I paint myself black and go get welfare? And pretend to be a Mexican so I can lie around all day? And nail my Jewish friend to a cross? And tell me wife I won't jam it down her throat and spooge?

Wayne  04/01/09 10:05 am
My god that is offensive! Keep up the good work. I plan on trying almost everyone of these today!

Homer Stokes  04/01/09 10:20 am
Fucking classic!

lelainya  04/01/09 12:46 pm
truly heinous. your offensive talents are right up there with .... um, ok they surpass.

Zed  04/01/09 5:45 pm
You're phoning it in, dude.

Death Magnetic  04/01/09 8:43 pm
I think being fat is enough of a joke, but watching those fat fucks run from the darts being thrown at them would be even more hilarious!!! Especially if those fat asses are Mexicans!!!!

Roger  04/03/09 10:22 am
When, oh when am I going to learn not to read your newsletter at work? It's bad enough that people walking past my office think I've lost my mind when I have my head on my desk pounding my fist in fits of laughter, but the puddle under my chair of tears and urine is downright embarrassing. At least at home I can prepare with a box of tissues and some Depends. Truly...I'll never learn…dammit!

Matzahballs  04/03/09 8:03 pm
No comment can be worthy of this newsletter.

CourtneyBee  04/07/09 4:55 am
you know how when you're tellin a joke to someone who's slightly socially awkward and they try and add their own spin on the joke

Jake  04/07/09 6:01 am
You have offended me to the greatest depths of my soul...

Keep it up!

lisa moon  04/16/09 7:53 am

Rankhor  04/21/09 3:00 am
What's wrong with you asshole? All you do is just spit on every ethnical group possible every moment of your life! I so fucking envy your engagement... :P


-----Original Message-----

From: Igor R.

9/11 was an inside job... Hi,

I wanna open a t-shirt shop in Brasil, and i wanna know just for knowledge becouse i dont want to waste my money:

How much T-Shirt Hell sells each month?

How many shirts is selled each month?

What's the cost for server and maintenance of the site?

Thanks for your patient,

Igor R.

Editor's Note: Based on how coherent and well-written this email was, let me go ahead and tell you not to waste one more second pursuing this foolish, foolish dream. Not that you have to be a fukking jenious to sell shurts, but it appears to me that you need to focus every brain cell you have on keeping your heart and lungs functioning simultaneously.

Allow me to suggest a more achievable goal. Perhaps you can try getting an erection without punching it because you thought a sorcerer cast a spell on your "yellow water maker." Or maybe you can try chewing and swallowing your food instead of trying to press it directly into your stomach because you're hungry NOW.

Wait... I just realized this may have been poorly written because you live in Brazil. I believe the official language of Brazil is "shameless transsexual," so there may have been something lost in translation.

You're totally overlooking the obvious here. T-shirt websites are a dime a dozen these days, but as a Brazilian you're in a perfect position to corner a specific market. Instead of adding to an already oversaturated market, you can start "nauseatingly-colorful-bullshit-for-hedonistic-assholes-hell.com." You'll have the monopoly. For at least 7 hours.

Fuckin' internet, right?

Comments (22) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Terri  03/31/09 7:45 am
Ahhhhh.....,you slay me! I love the way you just 'say it like it is'!Much love.

Leeloo  03/31/09 11:36 am
beautiful :)

Lt. Commander Data  03/31/09 1:50 pm
Any Brazilian who can't speak English better than that should stay in Brazil and make his own t-shirts in Portuguese or whatever Indian ooga-booga language he converses in with his head-hunter homeboys. How dare he try to imitate the Elysium that is the sewer of t-shirts, tshirthell.com? Maybe he could hold up the head of one of his enemies and get paid for it from Rotten, but no shirts for him...

Seriously...  03/31/09 5:30 pm
Come on Commander...isn't that a little stereotypical? I mean, we have some pretty pathetic people in the US also...it doesn't make the rest of us stupid, ignorant, lazy, rude, etc.

Débora  03/31/09 5:48 pm
That was just embarassing! I am deeply sorry for that dumbass...
although "coomander data", stick your "Indian ooga-booga language" coment up your ass...or as we say in portuguese:
acctually...if this guy Igor has good ideas the market is not saturated yet...
here's a good t-shirt...that was made here in brazil and it makes a lot of success!

codemon09  03/31/09 6:19 pm
Fuck! Débora you FUCKING CUNT!!! Just post what your "made in brasil" shirt says. Don't copy

Loser  03/31/09 7:09 pm
Debora...that shirt is fucking retarded like your 14 children. stick to making amateur porno on the hood of your father's car.

Badger  03/31/09 7:12 pm
Any link with aspx in it could be malware - my friend clicked that link and the next day was a silicon-migrated tranny; still sucks a mean cock though.

Deboras pIMp Hector  04/01/09 8:31 am
AyDebora, watz ju duuin, ayi - git yer ass back in th bus rite nou. BISH we have numero hundedero amarriken gringos to meka moi pesos. Don ley mi ketsh yoor skrounny azs in tho entirnot aghing! Yu comprende moi HO. SPread thes puscy leyz go.

Fukeind kant fine hosz fer chit mang. Bishez noi werck.
Ohyea moi websyght
I gif yer spaciel prise mucho puszy, lil denero
Hector Sanchez

Iman Azol  04/01/09 9:36 am
It says, "All Brazilians take it in the ass."

Iman Azol  04/01/09 9:38 am
They told SupaNigga 0bama about this, and he promised a bailout to the Tshirt industry. He asked how many zeroes were in a "Brazillion."

Death Magnetic  04/01/09 8:54 pm
Damn Brazilians! I guess speaking English isn't a priority down there. Neither is cleaning up the dead on the city streets after they're run over by their shitty drivers!

Vinicius  04/02/09 2:39 pm
"Indian ooga-booga language he converses in with his head-hunter homeboys"

american retards ¬¬'

¬¬'  04/02/09 3:26 pm
just because one brazilian can't speak in other language it doesnt mean all brazilians are retards. but there's no fuckin american who can speak portuguese here. by the way you dont even know the difference between spanish and portuguese. LOL. you all say things about brazil that you dont even know, no surprise USA's nation is the most stupid and ignorant nation of all ;)

Guilherme  04/02/09 4:55 pm
Can any of you uberly inteligent americans at least locate Brazil in the world map?

You guys are so full of yourselfs, but you should all take a look around to see who is making fun of who in the rest of the world.

And by the way, I've bought a few shirts from t-hell already, and I must say that you guys have a pretty decent market here, thinking about a re-seller wouldn't be so bad.

Annie  04/02/09 6:47 pm
Igor is not from Brazil. I recognize the spelling and grammar in that E-mail. That Bubba is from Texas!!

Antiup Bitch  04/03/09 4:58 am
I Can locate it Guilherme, its right next to WHO THE FUCK CARES LAND go ahead and laugh, youll stillb e eating your sister out and then barbequeing her kids for fuckin tacos.

Hivort  04/03/09 9:10 am
but the market ins't oversatured yet, he can sell shirts to americans who go there to swallow trannies cock

Guilherme  04/03/09 5:13 pm
Hahaha Antiup, you do make me laugh, with all your american ignorance. You think the world spins around you. I bet you lost your house to a bankrupting bank, and now, living on your car with your 3 dogs, watching from the window your former house rotting, you have no other thing to do than come over here and flame some brazilian ppl.

You fucking nazi-redneck, hope you find something to eat tonight, if you don't, come over here that I'll serve you a very tasty monkey that I hunted yesterday.

haha!  04/06/09 8:33 pm
Tacos?? HAHA you're a fuckin retard! we don't have tacos in brazil, asshole. ¬¬'
stop buying t-shirts and try to buy some brain, american retard ;)

Vinicius  04/06/09 8:44 pm
"I Can locate it Guilherme, its right next to WHO THE FUCK CARES LAND "
obvious you can't locate it.. does they sell brain only in american size there? :)

"map" is something that we (as "we" i mean smart people) use to represent the world. yes Antiup, that big thing full of water where you live in :)

Hey commander!  04/08/09 1:15 pm
grow up, asshole :)

joy division

-----Original Message-----

From: cajun

you full of shit,i used to be your best customer,i sent you better ideas than anything you were sellingand never heard jack shit back"FUCK YOU"I HOPE YOU STARVE TO DEATH ASSHOLES

Editor's Note: Let me get this straight... You think you were our best customer because you submitted ideas? Of the countless situations where "best" is a point of argument, a customer is not one of them. The best customer is always the person who buys the most shit. And looking at my sales list, I'm not noticing a "Cajun" or "Stupid Twat" anywhere on it.

Regarding your shirt ideas, all I can say is that we buy several ideas every week. And considering how many of those are met with public indifference, I have to imagine yours are so fucking lame they don't even qualify as "we'll see if some drunken asshole will buy it." So take whatever 20-year-old joke or lame play on "Got Milk?" your catheter-bag-juice-soaked brain could come up with and go jump up your mom's regretful snatch.

Lastly, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I won't be starving to death any time soon. Because I know the secret that will one day rescue all of humanity from world hunger: Your mom's vagina is the world's buffet.

Comments (9) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Nimrod  03/31/09 8:48 am
hells ya, theres crabs and....oh fuck what is that!?!

codeBLUE  03/31/09 8:59 am
Go jump up your mom's regretful snatch? I can't take much more, I'm fucking dying over here!

Jamie  03/31/09 1:15 pm
Cajun? Do you think he is just pissed off with his mother for naming him after a spice?

Lt. Commander Data  03/31/09 1:55 pm
He's no better than that Brazilian with his prose. Ignore him, too. Perhaps, though, he's just upset about being Cajun, as all those mudpeople are good for is hot spices and cockfighting... with cocks... er, birds. His idea of a good joke is probably "I banged your sister after I finished with mine," or the like... btw, the Turian letter matrix you have to protect you from spam and other shit is not case-sensitive, haha... does that count as a joke...?

Drinks well with others  04/01/09 2:02 am
HEY! I would like to point out that Stupid Twat is your best customer! Otherwise the whole slut section would be deserted. Other than that Cajun, I'm sure has bought a shirt or two but only because he thought save gas ride the handicapped meant his mom and that he could get a discount rate on the Autism kids Rock shirt...is that a shirt? Should be in his honor.

Cajuns pIMp Alejandro  04/01/09 8:48 am
Ay, Kajunn why you no beand overn, wees gitten bisy, geat yu binch azs in geer and spred the cheackz. I tillen yo mamz git goinz frum moi trailah. Git et toogeder mi frendh oir i fyngh anoder to spred cheaks.

Foggin fagets neher spred cheakz wyde enuff for nurrthin cokk. Whynee bitshez

Iman Azol  04/01/09 9:40 am
Here's a shirt idea:
People who send hatemail to the company that makes this shirt are bigger faggots than the ones who just read it.
There, now I'm your second best customer.

spookyben  04/01/09 7:57 pm
Hey Cajun, get the f**k in line. They never used my 'The Only Good Ramone Is A Dead Ramone' idea. Yours can't be that good.

Death Magnetic  04/01/09 9:00 pm
Cajun is such a fag. Best customer? Right, dude. You sound more like a whining cunt. Using your government benefits to buy t shirts again, junior? White trash bastard!

division of labor

-----Original Message-----

From: John M.

PLEASE READ !!!!!!!! THANK YOU hey u fags and faggettes lol whats crackin fuckers i two years ago was given a little more that a year to live no shit i fuck withyou not dudes i was told i have melostatic melenoma not a good speller i found your site while in the hospital on the net and your shirts brought me house of laughs and some of my friends ordered me 1 or 2 or 3 shirts now and its now been 3 years sence the diagnoses so fuck those docters up there cock schute

i wish i could support you in a different way by buying some of your t shirts but money is really tight this cancer things a bitch lol but i promise yall wonce i get on my feet money wise ill buy some shirts yall keep doing what ur doing cause it provides humor to thousands and thats important keep it up fuck tards

Editor's Note: Fuck off and die.

Comments (15) - View Comments - Add A Comment

TERROR  03/31/09 12:23 am

Fyrewolf  03/31/09 2:50 am
Yeah you fuckwits rawk...go suck a dick! :-D Much love...

Brent Elskan  03/31/09 10:08 am
Great, he's beating the cancer. Whoopie. Maybe he'll live long enough to pay attention to spelling and punctuation next time he bashes out another sycophantic load of tripe.

Stevo  03/31/09 10:30 am
So you beat cancer? Or do you mean 'children'?
Hey, I have an idea for a shirt.......

Lt. Commander Data  03/31/09 2:04 pm
That wanker bothered to type a total of 159 words instead of puking or losing his hair from the chemo. He used a total of 8 punctuation marks- all !'s in the first line. His English teacher must be so proud. And how the hell can you not spell METASTATIC MELANOMA after being told you're going to die from it?!? Which is also redundant, as melanoma is cancer, which means it metastasizes (spreads). This has to be another April Fool's joke for sympathy and shirts, written by the aforementioned Brazilian wax job, er, guy... mmm wax job...

Ronman  03/31/09 5:21 pm
That is, by far, the funniest response to an email you have ever written.

Loser  03/31/09 7:13 pm
stevo - I'm wearing a hoodie just like your idea right now...great minds think alike.

John M.  04/01/09 8:59 am
Dear GOD.
I know you've kept me alive longer than anticipated and with all due respect i am eternally thankful for your blessings.
Could you please strike down Lt. Commander Data with some form of mellazzanoma, pcysircoma or another rare breed of CANCER that there is never going to be a cure for before I read another one of his word counting,,,,,, punctuation filled, and otherwise very well written posts. He is too perfect for this world and you should take him now. I will gladly die today if grant this one final wish.
Sincerely yours, John M.

Iman Azol  04/01/09 9:43 am
My jizz cures cancer. Too bad I won't fuck a homo.

Iman Azol  04/01/09 9:47 am
Oh, and if I did have AIDS, I'd fuck LTC Data's mouth, ass, ears and eyesockets with my dick coated with ground glass.

Jello  04/01/09 4:59 pm
"melostatic melenoma" must mean cancer of the punctuation cortex. Jesus Christ find a fucking period or a comma or something! Reading a post from a dipshit shouldn't be harder than deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Death Magnetic  04/01/09 9:08 pm
When John M. finishes paying the fucking bills for all of his chemo and surgery, he won't have enough left over to buy a goddamn colostomy bag, much less a shirt! Die, John, please, you pathetic fuck!

Twizzle  04/02/09 1:50 pm
Uh, yeah, I tried the "i got cancer' thing and the bastards didn't send me any free shirts, you think the shameless use of your dying kid and some poor spelling is gonna get you any? If it does, let me know, I got two kids and a set of clippers.

Fuck the commander  04/08/09 1:20 pm
"Dear GOD.
I know you've kept me alive longer than anticipated and with all due respect i am eternally thankful for your blessings.
Could you please strike down Lt. Commander Data with some form of mellazzanoma, pcysircoma or another rare breed of CANCER that there is never going to be a cure for before I read another one of his word counting,,,,,, "

hahahahaha! does everybody here feels the same?

Uri Tarded  04/25/09 10:27 am
I'd like to fill Iman Azol's ass full of my HIV+ fuck juice. And just to shut him up for a few seconds, I'd give him another few shots in his big, Herpes-sore-ridden mouth!

Also, as you should already know, T-SHIRT HELL ALREADY HAS A SHIRT THAT SAYS:

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Submission-----



Editor's Note: Okay, here are our new stances on everything.

No abortions unless the baby is gay. Everyone, including retards, should be issued a gun. There should be forced prayer in school; Muslim, Jewish, agnostic or atheist children will be served as lunch meat to the Christian children. Open borders, but only for purposes of exterminating all Mexicans. Ban gay marriage, gay home ownership, and gay genitalia. No welfare, Medicaid or any of the services you pay taxes for. WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR!!!!

I hope I've fully convinced you I'm on the right side now. I suppose instead of asking everyone on the planet to believe exactly as you do you could be like us and do whatever the fuck you want and not care about what "wing" it makes you. Nah, fuck that. I need this fight.


Comments (21) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Will  03/31/09 4:28 am
Personally I support the up and down movements myself - up & down all night long!
(As all of you will try to twist this, leaving me sounding like homosexual tard-loving asshole my statement means the following and nothing else: I like having sex, with pretty, young [ 14] women)

My bets are that you'll still be able to humiliate me, go for it!

Anjunk  03/31/09 8:38 am
Why can no one get it through their heads that you are neither left nor right, you don't get a flying baby one way or the other.

"Gawd people is so stoopid!"

Citizen  03/31/09 1:17 pm
Why did you edit out Mr. Loids' last name?

Just curious

Jamie  03/31/09 1:19 pm
You did it to yourself Will, no-one needs to try!

Lt. Commander Data  03/31/09 2:10 pm
Left vs right will always continue until dumbasses realize that the political spectrum is like one of those Q-bracelets used for karma and enlightenment. Sold for $19.95, also. The spectrum bends around like a circle, but never quite touches at the top (communism vs fascism). So this guy is useless, and I just won the Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts at healing the left-right divide. April Fool!!

Chris Hanson  03/31/09 3:26 pm
What are you doing here, Will?

Chester_Da_Molester  03/31/09 5:39 pm
Oh shit!!! It's Chris Hanson. I'm just here to eat some cupcakes and hangout with my boy Will, sir.

codemon09  03/31/09 6:05 pm
Only fucked in the head hippies from the 60s call themselves "Chester the Molester" Of course, you pimped it out by swapping "da" for "the" however, doing that just dates you even further back in time.

Chester  03/31/09 6:19 pm
When are you going to change your shit from 09 to 10 bitch?

codemon09  03/31/09 6:24 pm
Wut? I hope you don't wanna follow me & hump my leg like on motherfucking Twitter to find out. Maybe the whole fuckin world 'splodes on 12/31/09 like your bro does on your sister's face!!! They leave you out of the action for a very good reason

Chester  03/31/09 6:31 pm
Haha you sound like a little beotch. Just calm down and let the grown folks do the talking cause I've been checking out the shirts here before ur 1st menstrual cycle.

Flaca  03/31/09 7:56 pm
I like having sex, with pretty, young [ 14] women)
WILL, WHAT DO YOU MEAN? 14 year olds or 14 women? You might want to clarify that too!

rowena  03/31/09 9:34 pm

Monga roid  04/01/09 9:10 am
Dear Chester Da Molester,
Please do hump DA leg of Lt. Commander Data until he dies a slowww painful death of vaginagrowthonlegism, he is posting on every one of thes threads and it's time you put his lonely life out to pasture once and for all.
Sincerely yours, Every person that's ever logged on to the internet.

Iman Azol  04/01/09 9:50 am
Promise to have LTC Data strapped down to be fucked to death by a rabid yak and you have my vote.

Death Magnetic  04/01/09 9:37 pm
Does opening the borders only apply to wetbacks or are Canadians included? I'm all for getting rid of the beaners because they all want to come here for is free shit. Free services, free education, free cheese to add to the bean tacos they're always eating, etc. Get 'em out and keep 'em the fuck out! Get rid of all the gay shit, too, including Mongo. Ha ha ha, Mongo. The joke's on you, bitch!

ToeTaggerH  04/02/09 7:44 pm
The left/right paradigm will be the death of us. There are good people on all sides, Ron Paul (R) Dennis Kucinich (D) Cynthia McKinney (Green party) the trick is, anyone who actually wants to help America will never be president, and if they get there, they are shot in the fucking head.

JustMEfukyou  04/02/09 10:11 pm
All of you are gay, just show your love and buy a fucking tshirt

Jake  04/07/09 6:06 am
Please don't ban my genitalia...
It wouldn't be very tolerant.

Jake's cockring  04/25/09 10:44 am
I don't care about gay marriage (just call it a civil union & let's get on with our lives!), but I don't want to lose my house or genitalia!!

Mister Meaner  04/25/09 10:48 am
Who cares about right or left??!!! I use my right hand...... So what?
I support Iman Azol & Lt. C D's right to gay marriage, gay home ownership, and gay genitalia!!
You're here! YOU'RE QUEER! We're used to it!

division of labor

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Anything worth doing is worth doing well. And that includes nothing.