The Early February Thing

I hope everyone had a good April Fool's Day. I pulled one hell of a prank on my sister. I don't want to get into details, but suffice it to say, she can never bear children.

In case any of you missed it, March was a big month for cancer. First it was announced that presidential candidate John Edwards' wife had a recurrence of breast cancer. Then, only a few days later, it was reported that White House press secretary Tony Snow's cancer had returned and spread to his liver and other parts of his body. So I'd just like to say congratulations to cancer. Continued success in the months to come.

Before I move on, I'd just like to remind everyone that Easter is coming up on Sunday. I know it was recently proven that Jesus never actually existed, but let's celebrate for old times' sake. Happy hunting, kids!

It's Howdy Doody Time...


New Shirts

You've been not praying and not praying, and your unprayers have finally been answered. Our latest batch of shirts has arrived.

This group contains a shirt that deals with oral sex and several other shirts which deal with far less important things. Anyway, don't let me ruin the surprise for you. You can view these shirts with your very own eyes via the magic of the internet.

All of our new shirts are here:


Cause food is for pussies.

CNN recently reported that hobo killings are on the rise among teenagers. For entertainment, teens are savagely beating homeless men and leaving them for dead. What an appalling waste of human life. A travesty. Don't get me wrong, the homeless should be killed, but let's not waste good hobo. Do you have any idea how much a bum's kidney goes for on Craigslist? They don't grow on trees, you know. (Unless you live in Courtney Love's drug-addled head, where I hear that kind of shit happens).

No no no no, this ain't no Planet of no ApesListen, we've all killed our fair share of transients. A homeless guy once asked me for change - well, he didn't actually ask, but he might have - so I shot him. In situations like that, you sometimes have to act preemptively. But I never would have dreamed of leaving him to rot. Instead, I carved him up, made some quick cash, got a few kick-ass Halloween decorations out of the deal, and ate like a king for weeks. My message to the kids is simply this: Waste not, want not, you little fuckers.

How do we account for the recent surge in senseless hobo killings? I blame television. Not because programming is too violent. To the contrary, it's not nearly violent enough. If kids had something good and bloody to watch on TV, do you think they'd need to kill hobos for fun? Today's teens may be bloodthirsty butchers, but who can blame them? There's nothing good on TV anymore. One more season of American Idol, and I might have to kill just to feel alive.

With that said, I'd like to share an anecdote that might put a human face on this issue.

I recently observed a homeless man combing his hair in the reflection of a shop window. For ten minutes, he carefully preened himself, taking great pride in his appearance. I finally said to him, "Your pants are soaked with urine, stained with what appears to be chocolate, and you smell like a sweaty nutsack. Does it really matter at this point if a hair or two is out of place?" It was a touching moment, to say the least, and I think we both took something from it.

Stunt Bums For JesusAfter that, we got to talking about our life experiences. He told me about his tour in Vietnam, how his entire platoon was slaughtered before his eyes. "Do you know what it's like to watch helplessly as your best friends die?" he asked. His eyes filled with tears. I put a hand on his shoulder. "I think I do," I said. "I think I do." Then I told him about the time I played paintball with some buddies, and how we got totally ambushed by a bunch of fourth-graders. Sucked big time.

Before we parted ways, I looked my new friend in the eye, shook his hand, and thanked him. I thanked him for teaching me that just because hobos shit and piss themselves without shame, that doesn't make them any less human. That doesn't mean they don't have feelings and friends who love them. That doesn't mean their lives are any less sacred than yours or mine. With that in mind, I said goodbye and smoked the fucker.

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swallowmyload  04/03/07 5:41 pm
Fuck the homeless!Fuck them in their unclean shitstained festering oozing asses.yeah baby

Brian  04/04/07 3:40 am
That guy with the sledgehammer is pretty fucking bald for a teenager...

kansler  04/04/07 5:45 am
That is absolutely disgusting! How can agrown man get around with his pants covered in shit and piss?

KM Dorn  04/04/07 3:11 pm
The dude with the cig is my uncle shitting!

Delores Blair  04/04/07 3:30 pm
Me, again. Now I remember the point you were making re men going to war. We are so overpopulated that a few good men dying off might slow down the population growth with which I heartily agree if that were to be the end result, but as I said in my earlier e-mail now the retards, morons and imbeciles will have first crack. You don't think It's enough to ask they give up their chosen men you don't think they will give up their sex, too?

Darrin  04/04/07 6:10 pm
Is Delores Blair a complete fucking idiot or is that big jumbled mess of words intended to make him/her sound like an ingnorant product of a downhome southern brother-sister union?

moly pooper  04/04/07 6:50 pm
Sorry, I'm only commenting here because there is no place to comment for Torsoless Ted. That's BS. That was totally the crappiest entry.
Actually, screw it! That whole contest was crap!
Fuck this; I'm still a teenager; I should be out beating on the homeless right now.

mike  04/04/07 9:03 pm
How many homeless guys does it take to change a lightbulb??None because the worthless shit stained motherfuckers haven't got one

kristin Cullen  04/05/07 9:23 am
Incredible and touching! This sentiment brought a tear to my eye and laughter to my heart.

TC  04/05/07 12:15 pm
It is really all in the upbringing of children these days. I feel these teens' parents have taught them well. They obviously know with the current "Hate Crime" laws on the books that you can't just go kick the shit out of a Mexican, Black or Homo. You have to be more selective. Bums are a perfect option for todays youth.

What The Fuck  04/05/07 4:05 pm
Ahhh, kids these days are so advanced. While I've played my fair share of "Cum on a Bum", I never considered the amount of pleasure I could achieve by of beating one until their little poo filled bodies exploded before my very eyes. What will they come up with next!

Rosa  04/05/07 5:44 pm
Ha! This made my entire week. You are fantastic, no wait, you may just be fantabulisticalicious...damn.

El Negro  04/14/07 9:27 pm
touching... did you take his kidneys?


The results are in. We received thousands upon thousands of entries in our Torsoless Ted Mascot Competition, and after we briefly glanced at about thirty of them we narrowed it down to eight. From there you took over.

You voted for your favorite submission (or whichever one your friend told you to vote for), and after carefully tabulating the vote count, we are happy to announce a winner. I was a little worried about relying on a Democratic voting system since you people seem to think Taylor Hicks and that gay Middle Eastern kid are good singers, but I think you made a good choice.

Kevin Mulkern


-----Original Message-----

From: sheliah d.

Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007

The good news is: I received the T-shirts....The bad news news: I find the wording of your invoice both gross and insensitive....I take issue with what you seem to find funny in some sick way. You need to better know your audiences before you make unilateral decisions as to how your billing should be printed. Be assured, I will not place another order with your company. Shame on you!!!

Editor's Note: The good news is: you're going to die someday. The bad news is: you'll be a worthless cunt until that day comes.

And just so you know, all the decisions made at T-Shirt Hell are made unilaterally. This isn't a democracy. That's why T-Shirt Hell works and America doesn't. The good old US of A could learn a thing or two from us. If we ran this country, I guarantee you no one would be arguing about what to do in Iraq. Because we'd tell the Iraqis about Jesus, and that would fix everything.

Human pets shit on the floor a LOT.There also wouldn't be an ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor if we ran this country. Because in our America poor people would be the pets of rich people, thereby making them rich by default.

I'm just glad all this shame people put on us doesn't take physical form. If the shame people directed at us ever materialized into some kind of goo, I'd look like my stepmom after a weekend in Turkey.

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Lesbian Albino Eskimo  03/29/07 6:59 pm
I had a pet person once. His name was Toby.

Saki667  04/03/07 3:47 pm
What the hell shirt did she order? Did she misunderstand "I support single moms?" or thought "I love dick" expressed polictical support? I'm going to order something just so I can see what you put on your invoices...nice marketing scheme!

AP  04/03/07 6:26 pm
The first time I ordered, I was very impressed with the “fuckin’ receipt”. So impressed that I went ahead and showed it to everyone standing around me, which just so happened to be a bunch of high school kids. I am still confused as to how someone looks at a website that has some of the most offensive t-shirt ideas out there, orders some of said shirts, then says, “Asking for tits on Easter is one thing, but giving me a fucking receipt goes too far!”

colaboy29  04/03/07 9:15 pm
That picture makes me hot. Do you ahve that on a shirt?

KATHY  04/04/07 12:00 pm
Keep doing what your doing..people just need to lighten up!

MetalTheKid  04/04/07 1:17 pm
Here's your fucking receipt! .........PRICELESS!

mikey mike  04/04/07 5:48 pm
You should have a middle finger pop up on the invoice when you open it; like on a pop up book.

Kayla  04/04/07 8:44 pm
I LOVE the wording on the invoices .. it rocks that t-shirt hell has the guts to be so real.. and it's funny in my opinion.. I love t-shirt hells invoices.. and the whole comedic comments in the links i get in my email.. Keep up the fine work.. and rock on with your humor.. it's refreshing I love it!!!

Donna  04/04/07 11:31 pm
Are you kidding? That receipt was fuckin hilarious! I told everyone about it. I also loved the message that appeared when I clicked "sexual favors" as my payment option when I was checking out. You guys are great.

thePirv  04/05/07 6:01 am
The "fuckin' receipt" is almost as funny as the shirts themselves. Guess some people are just proper assholes, and there's nothing we can do about it, except hunt them down and kill them. Violently. With sharp sticks and barbed chains. It'll be glorious

Atle  04/05/07 11:32 am
just so you know. USA is not a democracy. And that's the reason why non of you two woork's.

Mister Ed  04/05/07 8:27 pm
Ummmm, Atle? Learn to speak American, mmmmm-k? No-one understands what the fuck two woorks means. Dipshit.

Zira  04/06/07 1:22 am
My mom came across my receipt and found it funny, even though she's pretty prudish. I bet she'd even tell this girl to lighten the fuck up.

Tiffany  04/06/07 5:49 am
OOOhhh! MOMMY MOMMY I WANT THAT ONE. *points to man in cage* he's bondageriffic.

Katrina  04/06/07 11:25 am
Some people really need to consider getting their heads out of thier asses. This world does not revolve around the prim and proper. I bet that bitch just needs someone to treat her like the cheap whore she is.

Nici  04/07/07 8:39 pm
*Sigh* I used to be a pet, but I lost my master.....

Chikinmilk  04/09/07 8:49 pm
mmmmm....... stepmom....

Chris Walken  04/12/07 9:14 am
Invoice? Invoice? We don't need no steenkin invoice.
We need more cowbell baby!

Racer Boy  04/12/07 5:41 pm
I was someones pet once, I was 12 and I went to bible practice at church, I drank jesesus blood and passed out, woke up the next morning at my priests house and was his pet for a week. It was weird I drank a lot of jesus blood a couple bottles worth of jesus a day and jesus made me forget everything, It was a miracle, although my ass did hurt for weeks after

Matt T.  04/16/07 1:30 am
Why the hate mail! . Your monthly mail cracks me the fuck up. Im even working up the ball to purchase and WEAR a shirt, am getting a divorce. Thank you, thank you, thank You!


-----Original Message-----

From: Tom D.

Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Plain and simple - you guys are complete morons!

Sincerely, Everyone with any sense.

Editor's Note: Hitler thinks we're complete morons?

Holy shit albinos are creepy!But nonseriously, if you're going to insult someone, give it some context. As much as I hate people that complain about this shirt or that shirt, at least I know why they're upset. This could be about virtually anything. Are we complete morons because of our shirts? Are we complete morons because of our return policy? Or are we complete morons because our albino-hunting business was a failure? You've given us nothing to go by.

At least you had the decency to, as you said, keep your email plain and simple. I hate it when people get all existential and complex when they say nothing. Anyway, since you said so little, I'll leave it at that. Just remember to be clear about why you're complaining in the future. When you call your mom a stupid bitch, make sure you tell her it's because she didn't put extra happiness on your Flintstones chewable vitamin.

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Zipper  04/03/07 5:31 pm
Why do you Americans say AL-BI-NO when it's clear that it should be AL-BEEN-O ??

swallowmyload  04/03/07 5:44 pm
Why do you Zippers put your cocks in asses when clearly thats what cunts are for?

Ashley  04/03/07 6:01 pm
I think if he ment cents, instead of sense, he'd be attracting a wider range of people.

Shut Up  04/04/07 1:37 pm
How the fuck is "ALBINO" spelled? If you use that spelling to express the incorrect pronunciation, then why would you use the wrong spelling for the correct pronunciation...? Retard - pronounced REETARD

Mikey Mike  04/04/07 5:50 pm
Dear Tom:

Kenny G., bitches  04/05/07 3:53 am
Why do Afghanis fuck goats when clearly that's what women are for? Why do Japanese buy soiled panties from a vending machine when clearly that's what candy's for? Why do Mexicans dance around those retarded hats when they should clearly be mowing my lawn?

Your mom  04/05/07 5:58 pm
You guys aren't funny. The lady who writes the newsletter is funny. You guys just like saying stupid shit that makes absolutely no sense. I understand that you're trying to be funny, but it's not working. Let the newsletter lady make the jokes.

Miss Ching chang chong  04/06/07 4:23 am
You are a group of punk ass morons because you anteaterfuckers wouldn't sell your fucking t-shirts to South Korea. Hopefully our proud big hog, Kim Jung Ill will send your moms fission bombs and those bombs will be directed at your moms' penises. No more shit-pushed-in for you! No more joy for you. you might as well go and blow your purty brains out, fucking yanks.

katrina  04/06/07 11:33 am
"newsletter lady" haha...ha. the kids are just rying to have fun. Dude. the letters in my security box look like some weird jew word. rkkhb.

the other one  04/06/07 6:00 pm
to "your mom"... I fucked your mom bitch so shut the fuck up beyotch!

Christopher Shawn Hayden  04/09/07 2:36 pm
My baby's stupid mother has another delinquent son that looks just like the the bushy haired guy in that picture. He's a bastard, he threw pizza at me the first time i met him and then he stole my cell phone and started calling all my friends and calling them fuckers. I hope she dies soon.


-----Original Message-----

From: scarface187*** @ ***.com

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Subject: nice

hey just wanted to say that i thinks its pretty ignorant not to do wholesale orders, do you realize how much you could multiply your profit, there are retailers all around the world who would be willing to sell your product for close to nothing and yet you only offer online purchasing. while your shirts maybe extremely hilarious and down right rude, all your ideas are not original

i have seen the same thing on shirts 15 years ago and somebody submitted it to you and you used and probably fucked them out of it, like you did me. i have sent over 40 e-mails with ideas, ideas that as far as i know were completely thought of by me and yet i have got nothing in return. ad no i am not just some pissed off teenager. i happen to be an established writer, and graphic artist whose idea have been stolen. so thanks for your time

tony montana

Editor's Note: Hey, look. Another dumbass who submitted a bunch of terrible ideas is claiming we ripped him off. So which idea that I see a hundred times a day did you submit? Was it "Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks" or was it "I like my women how I like my scotch - 12 years old and mixed up with coke"?

As the hundreds of people that have won our submission contest can attest to, we don't rip people off or steal ideas. But some people, rather than accept the fact that they suck and have no talent, whine to us about ripping off their ideas just because one of our shirts says "The" just like their submission. Take note: "I support single moms" written next to a stripper on a pole, is nothing like your brilliant submission of "I wanna fuck me a stripper."

I was disappointed to find out that you are not just some pissed off teenager. Until you told me that I was ready to dismiss this email, but the fact that you claim to be an established writer just made me too depressed to ignore your bullshit. You do know what established writer means, Retard please.right? You do understand that getting $100 from Reader's Digest for your hilarious vending machine anecdote doesn't qualify you as an established writer, right? Nor does smearing your shit on a piece of paper and accidentally making an L.

And for future reference, if you want to be taken seriously as an "established" "writer," don't use a name and email address that suggest you have an infatuation for a movie character worshipped by rappers and wiggers. Later, twat. I'll make sure to think of you next time I see "I'm not as think as you drunk I am."

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Too Many Retards  04/03/07 6:08 pm
This guys is an established writer alright! We've established that this writer cannot spell, nor does he know the concept of capitalization! "ad no I'm not just some pissed off teenager!" If I were going to write something and make such a claim, I would make sure I didn't make myself look like an ass by not proofreading! PEOPLE ARE SUCH FUCK TARDS!

Morgan  04/03/07 7:33 pm
This is the sort of person that makes me want to bet on the monkeys with misshapen heads. You know, when they finally make a "Bestest Writa In Tha US" TV show, where they pit invertebrates and spider monkeys against the "next great writers." If this is the competition, I'm pulling for the sea cucumber.

Christa  04/03/07 10:16 pm
if he were really an established writer, he would know that "downright" is one word. dumbass!

Mustard Dick  04/04/07 2:35 am
If you were a pissed off teenage boy with 9 fingers and a mullet I might piss ON you. If your dumb ass has two jobs then who the fuck cares if you made up some t shirts? Is Scarface the movie name you use to intimidate people but on a regular day you use your happy name Rainbow Brite. Please go fuck yourself with your little friend.

TB  04/04/07 8:09 am
Hey steal my Idea would you...
I want a "I Sucked Hilary's Dick" tee.
Thanks Fuck Tard...

Dave  04/04/07 1:28 pm
you guys should totally make this shirt "I like my women how I like my scotch - 12 years old and mixed up with coke" that is hilarious

K B  04/04/07 2:04 pm
As the ex-wife of a graphic artist...yes they are ALL that anal retentive! Dude get over yourself!

doubledonkeypunch  04/04/07 10:39 pm
if all graphic artist are that "anal retentive" then why the fuck don't they review the draft of their work before publishing the final?

JX  04/05/07 1:40 am
This just [email protected] makes me want to give up hope for the human race. These stupid sphincter rings always trying to blast this site! Are they really that stupid. Nobody that really "GOES" to this site gives a shit what most other people think! If he submitted a t-shirt idea, woopdie fuckin doodoo! Almost everybody has submitted a t-shirt idea at one point or another! If they didn't pick yours who cares, go suck on your mama's titties just a little longer! Maybe if your lucky some girl will finally get drunk enough to go home with you!

Wayne  04/05/07 5:15 am
You should make a T shirt for people like that. "They Stole My Idea" Then have a picture of a monkey drinking his own piss.

Telepathboy  04/05/07 7:33 am
Wait... so are you saying my myspace blog where I hit on middle school girls that say they're 23 DOESN'T make me an established writer? Damn, I need to find a new pick up line.

Raven  04/05/07 9:58 am
One question for the dumbass. Why would you keep submitting ideas if you feel that they are being stolen? Aren't established writers smarter than that. You would think that wouldn't you.

pB  04/06/07 4:59 am
I totally loved the I like my women shirt...

meadow whore  04/06/07 9:31 am
JX, that was weird...

Ronman  04/06/07 11:16 am
What a loser.

katrina  04/06/07 12:05 pm
"ad no i am not just some pissed off teenager. i happen to be an established writer, and a graphic artists whose idea have been stolen."
I think that whoever has hired you should drop you like a crack whore. The grammar and spelling in those two sentences alone would give any one with any semblance of an understanding for the English language a heart attack. First off, not that you even managed to spell a commonly used three letter word, but any person knows that starting a sentence with "and" is a bad idea. The sentence should simply be: "No, I am not just some pissed off teenager."
On to the next sentence. There is only one comma in this sentence and it shouldn't be there. Also, "idea" should be plural. The proper sentence would be: "I happen to be an established writer and graphic artist whose ideas have been stolen." Now if you really wanted to make this flow you could mash the two together to and create this: "No, I am not just some pissed off teenager, I happen to be an established writer and graphic artist whose ideas have been stolen."

Mark  04/08/07 10:54 am
Your post wasn't exactly flawless either Katrina, but I'm not gonna point it out. Most of the time you'll just have to read through what you've written one more time to discover most of the errors. Consider this "editor of newsletters" as well.

Geeeeengsturrr  04/09/07 8:57 pm
What a faaaaaaaaaag

Fuzzy  04/11/07 10:35 am
Oh boo hoo hoo! " i have sent over 40 e-mails with ideas...yet i have got nothing in return". Poor Tony! How can he get up in the morning and face the day knowing that T-Shirt Hell doesn't value his moronic ideas for shirts.

Do us all a favor, Tony. Go write something somebody wants to read, and forget to publish it.


-----Original Message-----

From: John O.

Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007

You are the most disgusting, blasphemic website ever. You should mock on something else. If you have respect for yourself or others with religious beliefs, put your mockery on something else. Jesus is my Lord and my redeemer. I pray everyday and go to church. You should repent of your sinful nature and bad webite.

Editor's Note: Isn't that cute? The retarded monkey fetus wrote us some hate mail. That's so precious I just want to gobble him up.

If I should die before I wake... I don't want my little brother to get my toys.First of all, I believe the word you were looking for was "blasphemous." Your use of "blasphemic" makes me think you're either an idiot trying to sound smarter than he actually is, or you're an idiot that sounds exactly as smart as he is. "Blasphemic" sounds like what I put on my salads. It's a wonderful mix of giraffe sperm, goats' blood, and three other kinds of sperm.

If you're the result of daily prayer and church attendance, I think I'll just keep going as often as I do. Which is roughly as often as my gas can is full.

Unfortunately for you, I don't have respect for myself or people with religious beliefs. I reserve my respect for people that deserve it. People like American soldiers, abortion doctors, and the guy that played Mr. Belvedere. Goodbye, and always remember what Jesus said: "Keep that taint clean, nigga."

Comments (47) - View Comments - Add A Comment

swallowmyload  04/03/07 5:36 pm
Ha Hab Ha Ha Ha oh fuck me jesus

Oh God  04/03/07 6:13 pm
Fuckin religious people make me sick!

cary  04/03/07 10:39 pm
Hmmm I always figured that when you pray to lord Jesus and you are a fuckin idiot he would just kill you and get you off the fuckin planet. Guess I was wrong cause he missed this one

flipper  04/03/07 10:54 pm
it's funny, isn't it? the more religion you shove into your head, the more actual smartness gets shoved out. kinda like crayons and the gray matter of your brain.

M K Mohhamad  04/03/07 11:41 pm
you americans have no sence of humor, you all make me sick, how do you laugh at religion i hope you all go to hell you barstards,

Ben  04/04/07 1:55 am
The way we laugh at religion is easy, cause you twats just take it too far.. As for John O, stop complaining, many other people find these shirts racist, blasphemous and whatever... but they just dont give a fuck cause they can see the bloody humour.. SHUT THE FUCK UP

Mustard Dick  04/04/07 2:39 am
Lord and redeemer? Big deal, Jesus is my stepbrothers uncle and he grows weed in his attic.

cday138  04/04/07 4:09 am
bad webite, BAD BAD bad webite. lol

Kavinorum  04/04/07 5:31 am
To quote the Beatles, "All you need is love." But they didnt say shit about religion. So fuck all you religious fucks, and you too Mohhamad, fuck Islam and all the religions. You dont need any of that Bullshit, all you need is love.

kansler  04/04/07 6:02 am
I don't get it. Who is this 'Jesus" these people speak of? I've been around for a long time and i've travelled all over the world and i've never met him.

Old Cregg  04/04/07 9:29 am
Respect for american soldiers??? i hope they all die in the middle east... Fuckers

Brent Elskan  04/04/07 9:46 am
kansler: I'm surprised you've never met Jesus. I know three, actually. One is my gardener, another works at the mechanic's shop I take my car to and the third fucks my wife on Thursdays when she thinks I'm bowling (I'm actually having an affair with the third Jusus' hot little housewife, Maria).

FGZ  04/04/07 9:57 am
Well, I think that you rock and that everybody who has left a comment before me should pull their head out of their asses and see the brilliance for what it really is, although I don't agree with all of your ideas I know that I don't have to for it to be funny so I say fuck em if you don't like it then leave!!

Kim  04/04/07 1:09 pm
This is THE best web site - thank you.

Riiiiiiight  04/04/07 1:46 pm
This email is just retarded. It is clear that the person that wrote it is a poser trying to impress someone. Real Christians don't actually speak to people like that. If you are a real Christian and you truly serve God, then you don't judge other people for any reason, you also don't brag about how often you pray and/or go to church.

Coney  04/04/07 2:05 pm
I go to church and pray EVERY WAKING MOMENT and Jesus dies for my sins all over my face and titties every other night, redeeming me over and over and over till I'm too hoarse to scream anymore (or I pass out from asphyxiation play... he's into that, you know). So I ROCK MORE CHRISTIAN CRED THAN YOU, HEATHEN FUCKNUGGET!

C-Lo  04/04/07 2:32 pm

chuck  04/04/07 4:16 pm
Blasphemic = one who binges on blasphemy then purges that blasphemy out (on t-shirts). T-Shirt Hell is, in fact and by definition, blasphemic. Sorry to be the one to have to correct you.

Stephanie  04/04/07 4:22 pm
I seriously think that most people who write hate mail to the editors are just trying to get their e. mails into the newsletters. T.Shirt hell has been around for what? 10 years now and people write the same exact e. mails all the time, bitching about the same things. Get a sense of humor, people. If you don't like the site, you don't have to come to it, no one's making you do it.

Keith  04/04/07 4:31 pm
That picture of Edwards is goddamn priceless.

foofoolamarr  04/04/07 5:30 pm
Typical bozo xtian. Go read your religious fiction bible where it says, "Judge not..." etc. Now FOAD.

Mikey Mike  04/04/07 5:52 pm
Hey, that's how I like my women too!!!

Mikey Mike  04/04/07 6:00 pm
Who is the retarded Monkey Fetus? The dumb cunt that wrote this letter? Or Jesus? I think Jesus was more along the lines of a Monkey Pussy Fart.

ramtha  04/04/07 7:09 pm
maybe all so-called "christians" ought to stop worshipping the teacher and start practicing the teachings. Question authority you goddamn lemmings.

Dude  04/04/07 7:20 pm
Hey, I just want to know why all these people pray to that baseball player. I mean there are better ball players out there and I prefer football anyway. But for crying out loud This Jesus guy is only hitting like .250 so please people if you're going to pray do it to like Jose Canseco or Barry Bonds they are both better than Jesus.

Cholla  04/04/07 7:45 pm
Hey John O., got news for ya mate. There is no jesus. Fuckwit.

Kimberly  04/04/07 8:36 pm
'Blasphemic' sounds more like an STD to me

Onyxxbitch  04/04/07 9:49 pm
Old Cregg, I am amazed at your stupidity. You have posted a comment about american soldiers below a letter that is about religion. I applaud you and hope you rot in hell (religious reference... see, its not that hard)

Donna  04/04/07 11:41 pm
Why would a person who claims to be so religious be checking out a website called TShirt Hell? You're so full of shit!!

Mark  04/04/07 11:42 pm
I want to grow up to be just like you.

James  04/05/07 8:28 am
Jesus died on the cross to get away from fuckin stupid whores like you. "Im religious and i pray everyday!" Bullshit. You sit on a couch, stare at a cross and say, "Jajajajaja, It looks like a T."

Jesus Christ  04/05/07 11:00 am
Hi, Jesus here again. Look people, I have nothing against T-shirt Hell, except their postage cost ( do you know what postage to Heaven costs nowadays?) So why are you all complaining? Fuck man, None of you cunts really know me. I was a prankster, got all those kids drunk from the "water" i gave them, put a whole pile of fish in the center of town, by noon that shit was RANK! I also enjoyed the odd doobie now and again, but all you righteous mother fuckers think "Oh my word! Jesus would not approve of that!" Well Fuck You, I Love that Shit!

Lawrence Weisgal  04/05/07 12:28 pm
If it wasn't the most disgusting, blasphemic website ever why would I bother coming here, Ugly Bitch?

Jerry Van Nuys  04/05/07 1:30 pm
I like how the guy goes on about how TSH should "mock something else" other than religion. Has the moron even LOOKED at the website? It mocks EVERYTHING!

SDL  04/05/07 5:02 pm
I had a salad last night with blaspemic vinegar...

Jesus used to live next foopr to me..but he got deported back to Guatemala...

Lorkar  04/05/07 7:05 pm
What the fuck is a webite??? Some new internet eatery?? Its people like you that make the rest of us wish abortion was retroactive.

Roxie  04/05/07 11:07 pm
I LOVE THIS!!! friggin classic! like anyone really gave a shit about their church going habits...personally im more interested in whether or not that pole up their arse has broken any world records in terms of depth...but in any case it has to be the cause of some serious brain hammerage...

Stomp  04/06/07 12:01 am
My Mama talka to me- try ta teach me how to live...Duh nuh nuh-Duh nuh nuh-dun-dun-Duh...but I don't listen to her cause my head is like a sive...Duh nuh nuh-Duh nuh nuh-dun-dun Duh. (Toke-Toke) Woah...(hack-hack-hack)

BetterThanYOU  04/06/07 12:55 am
I think most of the shirt designs on this website are outrageously funny but I don't know, maybe you guys are trying too hard to offend people. People have their own opinions, that is the entire philosophy of your t-shirt designs and website. When someone gives their opinion on a subject and you don't like what it is, you respond "retarded monkey fetus" it did make me laugh. Instead of making yourself sound superior you bust out of your cage flinging monkey shit so that you sound cool in the eyes of your audience. THEN you try the "I'm smarter than you" route which already set sail the minute you decided the Jesus Freak's opinions were shit, which I'm guessing that is what he thought of yours.

You guys should stick to clean designed shirts, witty tag lines, and leave the monkey shit flinging fights alone. But then again maybe the Jesus Freak should have known better that nothing he can say will change your opinions either.

Katrina  04/06/07 12:14 pm
I'm religious, not racist, anti-abotionist, etc.
I think that this shit is hilarious. If I didn't I wouldn't come to this site. Plain and simple. Kind of like our little friends Mohhamad and Johnny.

TiredWings  04/06/07 7:52 pm
If they cant take a FUCK, joke em

dawgie  04/06/07 8:28 pm
what a waste of time, churches r just money grabbing tax exempt corporations & ur more than likely praying to only 1 god, how bout his brothers & sisters, oh yea dont forget his parents pagenisum the 1st religon

mom1  04/08/07 4:35 pm
I think it's absolutely hilarious that a relious person is on a site like this to begin with. Shouldn't you be on the Church of the Open Door Website or something? lmao

Christopher Shawn Hayden  04/09/07 11:56 am
I miss the "Jesus Freak" shirt. I wish I would have bought one when they were available. Every time I think of it I laugh out loud. If anyone has one that they would like to sell, I will buy it - even if it's used, as long as it doesn't have urine on it.

racer boy  04/12/07 5:11 pm
This is for M.K. Mohhammed, FUCK MOHUMMED LIKE I FUCKED YOUR MOM LAST NIGHT Im a religious christian but im not a stupid, fucking, cunt. ya all need to grab a beer (especially you mohhummed), grab a chair, watch some good ol american football, get wasted and STOP GIVING A FUCK!!!!! Your fucking up this country I.E. Bush and mohummed if ya hate my country and my people ya need to GET THE FUCK OUT AND GO BACK TO IRAQ YA NO GOOD MUSLIM PEACE OF SHIT!!!! thank you for your time, believe in jesus:):):):):)

Jesus  04/14/07 8:19 pm
I am Jesus.

Scrap  04/17/07 9:31 pm
Mikey Mike: I believe the word you're looking for is "Queef" (='pussy fart')

PS - Jesus might've lived, but I doubt he was the son of God. Probably just good at sleight of hand and/or manipulating people - see what you want to see kind of thing & story got more & more exaggerated over time. Ever play Chinese Whispers? Same deal.


I'm Out Like My Vagina at a Steely Dan Concert

There are people in this world that eat what you and I throw away. I can't believe those sick bastards eat babies.


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