Thing? What thing?

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin recently passed away at the age of 76 proof. He led a full life, but those close to him say that he always regretted that he never caught moose and squirrel. Get it? Boris and Natasha? Eh, fuck you.

Another former Russian President, Alec Baldwin, has come under fire for hostile comments that were directed at his 11-year-old daughter. I don't know what the big deal is. My dad constantly threatened me when I was 11 years old, and it just made the sex that much better.

Old White Nappy Headed Ho

And something happened in Virginia, but I can't recall what. I think it involved a college...some kind of minority was involved...oh, I don't remember. All I know is that I made a shitload of money.


New Shirts

We've added more new shirts than Satan himself deserves, let alone your sorry ass. There's something for everyone this time around. As long as you're into drugs, vagina, donkey shows, or just keeping your vote white and male. Check 'em out. Or eat your own poop. Whatever you want to do.

All of our new shirts are here:


Cause food is for pussies.

Sanskrit for "Girl Scout"Sanjaya Malakar, television phenomenon and gay teenager, was recently voted off of American Idol. He (?) was a highly divisive performer, lasting well into the late rounds of the competition due in large part to campaigns devoted to voting for the worst contestant. (Kind of like the presidency. That's how it happened, isn't it?)

This upset American Idol fans, who claimed that it ruined the show's credibility. You know, the credibility of the show that made stars out of Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken. That credibility. But while AI fans grew increasingly frustrated, people who hate the show loved the success of Sanjaya, believing that his victory would help sink the ratings juggernaut. And still others genuinely enjoyed the attitude and over-the-top style of Sanjaya.

Lots of people like Yanni too.I, as usual, came down on the side of not caring. Whether Sanjaya goes on to sell 10 million albums or he ends up doing gay porn before being shot in the head in a coke deal gone wrong, my reaction will be the same - a simple shrug of the shoulders.

It seems that in this day and age of opinion polls, phone voting and leaving comments, people have forgotten that they have the option of simply not caring. Just because two groups are fighting about something doesn't mean one of them is right. If a couple of guys are arguing whether oral sex is better from a badger or a mongoose, you don't have to pick a side.

These guys would have EATEN Paula Abdul.But I'm not telling you to avoid conflict just because the conflict is pointless. I'm telling you to avoid conflict regardless of what it's about. Whether it's about something as trivial as American Idol or about something as supposedly important as the environment, just stay out of it and you'll come out all the better for having avoided it. And even if you don't, you won't care.

So just remember, the next time you're holding up a protest sign and shouting to let the world know where you stand on abortion, I'm at home eating ice cream sandwiches and laughing at the Three Stooges. At the end of the day we will both have made the same impact on society, but only I will have avoided feeling emotions. Have a good night. Or don't. I don't really give a shit.

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Barky  05/01/07 3:56 pm
My sentiments exactly. We should start our own church. Or not. Whatever.

Loser  05/01/07 5:02 pm
I agree!! Fuck American Idol and Fuck that Hom....wait....i didn't mean seriously...i also don't give a shit about anything.

mynamehere  05/01/07 5:54 pm
Yup, apathy. Keeps me happy.

Lucifish  05/01/07 7:38 pm
Is it completly hypocritical to agree with this blog?

me  05/01/07 7:50 pm
so, let me ask you something. if we are supposed to be indifferent about everything, why do you have a section for people to add comments? do you care if people put in comments? to tell you the truth, i don't really care if you care, so there...

Lord Boofhead  05/01/07 10:11 pm
To Quote TISM; I'm interested In apathy!

Justin  05/01/07 11:31 pm
Im sure ur probably gonna say somethin sarcastic and assholeish (yeah i made that up) to me but i dont care. i think ur funny as hell. whoever complains about this shit takes it too seriously and if it still bothers u then go read a book.

Mystified  05/02/07 12:11 am
Why does everyone who agrees that it's better not to have an opinion feel the need to express their opinion here?

Nick  05/02/07 12:35 am
STFU... Thats what I care about... some fucking quiet time...

Christian  05/02/07 4:14 am
Simon is the only sane one. He hates them all. I forgot what the point of that was... OH! There wasn't one. I don't give a shit.

heidi batt  05/02/07 4:58 am
you are one fucking funny bitch!

sillyfuk  05/02/07 5:14 am
OMG you have to be the funniest nigga bitch eva, honestly how to come up with this shit month after fukin month, i'd high five you but then my hands would smell like cotton and melon..... aiight dog

AladdinSane  05/02/07 8:19 am
Am i ignorant?..I don't know. Am I apathetic?...I don't care...

FunnyStuff  05/02/07 9:15 am
LOL Seriously how can you not care about something as important American..YES AMERICAN IDOL.. That's un fucking AMERICAN..... LOL

Mustard Dick  05/02/07 9:47 am
Get to the real issues people...badger or mongoose. I love a little bit of badger tail myself.

lunaticlady  05/02/07 10:30 am
Some people have nothing BETTER to do than argue for the sake of arguement. A little bit of drama is as necessary as breathing. Me? I'd rather be sleeping.

z666  05/02/07 12:08 pm
we went to disneyland and all i saw was white folks

3 Fingered Bear  05/02/07 12:13 pm
Sing it Sister!

flip  05/02/07 3:11 pm
1 vote for mongoose

milfyaz  05/02/07 3:55 pm
no comment

Amber  05/02/07 4:03 pm
ahahaha that was probably the most truth ive heard in a long ass time. thank you

PimpDaddy  05/02/07 4:51 pm
You're all wrong.... it's all about anal sex with wolverines.

Bethany  05/02/07 5:00 pm
Who cares if you care? Seriously, who gives a flying fuck?

snoop  05/02/07 6:25 pm
Mustard- You and I both know that there are some pretty cute badgers out there, but we only see them on T.V. Still,...I search the timberland for my badgergirl.

Gerry  05/02/07 7:41 pm
I'm with you cause I don't give a F&%k. Protesting isn't gonna change anything. It's a waste of time, even worse you can get arrested.

gabbybird  05/02/07 8:36 pm
What if you are just too lazy to care?........

IMOM  05/02/07 8:47 pm
Replies to this kind of remind me of The Life Of Brian - The Crowd: "Yes! We're all individuals!". I don't know why. Nor do I care.

James  05/02/07 10:38 pm
Okay apathy and not caring are two different gay sex and anal rape, similiar to the person recieving it's all in the what the pitcher is throwin at. I'm not a-pathetic (oo crappy shirt idea) but when it comes to shitflecked pantywates making or breaking it on a show that accomplishes about one thing really well, creating's probably why they all hate us...that and junkmail and bots in chatrooms...terrrorists click on that shit and think it's real, I KNOW it's not real and I want to drop bombs and fly planes into whatever city or country or shitshack on a beach of wherever is responsible for that.

See? Apathy is sitting around with your dick in one hand a beer in the other wondering if people hink you're a loser (they do) not giving a shit is an informed decision.

Laurie  05/02/07 11:14 pm
Thank you for allowing me to hear a concurrent view in this petty invasive, have the right to know world

Shan  05/03/07 12:10 am
"Just because two groups are fighting about something doesn't mean one of them is right." That is actually extremely profound. Shame on you! I get fed up with being asked/expected to choose sides on issues when it's blatantly clear both sides are arseheads, so thanks for summing it up so neatly.

Ricky Marble  05/03/07 2:28 am
Another one for mongoose here.

Garfield  05/03/07 4:49 am
So the guy is fighting with his wife, when she finally says "I don't know which is worse..ignorance, or apathy" which he replies "I don't know, and I don't care".

the emissary  05/03/07 5:49 am
i disagree. when two groups are fighting about something apathy is not the answer. especially when you can make money betting on the outcome. this can become more exciting when the fight involves actual fighting. so in a way i dont care so long as i can make money.

UglinessMan  05/03/07 6:44 am
"Motivation is bullshit. If you ask me, this country could use a little less motivation. The people who are motivated are causing all the fucking trouble. Stock swindlers, serial killers, terrorists, child molesters...Christian conservatives. These people are highly motivated! And anyway, if you ask me, motivation is overrated. You show me some lazy prick who's lying around all day watching game shows and stroking his penis and I'll show you someone who's not causing any fucking trouble." - George Carlin

HELL  05/03/07 8:34 am
Mongoose. Definitely a mongoose.

UrJustMadd  05/03/07 8:53 am

Yersinia  05/03/07 9:47 am
I love you!!! And .. I don't care either.

Sherri  05/03/07 9:55 am
I was directed to your website last year by my brother

James R.  05/03/07 10:58 am
That's why I prefer blank T-Shirts. I don't give a shit!

My fat sweaty balls  05/03/07 11:20 am
HAHAHAHA I was part of one of those groups trying to make sure he won. I voted for him like 20 times every week. Simon said he would quit the show if that no-talent shit-licking douchefag won, and we were gonna see if he'd keep that promise.

What nationality was that guy supposed to be, abyway? He looked like a mixture of black and asian.

ukcunt  05/03/07 11:21 am
all american's are cocks anyways! up the badger(we dont get mongooses here, or is it mongeese, fk it i dont care anyways!)

notalent!  05/03/07 1:42 pm
fuck!they do that keep one loser on till the almost bitter end? wheewww! here i thought that the whole fuckin nation thought that dude had talent ? good to know that is not the case. funny as hell to find out some one has a sense of humour.... maybe i'll start watching the show to see if i can vote for the worst hahahaha..... why is this lame ass show still on the air anyways? all it does is promote talentless singers into thinking there something they are not fuckin britney and backdoor boys gayass no talent fucks!!! the music industry as no pride! wait i'm not suppossed to give a shit! sorry for the outburst. carry on !

anorexorcist  05/03/07 3:06 pm
lol i agree, i always liekd the saying from Dead Like Me "i excell at not giving a shit". THe creator of this site and newsletter is definately a huge prick though, b ut he's hilarious, i guess i'm a prick for pointing it out, either way, i don't care

peachqtpi  05/03/07 8:06 pm
I'm new to your web site, but I love those baby shirts. I'm glad to finally, at the age of 41, find that my indifference is not abnormal. I've been pretty indifferent all my life. Not totally indifferent. I love my sons and care about what comes into my home and affects them. After that? I could give a shit. I promise the sun is coming up tommorrow no matter what side you take, if you even take a side. Happy apathy to all

rose  05/04/07 1:06 am
Amen to that brother. That is how I deal with all that "Wag the Dog" crap as well. If I didn't hear about it, it can't affect me. (That is until some asshole says, "Did you hear about"; Fuckers.

D  05/04/07 6:35 am
I have been reading this thing over yours for quite some time now. Who ever makes this shit has got to be one of the most hilarious people ever. Or perhaps it's because i'm always baked out of my tree when reading it... but whatever, keep up the good work you black hebrew lady.

spunkmonkey  05/04/07 10:02 am

Marcia  05/04/07 1:35 pm
I died laughing at the Virginia Tech comment. I've been feeling that way about it since it happened. Thank god I'm not alone.

Michael Z. Williamson  05/05/07 2:01 am
Sanjaya is East Indian, but his parents didn't make the smart choice to sell him as a sex slave at age 8. And the best oral sex is from Ethiopian women, because they'll swallow anything.

blacksheep  05/08/07 9:54 pm
I love reading your newsletter I just fucking hate email so I end up reading them in 3's

Idisu  05/12/07 12:45 am
While I may agree about some of the comments, eventually, we all choose which battels we will fight and which ones we will walk away from.

Stupid Fuk  05/12/07 3:34 am
Why the fuck did I just read through all of your stupid fucking comments? Oh yeah, I have no life, and had to get involved in something that has nothing to do with me, and it will give me something to talk about while I am kicking the other stupid fuckers at work in the head, to get them to shut up about everything they are bitching about that doesn't FUCKING matter in the first place. BITCHING just to hear themselves!
By the way...I'll get back to ya on the mongoose, beaver thing.


-----Original Message-----

From: Dan H.
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Subject: T-shirt

Hi there. I have submitted my "go make me a pot-pie bitch!" T-shirt idea a couple of times. Myself and many others think that it's hilarious. Definitely more hilarious than some of the ones I see on your website. I'm just wondering why it hasn't been considered and I haven't been contacted about it. Maybe you're not getting the Email or something??? Just let me know.

Editor's Note: You mean that submission was real? The whole reason I didn't accept it was because I thought I was living in some kind of dreamworld where I had just laid eyes upon the most perfect thing ever. It was as if God had turned himself into a t-shirt idea. I thought, 'Since I'm clearly dreaming up this entire situation I'm not even going to bother accepting it.'

Soylent Green Pot Pie Is PEOPLE!!!!!And on the off chance that I wasn't dreaming and that submission did in fact exist in reality, I still dared not turn it into a t-shirt based on the simple fact that it would leave mankind nowhere else to go. We're in a constant struggle to better ourselves and improve humanity, but if that shirt ever comes into existence, we will have reached our zenith and would have no reason to go on.

So rest assured, your email is working just fine and there are no other technical problems you need worry about. I simply passed on your idea to spare us all of the grim reality that everything we know and believe is a sham. The only truth in this universe is that all of this is a sad, pointless prelude to the day "Go make me a pot-pie, bitch!" gets printed on a t-shirt.

Goodbye, Dan H. - Creator of the Universe and King of All Beings Great and Small.

Comments (40) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Annie  05/01/07 2:22 pm
Poor Dan H. I so feel your pain. I too submitted ideas for T-shirts and was totally ignored. I always say, "the opposite of love isn't hate - it's indifference." And, T-Shirt hell is being indifferent to my submission of a black T-shirt with white lettering that says "POLICE. I fucked a cop and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." I mean, how much more original could one get? Especially, since (in my case) it's true. I did sleep with a cop and that's all I got. Oh, well. It could have been worse. I could have ended up with a case of the clap. Hey!!! Can I submit that one?

Loser  05/01/07 5:06 pm
yea....and uh...also it's copyright infringement...that is a line straight from southpark. Dan H. YOU are an unfunny dipshit

Ghengis Khan  05/01/07 5:56 pm
"we will have reached our zenith and would have no reason to go on" HAHA dan is an idiot

G.L. Tirebiter  05/01/07 5:56 pm
Fuck, I hate pot-pie!

Dude  05/01/07 6:17 pm
How 'bout "go make me a t-shirt...Bitch!" Huh Dan is that a good one to?

Christian  05/02/07 4:11 am
People are stupid. Kill them all. :D That would be a good one. Bet Dan H. wouldn't get it.

lianne  05/02/07 5:30 am
actually the first origin of that line is from the Breakfast Club said my John Bender you rip off merchant!

Chris  05/02/07 8:11 am
That was really amusing, Here i was expecting a full on rant about just it not being funny. But no i got 100% sarcasm. It was a pleasant surprise it made me smile...... so fuck you for that.. :P

lunaticlady  05/02/07 10:31 am
*bows down to Dan for his ammmaaaazzzzinnngggg shirt idea*


derwwod  05/02/07 12:43 pm
Loser is an idiot. Copyright infringement on a sentence? not likely, stupid. In the end it's just a dumb shirt that has undoubtedly been previously produced and distributed by that illegal iranian that sold me my cartmen slippers at a swap meet.

Dick Gozinia  05/02/07 3:06 pm
Dan needs to get a clue and realize if it wasn't funny the first time he submitted it, it was that much less funny each additional time he did. Was the joke supposed to be that it was a marijuana "pot" pie? Ooo, clever! Wanna talk about unfair? I still don't know why the fags that run this company haven't yet used my homophobic idea of "Back off faggot! I might catch GAY~!" Cos, ya know, that's how it happens!

whores'r'us  05/02/07 4:07 pm
i've seen funnier things written on the sides of lorries than "go make me a pot pie bitch" and i didn't think they were worthy of submitting.

someone should shoot the worthless "humans" (if you could call Dan H. that)

Caroline  05/02/07 4:28 pm
I actually liked that line-- but oh well, if it's been used before, I can understand why t-shirt hell wouldn't want to use it.

betawd  05/02/07 5:00 pm
wow, are there alot of you people that send in unoriginal/unfunny little sayings you think are hilarious and then bitch that t-shirt hell doesnt take up "your" idea? Hey i got an idea! start your own company, and sink your own money into "your" awsome ideas for shirts. Then you can run t-shirt hell out of business, since you have the million dollar funny slogans. If you really thought they were that good, why would you give them away?

snoop  05/02/07 5:42 pm
Yeah, yeah, so you submitted an idea for a t-shirt, Dan H. Good for you. The folks at T-shirt Hell opted to not award you with the glory of immortalizing your idea on a shirt. You should have waited a month or two and just shrugged it off and chuckled to yourself thinking how it was funny that you were buzzed and submitted an idea to T-shirt Hell. But, no, you had to double-check with them to see if they had actually received it, and worse (for you) suggested that it was hilarious and it must have been overlooked. Now you're getting blazed online by folks like myself, who may have submitted an idea or two, only to wake up the next morning and laugh at ourselves for submitting something that was funny when we were crispy fucked up. (Props to everyone who's idea was submitted stoned or drunk and got the glory that Dan H. so desperately strived for.) Shit, I have submitted a few myself, and I don't doubt for a second why they were not accepted. Yes, of course I was stoned. I love pot-pies.

Jarred  05/02/07 5:47 pm
I love how about half of these comments are people going, "Man, that Dan H. is an idiot! His t-shirt idea sucks! He has nowhere near the ingenuity of my massively creative brain.

Jarred (continued)  05/02/07 5:50 pm
So, T-Shirt Hell, when are you going to accept my t-shirt idea that says, "Knock Knock! I just farted on your cat!" Dan H. isn't funny. You aren't funny.

Noelle  05/02/07 6:40 pm
You and your friends that think that line is funny should just kill yourselves. No one likes you... and, well... you're just not funny.

Kaci  05/02/07 9:18 pm
I like the police shirt idea, that's actually viable... but pot-pie? I guess I don't get it...

Matt  05/03/07 12:20 am
addition to previous post: Kudos for giving your kid the CC number to order random shit off the net. And people wonder how a kid shows up to school with a gun and the parents are clueless.

Ace Everett  05/03/07 12:40 am
I hate pot pies... I make them every day. Dan, your a douchebag... go sniff some more markers.

Elliot  05/03/07 3:22 am
what the hell is funny about "make me a pot pie"? methinks you are doing the richard gere thing but with the mongoose, and the effects are seriously affecting your intellect....

pariah138  05/03/07 4:09 am
Hey, fuck that guy. I've sent in hundreds of submissions and at least one of them was funnier than the pot pie thing. I haven't even gotten a response yet, let alone a shirt made. I'm going to go cry now.

everyangle  05/03/07 8:55 am
Dan H. was supposed to be on campus at the Virginia school that day...that was a dodged bullet that we all agree should have happened.

Yosama  05/03/07 8:57 am
The only thing that bothers me about T-shirt hell is the fact they don't tell you if the design is rejected or accepted. If they would reply then they wouldn't get people repeating the same shit over and over... And maybe all the bad ideas would stop :)

tracy  05/03/07 10:23 am
my submission was "Bulemia makes me gag"
btw - I like the police shirt idea

Will  05/03/07 10:59 am
The quote is "Go make me a turkey pot-pie bitch!" and it's from John Hughes "The Breakfast Club". Not even an orginal idea.

anorexorcist  05/03/07 3:10 pm
I wonder if Dan H. will believe this or not.

Mick  05/03/07 4:00 pm
That pot pie shirt is dumb! I would of blocked his email. Even a homeless person can think of better.

Mark Beasley  05/03/07 11:21 pm
Dan H, what about your other ideas -- did TSH use your idea about the picture of a kitten hanging from a tree limb with the caption, "Hang In There, Baby." or the one you came up with that says, "Shit Happens"? I can't figure out why they don't use your stuff either, Captain Obvious -- oh, wait, that's one of yours too, right?

rose  05/04/07 1:20 am
HAHAHAHAHA! I would LOVE to see that tee on a guy and I would LAUGH... But since you have more money than God, I guess you can keep cranking out whatever kind of curios you've been cranking out, because it's all about what YOU think is funny.

spunkmonkey  05/04/07 10:04 am

Stephanie  05/04/07 11:29 am
Yeah -'go make me a pot-pie' is from the Breakfast Club. So on top of the idea sucking, it's a STOLEN shitty idea. Smacking a 'bitch' at the end of it doesn't make it original or good. However, smacking bitches is always good....

I_Vote_Mongoose  05/04/07 3:59 pm
Didnt he just steal that idea from South Park anyway? Wait, I have a good idea for a T-shirt: You Killed Kenny....Bastards!

Michael Z. Williamson  05/05/07 2:07 am
Hey, Matt! not giving your credit card to a kid won't stop him from getting a gun (since he couldn't sign a Form 4473 anyway). He'll just suck off Mexican sailors at $3 each until he can afford a piece, just like Cho did.

barbi  05/06/07 11:09 pm
oh! oh! how bout go make me some kraft mac n cheese with tuna fish!!!!

Dylan  05/07/07 10:24 pm
not a funny shirt. dick

DeathSpork  05/10/07 11:36 am
Pot and pie together would be awesome. Especially if the pie is shaved.

Meaker  05/12/07 1:07 pm
get over yourselves guys. the shirt sucks, the police shirt idea was good, but ultimately, if you don't like it, go make your own damn t-shirt company. then it WILL be about what YOU think is funny and you can put plenty of "Monkey's fling poo, how bout you?" all over your stupid fucking shirts. i like this site, i'll stick here

Jake  05/18/07 4:12 pm
...not to mention the fact you're a South Park hack...other than that, it's a good idea for a shirt


-----Original Message-----

From: roman*** @ ***.com
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007
Subject: receipt

I am writing to tell you how offended I am at the wording you put on the top of your receipts. Here's your ------- receipt. It is not business like at all and very crude. I know this means nothing to you and I usually never write people but this one was to much. My son ordered two shirts from your business and I so this and was very offended. Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Catherine H.

Editor's Note: Uhh...thanks? I don't know what you want me to do with this. Usually when people complain about something they ask us to make a change concerning said complaint. You just kind of complained and left it at that. You didn't ask us to change the phrasing on the receipt or send along blindfolds and earplugs so you can shield your child from the horrors of curse words. You essentially just said, "I don't like naughty words and my son bought some shirts. Byeee!"

Here's your FUCKING crybaby!You mentioned in your email that you never write people, so it's good to know that on the rare occasion when you do write someone, you make it really meaningful. I suppose you could muster up enough brain cells to write a local politician about something relevant, but it's much easier for you to write the producers of 'Two and a Half Men' concerning that terrible joke about "ladies underwear." I swear to paint-huffing God, this email couldn't have meant less if you wrote to tell us you like potato soup and Jenga.

You also mentioned that you're aware that your email means nothing to us, which is true, but it makes me wonder why people like you go to the trouble of sending these emails. You might as well write to Hillary Clinton to see if she can make the Matrix sequels better. That's about how much weight your complaints carry with us.

The thirty seconds you spent writing this (or several hours, depending on how long it took you to figure out that the 'Shift' key makes letters big) could have been better spent on your usual activities. You know...removing your tongue from mousetraps and screaming at the TV when you see a fire on it.

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Nicole  05/01/07 2:53 pm
Fuck any of you who cant take a joke. These shirts are funny and not meant for parents to aprove of. I would dress my baby in the "All daddy wanted was a blow job" shirt or any other one. You can call me a bad mom i dont care. Its funny. I love you shirts and anyone who doesnt should look at a different site.

Tony L  05/01/07 4:17 pm
Annie--you're an idiot and your attempt at comedy with that sh*tty comment is pathetic.

Abbot Bubo  05/01/07 4:54 pm
I like potato soup and Jenga.

Adolf Hitler  05/01/07 6:04 pm
It is a shame when people are exposed to the horrors of the world. I mean, of all the genocide and terrible working conditions in shit-ass third world countries, she's getting her panties in a twist over the word "fucking". If you are offended by it, CLOSE YOUR FUCKING EYES! Jesus butt-fucking christ get over it you dumb twat.

Lenai  05/01/07 6:51 pm
You know, after reading all these e-mails/letters that people wrote you guys, and noticing all the spelling/grammar errors, I wonder how they had the intelligence to pick up a pen and write a letter, or turn on the computer, write an e-mail without thinking they needed a stamp and send them to you.

Keep making the world a quirkier, more amusing and laid back place to live in.

pickle  05/01/07 7:55 pm
I laughed when i saw the receipt. Why the hell does everyone expect people to be "professional' nowadays i mean they sent you the damn shirts you should be thankful and kissing their ass lol

crazy_case  05/01/07 9:10 pm
"My son ordered two shirts from your business and I so this and was very offended." ummmm what?

Ninja  05/01/07 9:12 pm
Wal*Mart should try to make better receipts...

"Thanks for buying our shit... Time is money. So if you're done shopping quit wasting both and fuck off."

That might work.. lolz

Ninja  05/01/07 9:14 pm
Crazy, I think it's trying to say: "My son ordered two shirts from your business and I SAW this and was very offended." Either way the person who wrote it is a fuckwit.

Fyrewolf  05/01/07 10:55 pm
The picture of the crying baby is the icing on a perfect response...

Christian  05/02/07 4:23 am
I like the comment about the Wal-Mart receipts. I work for the greedy corporate bastards. They would put that on a receipt if it saved them a buck. I bought the Wal-Marx shirt and I didn't get offended by my fucking receipt. Stupid people should die. Please contribute where you can. Kill stupid cunts.

CHRIS  05/02/07 6:17 am

Fuckedinthehead  05/02/07 7:18 am
I agree, when I order my " I eat more pussy than cervical cancer " shirt, I want the reciept to be proffesional! Fuckin whiner should shot and stuffed with trash

Rick Hill - Baseball Coach  05/02/07 9:40 am
I use my receipts to clean the jizz off my belly while watching Two and a Half Men'.

carl doesn't live here  05/02/07 4:18 pm
surely the t-shirts her son bought would've been worse than some tiny obscenity printed on a receipt?

Matt  05/02/07 6:27 pm
All I have to say to her is, if your son is the age where mommy is concernd about what he is buying and didn't like the reciet he was given....maybe you should consider how the kid got the's this thing called the internet that you pay for everymonth cause it keeps him in his room so you don't have to do your job as a parent, and give him life skills. And Second, do you know what your child is doing right now? Probably in his room on that tiny little glowing magic box that gave him a bad reciept watching that video of his father donkey punching that hooker on you tube and beating off to it.

snoop  05/02/07 6:36 pm
Props to Ninja : good post

SquiggleJay  05/02/07 10:24 pm
Hey, is Catherine H. DanH.'s mom? (from the previous letter) I guess stupidity runs in the family....

kae  05/02/07 11:09 pm
okay so your busting their balls about how crude these tshirts are and how the receipts say things uncalled for. LOKK AT THE WEBSITE MAN!!! every shirt on here is offensive but your still letting your kids order stuff off of this site....dont let them order if you dont like the site!!!

Alexis  05/03/07 2:17 am
Holy fucking shit....whoever writing this, please have sex with me. Because you're fucking hilarious and I love these thingys.

Tammy Martin  05/03/07 6:28 am
I'd just like to know... if she thought the RECEIPT was offensive- did she SEE the SHIRTS?? LMAO. That's why we've all ordered from Tshirt Hell... sheesh... Maybe she needs to talk to her KID, not scold YOU for business practices which last I heard were still YOUR choice in this country. Keep right on... I for one LOVE the laughs, even if i don't let my kids read some of them!

parasite  05/03/07 8:46 am
I'm pretty sure that the name "T Shirt Hell" and the content that lies here within are not subliminal. If fact you went as far as to order shirts from here, you are presumably going to wear them in public, and you are offended by the receipt that nobody else is going to see??? WAIT I just got it... hypocrite! Its ok to offend others, but to be offended is out of line. and inappropriate. Very smart! And very well thought out!

P.S. Could you please verify your credit card number and expiration date? We need to make sure you really are who you say you are. Go ahead and just post it here. Its secure.... No really....

Budha  05/03/07 10:12 am
but I LIKE potato soup and jenga!!

seriously though, this letter was written by the type of person I hope gets hit by a bus.

My fat sweaty balls  05/03/07 11:27 am
God huffs paint?

Jess  05/03/07 11:52 am
Mothers these days are too uptight. My mom laughed when she saw my reciept.

Joe Privates  05/03/07 12:20 pm
Hey, and talking about meaningless comments... I like carrot soup and scrabble as well

Van Helen  05/03/07 2:28 pm
A few years ago in England a guy who got fired from a job in a gas station changed the receipts to say "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on" Instead of "Thankyou for shopping here". No one noticed for 3 days by which time thousands had been given out. Fantastic! By the way, my 67 year old mum thinks your receipts are hilarious.

anorexorcist  05/03/07 3:24 pm
I find hte shirt funny, but some of you guys are just stupid fucks. All you're doign is completely agreeing with the newsletter writer because HE said it so it must be right, right? lol you follow him blindly you're like fucking lapdogs, if he told you to go out and murder 50 people, each of you, you would probably do it. i bet you'd think the creator was really cool if yo usawhim, i mean no disrespect when i say, he is probably just a fat lonely reclusive nigger. i would expect hostilities from you guys, but whatever. i still love this site, isn't that strange? it must be cause i'm canadian

comment critic  05/03/07 6:44 pm
i'm really curious here. you say u bought tshirts for yourself and your son. shirts from this site that you'll probably wear in public, that more then likely will offend half the population ( cause thats what you want otherwise you wouldn't wear them) but you are offended by the reciept that more then likely nobody will ever fuckin see?! you are fuckin kidding right? I'm fucking curious as to what fuckin shirts you fuckin bought u dumb fuckin cunt.... i'm fucking sorry. was that fucking offensive? too fuckin bad did i make my point fuckin clear?

Meadow whore  05/04/07 2:38 pm
anorexorcist: That you are too stupid to understand humor sharper than Laurel & Hardy, doesn't mean you're independent and unique. Well, liking them is considered quite unique, but the point is you're probably the lapdog of some other person funnier than you. In your case, that could be anyone. Even your baby sister, ah, damn it! She's funnier too! When she prompts me to come in her fontanel. ...God, she kills me!

Ses-fan  05/30/07 10:06 am
One: not funny. Why does everyone think they're funny these days? Two: egotistical. Three: just shut the fuck up, Dan.


-----Original Message-----

From: Janice H.
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007
Subject: harmful shirt

Please get rid of the 'kill yourself.....all the cool kids are doing it' shirt. I have a teenage daughter and one of her best freinds recently attempted suicide. Thankfully she's okay but teenage suicide is a serious problem. i would think that in this day in age you would know better than to make light with of something like this. So please remove that shirt.

Editor's Note: First of all, tell your daughter's friend to try harder next time. These damn kids today give up so easily. The doctor pumps your stomach to prevent an overdose and you just give up? That's not the American way. That's the Mexican way.

Apparently all they wanted was a Pepsi.Second of all, instead of complaining about that shirt, why not just follow its instructions? Think about it. If you had the good sense to end it all, you wouldn't be around to be concerned about it today. The logic is so simple, yet so many people fail to grasp it.

Anyway, we won't be getting rid of that shirt. It was created for the sole purpose of spreading the message of the highly underappreciated act of suicide. And until we stop getting letters like this from people like you, I'll know it hasn't fulfilled its mission. In short, this shirt will go away when people like you go away. Be sure to bring that up at the next 'Ignorant Cunt Convention.'

Comments (46) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Dan  05/01/07 1:12 pm
Love the accompanying picture of Suicidal Tendencies--brilliant!

adam  05/01/07 3:13 pm
Yes, teenage suicide in America IS a problem! This young generation of Americans can't do shit right. Whether it's suicide, getting a job, or handing me the correct change. Hell even mexicans can do that right. "If at first you don't succeed - try, try again." Words to live [and die] by.

ashlee  05/01/07 3:33 pm
Wow, I'm going to the IgnorantCuntCon. next week because I heard Hillary Clinton is going to be doing a seminar on 'how to be oblivious to reality and general applications' so I can pass along the message to Janice H, when I see her.

Cat  05/01/07 4:55 pm
That shirt is hailrious! I don't understand why kids just give up anymore. Really, if you're going to do something, finish it! Make sure it has an end. Someone should teach these kids how to kill themselves properly.

Ho Chi Mihn  05/01/07 6:09 pm
I love how the link to that shirt is everywhere in that message

Slobodan Milosovic  05/01/07 11:29 pm
"Ignorant Cunt Convention" - OH SNAP!

Johnny C  05/01/07 11:51 pm
All I have to say is Maddox has some insight onto this topic......

Mustard Dick  05/02/07 2:35 am
To understand teenage suicide one must understand the underlying cause of the problem. The root of it of course is parents are too busy trying to fight every fucking injustice in the World all at once and neglect their little bastards. If you want to solve the problem stay at home, mind your fucking business, and keep all belts and rope under lock and key. Kids with ass fuck parents kill themselves because they dont want to grow up like mom and dad.

Jedit  05/02/07 4:15 am
The funny thing about that shirt is you could have eschewed the Ritual Spit-Roasting of the Moron in favour of just explaining the joke and STILL made them look like a jackass. Anyone who kills themselves because a T-shirt says so is someone we're better off without.

evilbunny  05/02/07 7:22 am
its called natural selection.

chevymetal  05/02/07 10:43 am
Using the album cover from "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today?" is perfect. The comment about natural selection sums it all up. Now I want to go watch "Heathers" again so I can better understand teenage suicide (or maybe just to hear Shannon Doherty say "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw")

chris morgan  05/02/07 10:52 am
Tried, ? fuking loser couldn't even wack themselves! Next time try harder! jump off a 50 story building! The reason they did not sucede is they weren't trying hard enuff! slacker ass kids!

Bonnie Brown  05/02/07 11:46 am
There's an "ignorant Cunt Convention"?!? Where? and when? I definitely need to be a part of that!!!

Mike  05/02/07 3:53 pm
lol at the ST album photo! I bought that 20 years ago? I'm still not sure about the metal feel.

Rhonda Adkins  05/02/07 5:28 pm
Did anybody say the dumb bitch had to buy the fucking shirt?

Lisie  05/02/07 8:16 pm
Attempted? Next time, hand the slack-jawed fuckwit a bottle of gin and something shiny from Smith & Wesson.

Ace Everett  05/03/07 12:45 am
Kids nowadays don't have the balls to do it themselves. Why do you think we have all these shootings at schools now. Back in my time, we did it ourselves... now they do it in groups. Damn kids...

Elliot  05/03/07 3:26 am
maybe you should change the tshirt to "kill yourself - all the smart kids are succeeding at it"...failing at suicide, now that's depressing....

Roberto  05/03/07 4:36 am
At least with suicide you get to choose when you check out..... It sure beats just turning up for classes in Virginia.... unless you've got lots of guns!!!

Nils Thrills  05/03/07 5:11 am
You actually here of this quite often. People are so incredible stupid that they think that having a t-shirt that mentions suicide, people will attempt it. Because no one would ever think of killing themselves unless they were told that it could be done. I hate those people so much I want to puke.

the emissary  05/03/07 6:01 am
what? teenage suicide a problem? no, it's evolution. you see, when someone commits suicide because they lose all their family in a fire or something then that's a trgedy... i guess. if someone kills themselves because of peer pressure that's natural selection. Darwin would be proud.

parasite  05/03/07 8:36 am
Last time I checked this was America. Although that could have changed... The freedom to say what you want even at the expense of someone elses misfortune is our right. This also means that if you are offended by someone selling T-Shirts you have the freedom to not buy one. And to not endorse it. If you dont like whats on the news, you change the channel. If you dont like whats on the radio you turn the station. But fuck you Mr. "I'm so offended by you" that you believe that your personal beliefs and values trump anyone else's who might actually find comedic value in something like this, so much so that you would even try to suggest how someone should conduct their business. While something like this touches a personal nerve for you, your issues are not everyone elses. I suppose you also lobby for the banning of violent computer games, music lyric censorship, and prayer in schools? Every time one of you fuckers open your mouth and try to impose your standards on the rest of us the more fuck you's and too bad asshole comments are going to be wielded your way. Have a nice day fucktard!

Yersinia  05/03/07 10:03 am
Remember kids, it's Down the road, not across the street.

That shirt is bitchin!  05/03/07 11:30 am
To borrow some shit from Maddox:
Fuck down the road and across the street. Go for the jugular vein. Never fails.

"Failing at killing yourself is like failing at failing"~Maddox

TDJ  05/03/07 12:17 pm
A Canadian perspsective: It's too bad that some Americans seem to believe that they have the right to dictate behaviour to others, according to their own particular religious, political or "moral" bent and expect that "others" will actually comply. It's even sadder that people who write letters like this to a company that produces products like this (and who OBVIOUSLY don't give a shit who they offend) don't have the garden-variety intelligence to see the joke between the lines. Yeah, I'm sure that t-shirt hell's management actually endorses suicide, beating of fags, arresting of black babies and snuff films (or maybe they do, who cares? it's still their right to put their sentiments on a shirt). The point is, America (apparently) has a constitution protecting freedom of expression (which protects both t-shirt hell's right to print such shirts and the rights of 2-brain-celled drooling wombats to complain about them and not "get" it). Have these people never heard of black humour or sarcasm? It's a shame that there are so many closed-minded, self-righteous Americans bogged down in their own personal "issues" that they can't see beyond that and feel the need to waste their time complaining about things that they ought to know will never be changed due to their little rants. Too bad they don't spend more time trying to change things that matter (like preventing a psychopathic-moron-deserter-criminal-election-stealing-war-mongering-fuck like GW from ever being elected in the free world again)! No, far better to spend one's time complaining about a t-shirt in between bites of Twinkies during the ad-breaks on People's Court. What you people really need is a shirt that makes fun of these sorry individuals and suggests the nation wide establishment of involuntary lobotomy and sterilization clinics so we can help them by making them too vegetated to have an opinion, save them a lot of wasted stress and save ourselves from having to put up with their inbred-retarded offspring subjecting us to more stupidity and meaningless drivel in generations to come. Just a thought. No pressure. Love this site, love your shirts, love that they piss off so many people. (And I'm gay and even I love the "nothing runs like a queer" shirt - it's a riot and I wish I'd thought of it first!).

Slobberdown Mecockubitch  05/03/07 3:46 pm
I find the comment about 'ignorant cunts' offensive, being one of hope and glory etc.....

Christopher Shawn Hayden  05/03/07 3:56 pm
Killing yourself isn't as easy as it would seem. You want to make sure you do it right but without a lot of mess - just to be polite. But most of the methods you see in movies are extremely unreliable. Come on, have you ever tried to stick a hose in a tailpipe? It comes right out even if you try to stick a rag in there. You'll be sitting there for about 45 minutes and then eventually you'll just give up out of sheer boredom.

Christopher Shawn Hayden  05/03/07 3:57 pm
Swallowing pills is almost always a catastrophe. Instead of peacefully slipping away into an eternal sleep, you usually end up with 4-5 hours of excruciating stomach cramps and diarrhea. If you’re unfortunate enough to have the ambulance called on you, they will most definitely “save “ you by forcing a cup of chunky charcoal down your throat which is even more unpleasant than it sounds especially when you’re stuck in the psych ward for the subsequent week afterwards.

Christopher Shawn Hayden  05/03/07 3:58 pm
Using a gun is very loud and messy but effective, if you have one (which I don’t) plus you run the risk of damaging furniture or wallpaper when the bullet passes through your medulla oblongata. So most of the time you have to resort to cutting yourself with a razor or sharp knife . It all sounds very poetic but few people actually have the resolve to follow through with a cut that is deep enough to open a vital artery. Instead all you end up with is a bunch of tiny cuts on your arm that end up sticking to your sweaters and otherwise making a mess of your wardrobe and bathroom floor – which makes you feel like an even bigger loser as you’re cleaning up the tiny, pathetic mess.

Christopher Shawn Hayden  05/03/07 3:58 pm
The mechanics of hanging yourself are much more difficult to manage than one would think. I mean how many people do you know that can actually tie one of those ‘noose knots’ like they show in all the movies. Plus, what are you going to hang it from? A rafter? I don’t have any low hanging beams in my apartment. A coat hook? Trust me, you need to use something a little more stable than that as an anchor point. If you are going to try this method I recommend definitely purchasing a good rope, otherwise all you end up with is a wicked rope burn around your neck that seems to stay there for weeks on end. Who hasn’t had to try explaining that scenario at work on Monday, am I right?

Christopher Shawn Hayden  05/03/07 3:59 pm
With the advent of airbags and cement railings over bridges, it makes extremely challenging to drive your car off a cliff or into a pile-on. The chances of succeeding are far less than the chances of causing a huge wreck (which you’ll be liable for) and ending up at the hospital in a full body cast – which, may I add, makes it that much harder to attempt any other useless method of ending it all.
After your miserable failure of all the above mentioned techniques coupled with an already low sense of self worth plus all the bills you have (which are much larger now due to the hospital visits, wasted gas, useless rope, and more sleeping pills than any one person could ever take), you start to question your resolve. I don’t know about you but I’ve about given up on giving up. Unless you bring that Jesus Freak t-shirt back, that would give me hope that I may be able to give up after all.

snoop  05/03/07 8:04 pm
...(yawn) it over yet?

newwindrider  05/03/07 8:30 pm
If the kid was too weak to deal with reality, maybe death would have been the best thing for her. Anyone who's so much of a pussy they can't deal with having to go to school AND do dishes isn't worth the resources they consume anyway.

tiff  05/03/07 9:34 pm
this slimy slunt should really take a breather - i mean, the only way to stop today's youths from doing stupid shit is to be as blatant and sarcastic as possible. shove a dildo in your eye socket, you hag.

Stephanie  05/04/07 11:44 am
'SLUNT' lol. I'm stealing it.
If her daughter is dumb enough to read a Tshirt that says 'kill yourself, all the cool kids are doing it' then I should walk around wearing a shirt that says 'eat me.' And, to me, it sounds like her friend has some issues with following through. 'if you can dream it, you can achieve it', you dumb slunt.

leroy  05/04/07 2:44 pm
three ways u can't commit suicide
1:drowning yourself by holding your head under water
2:choke yourself with your own hands
3:crucifiction u never can get the last nail in
but u can always piss off the people who do the cruciffying like a guy did i heard of

naughty  05/04/07 4:32 pm
that letter just makes me want to buy that shirt... you guys should thank her.. :o)

Steve  05/04/07 10:18 pm
OK lady, get a fucking life. If you honestly believe a t-shirt is going to cause people to go out and commit suicide, then maybe you ought to consider that choice for yourself, because you are pretty fucking stupid!

Michael Z. Williamson  05/05/07 2:21 am best advice on suicide, ever.

Hey, TDJ, we don't give a shit about your pretentious, pole-smoking Canadian opinion. God, I'm glad I left that shithole. Though I did enjoy fucking Canadian beaver. Now, make me a pot pie, Bitch.

Kurt Cobain...I bet they do an album without you, Kurt had some dreams, now they're brains in your cornflakes, brains in your cornflakes...

I want to be a batman suit  05/06/07 2:58 am
What I really enjoy is the witty remarks everyone regurgitates.
Car ballon astronaut, the is jump frown. Eighty we're plus aswell!!! Fuck suit know save, 3 percent. HAHAHAHAHA. Want grumpy icicle? remote sorry, let forward bad mad sad lad.
At least it was original.

M the Insomniac  05/07/07 12:52 am
t-shirt hell is my prime source for world news. because why would i need it any other way?

DeathSpork  05/10/07 12:15 pm
"ignorant cunt" that term is redundant. Women have all been kicked in the head by the same mule, just some have been kicked harder than others

Christopher Shawn Hayden  05/10/07 5:18 pm
Hey Snoop. Fuck you. Your music sucks and you're a sellout pussy who can't find his or her own identiry. Go get a sex change like you want and then kill YOURSELF

UncleDaddy  05/12/07 3:59 am
Wow, do they have a shirt that's killing stupid kids? If this is the case, print these out and send them out for free all over the U.S. and maybe the world. Fuck the March of Dimes. This is the true way to getting us over the top or at least at parity with China in the IQ stats. Stop the idocracy now.

bob lablahblah  05/20/07 4:52 pm
God! You stupid shit-dipping morons. This whole shirt is a joke, the whole damn company pokes fun at the most offensive things in our society, it makes us laugh, it makes us question how seriouslwe take life in general. Thats why I love T-shirt Hell. But I'm not about to seriously advocate suicide, Im not about to seriously bash the youth who feel they have nothng left to live for, and I'm really not going to point out that most "successful" suicides are likely nothing more than botched "attempted Suicides". or wait. maybe I will...

Jinx  06/26/07 5:55 pm
It is a sad state of affairs when peer pressure is so great that even killing or cutting yourself is the in thing to do. If kids are dumb enough to harm themselves because 'everyone else is doing it' then maybe we should let them. Maybe a shirt like this will wake people up and remind them that following the crowd isn't always right. The last times people followed the crowd Jews were shipped to death camps, blacks were hung and homesexuals were beaten in the streets.


-----Original Message-----

From: Cliff M.
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2007

the pro-choice stork shirt is in very poor taste. And I dont' say this as some bible-beater. In fact i support a womans right to choose, but that's why the shirt shows poor judgement. if people like your company are going to keep making jokes about abortion and suggesting that it ends the life of a baby it's just going to make it that much harder for pro-lifers to take us seriously and except our position.

You may think your just selling a funny shirt, but for people that are against abortion it just gives them another thing to get angry about. Stop making it

Editor's Note: But abortion DOES end the life of a child. That's what makes it so awesome. You think I've had two dozen abortions just to save money and avoid neglecting my kids? No. I did it so I could experience the thrill of taking human life while keeping it nice and legal.

No. You're right. Everyone should have babies.I didn't always need to resort to abortion. I used to kill fully grown humans all the time, but then somebody told me I could go to jail for it. Even if they were drifters and illegal immigrants. Can you believe that shit? Anyway, what do you care if some hayseed disagrees with you on abortion? We have the right to disagree in this country. That's what makes Grenada so great. I mean America. I spend so much time overseas watching illegal dolphin fights, sometimes I forget where I am.

But part of me sees your point. If treating this subject with the sensitivity it deserves could've prevented your birth, it'd totally be worth sacrificing a few jokes. The good news is, no matter how ignorant and closed-minded these backwoods hillbillies remain, they can never take away our dumpsters.

Comments (32) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Annie  05/01/07 2:27 pm
Dear Editor. You're slipping. You forgot to poke fun at the moron's misuse of the word "except" rather than accept. I love it when you ream someone for gross grammatical and spelling errors. Hey.......there's an idea for a T-shirt.

Benito Mussolini  05/01/07 6:19 pm
I would love to meet the pro-life person who uses a shirt from to justify their argument. Oh boy I would tear them a new asshole in that debate.

Fetus  05/01/07 6:33 pm
Just get rid of all your shirts since all these well meaning individuals have societys best interest at heart and would like to correct all us bad people who laugh into being more like them. Constipated, Sign Holding, Christian, Moral, Righteous and Generally Clean Living Purists who blow up Abortion Clinics. God ... I hope I didnt offend anyone.

NOtShoCkeD  05/02/07 3:30 am
Why do people even bother to complain at T-shirt hell? People can do what they want, and a few internet letters written won't change what most of the world likes. Parents, if you dont like this site then take some time to monitor what your kids are doing, and if you dont have time to watch them becuase your working all the time, well its not T-shirt hells fault you got pregnant and screwed your life up before you could go to college, ooorrrr are you upset that abortions weren't there for you so you could go be a whore in college instead of highschool? oh, and no need to insult me, becuase i am educated and a college grad, and i like ALL THE SHIRTS ON THIS SITE!

Fuckedinthehead  05/02/07 7:22 am
That shirt makes me wanna knock up some broad just so I can kill the kid!

evilbunny  05/02/07 7:28 am
I don't know about you all but im happy cliff wrote .. cause if he hadn't i would have totally over looked this shirt. Im going to go buy one right now ... THANKS Cliff

Lillith  05/02/07 7:54 am
After reading your comments in the latest edition of your newsletter I only have a few things to say. To the mother who was offended because of the recipt your son recieved, for 1, if that offends you, yo should see the shirt(s), and 2, you wouldn't have this problem if your dumb ass would watch out for what your son is doing on the internet. It is YOUR responsibility, not T-Shirt Hell's responsibility, to monitor what your child is up to. Besides, he probably hears worse from you. As for the suicide

Monique  05/02/07 10:26 am
Now I wanna go buy that shirt...

morbeer666  05/02/07 10:31 am
Ya'll gotta send me e-mail more often. This is how I want to catch up one world events.

Christopher Shawn Hayden  05/02/07 11:54 am
That woman in the bikini looks hot. I like the preggos because then i have an excuse to bend them over and stick it in from behind. Sometimes i compare the act of sweaty doggie style sex to actually being pregnant - they are both miracles. except one of the miracles is more like a parasite.

Michelle  05/02/07 2:02 pm
Dear Annie. Stop commenting. You're like an overeager puppy wetting itself when you try to get in on the snark action. You're not funny, EVER, and T-shirt Hell will never use your ideas for a shirt unless you yourself are the object of ridicule.

I can't wait until the day that I am in a position to abort a fetus.

daph  05/02/07 2:47 pm
"Why do people even bother to complain at T-shirt hell?"

I thought they were here to amuse us. It's obvious dear Cliff himself wasn't aborted. His mother knew that he'd make the world a better place by just being himself, sending an ignorant email for all of us to laugh at. He doesn't even complain because the shirt makes HIM angry. He complains because it MIGHT make others angry. Cliff is indeed truly special. Though now that he's done entertaining us, I'd like to send him a "Kill Yourself: all the cool kids are doing it!" t-shirt. I have faith he'll take it to heart.

Tony Blair  05/02/07 3:00 pm
Dolphin fights? That sounds Great.

Miriam  05/02/07 4:28 pm
Cliff fails to see that there is no way a hick can really completely find fault with that T shirt because while it may seem crudely pro-choice, it is also unashamedly pro-gun rights. And I think that's what's most important: a woman's absolute right to defend herself from predators and intruders with deadly force. You better believe that if every woman was allowed to own a handgun without government interference, you wouldn't see anymore of those no-good storks sneaking up on rooftops dropping poor, defenseless babies down chimneys.

Kayletta  05/02/07 4:34 pm
I think the whole pro-life vs pro-choice battle is a waste of time. It is rather amusing that he finds it okay to be pro-choice but that there is something wrong with joking about it.

nappy headed ho  05/02/07 8:12 pm
hey dan your shirt idea sucks fuckin goatballs the fact that your buddys at the gay bar like it doesnt mean straight folk will .Some of us like the pussy dan so dont try an fuck it up for us.

Teresa  05/03/07 8:36 am
Hey, I am a backwoods hillbilly and I agree with you 100%. I think the problem is the open-minded city people, us backwoods hillbillies are to busy screwing our relatives to give a shit about the stuff the rest of the fools on here are bitchin about. Oh, I forgot we do screw our animals when we can't catch our family members.

monkeylooker  05/03/07 8:48 am
i don't know what all the bullshit is about but everyone forgets that abortion tickels stop crying its funny as hell

Yersinia  05/03/07 10:31 am
What is everyone talking about? This shirt promotes the killing of the bird. I think it's very tasteful. Wait a second, does this moron actually believe that a bird brings babies down from Heaven in a little blanket?

mother of 3 and one abortion  05/03/07 1:31 pm
jesus buddie it's just a fuckin shirt! Any one who doesn't like it as a choice not to wear it! If you choose to be angary at it you evidentley are narrow minded and need to loosen up. It's meant to be a joke. If you are offended then you were just waiting to be offended and that makes you weak. I bet you just walk around all day pointing out the things to everyone who might listen that piss you off, you are probably gonna have a heartattack at a very early age. have a nice day!!!

Jynxed  05/03/07 3:55 pm
Wait... Didn't Cliff mention something about being Pro-Choice? So what the fuck is the problem here?!?!?! Doesn't he realize the Pro-Choice gives us the right to make own decisions? Why do you wanna fuck up our right to choose Cliff? You're a hypocritical Vag!!!!! Go fuck yourself!

newwindrider  05/03/07 8:33 pm
I find it amusing that you find only this shirt in specific in poor taste. This is T-Shirt Hell. In other words... T SHIRTS BAD ENOUGH TO GO TO HELL. God I love dumb people.

been there  05/04/07 1:54 am
If your birth control works, and no one is pregnant, then why is it that if your birth control fails and you DON'T want to be pregnant, and you have to go through all of that not be pregnant (as one would expect if using birth control) then WHY should it even be an issue? Don't tell me you're waiting for the second coming of Christ, and I MAY have aborted HIM? FUCK YOU, and the cross you dragged in. FUCKWIT. NO ONE CAN SAVE US NOW...Stupidy-Head. No one saved us then either. Look at this fucking mess we're in.

Stephanie  05/04/07 11:49 am
All of my abortions have been for the sweet cervical play. People kinda freak when I hand them a straightened-out wire hanger and give them instructions...

Tammie  05/04/07 1:41 pm
Quick daddy grab a hatchet, there's a fly an babys face. He He He

bloodpixie  05/04/07 1:46 pm
oh my god, someone aborting the christ child would be the funniest fucking thing ever. the phrase "second coming" would take on an entirely new and hilarious meaning.

Iman Azol  05/05/07 2:27 am
I like the placement of the crosshairs. I mean, you could splatter the little bastard, but the stork will be back. And it's a more evasive target. I know from personal experience shooting Iraqis that the adults are slower and easier, but the 8 year olds are a challenge, especially when you've bet a beer on a head shot.

Jesus Christ  05/06/07 3:15 am
Abortions are sweet. The asian abortions are kind of tangy, but still sweet. Fucktards, where do you think the fetuses go? ok, yes they go in a jar in the waiting room, and look like prunes after a while, but I mean the essence. That comes to me! Well, my daddy, but he's a busy man. So I get to pick out the tastiest looking fetal lollies.
It's good to be the Son of the Lord.
BloodPixie, I'm gonna get dad to kill you off, so you can come up and say "someone aborting the Christ Child would be funny" to my face. Turning water into wine is a cool trick but you wait mate, I can turn cockheads like you into pussies that love the feeling of 20 men jabbing their porkswords into them.
In conlusion Abortions are sweet!

Courtney  05/07/07 5:08 pm
Hahah I think the shirt is hilarious!

penguin_toenail  05/09/07 12:04 am
Okay...I realize that the benefit of stupid people leaving these comments is to make the rest of us laugh. I can't help wondering, though, why anyone would think there is a point in emailing a company about this shit. Tshirthell is like any other corporation, inthat they are out to make money. So these emails are like people telling McDonald's that they don't like the Big Mac, so could they please remove it from their menu. This is ludicrous. Also, if you have a genuine bitch about a shirt, or the site in general, just don't go to the site anymore. I myself don't agree with some of the messages on the shirts, but I just bought my first tshirt from this site. It's not like by buying "I should be in the kitchen" I am also condoning the suicide shirt or the one about shaking babies. Jesus, Cliff, get over it.

DeathSpork  05/10/07 12:25 pm
all this talk abortion or "pro life" clouds the real issue. What do we do with the stork after bustin a cap in it's ass? Maybe you should include some recipes with the shirt.

Devin  05/13/07 2:45 am
Who gives a shit if they 'except' the pro-choice stance? It's already legal, so pro-choice won anyways...


The End - Now Without Nuts!

Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll probably just say "Fuck it" and go buy a sandwich.


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