It's May and Hell is in the air (not a good smell)! T-Shirt Hell has officially
been online for 6 months and on Alexa.com (the web's top traffic ranking engine)
we are ranked 28,324 out of over 4 million web sites. While this may seem low to
some, it officially means that we are the highest ranked T-Shirt site on the Internet...
in only 6 months! So I figure this is the perfect time to give it all up. Who would like
to buy T-Shirt Hell?

Ah...I'm just joshin ya. Why would I want to just fork over Hell like that? I'm having
too much fun pissing everyone off, plus no one would hire me anywhere else because I'm mentally incapable of being in a room with others and I have a very hairy behind.

Go here now: http://www.tshirthell.com/miscpages/press/press_osbournes.htm to read how
everyone's favorite drugged up, fowl-mouthed family, The Osbournes, stole one of
our official T-Shirt Hell T-Shirts and then decided to sell it EVERYWHERE and call it an official Osbourne Family shirt. We are making this legal and want to let the world know that the big boys will not be allowed to walk all over the little guys (when I say little I mean that we have small penises, but that's a story for next month's newsletter). You can even vote on what we should do to get OURS from the Osbournes on the site!

Hot new T-Shirt Hell shirts include:

(front)There are 2 people fucking on the back of my shirt, (back) Just Kidding,
Believe in Jesus!

Medium Pimpin

and of course..."Fuck My Family, I'm Moving in With the Osbournes!"

This month's "We really like this site and want to share with you" link is.....Fark.com! http://www.fark.comv

If you have not been to Fark, go there now and MAKE SURE you check out their Photoshop contests (where photoshop artists alter topical photos). It's the ONLY thing on the internet that makes me laugh out loud (then again I am a sad, lonely human being and don't really know what it's like to laugh regularly).

Until next time....poop.