I hope you all had a fun Cinco de Mayo. Personally, I got wrecked. Granted, I also got wrecked for Obama's 100th day, Mother's Day and when Mine That Bird won the Derby, but you know what they say: If it's a celebration it isn't alcoholism. I just can't wait until later tonight when I celebrate the one-month anniversary of my last haircut.

Supreme Court Justice Souter recently announced his retirement. Anyone worried that Obama will replace him with an ultra-liberal judge can relax. I happen to know he's going to select my cyborg, the Left-Wingotron-3000. All it does is kill fetuses and marry gay couples, but it is strictly apolitical and acts only out of cold robot logic.

Senator Arlen Specter recently switched to the Democratic party. The first issue Specter is looking to tackle? His new nickname. He's narrowed it down to two choices; either "Rat from a Sinking Ship Specter" or "Arlen the Bandwagon Jumper."

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says allegations made by his wife that he had an affair with an 18-year-old girl are lies. He later added, "Which is kinda fucked up when you think about it. I mean, I'm the goddamn Prime Minister of fucking Italy. I should have my dick in an 18-year-old's mouth during this denial."

Brett Favre may soon be a Minnesota Viking. I think this will be a much better fit for Favre than New York was. People in Minnesota are used to disappointment.

Michael Phelps three-month suspension from competition ended last week. "That was really tough," said Phelps. "If I hadn't smoked all that pot I probably never would've gotten through it. Oh man... I wish I could swim in pot."

JJ Abrams' highly anticipated Star Trek reboot opened last weekend. Fans loved it. After suffering through the suck-fest that was the last three Star Wars movies, sci-fi fans were looking forward to something positive in their lives. And as sex was not an option, this movie managed to fill the void. Live long and eat me.

Beloved fat person Dom Deluise died recently. And since no one under 30 knows who the hell that is, just pretend I said something insensitive about him and go about your business.

long division


picture 1

Twitter's popularity was manufactured a couple months ago, so it's time to move on to the next internet fad. MySpace, Facebook and now Twitter have shown us the lifespan of internet fads is growing increasingly small, so by the time you read this two or three websites may have already become super-popular and super-lame since Twitter. Despite that, I'm going to try and predict the next big thing on the internet. Here are a few candidates.


Incredibly-needy.com - Using the "begging" points you can purchase on the site, send "begs" to all the imaginary friends you can purchase on the site. From there you simply share your blog, music, pictures and videos with all your new "friends". Sure, all these friends only exist as a bunch of code and pixels, but if you can delude yourself into thinking you mean something, that's all that matters.

Blogless-blog - Type in the subject of your blog and this site calculates how much time you would've wasted writing it and tells readers how much time they would've wasted reading it, thus enabling you to chill for a bit instead of getting in a huff for no reason. Also shows you the college professor or liberal journalist you would have paraphrased or stolen from directly.

picture 1World-of-Warcraft-nonplayer-updates - Companion to World of Warcraft, this game shows WoW players updates on the type of people who typically make fun of them. Players will see a screen scrolling messages such as "Guy who beat you up in school currently stuck working in a Tulsa Denny's because he knocked up his high school girlfriend" or "Guy who called you a 'sad little virgin' last week just got syphilis from his girlfriend's roommate."

You'll-regret-this.com - The sole purpose of this site is to allow the user to post anything that will cause problems for him or her later in life. Naked pictures, xenophobic rants, video of drunken lesbian makeouts... If it'll get you fired or booted out of an organization, this is the place for it. Because no part of your life should be private. Potential employers and voters have just as much right to your life as you do. Thank god so many people understand that these days.

picture 1Amish-conduit.com - As the Amish aren't allowed to use modern technology, this site hooks up Amish individuals with members of normal society. On behalf of this Amish person, a normal person will participate in all the activity of an average web user. Once a month this proxy will report to this Amish person everything worthwhile they've done on their behalf. Reports will be incredibly brief.

Half-twitter.com - Who has time to read 140 characters? You've got to get to work and several other places you don't want to be; you don't have 2.7 seconds to read what someone poured no heart or soul into. Half-twitter has you in mind. They only use the top half of letters to save you time. That none of it makes sense doesn't matter; it's still just as worthwhile as Twitter.

picture 1Thatslame-thatsucks.com - The site dedicated to allowing any horse's ass with an internet connection to mock and ridicule the accomplishments of others. Musicians, politicians, whoever; if they do something, make fun of them for it. Being informative or even entertaining is discouraged; just say things suck while never actually doing something yourself. Take that, people who do stuff!

Fill-in-the-blanks-tube - Like YouTube, but instead of making a video you just type a couple words and a program creates the video for you. For example, you would type "frog dancing watermelon hump" and before you know it the site creates a video of a guy in a frog suit dancing while humping a watermelon. After that you simply sit back as your video inexplicably gets 1 million views.

Babyster.com - The internet is doing its best to infantilize humanity, and Babyster wants to finish the job. It's the networking site where you interact with your fellow "babies" as an infant would. Drop a "goo goo" to your friends; send a "cry" to your virtual parents requesting an "e-burp" or an "e-didey change." The beauty of it is that unlike actual babies, you never have to grow up on Babyster.

Please-don't-like-me.com - A social networking site where the point is to have as few people as possible be your friend. Everyone starts with zero, but the coolest members don't even join. Until, of course, so many people have not joined that they all feel mainstream and join just to avoid that label, thus creating a contradiction that destroys the internet.

Comments (10) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Iman Azol  05/12/09 8:05 am
I will subscribe to every one of those sites.

Iman Azol  05/12/09 8:07 am
Though to be really successful, they need a mechanism that generates a random "FIRST!" post from one of the subscribers, then sends thugs to that person's door to beat the living shit out of them for pointless douchery.

RevAcid  05/12/09 12:32 pm
You'd make BILLIONS with Incredibly-needy.com if you changed the name to something stupid and nonsensical like Twitter. Maybe you could call it, "IneedI.com" and cut me in on the profits. Send the check to: Jose Valdes, 3365 St. Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207. Thanks.

Death Magnetic  05/12/09 10:28 pm
You'll-regret-this.com might actually be of some interest for me. I would have a place to post the video of me getting jerked off by an elderly woman in the shitter of a gas station after a night of partying too hard. I wonder if the old whore remembers.

Anonymous  05/13/09 4:12 am
Isn't the last one like dividing by zero?

Jeff  05/13/09 6:45 am
Fill-in-the-blanks-tube would be the greatest thing....EVER!!!!

matt  05/13/09 8:41 am
So ummmm what's the T-Shirt hell twitter name? Are you guys on Face whatever?

Lucky  05/13/09 1:54 pm
All of these sites are brilliant! I know so many people who would use You'll-regret-this.com. Finally a place meant for all the crap I've posted that I wished I could take back!

gas station bathroom whore  05/14/09 2:34 am
Yes, Death Magnetic, I remember. I wasn't the one who was totally trashed, you were. I was just doing it to get the crack.

Joizm  05/19/09 2:49 pm
Uh, um, er. It's "Internet".


-----Original Message-----

From: THe Pope

you're all fucking stupid republicans and your shirts aren't funny..they're just sexist and prejudice and ignorant!

9/11 was an inside job...

Editor's Note: Sexist: check. Prejudice: check. Ignorant: check. Alright! I just won my sorority's "Horrible Personal Traits" scavenger hunt. I took care of "violent" and "substance abuser" on the first day when I choked Tiffany to death with her own panties and snorted coke out of her vagina. I think everyone else kind of gave up after that. Come to think of it, I may not be in a sorority. Anyway... I WIN, BITCHES!

Just so you know, we're not all fucking stupid Republicans. We fuck stupid people of any political affiliation. Can a nigga get a rimshot on that!

Seriously though, I don't care if you think our shirts aren't funny (because I don't care about anything), but you make it sound like they're not funny BECAUSE they're sexist, prejudiced and ignorant; not despite that. Something can be both, you know. Take my stepdad; sometimes he puts out cigarettes on me because he's sexist and sometimes he does it because he's racist, but whatever his motivation, that shit is just hilarious.

Comments (19) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Troy McClure  05/11/09 4:56 pm
I preferred Skeletor before he grew his hair long and dyed it blonde.

Dr. Drunk  05/11/09 5:18 pm
Ha Ha! Sexism is funny!

Doug  05/11/09 7:59 pm
Pope: get sence of humor retard

Queen of the Universe  05/12/09 12:02 am
Just so you know, we're not all fucking stupid Republicans. We fuck stupid people of any political affiliation. Can a nigga get a rimshot on that!


Morgan  05/12/09 3:56 am
LOL I bet half the people don't get the reference with Annthrax Coulter. :D

Not all liberals are whiny; I love your shirts!

Iman Azol  05/12/09 8:09 am

not to be confused with www.instantrimjob.com

Mark  05/12/09 8:55 am
I'm not sure if this is the place to be rude, well, ok, I'm sure it is, so here goes: Did you guys here that Obammy might have AIDS? His Dr says it very likely because, well, he has been screwing the entire nation every day!

Dr. Drunk  05/12/09 11:03 am
Ha Ha! AIDS is funny!

Josef  05/12/09 11:54 am
"From: THe Pope"

Hur hur. You're such a witty and original troll.

Put some effort into next time you fucking hack.

misty  05/12/09 12:44 pm
Did no one notice that The Pope, Mr. Hollier than Fucking Thou just got both Judgemental, and Obscene? Lmao "Pope" go read some more of your fucking bible, so you can come back here and tell us that the "Gay Jesus offends christians" shirt offended you too, because it's christian and not Catholic... You wouldn't happen to be a little boy-touching catholic would you??

Not Pope  05/12/09 7:44 pm
Ann coulter is so fucking ugly! inside & out!

monty  05/12/09 9:06 pm
Mark - that is the worst 'joke' i have ever heard in my life, which ironically makes you the biggest joke i've heard heard in my life

Death Magnetic  05/12/09 10:35 pm
Didn't the Pope participate in the mass murder of the Jews as a Hitler youth?

I'll give that nigga a rimshot, along with a huge cumshot!

Eric Frenette  05/13/09 7:40 am
Dude, your shit is so fucking funny, fuck everyone who thinks otherwise. They need to get a sense of humor. So what if you don't like a shirt, don't fucking buy it then, it's like TV, don't like what's on, DON'T FUCKING WATCH IT. Don't ruin it for everyone else out there.

Andrew  05/13/09 7:55 am
I love reading this newsletter its funny as fuck how someone can be so blunt i LOVE IT XD im laughing my ass off

Angus McShagnasty  05/13/09 8:51 am
I don't know much about the Pope, but I thought everyone knew "the mass murder of the Jews" was just fictional propaganda and that the Hitler youth was in reality more like the Boy Scouts.

Lucky  05/13/09 1:58 pm
It's like I have always said... That which is funny is what's really most important in life. Besides everyone agrees that sexism and racism are funny, don't they?

FosterDadOfACrackbaby  05/13/09 5:18 pm
Here's the thing, if you go to a site named t-shrt hell and get offended, that's perfectly normal and to be expected. If you go to a site named t-shirt hell and get offended and express outrage then you're a useless piece of ass-crust that should be a poster child for post-natal abortion. If your mom doesn't kill you for being such a tool, then she should be gang-raped then shot before she can replicate any more whining, douchbag, piece of shit bleeding heart fucktards. Or just shut the fuck up. Whichever. Personally, I think it would be funnier if you died.

Stack  05/25/09 8:25 pm
Abortion is funny... Especially when it is done with a rusty coat hanger. Racism is funny... Especially while making fun of jews. Sexism is funny just because women think they got some control back, but we know we really just keep them around for something to spill some cum in. Other than that we'd rather just drink beer and hang out with the guys. Oh and pope... Fuck you. You suck. Eat a dick. Rape an altar boy. Go to Catholic hell. (It has got to be WAYYY worse and more boring than regular hell Catholics do everything the wrong way.)

P.S.- Hitler rocks!

joy division

-----Original Message-----

From: Don

I find the T-shirt with the words fuck the colorblind to be very offensive. I, myself, am colorblind and feel that you shouldn't be selling a t-shirt that makes fun of someone's disability.

Editor's Note: You're right. Why should we resort to making jokes at the expense of the handicapped when the facts are so much funnier?

For example, you are colorblind. And while I could spend all day thinking of clever gags or witty puns to address that, they could never be funnier than the basic truth that your eyes don't function properly. That you can never be a pilot probably doesn't bother you much, but I bet a day never goes by where you don't think "Why me? What did I do to deserve this?" That's where true comedy lies: in your sadness, not my pathetic little jokes.

I'd like to thank you for opening my eyes to this. My fully functioning eyes. As a result of your email, allow me to share with you some of our upcoming shirt ideas: #1 - A lot of people have cancer. #2 - Millions of black kids are starving to death right now. And #3: Women get raped.

That is just great. All the laughs, half the effort.

Comments (33) - View Comments - Add A Comment

J.R.  05/11/09 2:53 pm
I own one of these shirts. Hey Don! Go fuck yourself you fucking fuck!

D-Train  05/11/09 3:26 pm
If Don is color blind, wouldn't he just look at that shirt with a load in his pants and see nothing? How did he know? Oh well, he'll probably get into a fatal wreck by running a grey light.

Kyle Tarrant  05/11/09 4:00 pm
D-train.. best comment I have read in a while.. Grey light BAHAHAHA my buddy is colour blind and i got him the shirt for his birthday.. he STILL doesnt know about it. ha ha ha ha.

Daniel  05/11/09 4:11 pm
I'm color blind. My sister bought me the shirt. I wear it. Color blindness is a disability now?? Color blindness is only a handicap if you are a booger-eating-moron-pussy. You, Don are a booger-eating-moron-pussy, and a cop out.

Ron The Brit  05/11/09 4:25 pm
I agree. Get apropriate shirts for people you know. I got my faggot friends faggot shrts. None of them have gotten beat up yet. I guess if there's something you want done properly

Will  05/11/09 5:15 pm
I am color blind & I proudly wear the shirt.
The few times that people have genen out to me I stare at the blankly and tell them I am color blind and dont know what they are talking about... walk away pissed!

Brett  05/11/09 6:58 pm
Or maybe you could be a colorblind person with a sense of humor like myself who wears the shirt with pride. Moron!

Doug  05/11/09 8:01 pm
Don: stop driving thru red lights all the time. in case ya cant see em..the one you have to stop at IS the top one

yd9  05/12/09 1:00 am
hey im colourblind and i think its funny as fuck!!!!
the fact that i cant read it and my friends can makes me shit myself with pride at how awesome my own inadequacies are WOOT

Chris  05/12/09 1:38 am
#1) A lot of people have cancer. A lot more don't care.

todd bourcard  05/12/09 1:40 am
I just read the comment about the fuck the color blind shirt being offensive,My wife bought me that shirt for my birthday and I find it to be extremely funny since I cant red the goddamn things since I am color blind So fuck off if you are offended dont look at the site.I like the site and the shirts so keep on offending everybody equally.

Mike M  05/12/09 6:39 am
I myself am colour blind... And I really want one of these T-Shirts. Do you reckon they would do a shirt with "I am colour blind" on the back?

Iman Azol  05/12/09 8:11 am
Will: Nicely done.

Fat Black Chick Who Writes The Thing: Don't forget millions of 0bama voters are starving to death in the streets. That never gets old.

mark  05/12/09 8:59 am
if you're color blind, how do you know it's offensive, idiot!

Cinders  05/12/09 12:58 pm
For fuck's sake, don't be such a dumb-ass!!!

I am also colourblind, even my doctor refers to it as dog vision because in my case it is that bad, but it is "not a disability" by any stretch of the imagination. I also have no use of my legs below the knees, that "is a disability" and I love this website.

Stephanie  05/12/09 4:24 pm
Um, actually, my uncle is color blind and is a pilot so I suppose Don could fly a plane if he really wanted to.

snakes  05/12/09 10:00 pm
What the fucks so bad about being colorblind....I love black and white movies

Death Magnetic  05/12/09 10:38 pm
I'm NOT colorblind, but it's still funny that there are so many people who are.

I salute you all, except for Don, who should just kill himself.

hamburgler  05/12/09 11:24 pm
heh im colorblind and i bought the shirt becuase is fucking funny

funkyfunkpants  05/13/09 5:35 am
I'm color blind and I also think Don is a wanky cunt

Jim  05/13/09 8:45 am
I am colorblind and I love the shirt. A friend bought it for me. It is fucking hilarious. Fuck you Don if you cant take a joke.

Josh  05/13/09 9:17 am
My friend Bob is color blind and I showed him the shirt. He squinted at it and asked "Is this some sort of thing fucking with color blind people?" He thought it was the best thing ever. Thanks.

Scott K  05/13/09 10:19 am
I'm colorblind and I bought the shirt! Learn to laugh at yourself you're pretty damn funny.

Your Mother's Boyfriend  05/13/09 1:30 pm
Hey, Fat Black Chick that writes The Thing... do you think you could print a shirt with "Fuck the Colorblind" on the front and "Save Gas, Ride the Handicapped" on the back for Cinders? I'll pay for it if she'll wear it and let me push her around for an hour.
By the way, congrats on the sorority win... you deserve it!

Entropy  05/13/09 1:39 pm
If you're colorblind....and especially if you're wearing the shirt, shouldn't the shirt be viewed as an invitation rather than an insult? something like "Attention, good citizens! The fine folks at T-Shirt Hell and I invite you to fuck the colorblind. As a member of what Don would call the disabled community, I exhort you to begin immediately, starting with me....and I'm talking to you...yes you...the hot redhead in the boots." Or words to that effect....

Lucky  05/13/09 2:07 pm
I am NOT color blind so I just felt the need to comment and make fun of all you commentors who are color blind... haha sucks for you guys... you're color blind and I'm not!! ... and Don, you're an asshole.

Buck O'Fama  05/13/09 2:40 pm
I must agree with Lucky, Don is clearly an asshole. It must be odd for him at the gay pride ralleys, just looking at all the ass clowns wearing greytone rainbow tshirts. Go suck some grey cock loser.

esstatic  05/13/09 4:07 pm
I'm colorblind and I'd wear it.

Charles Eaton  05/13/09 5:13 pm
You forgot that the O'Bama admin also showed that his core supporters, New York City, are just more FLYOVER COUNTRY to be pissed on without the slightest respect.

Mark  05/14/09 12:19 am
I can see it now (front of shirt) A lot of people have cancer, millions of black kids are starving to death, women get raped. (back of shirt) But Don is an egotistical bastard who wants all the sympathy to himself for being colorblind... Oh i'm sorry... Handicap.

independent scrotum  05/15/09 1:07 am
I'm color blind and... fuck, everyone else made the clever comments already!

Josh  05/15/09 6:12 pm
Hell, I have that t-shirt and I am colorblind. I thinks its fucking hilarious because people will come up to me and tell me that it's offensive and I look at them with a confused look on my face and ask them what they're talking about.

Stack  05/25/09 8:31 pm
I AM COLORBLIND! I find that shirt hilarious simply because I can't see what it says, so naturally I had to buy one! So basically I am just fucking myself... Oh well... Time for me to fire off some more knuckle children and ponder why it is so funny to not care about others feelings.

division of labor

-----Original Message-----

From: John R.

hey you aids infested cocksuckers I've been a member for over 2 years and havent won a free t-shirt yet I think all those winner names are fakes to get us hopeless bastards to keep buying t-shirts from you bastards so as my one shirt says to whom it may concern FUCK YOU

Editor's Note: Wow. Who knew John Ritter had such a potty mouth? And that he would breach the barrier between our world and the netherworld for something as trivial as some free shirts? But then, that Jack Tripper always was a bit of a wild card.

In case this is just some random John R. and not the manifestation of John Ritter, allow me to correct you. You have been a member much longer than two years. I mean, in the other sense of the word. You know... "member." Get it? Oh, forget it. You're a huge fucking tool.

Anyway, I don't have a free shirt for you, but I have something much more valuable. It's a little piece of advice. Kill yourself. I suggest soaking yourself in gas and setting yourself on fire so the coroner can't write things like "Enjoyed licking balls" and "Also enjoyed rusty trombones" on your corpse. Which he will totally do if he wants all these free T-shirts.

Comments (8) - View Comments - Add A Comment

aww, poor little tard baby  05/11/09 4:19 pm
Hey, I'm a real person and I won. Maybe you just haven't gotten anything because God wasn't able to force your mom to miscarry so he's making your life as miserable as possible instead.

Just Nutz  05/11/09 4:52 pm
Meh, kill yourself has been done .. although I appreciate the Hicks reference.

billbudd  05/12/09 3:42 pm
I believe this guy deserves a free shirt. The one that has "Sorry ladies but I suck dick." Or whatever the hell that shirt says.

Death Magnetic  05/12/09 10:44 pm
What a fucking slut! Another faggot bitching about not winning a shirt. John, you're such a douche! Fuck off!

Jake  05/12/09 11:47 pm
while I am not colorblind. I love that we can laugh at ourselves and each other for the little things. I have 9 brothers and the mocking never stops.

p.s. if you made a shirt that said "women get raped" I would buy one for each of my friends.

Cahlon  05/13/09 7:31 am
oh fucking boohoo. seriously who cares. hell i been a member here many years and aint won shit. who cares. sorry being a whiny whore dosnt work for you but hey there is always cutting, I hear that is a great past time for the rejects.

Wiglaf88  05/13/09 1:39 pm
To add to Cahlon's comment, remember John R., you fagel, while you're slitting your own wrists, to go down the street and not across it, so the paramedics cant sew you up.

Independent scrotum  05/15/09 1:11 am
John Ritter!!! ph I just shit my pants hahahahahahahhaahah

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Submission-----

From: Enlightened One

Whomever came up with that Bea Arthur Rot in Hell shirt most def. has some problems. Not a funny shirt in any kind of way. And certainly a website that will not be getting my $$$$$$ for speaking ill of the DEAD.

Betcha who ever came up with that shirt didn't do Estelle Getty like that when she die. But as you guys website says you'll DON'T GIVE A F**K. Just wanted to rant and say that.

Editor's Note: You are correct, we didn't make fun of Estelle Getty. That is because she was a beautiful human being, whereas Bea Arthur was a filthy, 'gina-chomping whore.

If I could be serious for a moment, who ever came up with this idea that we shouldn't speak ill of the dead? Speaking ill of the dead is the last chance we have to get some use out of them. You think Bea Arthur would rather spend all eternity slowly rotting away while her 10 living fans accidentally refer to her due to the onset of dementia, or be laughed at by a bunch of insensitive stoners from now until whenever some other loser dies?

In response to all of this, a word from Bea Arthur: "(silence) (sound of bugs chewing on human flesh) (more silence)" Oh Bea, you are such a card.

Comments (24) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Bea Arthur  05/11/09 3:29 pm

Ronald the Brit  05/11/09 4:19 pm
I didn't like the Bea Arthur shirt. Not because it could be considered offensive, by because it wasn't funny. Now that Anna Nicole Smith "In Loving Mammary" shirt, THAT was funny.

Yobee  05/11/09 5:42 pm
Yeah, my only problem with the Bea Arthur shirt was that it just wasn't fucking funny. Don't let your mom write any more shirt slogans.

mikethefist  05/11/09 6:04 pm
goodness it seems like just yesterday i was fisting bea arthur and pounding estelle getty in her slutty asshole.ahh the good times.

Richard P. Astley  05/12/09 4:05 am
O Bea, I shall never give thee up, nor let ye fall.
Nay, I shall never go a-wenching and leave thee behind.

Never shall I make thee weep, nor bid thee farewell. I shant utter falsehoods that wouldst injure thee.

JPiC  05/12/09 9:14 am
I thought the Bea Arthur shirt was VERY funny, so fuck you.

Aaron N  05/12/09 10:36 am
Why has it taken this long to make a "Rot in hell, John Ritter" shirt?

Misty  05/12/09 12:34 pm
I think it's funny as shit! I mean come on, she's dead... do you really think she gives a shit anymore?? Why not poke a little fun at it while the rest of the world mourns?? I also agree about the Anna Nichol shit... VERY SMART. lmao Relax man, it's death. Happens to the best of us... and well, the rest of us too!

Diamond Dan  05/12/09 7:51 pm
I wouldn't fuck you with Bea Arthur dick. Well, maybe anally, but definitely not oral. You use your teeth too much. At least that's what the bathroom wall in the bar said.

Death Magnetic  05/12/09 10:47 pm
Enlightened One, you're a stupid cunt!

scott  05/13/09 1:47 am
Just a quick holla...my friends and i thought it kinda sucked how you guys lied about closing down...not cool. We've moved onto another site...

D  05/13/09 4:17 am
I have to say I have never understood why it's only "okay" to say good things about people once they die. I mean if you were a horrible person when you lived your life that doesn't mean that shouldn't be reflected on after you die. Seriously if you talk bad about someone when they are alive what's wrong with that after they die?

IDI  05/13/09 4:40 am
I would just like to thank Bea Arthur for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.
PS: Rot in Hell Bea.

Megan K  05/13/09 8:50 am
OK....so I don't care what anyone says....your shirts kick serious ass! Im female, a wife and mother, and my sister is married to a black guy. Racism, sexism, ignorance....if you cant laugh at it then fuck you and go eat broken glass off a black lesbians ass, and make sure to swallow!!

Enlightened One  05/13/09 11:01 am
Right Back @ you J PIC ya BIG DUMMY. So childish and immature of you to resort to name calling Death Magnetic. Just goes to show no matter how you dress it up YOU will always be considered TRASH with NO CLASS. Right back @ ya Megan K.. I'm so sure your kids are in great hands. AS IF

Your Mother's Boyfriend  05/13/09 1:43 pm
Scott... go back to your other site, douchebag! The only reason this website faked going out of business was that they wanted you to leave... so go, already!
Enlightened... it's called "spell and grammar check." Seriously... I know that public schools are under-funded. That's why I am such an ignorant ass myself. But utilize the tools you have there on your computer, aaiiight?

Entropy  05/13/09 1:51 pm
Interestingly, I worked with Bea Arthur for a few months and I think she would not only approve of the shirt, she'd probably have worn one if you'd had the foresight to print them when she was still alive. We are, after all, talking about a woman who I got to sign one of her headshots to me with the message "Go fuck yourself. -Bea Arthur". So, Enlightened One, it's just noble as a church that you want to defend the memory of this fallen legend of stage and Hollywood....but on the other hand, get a sense of fuckin' humor, ya goddamn sanctimonious twat.

Enlightened One  05/13/09 5:05 pm
YMB I spell it the way I want to so SIT on the MIDDLE FINGER and Spin. And as for you Entropy DUMBASS name by the way Have you no respect for your elders. I have a sense of humor DUMBASS so back off and TAKE THE EXPRESS TRAIN TO HELL WITH YOUR GASOLINE DRAWERS ON AND A BIG GIANT RED HOT FREAKING FIRE PLACE POKER STICKING OUTTA OF YOUR ASS!!!!!
Have a Great Day Dude Peace Out!!!!!!!!

Entropy  05/13/09 6:12 pm
I can always tell when I hit a nerve: the response comes with huge swaths of capital letters. Sure...it was a slow moving, soft target, but even those can provide practice and fun.

Death Magnetic  05/13/09 11:15 pm
Name calling, eh? Ah, well. I'm sorry that I offended you. Actually, I'm not, but what the hell. What is it with people not being able to take criticism? It's A FUCKING SHIRT!! I've been blasted here many times, yet I still come back. What I do know is that I'm not trash, unlike you, "Enlightened". I've got plenty of class, which, if you spent some time in one, instead of dropping out to smoke weed all day long, you'd know how to cope a little better than just lashing out over something as insignificant as words on a stupid ass shirt, or allowing yourself to get pissed off over someone letting you know exactly what they think of your and your opinion. If you knew how to accept a little jab every now and then, your life might not suck so bad. However, I think it's pretty low brow, pathetic, petty and immature of YOU to attack someone with children who believes what Megan K does. And even if she doesn't believe that, who are you to judge? Besides, what the fuck do the beliefs of Megan K have to do with that goddamn Bea Arthur shirt anyway?

Respect is something that is earned, never given, regardless of age, title or status. You won't find that here, so pointing it out is moot.

Grow up, child!

Burn in Hell, Bea Arthur!!!!

Rotten Bitch  05/14/09 12:24 am
I have to agree with both Entropy and Death Magnetic.

It's more than slightly retarded to get so worked up about a t-shirt. Even more to personally attack people who disagree with you. (I'll personally attack you for sheer amusement, because the screen name's not false advertising. But that's me, and I never claimed to be anything but retarded.)

By the way, was the only reason you found Entropy's screen name "dumbass", as you put it, because you don't actually know what it means? In which case, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find our good friend Webster to figure it out.

A final note: The shirts on this site have never failed to make me laugh, even some of the less than funny ones... Because someone, somewhere, will always buy those too.

Enlightened One  05/16/09 3:32 am
My life does not suck DUMBASS and I know how to take jabs as you put it when they are funny. But to call somebody whom you have never and probably will never meet a stupid cunt is not a jab idiot and deserves what little attention I choose to give it. And unlike you I don't do drugs and never have smoked weed. What do I need to be in class for when I can come here to comment to the company over the shirts not the Brainless morons and idiots who commented on my comment which HAD not a DAMN thing to do with them. Just stating MY OPINION NOT JUDGING ANYONE Death Magnetic. If MEGAN K. could not take it should not have wrote it. Yes, again my comment was about a company,person and or persons who made up the t-shirt. I didn't ask for or invite any of the nasty comments against me and my stated opinion. Its you and your opinion Death Magnetic not your and your and yet I'm the one whose supposed to have dropped out and is now smoking weed. YEA RIGHT. And the target is not slow moving Entropy. Probably smarter and way ahead of you in thinking. And I'm pretty sure Satan is saving a chair right next to Bea for you Death Magnetic so
You can Rot in Hell too.
Peace Out

fuck you...  05/18/09 6:04 am
Love the site , the shirts, and Bea, i mean, really did you see her roast Pam "Silicone Queen" Anderson, she'd love the fact she was up there on the list of people to rant about on a shirt. We should all be so lucky. Bless ya Bea where ever you are.

Mike B  05/26/09 9:52 am
Then there's Maude,A Golden Girl,Bea we hardly knew ye'...
Singer,Dancer,Model&Actress. Bea Arthur has left us to soon. All of us Know Ms Arthurs most recent Roles As Maude in Maude and Dorthy in The Golden Girls.But she has done much in a career cut short.As a child Young Bea Performed For President Washington at Mt Vernon,She was the first female USO performer to give a show for Front Line Troops at The Battle of New Orleans.She sang the National anthem on Opening Day at Fenway Park also She had a Small but powerful role in Al Jolsons "The Jazz Singer" and was the Model for the Oscar Statuette.While serving for The O.S.S she seduced and killed a German General in Occupied France. and as you might expect she had sex with President Kennedy and you Know the rest.I would like to thank her for enriching our lives and to send out condolences to Mike #28 who had a special bond with Bea. Goodbye Bea Arthur

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