It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing

Paris Hilton was recently sentenced to 45 days in jail by an L.A. county judge. Sure, when Paris does it she only gets 45 days, but when I use a pair of nunchucks to sodomize the Pope...

But seriously, this is a sad situation and I wish the best for Paris. If there's any upside to this, it's that due to Hilton's sexual history, she'll barely feel it when her bunkmate fist-rapes her.

In less relevant news, gas prices are soaring to their highest levels ever. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to stop waiting on nature to take its course and just go ahead and kill my dinosaurs.

Lesbian gang rape?  That's hot.


New Shirts
New Shirts

We've added several new shirts just in time for...hell, I don't know. I'm sure some Jewish holiday is coming up. Included in this group is a shirt for all you Lil' Rascals into group sex, a shirt for all you alcoholics who believe in yourselves, and a shirt for all of you ladies with a dating disorder.

We've also added a brand-new baby shirt for all you parents out there. Well, not specifically for you parents. I meant for your babies, dumbass.

All of our new shirts are here:


Black is the new off-white.

You don't need steroids to triple in size.Barry Bonds is only a handful of homeruns away from breaking Hank Aaron's all-time homerun record. As an occasionally proud black woman, I am very upset by this development. We black people have worked too hard for too long just to have other black people come along and diminish our accomplishments.

Think about it: For decades now Hank Aaron has been known as the guy that endured racial slurs and death threats all for the sake of sticking it to Whitey. But now that Bonds has passed Babe Ruth and will soon pass Aaron, Hammerin' Hank will become just another guy that hit a shitload of homeruns.

He'll no longer be called "the colored that beat that fat cracker." Instead, he'll be known as a great player. In other words, you'll think of his accomplishments first and his race second. That may be good for humanity, but it's terrible for racists. Particularly black racists, like me.

This man is NOT a fucking Blues Brother.One of the few things black people have in this country is to break down barriers that white people have set up, and the last thing we need is other black people crossing those barriers just because they've been broken down. Once that happens, it's not long until the one who initially broke the barrier stops being considered a trailblazer and starts being evaluated for his accomplishments. From there it's not long until he's considered (gulp) a human.

If you think I'm overreacting, just consider Jackie Robinson. "I don't know who that is," you say? Exactly. For those of you who don't know, Jackie Robinson was the first black man in Major League Baseball. We remember him today, if we remember him at all, as a great athlete. We've become so open-minded and blind to race that none of us reduce his accomplishments to just "first black guy to play."

You do need steroids to look this hot in a strapless dress though.What I'm driving at, my fellow darkies, is that our forefathers blazed trails so they could be known as trailblazers, not so you could follow that trail. They want to be forever remembered as people who overcame racism, not as people who helped end racism.

So instead of going down a trail that's already been well-trod, make your own. Be the first black guy to score a hat-trick. Be the first black guy to disappoint a white woman in bed. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you're the first BLACK person to do it. So keep blazing those trails and make sure we're never seen as anything more than a color. Peace out, my n-words.

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Jay  05/14/07 10:24 pm
The fuck?

My Mom  05/14/07 11:56 pm
Black people smell funny...

QKlilx  05/15/07 3:57 am
I noticed that you guys have yet to make a shirt about VTech.

DJ D-Wreck  05/15/07 8:36 am
go hang yourself....

Eric  05/15/07 9:53 am
I'm appalled that you would go an reduce the struggle of.... oh, fuckit. ROFLMAO!!!!

Nate  05/15/07 10:24 am there a college version of the school shootings tour?

Pedro the Immigrant  05/15/07 10:52 am
How about the first black man to say the N.A.A.C.P. is a racist organization and Affirmative Action is an attempt to keep qualified white men and women out of good jobs in an attempt to reduce the number of blacks on welfare. Or maybe Jessie Jackson is a fucking moron and Imus was right.

The Figurative Pineapple  05/15/07 11:58 am
Pfft - "gas prices are soaring to their highest levels ever" - you should try living in the UK. Hurrah for another awesome 'thing'!

FuckDaPolice  05/15/07 12:57 pm
Pedro, shut your spicy smelling ass up. If it weren't for niggas getting their asses kicked and bitching about how fucked up crackers are all the time, you 25 kids wouldn't even be able to go to school for free. It's just like a spic to play the fence (then hop over it, have 10 kids, then go on welfare...)

Kansler(DOG HATER)  05/15/07 1:42 pm
Yeah, be a trailblazing Porch monkey like the black mole who makes millions out of hating(and making me laugh till i stop) and Dave Chappelle. Don't forget that crazy nigga, he deserves props too.

crazy mo-fo cracker  05/15/07 2:12 pm
Ya know I gotta say i am proud to live next to shotgun chubba (in case ya dont know anything about base ball history) is the first white man to shake robinsons hand after he crossed the plate after his first home run as a pro. the only one that would shake the niggas hand ROFLMAO !!!!!

doncherryisafag  05/15/07 2:50 pm
Someone should beem him in the face (hopefully kill that piece of shit) and forget about him. hes a big steriod sucking jackass. post.scipt. eventually a white guy will beat his record and barry bonds will go back to suckin off his fellow pigment challanged assoiciates

Griffin  05/16/07 12:29 am
Whats a "black person"?

David Gunn  05/16/07 12:43 am
there are no black trailblazers!! in fact, most blacks don't have an original idea in their heads. take for example rappers... you've seen one rap act, you've seen them all. black comedians... all drone on and on about how white people do this and that. do you really think blacks play sports to blaze a friggin' trail?? no! it's cause they either want to what other blacks have done before them... play sports like basketball, get pushed through college without an education, and not have to work hard for a living by playing kids games and going through life like a total dumb ass!!! ala charles barkley, mike vick and ricky williams. if i were to name them all, i'd be typing till next week!! bonds accomplishments don't mean shit either. he's a friggin' cheater and would never be able to even hold down a job at burger king! am i a racist?? NO, i friggin' hate everyone the same! i'm from a supreme race that found this country way before that dumb-ass columbus!! i'm norwegian!! we invented rape, pillage and plunder! and probably the drive-by shooting!! a black trailblazer??? only on the basketball court in a city named portland!!!! got any norwegian jokes?? i didn't think so!!!

Jam  05/16/07 4:28 am
You know, I always pictured you folks at Tshirt Hell as middle-aged white guys with acne who masterbate a little too much for it to be healthy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Me Again  05/16/07 9:37 am
Here is a trail blazing idea, Have the blacks do something they have never done before. Get a job like the rest of us racist. Let the welfare lines and foodstamp makers take a rest. Get a job, clean up your own hoods and teach your children to own up to their own bullshit and quit having babies with everyone you ever screwed. How's that for new trail blazing ideas.

ANIMAL MOTHER  05/16/07 10:14 am
ignorance, this is all a bunch of ignorant bullshit. MICHEAL JACKSON. now what the fuck is up with that black white guy? he was at one time the most famous black men alive, i mean thriller, i was like 2 when that shit came out but what an impact it had on the 80's. and now look at the guy. black people get money and what do they do? 28 inch rims, gold chains and thats about it. maybe get a 64 lo-lo? race has been on my mind for years and i have came to the conclusion, you can taek a black person out the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out the black person

ROCKSTAR  05/16/07 10:58 am
records are set to be broken it's like give'n someone something to push towards, just be happy that it is another black baseball player try'n to break it and not a white guy...then you would really have something to bitch about wouldn't you? At least Barry Bonds will be know as the one the broke Hank Aaron's record and Hank is not completely lost, and I am sure that baseball is sooooo important to you that you have to bitch and moan about a silly homerun record that dosent mean SHIT in real life!Why not put your efforts into something like raising your welfare checks (kids) to grown up and be trailblzers doing things that no other black person would think of like deep water free diving...oh wait a white chick blazed that trail and set that record...guess you're FUCKED!!!

shut up niggger  05/16/07 1:26 pm
I meant,. Shut the fuck up nigggger

Cami  05/16/07 3:28 pm
I love your newsletters. No matter what kind of day I've had, I can always read it and have 1 'hell' of a good laugh. Thanks for keeping it real. You tell it like it is and thats the way it should be.

CC Rider  05/16/07 9:05 pm
Ya'll quit being so mean to the poor, stupid negro. Oop's, I mean NIGGER!!!

CC Rider  05/16/07 9:17 pm
By the way, White people did not create racism, God did that. We've just excelled alot faster than you stupid niggers.

murder paris  05/16/07 10:02 pm
pfffftttt....silly niggers.
pick my cotton!

Elliot  05/17/07 6:00 am
hello, that a photo of you in the frisco shirt or james brown in drag? either way it will come in handy on those cold, lonely wrist-tiring nights....

Hubert M Jeffries  05/17/07 12:10 pm
Talking about "firsts" I raped my first black kid today. Sure he was a Nigerian Nigga, but a black box is a black box.

beta  05/17/07 8:19 pm
jews have been hated for centuries - but you don't see us BEGGING for reparations... and another thing - black people see a lighter skin and think you're white - not true. i'm only third generation and my grandfather never owned slaves - even though i don't think it'd be a bad idea... HAHAHA j/k

oh well... i wish everyone in america would quit complaining and just go to work and do something with your lives. complaining never got anything accomplished - has it?

Andie  05/18/07 1:07 am
HAHAHAH! By far the most hysterical diatribe I've ever read. Being a Jew, I too see Jews trying to steal the glory of other Jews...not to make a good name for us Jews, but just to be "better" assholes. Pfft. Rock on.

Jersey John  05/18/07 6:57 pm
How about first to get a job?

spunkmonkey  05/19/07 2:49 pm

Alejandro  05/23/07 12:48 pm
racism in both sides is deep within biology, the blacks reminds us of dead corpses and poo and white reminds us of sickness, deep burns that turn any skin pink from the inside. Black albino rapers are just as good as tough bling bling carrying folded pants inferior slave gang raised neighbourhood complex like. If it wasn't for whitties crack won't exist, if it wasn't for niggs ol white grandmas won't have their black dick fuck what you can runnaway sundays, if it wasn't for mexican lazzy asses the world wouldn't have color TV screens and those funny jumping beans altough they didn't create them but just happen to be from mexico, anyway, asian cunts are the thightest and sometimes not when very used by ping pong spiting vaginas contest, but have always that bird flu risk that makes intercourse even better. Whoever "intolerates" anything from another person is a fucking nazi on the inside but just because that intolerant person was raised with those ideas, so it's just an animal act to do what monkeys do, and we are all like that made of the same shit the world gives us and some more poo from somewhere else. If you aquire fame by being CIA's trainee Osama Bin Laden, so be it, you're your actions and what you think, and when this changes your dead so you die every time you change your mind, but never because someone tells you whatever they tell you are in comparison. Being old or black or gay are just words and to triunf over any struggle is remarcable by the human measure of it, implying or not it was a harder struggle by racism. But fuck Bob Marley, he or she or it made a race to stuck on weed while Jamaicans do need to explore more heavy drugs like LSD to really experience how HELL is like. THC is for carebears pussies. ALThou smoking crack raises your pulse like hell, it is still about love like feelings. Fuck it! black people and niggas need to see the very devil entering their snake face brain vagina to become brothers to white people.

crap inside coca-cola bottle  05/24/07 2:48 am
yes, maybe anyone can be the first in their DNA chain to do anything new like making a pile of dry semen or to massage a leper old sumo wrestler. UV rays are what makes people change their color skin, that's all. Genetically peaking inside we are all Africans. Proof of that are the branches of mitochondrial heritage in the human family tree.

peepee  05/24/07 3:40 am
yeah, the first down syndrome to perform in a standart XXX rated movie and become a famous pornstar.

crap inside coca-cola bottle  05/24/07 3:47 am
I mean skin color. I don't know what I was thinking. Let the one who has never commited a mistake in his life to throw the first stone huh? I know many would answer that but we know nobody's pefect for real, nothing is.

Rockstar  05/24/07 1:53 pm
hey"crap inside coca-cola bottle"....let me throw the first stone!!! You should have let your statement remain stupid instead of trying to correct you stupidity with more stupidity! UV rays are only part what change the color of your skin people, yes they darken you when you go out in the sun but a white person can not become black from UV rays .... black people are born with more pigment cells(that is what makes your skin color the way it is), so even if they stayed in the house all day forever with no sunlight they will still be black! Now I am not saying that I have never made a mistake but I try not to talk and sound smart when I have no idea what I am talking about! And let me ask you a serious question, what on God's green Earth made you think that people on here would give a shit that you asked people not to throw a stone!! That is what this is here for to call people out for being stupid,notice I didnt say ignorant.....being ignorant would mean that you didn't know better than to say that!I will give you one thing, it is genetics but... nothing to do with "Africans"....only some black people are Africans some are Islanders Hatians and all other types.... I know that none of my family came from Africa, they came from Ireland, and if you are a believer in God and you knew a little something about the Bible then you would know we would have all originally come from Israel (because that is where the Garden of Eaden is) make'n us Hebrew....Read a Book BUDDY! you might learn something

crap inside coca-cola bottle  05/24/07 3:03 pm
Well rockstar, it's just from studies from other people that I got that UV statement, you may call that a book that I may have read or not (thanks for replying without researching before, you should read even when you don't believe in that, just to know what to reply in logical fasion, not just with whatever dogmas you where raised with), is by just something about 20,000 years to make people change genetically their skin color, sorry if that wasn't so "understandable". The more you go to north the more genetically white you get by UV rays IN TIME, not 20 years. But I guess you cannot evade the motochondrial fact of Genetical roots and branches, just because an ethnic group self called Hebrews wrote a book (mostly filled with stolen ancient popular tales like Gilgamesh) after killing their supossed leader Moses for wanting them to believe in just one god (Aton) doesn't make what they wrote more real (of course I think Judith (depending on which bible you rely on) comes and steals my seemen when I jack off but does my thinking becomes real anytime? of course not pal), the facts that are tangible all together are what more people may call reality. And about the first stone I think you throw it in an unjustified way as I just prove you already in this virtual world made a mistake by not taking in count an undeniable truth such as mitochondrial DNA. But thanks, any comment (wheter positive or with a negligent attitude) to help a better understanding of this to more people is ok. Knoledge is what will someday make of us what we are supposed to become. That is not half animals but pure reason. If I made any mistake in writing, sorry, of course it wans't intentional.

Rockstar  05/24/07 9:14 pm
well well well crap in a bottle, did you google that DNA theory? And I was not quesionting your fath or what it is that you do with your potential babies or who licks them up for that matter, you do not have to believe in God to know about the bible.... That is simply a theory as if you look a it that way!Just like come'n from monkeys or anything else What my point to you was, is that no one really knows where "we" came from and where it all started, they are all educated guesses. and if I am wrong and everyone did come from africa then why are there white people in Africa from generations back? So see my point as to why its not uv rays that determine your skin color, that being said I think this is going to be a matter that we agree to disagree on! Thanks for play'n though its been fun, but this who is smarter and who knows more is not as much fun as the real reason for this comment section.... Black people being pissed off about other black people that way no other race has to worrie about them anymore and the black on black hate will continue

crap inside coca-cola bottle  05/25/07 3:28 am
Sorry if you thought I was playing or trying to win something. I didn’t. Not all life’s like that and not because you might imagine people is like you think makes them like what you think of them for real. I just want people to know things. It’s ok if you want to deny mitochondria, dude I didn’t force you to believe in them. The fact that google exist doesn't make all things inside of it a fake, you can check if you like in your not-googled sources and or see it for yourself. Maybe by staying in school you could have heard at least about mitochondria. Migrations are too something real rockstar dude, just as black albino, so white being in Africa I don't deny it, sure you didn't and wouldn't read that UV changing skin colour FACT (not theory) publications or documentaries, as well as mitochondrial DNA FACT. It's ok. Mitochondria don’t depend on you to believe in them to be real. What you got right is that anyone could know about the many different bibleS that have been written and all their fatal errors written in them without believing in God which I never said the opposite of that, what I did said was you should read the scientific FACTS you called theories even when you don't believe in them just at least to know what they’re about.

Rockstar  05/25/07 1:20 pm
my dear friend crap in a bottle first off I am not a dude I am a girl, so lets set that straight!(Thanks to DNA and chromosomes) second I didnt deny mitochondrial DNA is a real thing I said that UV rays are not what determine your skin color. my theory statement was about God and where "we" came from not about DNA and UV rays. I know that google has some good information on it I was simply asking if that is where you got yours! I am a VERY educated person and I do have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about. I have an AS degree so does that satisfy your "you should have stayed in school" statement? Anyways hope this clears up any questions you may have about my previous post!!!!

doncherryisafag  05/25/07 2:20 pm
How did we get off track that Bonds is still a fuckin loser

crap inside coca-cola bottle  05/25/07 6:04 pm
Excuse me if I assume wrong but then this whole debate try or argue might be caused because you don’t think UV rays can make people skin colour evolve to adapt to what their environment demands in about 20,000 years huh? And as for all that biblical stuff and God and the “we all come from Israel” thing, I’m lead to believe you might not share the common belief or FACT of evolution (because one thing is people not wanting to believe in it and the other thing meaning evolution can be proved to anyone) is that it? Is of your belief that a LOT of time and environmental circumstances cannot ever make species DNA to restructure for adaptation and species do not need changes for a better chance of survival? And in counterpart you think we all appeared naked talking to snakes and without navels, but this let me thinking… what colour where your, just to name them, Adam and Eve and where do Native Americans and Asians fit to keep the pure genetics and non adaptive skin colour evolution to any kind of modifying agent. Or shouldn’t I be trying to ask a thing, how dare I still be trying to share info whether is right wrong and people want or not to believe in what I post?

peepee  05/25/07 6:37 pm
The point is, yea, if your life gets hard because social impediments it may be harder to get out of the hole, but to be named special just because your skin is different and you are the first to accomplish something none of your kind has then we all should be receiving awards for whatever we do, because there's no pure race and instead there are many, so each raghead to ever pull a bike willie should be recognized as the first one of its kind, that really is camel-dong. Besides, baseball sucks at least for my taste, who cares if a monkey hits a ball with a stick hard enough for other monkeys to stay there just watching while the hitting ball monkey walks, to me that effort equals how many phlegm can you spit on somebody's face, it's not important and nothing valuable happens after that, but yes many spent their time and maybe money on that. Fuck Barry "Lamar" Bonds even if it took him so much effort he's till average and hope soon to say he was. If asked if I can do what he does the answer no, but at least I didn't spend my life in practice to be a recognized loser.

Lighten up  05/26/07 11:55 am
As a white man, who used to be black said, "It dont matter if you're Black or white"

Lighten up  05/26/07 12:00 pm
There is white trash and black trash. There are both black and white people of distinction and intelligence. Trump and Oprah: both filthy stinking rich.
Love sees no colour
In complete darkness we are all the same, it is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us, don't let your eyes deceive you.

doncherryisafag  06/08/07 11:27 am
Who the fuck invited the Canadians! Your opinion doesnt fuckin matter. post.script. The crown blows dogs. Its COLOR not COLOUR, fuckin morons.

HempKnight  06/12/07 1:37 am
Black people are the cursed race of Cain... When Cain killed Abel, God put a mark on him that any man seeing him would know him (even from a far distance) so what kind or mark could it have been than to just paint him black? What could be a more indistinguishable mark than that?


-----Original Message-----

From: Josh L.
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2007
Subject: political tees?

what's up with all the political shirts? you recenly added not 1 but 2 shirts with Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama on them. Not to mention the new president Bush shirt. I don't think politicians are off limits, i just think you shouldnt even waste your time on them.


Editor's Note: You're right, Josh. From now on we'll only focus on topics that you are well-versed in. Just send us some shirt ideas about helmets and adult bibs and we'll get rid of those pesky political shirts.

Mission Accomplished On The CobForgive me for assuming you aren't knowledgeable when it comes to politics. I'm sure you meant to misspell the first names of the two most recognizable Democrats in the country. You were probably making some kind of comment on society that the rest of us didn't understand.

Anyway, despite the fact that next year is an election year, we'll definitely be getting rid of those shirts. But until we do that, you just make sure to avoid any and everything that may mention politics so you don't have to worry your pretty/retarded little head about it. Now go eat the animal crackers your mom bought for you. And don't worry, they won't bite.

Comments (15) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Chavez  05/15/07 9:10 am
You got rolled Josh!

BrianP  05/15/07 10:05 am
if they get a video of a gang lesbo rape of paris,i hope the put it online

Kansler(GOD HATER)  05/15/07 1:38 pm
When did George Dubbya start calling himself Josh?

foofoolamarr  05/15/07 8:36 pm
Animal crackers in my soup! I hope the Iraqis don't mind!

YOUR DICTATOR  05/15/07 10:45 pm
bring on bush shirts we love you gun happy pig rootin redneck fuckers up there aussies are so dull we need your news for daytime drama

Drinkn  05/16/07 10:12 am
Nevermind all of that Jerry Falwell's dead, I have very high hopes for next month's shirts and thing!

redneck in USA  05/16/07 1:55 pm
You Aussies sure are boring-and stupid fucking morons, too! Now that your government has banned all of your guns, the criminals are free to kill you all and return your country to what it originally was-a penal colony!

yoyology  05/16/07 1:56 pm
Er, there's no question that Josh is a numbnuts, but he didn't misspell "Barak".

Theedanimal  05/16/07 2:18 pm
yoyology... you're a douchebag. BaraCK Obama doesn't like you.

Fr  05/16/07 2:29 pm
It's undeniable that he may have misspelled 'Barak', as it's typed proof right there that it is how he spelled that. But the lovely half black presidential candidate's name is spelled 'Barack'. Juss so's ya know.

The Happy Leprechaun  05/17/07 12:14 am
Shirts about helmets and adult bibs? Sounds like a political shirt to me! (Dubya)

spunkmonkey  05/19/07 2:50 pm

concerned hobo  05/24/07 3:39 am
Well, most of you may not be aware that your country became shit after the Patriot act and soon they'll try to ban guns and freedom of speach. Australia was populated by humanes before europe, where british people come from as you may know, so unless you're a gut eater (or indian american) you come from the same lineage as those in the penal colony, you're no different. Besides who you might think are the ones running your goverment apparently are not but the corporations since Edward Bernay just as Freud had the believe that democracy shouldn't exist because humans are driven by obscure desires, so the only thing your leaders do is to invest your taxes in big ass corps as motorola and trick you into believing they need more money thus they began to cheat on you on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, cause it use to tell just how tax money was used.

Stefan Babjak  05/24/07 10:35 pm
Jew Power?

Billy the Dik  05/30/07 9:42 pm
Hey Bobo, you should be a bit more 'concerned' about not making an asshole out of your pretentious self. It's Edward Bernays, you nitwit.


-----Original Message-----

From: mario1*** @ ***.com
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2007
Subject: praying 4 you

I was deeply offended by your new shirt 'I'm doing God's work - Because that lazy bastard never does it'. I have no problem with people mocking evangelists or even religion as a whole, but when you directly insult God, that is known as blasphemy.

I find most of your shirts to be in poor taste, but that one really crosses the line. If you don't remove it, I'll be telling my church leaders about your site. Have a blessed day. And remember that God still loves you.

Editor's Note: I sure as hell hope God loves me. I'd hate to think that thing he did with his fingers was an act of lust. What? I was talking about him touching my heart. Oh, and he fingered me.

If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the stigma...I don't understand how people like you have such a hangup with blasphemy. I can understand how someone would think our shirts encourage substance abuse and irrational hate, especially since that's what we're trying to do, but I don't get the need to defend an all-powerful being.

God is supposed to be the creator of all things, but to hear you people defend him you'd think he's up there crying like a bitch anytime someone calls him a fag. Which I do every time I go to mass. My point is, God is a big boy. He doesn't need some twat like you defending him like he's a four-year-old girl I just kicked in the cunt.

Lastly, thanks for mentioning our site to your church leaders. Be sure to tell them about our "2 for 1" special for any clergyman that has molested at least two children in the past year.

Comments (60) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Amanda  05/14/07 9:56 pm
If you are soooo into God, then why the fuck are you surfing this site to begin with?! Didn't your bible thumpin family teach you any better???

Nick  05/15/07 2:55 am
HAHA! Your church leaders??? way to go to the top of the food chain there bud...

fucken god....

Amy  05/15/07 6:14 am
Yeah, you go tell your church leaders to they can bitch this site to death. That'll show 'em. < /sarcasm >

Reverend J. Wilson  05/15/07 8:35 am
I think I missed out on the 2 for 1 special. Is the promotion still available? Do I need to send some pictures to show I'm eligible?

Brent Elskan  05/15/07 8:54 am
Boy, it must suck to believe in a god which is so flimsy, so utterly deflatable, that a mere t-shirt would be a problem for it. The kind of being I'd imagine the creator of all things to be would have no qualms if people said or printed things which question its capabilities. I mean, think about it: when people attempt to insult you and they say something that's just stupid and wrong, you don't get upset with them or offended because you know they're wrong. If, however, they touch on the truth - say by calling you a narrow-minded cunt with deep-seated insecurities about your worth and an inflated sense of self-importance - then you get offended because it's at least somewhat true. So, if your ideals can't stand up to a little criticism - that is, if this shirt claiming that "God" is lazy is too much for your to handle without getting offended and bent about it - maybe it's because your ideals are on shaky ground and somewhere deep down, you know there's a part of you that feels like your god is absent and not doing anything. But now, even if that shirt is removed, you'd still have your doubts. That nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach would still be there saying "my faith is fragile and based on nothing more than a need to be comforted and have answers handed to me rather than make any attempt to think for myself." And you're still a narrow-minded cunt.

Dyan  05/15/07 9:43 am
If Mario is so offended by your shirts, and considers himself so religious, then what is he doing looking at this website? It's like a guy who claims not to be a pedophile sniffing little girl undies at the local Walmart. Go tell your mommy, I mean "church leaders" that the mean lady who makes t-shirts hurt your feelings.

Chico Chic  05/15/07 9:55 am
We may be witnessing one of the real problems with video games here, folks: this poor little plumber hasn't been out in the world enough.

Perhaps he missed the very sweet shirt that talks about rainbows, God, and gay sex?

If my people are going to be mocked, I want it done right, and that shirt is just what I mean.

Jim  05/15/07 11:27 am
I have a shirt *not from this site* but it says "Jesus loves you, everybody else thinks your a cunt" and my next door neighbour is a hardcore god botherer when she saw it she asked me if i believe it... no i dont think YOUR a cunt i said....

Deranged Christian  05/15/07 11:47 am
"A flimsy, deflatable God?" Sounds like a flimsy, deflatable talking point to me. Why does a Christian defending his faith & right to adore his Christian God have to be labeled a narrow-minded cunt? All that would make you is, open minded cunt, right? And while we're busy psychoanalyzing dipshit comments: Your anger almost makes you appear to be either a) afraid of God, or b) unsure why you're rejecting Him. You, like the multitudes of shit-talking atheists just like you, never have an infallible reference to your hate-filled simply attack, many times without being provoked. Well, now it's my turn faggot! Those of us who have faith DON'T have a nagging feeling in our stomachs, because we rest assured that there is something better than this shit hole of a world. You and your ilk are right about one thing though: we'll all be better off when we (the Christians) are basking in the presence of the Lord, while you (the non-believers) are not! Call me a bigot, or a "narrow minded cunt", it makes no fucking difference to me. I swear, drink, fight, etc., just as much as the lot of remorseless unbelievers...the only difference, though, is that I ask to be forgiven for my sins, and through repentance I'm ten times more likely to be forgiven. As opposed to self-righteous little shits like you who only live to bash others, then brag about it. Sucks being labeled an "open-minded little cunt", doesn't it? Bitch.

god  05/15/07 12:19 pm
no, really guys, its cool, I'll just go create some friends who like me... *sniff*

Allison  05/15/07 12:52 pm
Brent, you said it PERFECTLY!
Deranged Christian, asking forgiveness is the easy way out. It's like saying you can do whatever bad things you want and still be forgiven because you ask to be. Should we forgive murderers and child rapists simply because that ask? No. Why not just be a better person, then you don't have to ask "god" to forgive you.

Jebus  05/15/07 12:56 pm
If a Christian gets offended by this (or any other shirt), then they obviously aren't secure in their own beliefs.

Iman Azol  05/15/07 1:02 pm
Hey, Deranged Christian: You can worship your God, play poker with him or fuck him up the ass. More power to you. The problem here is this pant-shitter insisting the rest of us should play by your rules.

IslandMonk  05/15/07 1:13 pm
Deranged Christian: you left out c) had given god and the bible plenty of consideration and concluded that they don't stand up to even the most superficial scrutiny. Thus they belong in the same dust bin and the gods of olympus.

FuckDaPolice  05/15/07 1:14 pm
When it comes to a cat fight between Holy Rollers and some Douchebag Atheist...I gotta go with the jebus lovers. At least they *believe* in the thing they are ranting and raving about. These so called atheist always seems to knows more about the bible than a fucking Catholic schoolgirl (mmmm...Catholic schoolgirl...) and can't wait to get up in some churchy mf's ass about it. It always seems to me they once believed in all that bullshit

IslandMonk  05/15/07 1:14 pm
I meant 'AS the gods of Olympus'

Blasphemer  05/15/07 1:21 pm
Shit hey, better not sell that shirt anymore or Muddyhole, i mean Mario, might go tell that huge gang of Kid fuckers about your site, potentially leading to god knows how many sales of your shirts who art without morals. $$$$ SPEWIN! Face it fuckface, GOD is DOG spelt backwards and if he wasn't any good for takin the piss out of on these FUCKING HILARIOUS shirts, he'd be good for absolutely fuck all! So go back to being conned by Creflo "GIVE ME ALL YOUR" Dollars, and let this fantastic cum catching porch monkey get on with makin millions of dollars at the same time as pissing off bible bashing tamp lovers like you.(among many other lowlife groups like fuckin Muslims and Poo punchers). This black mole is my idle, and i depend on these retarded letters and her GOLDEN replies, to to not only make me laugh til i piss my pants(the ones with a picture of the so called prophet MOHAMMED on them), but also to remind me that there just may, MAY, be a god to Knock the fuck out if i ever actually see him/her for doing such a fucked job with this place. Personally, i think the bible and the KORAN were ancient forms of story books for window lickers that got buried by someones pet DOG only to be dug up many years later by some smart cunt who saw how much money he could scam from everyone by flogging them off as the TRUTH. Mary was a $2 whore who cheated on Jesus while he was making cabinets for the bitch he was cheating on Mary with coz she wouldn't give it up for a low life carpenter. However, she did love Anal. GOD told me.... he he he

PROUDLY FORGIVEN SINNER (Blasphemer)  05/15/07 1:31 pm
Hey fuckhead "Deranged Christian". If there is a better place than this after you die, why haven't you killed yourself? Your not a narrow minded cunt, You're just a big loose overly worked cunt that pretends they can fight, but only when you can be anonymous. I'd flog you to death so you can see there is no god then not ask for forgiveness from anyone, especially DOG, sorry, GOD because i would be so proud of what i had just done. Fuckin beeartch!!!

Deranged Christian  05/15/07 2:05 pm
Hey bitchboy "Proudly Forgiven Sinner":

Claiming to fight while retaining anonymity? You fucking retard, I never claimed to be Mike Tyson...I only said that I do get into fights. I've had my ass handed to me plenty of times, and I never denied this. You, on the other hand, claim that you would "flog me to death" and then brag about it to God! You fucking totally just contradicted the point you were trying (miserably) to make! How about this, you meet me in Underground Atlanta...which is just miles from where I live. We'll see how big your fucking mouth is when you're actually staring at someone who'd be willing to whip the dog shit out of you. But you, like me, can only talk shit on forums like these, and neither of us will ever know what kind of fighter the other is without actually getting in a fight. So shut the fuck up, you pretentious little bitch...unless you actually grow the balls to come and meet me. And I WILL show up, I've done it before. What'll you do? Keep running your mouth and secretly confiding in your pansy-ass & asinine retorts? I'd bet on the latter, you fucking punk! By the way, Jesus loves you! LMFAO

Rev Falwell  05/15/07 2:54 pm
I'm dead now. Thought I would have a one-to-one with God. Guess what... No God. I'm just fucking dead!

REV Clown  05/15/07 3:21 pm
I too should like to find out about the 2 for 1 deal

Biff  05/15/07 6:14 pm
It is only blasphemy if you are, in fact, a Christian...Dumbass.

Uncle Tom  05/15/07 6:28 pm

PropellerHeadCase  05/15/07 6:41 pm
If The Lord's name is used in vain and there are no Christian's present to bitch about it, is it really blasphemy? God should fire his PR team, anyway, as having oneself referred to as The Lord makes him sound like a gay biker (images of 'The Leather' from the Village People, porn-tache and all come to mind). Everyone knows that Mosesd was the Gay Biker, as he "blazed across the desert in his Triumph (there's no Hebrew word for 'side-car' apparently).

misty  05/15/07 8:34 pm
you guys are fuckin raw-- i love it... keep offending all the sheep and keep putting out real shit... i need a job like yours... :)

foofoolamarr  05/15/07 8:40 pm
Reverend J. Wilson 05/15/07 8:35 am
I think I missed out on the 2 for 1 special. Is the promotion still available? Do I need to send some pictures to show I'm eligible?

Dear Rever-End:

God is always available. Kind of like a call girl/man. Hope you have a good time!

paul  05/15/07 10:40 pm
hehe bloody churchies they shit us in australia too
funny god created us and made us so we could think, I DO NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SAY BUT ILL DEFEND TO THE DEATH YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT haha i dont know who said it but i know he was American

Father Lankester  05/16/07 3:20 am
RE: 2 for 1 special: - Is it ok if the children are female? Or does is have to be the classical "Father pumps Son full of Holy Spirit{s}?

Jam  05/16/07 4:39 am
Paul--Dude, Voltaire was French.

AbraCadaver  05/16/07 5:17 am
Deranged Xian:
Jesus titty-fucking christ-- I thought that in my short weekend visit to Atlanta I may have been to quick to judge the citizens there as detritus-drooling inbred denizens of a glorified giant ghetto. Well, I thank you for proving that my snap-judgement was correct (as I always am). I can't speak for Proudly Forgiven Sinner, but I am proud to be a pretentious little bitch...and this 5'3" 130 lb chick with an attitude waaaay too large for sanity's sake would be happy to come shove your head up your rectum the next time I'm slumming in the South. I don't need balls to stand up to your ignorant ass. Even if Jesus was the son of your imaginary God, not even he couldn't love a poster-boy for abortion like yourself.

Smooth  05/16/07 7:02 am
I just found a killer deal on penis pills!! You'll grow 3 inches in 3 weeks, guaranteed!!!! Lol, but seriously folks, these arguments come to no good end. As a famous person (me) once said, "Winning an argument over the internet is like winning the Special Olympics, either way, you're still retarded". Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

AbraCadaver (cleaning myself up)  05/16/07 8:18 am
Eeewww-- I hate it when I get so excited that my typing spooges all over itself! As my apologetic sacrifice to the goddess of proofreading, I submit my corrections, lest the intelligent ones out there think me uneducated! That post should have read
"been too quick" and "not even he could love" .
Damn those double-negatives! The rednecks are trying to reclaim me!

mike  05/16/07 9:05 am
"Why does a Christian defending his faith & right to adore his Christian God have to be labeled a narrow-minded cunt?"

Well for starters, because this one is! I have no problem with the concept of religion. The concept of one's own mortality is tough to deal with, so go with whatever gives you comfort. But, end it there. It's a personal thing, it's not your fucking job to go around making sure everything in this world fits your beliefs. Like the bitch who writes these things said, God is a big boy. If people are doing shit he doesn't like, I think he'll eventually get to deal with it. Do you really think when you die he's going to give you a cookie and pat you on the back for 'getting rid of that one shirt'? This is the biggest problem with America anyways. You may not be going around strapping bombs on your chest and blowing people up, but forcing your belief onto others is about as bad. When we have a president who supposedly has had conversations with jesus to decide his actions, things are fucked up. This here is just a shirt. No one is forcing anyone to buy it, or like it. Christians though, shape rules and laws that actually DO affect people. Abortion is bad, gays can't marry, you can only buy liqour at certain times on certain days, and plenty other stupid shit. It's not your job to make everything "right" and christian in the world. Besides, what good would your so-called heaven be if everyone got it?

steve  05/16/07 11:43 am
we were created by cells and elements of the planet.

with that said someone had to create space and the planets and i think god did that.

If there is a heaven though I dont think god would let any humans access to it.

Two alter boys  05/16/07 12:45 pm
Shittles, christians are advancing on the dumbest religion scale fast. If god is allknowing and all-powerful and didn't do anything about it, that means either one of two things. 1. He does not giv a shit! 2. He does not exists. As a true christian mario you forgive anyone who offends him EVERY time they do. Haha sucks to be christian!

Dave  05/16/07 12:49 pm
Christians are monkeys that are afraid of anything rational. Please continue making shirts that poke fun at this tyrannical, ignorant majority.

shoes  05/16/07 1:55 pm
jesus must have been a great guy because we get a good friday off due to his death. good friday! thats a great friday. i wish he would come back soon so we could kill him again and get a four day weekend

mc p pants  05/16/07 3:56 pm
hmm id be pleased that my god is getting any mention at all little less whining and finger pointing a little more shutting up and we would be fine

WeedTarded  05/16/07 4:22 pm
Hey Smooth! I resent that! Don't I? Wait, whad ya say? I gotta go read it again..

Sean  05/16/07 4:49 pm
How retarded are the people of the world now who fathom to realize that God, Allah, G-d is a reference to the same being. Technically, that shirt is an insult on religions as a whole and a damn good one.

Jesus Freak  05/16/07 5:25 pm
In reply to those offended by the shirt doing the lords work, rather then taddling to your church leaders, why don't you pray for those who created the shirt, why don't you pray they are forgiven, why don't you spend your whole life praying that jesus returns, while you are praying, pray for world peace, and pray for your self, while people are starving, being killed in wars, children beaten and neglected, molested by people the trust (yes even your church leaders) you have the time to be worried about defending god? Please pray for your self, as I am praying for be sterilized

Deranged Christian:  05/16/07 6:17 pm
Wow, your ability to string all of those random words together defies all preconceived notions I may have had about belligerent, overly-opinionated feminist bitches like yourself! By the way, doll, I wasn't born in Atlanta...or this country, for that matter. So you can take your little "detritus-drooling inbred" comment doesn't apply to me. And please, during your next trip to the slums of the south, look me up. Since you're quick to portray yourself as a bull-dike, I'll bet you DO have some balls...and I'd love to kick you square in them! And "poster-boy for abortion"? Do all idiots get their talking-points from the DNC and quaint radio personalities like Jeneane Garaffallororough(arafallorrough...), and Sam Cedar? You assume that because I believe in God I must also be a Republican? That's fine though. God made you a dumb bitch, so be proud of your lineage...and keep pretending you know what you're talking about!

larry  05/16/07 7:59 pm
A cool t-shirt idea --- I irrationally hate you Maybe someone might find it funny

Lord Westfall  05/16/07 10:49 pm
This douche doens't know what he's talking about--I saw God last week, when we shared a hooker and he was actually wearing the shirt.

AMANDA  05/17/07 2:41 am

Ur Dad  05/17/07 9:24 am
U knw all u guys are really big time losers. If you dont have respect for God then why dont dont u go and fuck ur own sisters and mothers as this would also not matter to you. Fuck them in ass or where ever you want to as they would be whores which you dont have to pay...Respect God u mother fuckers..

GoodFriday  05/17/07 10:33 pm
I dunno where you live "shoes" but in the good old bible bashing US of A we do not get a holiday for Good Friday. Fucked up, ain't it? Apparently Jesus doesn't love Americans after all. . .

i am great  05/18/07 3:24 am
Hey look, you're all retarded for arguing about god on the internet.

Vikki  05/18/07 11:41 pm
I wish the world would agree that no one has the one right answer, just the answer that works for them. No matter how insistant people are that they know the truth, if people were honest with themselves they'd know that they, themselves, and everyone else is insecure in their beliefs because there is no solid to prove that any of them are right (i'm referring to beliefs in divinity or not etc). I have been defined as an Athiest and am the way i am because it works for me, but I am not hateful nor do I attack those who are not nor am I any less insecure than anyone else. And I also have christian friends who are not 'stupid narrow minded cunts.' One truth we should be able to all agree on is that we are all hypocrits and we are all funny to someone. It's so much easier to grow as individuals and as the human race while laughing rather than growling so please don't try to stomp on comedy.

Dave  05/19/07 8:03 am
Hey dipshit, go ahead and tell your church leaders! Then the poor kids who get drug to church by their moron parents will buy shirts!

naughty  05/19/07 4:55 pm
ok, so... i agree on not arguing about this shit online... that one douchebag from atlanta that keeps wanting to fight everyone should get bent... but i figure, i should put my two cents in... here goes...
all god is, is an imaginary friend to all those douchebags that lack the originality of thought to live their lives based on their OWN morals as opposed to listening to some asshoole telling them how to live. NOT JUST LIVE mind you, but THINK!!! some stupid fucken bedtime story called the bible that was written by some schmuck to scare his kids into submission is ruling millions of ignorant assholes on this planet!!! how hilarious!!! not only do these twats live by this fairytale, but they try to pollute the people with original thoughts and ideas into converting to their pussy ass way of life... "ergh, i don't know if this is right or wrong, so, ummm, maybe this book will tell me!!! and from now on, i'll only do what that book tells me!!!" REALLY!?!?! you have no faith in yourself and your own intelectuallism to know right from wrong? and REALLY? you have to go and dress up and pay shitloads of money every sunday to go worship a god that's supposed to be EVERYWHERE and ALL-KNOWING??? do you think that by dressing nicer and putting money into the priest's fuck-the-7-year-old-boy fund, that GOD doesn't know that you masturbated to your 12 year old neighbor and that you're wearing crusty ass underwear??? FUCK THAT!!! choose to think for yourself and do whatever the fuck it is you want to as a person!!! you wanna fantasize about your neighbor's wife??? DO IT!!! as long as you don't hurt anybody, who cares if you've fucked 10 guys before you got married??? organized religion is a sign of intellectual weakness... and i'm done...

Deranged Christian, again:  05/19/07 8:02 pm
Naughty: Do I really sound like I want to fight everyone? I was simply trying to be a Christian, AND sound like all of the other atheists at the same time. I could keep my comments to myself, and turn the other cheek so to speak, but where's the fun in that? It seems that these newsletters, along with the actual website, are really only good for offending certain people and making others want to cry. Well, dammit...I want to share in the fun! As a Christian, there are certain things that I find objectionable about blasphemy...naturally. But I won't go out of my way to tell the creator what I think about the design, namely because I don't want to start a pissing contest with the creator that I won't be able to finish. I, like the rest of you, prefer to speak my mind, as opposed to sitting back and being a pacifist. Yeah, this Mario character was out of line for claiming to tattle to his church leaders...but this seemed to incite a riot with people who are angry with Christians, not just Mario in general. When I hear people attack my religion, I speak up. I could go on for days about the inconsistencies of atheism, agnosticism, etc., but it seems that yelling at people and swearing a whole bunch is what people on this site really respond to. After all, this thread made it to 51 comments, consisting of mostly pissed off and belligerent people like myself saying pissed off and belligerent things! Now you see why I reacted the way I did. I didn't realistically expect anyone to actually come to meet me for a good ol' knock-down drag-out brawl, because, as anyone who's ever been a fight can tell you...fighting fucking hurts! So, in essence, your entitled to feeling the way that you feel about God, and no one is going to stop you. But if you start talking shit without due provocation, you can expect people like me to show up and rant with an equal or superior veracity. Don't get "bent" because a Christian decided to speak his mind, when countless atheists like you have done so before me. Organized religion is a sign of intellectual stability, just so you know. It's those who can't make up their minds who are the weakest of them all. Now I'm done.

DUDE  05/20/07 4:01 pm
WROOOOONG!!! You Freakin' Christionites think because you're sooo superior since theres a whole flock of your yes men and all of you scream BAAAAA in unison. The atheists and others like myself who KNOW that your god is BS and made up in the dark ages when something needed to be done to control all the idiots from killing each other. We now have laws and most civilized individuals know right from wrong without the preachings of your so called preachers, these child molesting clergy are living off all the money you put in the collection plate for god to forgive your drinking and drugging throughout the week. You think that you can rape and murder or whatever you do wrong Mon thru Sat as long as on Sunday you put a quarter in the bucket thats passed around and all your sins are forgiven. What an idiotic concept, say your prayers all you want but when you get caught doing something wrong you will be punished just like any other idiot who does wrong and gets caught. Then you are going to go blow up some doctor and his assistants because he works in an abortion clinic performing a legal service that he get paid to do and consider yourself holy for it. I am sorry but all you lame followers are brainless and only know what to do if your have someone tell you whats right. Because if you had a brain you would realize what a scam the bible is and the people who perpetrated this mess on the gullible public are trying to keep you dumb and blind because they reap all their wealth from your beliefs. Wake Up and learn that each person is his own god and thats the truth because we only have to answer to our own self if you did right or wrong in the end even if you werent caught breaking the laws. GOD IS IN ME and IN ALL OF YOU, its your inner voice!

Jerry Falwells cock  05/21/07 2:36 am
retards. told yas before, there is no god. now fuck off.

WWJD for Animal Porn  05/21/07 6:28 pm
our father, who arent in heaven , shallow be thy followers...blind to the truth ..which should be free...sept a friggin bible is expensive and when we need one we, have to rent a hotel room and steal one....then turn it upside down so i wont feel uncomfortable.....hmm where was i goin with this?......oh ya BOO Jebus freaks...may you go to the hell of weeping dog turds...and suckle the juice for sustinence...heheh...eww

Arkdevyl  05/22/07 10:59 pm
God only fingered you? ouch, he fucked Mary

Alejandro  05/23/07 10:52 am
No one is to be blamed for any belief, since no one has liberty (at all) to choose where is one to be born, raised and feed it's brain with. So being who you are and changing who you are, believe and think it's out of your control from the beginning. Religion is a limit(er) for reasoning not to loop in search for the first creator of all. We all have in a way a religion that give us an explanation of how things are here now and pre-existed before in our past. It's just fair that we as vessels of information create our thinking based on what we receive from the surrounding and obviosuly other people who where in a way infected by previous ones (wich fed us and teached us a language otherwise abandoned as newborns any human would die). So there's no scape of this virus like mind cultivation. And as virus we tend to keep our structure, that when threaten by any who would disrupt this whole is just spected to react in sake of that structure wich is the very fiber of our existence. Beisdes criticism comes form perspective and self moral, ethics and what is think to be right by the one who judges but in logic that who is being finger-pointed is just who it/he/she is, not what people think it/she/he is. But hey! that's just the way I think, you can keep calling Mario a plumber, it made this mexican('t) have a laugh or LOL or whatever shit you gringos call it to 'cagarse de risa'. Besides I think we are all fucking our eyes and sight by reading this sometimes-worthy-to-laugh-about shit.

Billy the Dik  05/30/07 9:58 pm
Alejandro has got to be the most fake asshole I've seen on this site. I can almost see the vains popping on its neck trying to squeeze out another pretentious idiocy. Pathetic!

Bugsike  06/20/07 12:43 pm
Silly Christians - just pray to god to make the shirt go away. Surely he listens....

Eli  11/04/07 10:13 am
if the shoe fits...


-----Original Message-----

From: jrobin*** @ ***.com
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007

A friend of mine just gave me a b-day present that was wraped in your "funny" clown giftwrap. Aparently she doesn't know me that well or she would've known I'd be disgusted by it. I didnt find it funny at all. It was just gross and you should be shut down.

Editor's Note: For future reference, there are two P's in wrapped. It didn't really matter in this instance, but you could do some real damage if you ever put out a classified ad and you want to tell people that you love rappers. There are also two P's in apparently. Do you have some kind of strange fear of double P's? I hope not, because I want to pee on you twice.

It's my party, I can bitch if I want toAnyway, I'd just like to say sorry to your friend. Not for any unpleasantness the gift-wrap may have caused, but for the fact that she has a fucking idiot for a friend.

When I get these emails from people that say they're offended by something they received from our site as a gift, it makes me wonder how the friendship came to be. Have your bitchy ways left you so lonely that you've taken to calling polite coworkers friends? Or did you accidentally wind up with a cool person in your family tree and you think saying "friend" instead of "brother" makes you seem less pathetic?

Whatever the case may be, I'd like you to know that you don't have any real friends. You have tolerant relatives and a bunch of people that can't bring themselves to tell you that you weren't invited to that party. That may sound harsh, but it's better you hear it now, rather than when one of your "friends" finally snaps and says "None of us want you here! Get the fuck out of here, mom!"

Comments (21) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Mysti  05/14/07 8:24 pm
Wait, somebody got you a gift, and you got pissed about the paper? I'll bet they didn't see that coming... They probably thought it would be the "We all hate you because you're a fucking douche" suicide play set inside the paper that would piss you off.

Nick  05/15/07 3:01 am
STFU Bitch... at least you got a gift... if you don't want what someone else gets for you, don't offer to take it...

stinkyfinger  05/15/07 9:29 am
some friend you are, you dumb fuck. you get a gift and bitch about the wrapping paper? way to show your fucking appreciation. I hope this friend of yours at LEAST beat your ass for acting like this.

Mustard Dick  05/15/07 11:00 am
How much wrapping paper would it take to wrap a 11 year old Asian boy? My dad has a birthday comming up.

Radar  05/15/07 11:56 am
Speaking of gifts. I think y'all should send the normal sized people on TLC's "Little People, Big World", the "I've had it up to here -> ____ <- with midgets" shirts. Now that'd be some funny shit.

jamie zappa  05/15/07 2:15 pm
i orders three shirts on this website and i gotta say i love these t shirts!!!!

daph  05/15/07 2:15 pm
Aw, what a terrible waste of awesome wrapping paper on a stupid little cunt. I feel sorry for her "friend" too. I do find it absolutely hilarious that it bothered her SO much, she decided to search for the company that made it and send them an email about it. I dare wonder what the actual gift was and if it came from another site that resulted in hate mail to them too.

Thursday  05/15/07 6:59 pm
...But there's only one "p" in warped. Think that's what she meant?

foofoolamarr  05/15/07 8:51 pm
Please take your puling brat somewhere it won't disturb adults. Please?

Nate  05/15/07 11:16 pm
i hope to christ that you actually mail these dumb fucks back... i would hate to think that we are the only ones viewing such wonderful retorts. praise allah and draw muhammed

David Gunn  05/16/07 1:20 am
i think this dumb bitch was trying to say her friend gave her a present raped by your funny clown gift wrap!!! the "W" was a typing error!!! maybe this asshole was one of those black trailblazers i've heard so much about!!! what a fuckin' genius !!!

Danielle  05/16/07 2:28 pm
Oh, I love your idea Radar!

jrobin's friend  05/16/07 4:35 pm
Ease up on jrobin folks! It's my fault for giving her the damn gift (18" dildo) while she was sober. Trust me, 6 beers later, she found the paper really funny and was was to act it out.

apacholypse  05/16/07 5:23 pm
Stupid asses...
She would probably complain if hung with a new rope.

Deranged Christian  05/16/07 6:19 pm
Oops...take "comment doesn't apply to me" and replace with "shove it up your ass!" Guess the south and its mannerisms are wearing off on me, too!

Bad Habit  05/17/07 3:06 pm
Do you know what the difference is between these two sentences:

God Damn Mother Fucker!
Gosh Darn and Oh Fudge!

Absolutely nothing. Both are swearing! They just use different words to convey the same intent. It’s the intent that counts.

Words are words. There is nothing inherently good or bad about a word. Words convey ideas, intents or emotions. Now ideas, intents or emotions can be good or bad.

As I taught my children, while words are just words, which ones you chose to use will determine how others see you.

Samantha  05/17/07 10:37 pm
"Gosh Darn and Oh Fudge" = swearing? Riiiiigggghhht. Shut the fuck up, moron.

Anita  05/17/07 11:07 pm
Why does someone complain to the manufacturer about a present they don't like. Not even the present...the wrapping paper. Weird.

naughty  05/19/07 5:24 pm
will you please send me the address of this douchebag, so i can personally go and slap him/her/it across the face for being so fucken [email protected]!?!

hush yo mouf  05/22/07 7:14 pm
all her co workers just used her birthday as an excuse to party.

Alejandro  05/23/07 11:33 am
Jesus' holy feces on a frying pan with multiplied tuna! aren't you guy's even clevererest than the guys/girls/fags/shemales/whatever they are that runs this site. You gotta make your own Shirts instead of visiting this fun-try shirt site, you make me laugh enough to blow my dick off filled with urine and calcium pebbles. I think the "I got it up to here with midgets" is some Ren and Stimpy frase used by the fireman, maybe he could sue in some way but who cares. About that lady who got pissed by a gift Raping rap clown that might look like music artist Tricky, it's ok to be mad when you're being ridicule(ized)d when given a birthday present when you're old enough to NOT wipe yourself with toilet paper and a wrap reminds you of this. Good luck on every bending lady. Don't you go falling and breaking your fragile skull on smooth poo there on the floor you left because you didn't make it to the toilet. Just kiddin'. Kill yourself or not, whatever you want to do it's ok, you're slowly dying anyway so take care.


-----Original Message-----

From: Lisa P.
Sent: Monday, May 7, 2007
Subject: your site

I was walking with my 8 year old daughter when I saw someone wearing your How dare I wear this goddamn shirt in front of your fucking kids? shirt. Very funny. It's easy for you to sit back and sell this garbage without thinking about the affect it has, but the reality is that there are those of us who don't want our kids seeing this crap.

You have the right to sell this filth, but don't I have the right to raise my daughter how I want? I do have that right. And whether you're aware of it or not, shirts like the ones you sell infringe on those rights. Consider other people for once.

Editor's Note: You have an 8-year-old daughter? What's she wearing?

A kid smart enough to read is smart enough to laugh.But seriously, we get this complaint a lot, and I can assure you that we take it very seriously. In fact, I'd like to tell you how to deal with the situation when your child sees something that you object to them seeing. You could cover their eyes, but the damage has already been done.

When your child is exposed to something you disapprove of, my suggestion is to punch them in the face as hard as you can. They will either forget all about what they just saw or heard, or they will forever associate it with pain and avoid it for the rest of their lives. Either way works. Just ask any one of my five stepfathers. The added bonus is that you get to harm a child.

As far as us infringing on your rights goes, you've actually got a good point, so I'll make you a deal. We'll promise to stop making offensive shirts, if you can guarantee that I'll never again see any of your stupid, ugly kids in public. In summation, I'd just like to say "Blow me." I have a vagina, but you know what I mean. (I mean blow my vagina.)

Comments (62) - View Comments - Add A Comment

adam  05/14/07 5:01 pm
Every time I've worn the "How dare I wear this..." shirt in front of parents they usually think it's pretty funny. Granted, I don't wear it to a PTA meeting or anything. ...Hmmm that's a good idea!

Lisa  05/14/07 6:10 pm
HAAHAHAHHAH that's great!!!! I own that shirt and I love to wear it out to Walmart or other places that are crowded with people. I even wore it once to a concert that I was unaware was located in a NEIGHBORHOOD amphitheatre and I was surrounded by hundreds of small children. And their parents. Fucking priceless, and I wasn't kicked out or anything... great work, Tshirt hell... people with their panties in a twist oughta have them twisted harder... I'll be sure to wear mine to Chuck E. Cheese's next time...

Poi Pot  05/14/07 7:50 pm
"...punch them in the face..." haha too fucking good

CrazyGirl  05/14/07 7:51 pm
It is one priceless shirt, excellent for the weekly trip to the grocery store indeed.

CJ  05/14/07 9:27 pm
I LOVE your website and comments to all of these stupid f^$*ing people.

swazi  05/15/07 12:31 am
i used to be, well still am a white supremisist, with bad spelling yes i know (crack baby) so i hate niggers like you but with funny shit like that i would probably lick out you ass even tho it would be taste like chiken and watermelom, hahahhah punch them in the face !! fuken legend!!

Bill  05/15/07 1:01 am
I love this Godamn Fucking shirt, and my kids always know when I think they are doing well, or when they make a Goddamn Fucking stupid mistake.

Nick  05/15/07 3:06 am
I think I will start using that punch in the face thing tomorrow... I used to do it just because I was upset at my job or my ex... but I bet this will work well too... I love hitting kids..

devo  05/15/07 8:37 am
Can I blow ur vagina?

Killian G.  05/15/07 9:15 am
this is one of those "We just make the guns. You're the ones who shoot them off" dealies.

coxy  05/15/07 10:15 am
You think your 8 year old daughter would be offended by that t-shirt?Get a reality check you stupid bitch the girls probably been smoking crack for the last two years and will make you a granny anyday soon!

criztine  05/15/07 10:24 am
Hate to be all miss obvious here, but I figure, kids that are sensitive enough to be upset by swear words, are generally TOO FUCKING YOUNG TO READ!! Like seriously, I'm curious as to what damage people actually think swear words do to impressionable young minds, hell, it's not like those frequent trips to church don't teach them enough anymosity for their fellow man, what's the harm in the good old F word? Can I get an amen?

Rachel  05/15/07 1:00 pm
She can blow me too... twice if she'd like.

I'm a mom, I wear your shirts around my kids. Hell, I buy your shirts for my kids! (Unfortunately, they aren't allowed to wear them at school, but that's what happens when religious zealots are allowed to run for office)

Freedom of Speech folks... we can say it if we wanna say it. Especially if it's on our bodies. If you don't want to read it, DON'T LOOK! If you don't want your kids to read it, DON'T LET THEM! Or, something that makes far more sense... teach them that some people have different ideas of what's funny... and while you may not agree with them, they're not wrong, just... different.

How's that for an amazing idea?

Lillith420  05/15/07 1:14 pm
Punch 'em? As a mother I find that comment wholly irresponsible & offensive...Jus' playin' Just who exactly do these whiney candy ass cry baby bitches think they are? I am a mother myself, yes, and I realize that my child is MY responsibilty. What he learns is because of me, which is exactly why my son is going to know all the good fucking cuss words by the time he goes into pre-k. As far as being "offended" goes, get over it!!! I'm sure your 8 year old daughter has either learned the big bad "f word" from you or her friends long before she ever saw that shirt. Get a life, and kwitcherbitchin!!!!!

GK  05/15/07 1:35 pm
My suggestion to you, madam, is that you hustle your crumb-cruncher off to a secluded place, where you can raise here as you wish - without the constant interference that free speech, independent thinking, and humor bring.

Clearly, these are concepts worth keeping your daughter away from. Might I suggest a cult? Those folks seem to be quite good at shielding their members from the outside world.

Let's see, Manson is in the pokey, Jim Jones is dead, and the Mormons are busy running for President.

There's a rumor - rumor only, mind you - that Dick Cheney is starting one up with the help of Eric Rudolph (after they pardon the poor bastard). Working name of the group is "The Sisterhood of the Itchy Trigger Finger." Might be appropriate. For the love of... well, whoever frankly, teach her one thing. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until the barrel is in your mouth.

Just my suggestion. Have a wonderful day.

Artemis  05/15/07 1:36 pm
This woman is sad, seriously. If you don't want your kid to swear you can't expect everyone in the world to stop saying or wearing offensive things. how about actually, you know, raising your child *gasp* and telling them that those things are not appropriate rather than suing a cable company when your 5 year old son ends up being a mass-rapist because he saw it on the tv when he was 3.

Rights?  05/15/07 2:48 pm
I wasnt aware there were Rights in our constitution regarding what we see. Fucking AMAZING! Just like the anti-smokers claiming their Rights to eat in smoke free resturants. Shit if everything was banned that everyone found offensive there would be .... well NOTHING.

nick  05/15/07 8:07 pm
Dropping bombs is much more like US-style infringement-of-rights, so please feel free to infringe on my kid's or my space with a t shirt....

Luggruff  05/15/07 10:13 pm
“You have the right to sell this filth, but don't I have the right to raise my daughter how I want?”

Anders of Norway  05/15/07 10:21 pm
Oh my GOD, I fucking LOVE hate mail! Scary as it may be, it is fucking priceless. (MAN, there are many really stupid people. Intriguing.) Cinda comforting to see the comments too, letting you know the world isn't THAT packed with fucktards.

Luggruff  05/15/07 10:23 pm
..damn, what a shitty comment system ._o where did MY lines go? ._o "Yeah you have the right to raise your children as you want.. but there's a huge difference in raising and brainwashing (wich is actually the oposite of raising a human being.. it's lowering, degrading!!) go slave at your local cult, but for gods sake.. let your child choose for herself who she wants to suck off!! (load that gun, cock it and pull it!)"

DADDY  05/15/07 10:48 pm
I COMMAND YOU CUT OUT THERE EYES THEN THEY CANT SEE IT ..... ps cant wait to see my lil girl ur gear

Griffin  05/15/07 11:38 pm
It's amazing how stupid the people who complain about these shirts can be. I'm not easily amused, but some of the retorting comments make me smile; others are "Corky" retarded. I think the editors are wasting their time responding to these messages to be honest. They should be making more shirts and coming up with more ideas for shirts instead of trying to come up with funny and witty come-backs, quips, and insults for the hate mail this site recieves. Get back to work GODDAMNIT! Otherwise those 150 six year olds who make your shirts in Mexico will be out of jobs! ... by the way... Punching children in the face is Hillarious Clinton! Love the suggestion! I used to love getting punched in the face when I was a kid! Now my parents are in wheelchairs and residing at Happy Acres Retirement Village. They moved there after they became tired of me punching them in the face!...Bye Bye Hitler. Talk to you later.

Citizen  05/15/07 11:40 pm
What a vexing problem this twatwaffle has:

"I was walking with my 8 year old daughter..."

1. Get a vehicle [Or a bus pass, Whatever your budget allows], Both are very handy.

2. Use a large sack to transport your child [Boxes are a bit clumsy IMO So I always use a sack until I get them back to the van. Again the vehicle is very handy, Wear your seatbelt. :)]

"when I saw someone wearing your How dare I wear this goddamn shirt in front of your fucking kids? shirt."

1A. [Please forgive the assumption here] What on earth are you doing teaching an 8yo girl to read?
'merica is using a lot of resources [Translation: $ & lives in order of apparent importance] to bomb another sovereign nati...Excuse me: Bring FREEDOM to another nation so that they can deny their women basic freedoms.
In order to support the troops you should be doing the same, Get her a burqa or the terrorists win.

nappy headed ho  05/16/07 2:50 am
my pussy hurts

Father Lankester  05/16/07 3:22 am
What the 8yo daughter wore? The Music In A Minor shirt, of course! Or the Cop A Feel one.

Renee  05/16/07 3:52 am
Poor deluded woman thinks she can protect her kids from all the nasty people/things out there. Tut tut. Perhaps instead she should think about explaining to the child why you shouldn't use those words in public. Oh wait, that would be actual PARENTING, which seems to be frowned upon in the age of "Let's Blame Everyone Else For Our Fuck-Ups"

LycanthropicMetal  05/16/07 4:12 am
Well, I guess my mum was right about that. There will be a parent like here with a small child likely to get offend (when I was gonna go out in a Cannibal Corpse: Tomb Of The Mutilated Shirt), but now that you guys offer her a tip, I'll be happy to talk about it if she asks. Keep up the excellent work, and keep making sick shit that would like give an offender a brain Hemorrage.

LycanthropicMetal  05/16/07 4:13 am
scratch that, I mean, giving the "Offended" Brain Hemorrage

mike  05/16/07 9:21 am
Who the fuck decided which words are supposedly 'bad' anyways? Is there a list of these or something in the bible? No? Hmm. Aren't 'bad' words just slang for another word? So How dare i wear this fucking shirt in front of your goddamned kids would be okay if it said How dare I wear this sexual intercourse shirt in front of your unliked by God kids?

Meg  05/16/07 9:43 am
I am a child care provider and I cannot see how a shirt would upset a child considering most of my 5 year olds never miss an episode of CSI...who by the way view with their parents. Parents of course, are more likely to fuck up their own offspring then a stranger wearing a T-shirt with naughty words, no matter how white trash the stranger may be.

TJW  05/16/07 11:53 am
"It's easy for you to sit back and sell this garbage without thinking about the affect it has, but the reality is that there are those of us who don't want our kids seeing this crap."

I think the people at T-Shirt Hell sit back and sell this garbage specifically BECAUSE they're thinking about the affect it has. Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together would immediately recognize that pissing off uptight parents is exactly THE POINT of the shirt. And the reality is they don't give 2 shits what you do or don't want your kids seeing, because shitfaces like you wouldn't buy their shirts anyway. Viva Capitalism, baby!!

Marker  05/16/07 12:01 pm
I'm going to go way outside the lines here and just guess that your eight year old , A: Isn't offended by the shirt because your parenting is so good that your 8 year old doesn't know what those bad, bad words even mean, ... you know, never hearing them before, or, B: Your parenting is so bad that your 8 year old knows goddamn good and well what those words mean because she has watched her parents FUCKING and has seen Daddy giving Mommy a GODDAMN DIRTY SANCHEZ ! Now, Wonderparent, which one do you think it just might be? HMMM, let me take a stab at it, (and by it I mean YOU. ) I'm guessing B. 8... huh? Send her to me and I will teach her for you what words are good and bad. I promise, that's all I will do. Unless she consents. But I'm sure that with a mom like you, she knows better. But that is one more word I will have to leave out of her curriculum.

psycho  05/16/07 1:32 pm
Please teach the future whore that we like it best when they swallow the man cheese. Thanks

vince  05/16/07 1:37 pm
If you dont like the shirt, go to a middle eastern country the dress codes there are much nicer you stupid bitch. Another way to stop your kids from seeing the filth is STOP REPRODUCING. You blame these poor t shirt folks for corrupting your child when in actuality, by having kids, youre actually part of the problem. So keep your legs closed and problem solved

shoes  05/16/07 2:00 pm
swazi 05/15/07 12:31 am
i used to be, well still am a white supremisist, with bad spelling yes i know (crack baby) so i hate niggers like you but with funny shit like that i would probably lick out you ass even tho it would be taste like chiken and watermelom, hahahhah punch them in the face !! fuken legend!!

i love nazi rednecks. stupid and proud of it.

ME  05/16/07 2:46 pm
I am glad you wear shirts like that in public. It allows me to avoid the stupidity that I would have encountered

EYE  05/16/07 3:33 pm
The point everyone here has missed: She saw the shirt, she was offended by the shirt; HOW THE HELL DID SHE KNOW IT CAME FROM T-SHIRT HELL?

mattt  05/16/07 4:14 pm
the only thing better than kicking puppies, is punching babies!

D  05/16/07 4:51 pm
wow now i see that a lot of idiots use this site. you can tell who it is by reading their comments like this young lady: Rachel "I'm a mom, I wear your shirts around my kids. Hell, I buy your shirts for my kids!" or this person : Lilith420 "What he learns is because of me, which is exactly why my son is going to know all the good fucking cuss words by the time he goes into pre-k." Just a few of the stupidest people in america right there. why would you teach your kids cuss words or anything bad like that at such a young age? your a fucking retard and shouldn't be allowed kids. Barely anyone who knows about this site should be allowed to reproduce. your sense of fucked up humor is proof enough that you'd be a shitty parent. yea i like SOME shirts on this site because they make me laugh. other about religion rape and racism are so fucking stupid and played out. buy your shirt for racism be another dumbass statictic. buy your shirt for rape. woohoo good you for you beat children, you support grown men who rape little girls, your for abortions and murder yay!yea your the real smart people. being lead on by a company to make money. dumbasses get a fucking braincell and be your own person don't just fall in to the stupid uptight dickhead groups and the retarded dipshit t-shirt hell fanboy group.

Sean  05/16/07 4:55 pm
People should come to the realization that their children will be inevitably exposed to such harsh language. This is why I am going to teach my kids harsh language and gruesome violence at a young age, so that they wind up ready for what the world is giving to them, either that or they will be serial killers.......either way I will be content with life.

KMQ1340  05/16/07 8:43 pm
Want to raise your kid right? Is that hard to do with pesky t shirts in this world? Dont mind the hookers or the drug dealers or the television. they arent bad. infact that and kfc probably bring your whole family together for a good half hour. if your that concerned when your kid sees a shirt like that...HOW ABOUT YOU TELL THE FUCKING KID THAT THOSE WORDS ARE WRONG. but wait...then you will acctually have to start parenting. Go ahead and act like every one in the world will forfeit their first amendment just for your kid. HOW ABOUT YOU FUCK YOURSELF. oh and your kid will grow up to hate you.

Komisches  05/16/07 11:54 pm
Now, what all you commentators seem to be forgetting is that swearing is subjective. For instance, in Iraq right now, if you walked up to some guy and said "Hi, i'm an American" it would be akin to going up to some other guy in another country and saying "Hi, I want to rape your mother and fuck your 8yo daughter". See my point? No? Pity on ye.

LedHead  05/17/07 5:04 am
Hey! Criztine never got her amen! A-fucking-men to ya!

joe mama  05/17/07 9:42 am
Q: you know what's great about fucking twenty-eight year olds?

A: There's twenty of 'em!

Mike Schahczinski  05/17/07 5:19 pm
Dear t shirt hell
I have a shirt design that I created some time ago
called Johnny Fuck fuck. Most of my shirts use
Johnny FF although a lot of people like the Fuck
Fuck. I haven't started a web site for the shirts
but if I do I guess I'll get the same kind of comments you folks get.So be it
Have a good one

Travis  05/17/07 5:41 pm
I personally love that shirt. It's on my "to get" list.

HoRneT  05/17/07 6:29 pm
I just got home today from having my appendix out. After reading the "punch the kid in the face" part, I think I have to go get some stitches put back in from laughing.

i am great  05/18/07 3:29 am
Lisa: You would be kicked out of Chuck E. Cheese's if you wore that shirt in there.

ROCKSTAR  05/18/07 9:47 am
Hey Mike Schahczinski, you polish retard...nobody on here gives a shit about your "shirt ideas" for little Johnny fuck fuck, it sounds like something that you came up with and none of your "friends" (aka the teddy bears and blankies on your bed in your moms basement) had the heart to tell you is just not that funny, quite lame really! and if they are that good why not share one with us, we like to laugh too! This is not a free advertising message board, so you and johnny butt fuck should take that back to the short bus where it came from....STUPID!

Azrael  05/18/07 11:56 am
First off, I like how everyone jumped on the 'attack the kid' bandwagon-Hey Douchebags, you're not as witty as the person that writes the 'Thing.' Don't try. Really. 'Tell the future whore that we like it when she swallows the man cheese.' So, THIS is where all of the people that submitted the same tired 'I like my women like I like my whiskey, 12 years old and kept in a cellar' publicly display their wittiness and 'hopefully-sick-enough-for Tshirt-hell' ideas , silently praying that they'll see it on a shirt someday. Sad, sad, poor fucking retards. Suprised there hasn't been more cases of death by electrocution from the droolers concentrating a little too hard at their computers.

Nate  05/18/07 6:52 pm
I mean blow my vagina, that's fucking hilarious.

Sammy  05/18/07 10:43 pm
you fuckers rock my cock. thanx

Tony Goodner  05/19/07 1:01 am
In response to this inspid mother who thinks her children viewing an offensive tshirt in passing will create alcoholic drug-crazed ofspring, may I offer this statement: " It's a Fucking T Shirt!!" If you can't be open minded and take a joke, then you need to live inside a sterile enviroment, away from all forms of media. And hey, why don't you take it a step further, put horse blinders on your brats while they're out in public so they can't see anything written on tshirts, billboards, newspapers, anything your Ozzie

spunkmonkey  05/19/07 2:51 pm

Sean  05/19/07 4:22 pm
I've been asked to leave numerous places b.c of the shirts from t-shirt hell. BUT fuck it... i still wear them anyway.

Fuzzy  05/22/07 5:10 pm
Well, go out and buy some really dark sunglasses for your little angel so she never has to see anything objectionable in the world. Oh wait, better yet - gouge out her eyes - that'll fix the nosey little bitch.

hush yo mufukin mouf  05/22/07 7:43 pm
D 05/16/07 4:51 pm
wow now i see that a lot of idiots use this site. you can tell who it is by reading their comments like this young lady: Rachel "I'm a mom, I wear your shirts around my kids. Hell, I buy your shirts for my kids!" or this person : Lilith420 "What he learns is because of me, which is exactly why my son is going to know all the good fucking cuss words by the time he goes into pre-k." Just a few of the stupidest people in america right there. why would you teach your kids cuss words or anything bad like that at such a young age?

Gosh what a weed tall dead idiot. In the time it took this sissy ass cry baby punk to type this, perhaps he coulld have figured out that the shift key makes letters big? I have a six year old daughter who, because of my mastery of profanity (due to being Irish), not only knows every cuss word in the book, but also how to properly use them. Fortuately, I had the good sense to teach her not to say them, and also WHY she shouldnt say them. This works because I enforce it by beating her when she says them. Maybe I'll just punch her in the face from now on. Fuck everybody.

Alejandro  05/23/07 12:05 pm
mums weren't born knowing how to raise their children, they have an inherited idea of what to do about moral issues like this. Curse words can often give a hard time to parents and when not used in the correct time/place they cause form little to huge trouble. "I hope my fucking mom would teach me better when i got my face deformed by saying PUTO to a CHOLO en mi barrio" then start to make sense, but hey! the rights part is right, keep it that way while you can, someday soon NWO state police wont let you xpres yoself like that and your 8yo babes wont ever see shirts to hate or love, instead w'be raped by overpowered law agents. Meanwhile enjoy beating your kids to erase their memories or rape them yourself with the same broom sticks you use to beat them, it sometimes work to repress memories too, so they asociate raping and beating with that not pleasant T-shirt or even better yeah why not killing them so they never get to know any bad word or what a bad word is. Or if you don't want to be "cruel" just blind them at birth and also deaf them and numb them to every nerve in them and take any sense from them for they won't be able to preceibe anything bad from the outside world and you would still have a precious piece of breathing meat to feed and sing lullabys to.

godlikesgaysex  05/24/07 10:33 am
Why didn't that cocksucker say anything about the one that said god has gay sex? I mean, is it worse for the big invisible boogeyman in the sky to be a lazy bastard, or to be a butt-humping faggot? I guess either way the least he can do is be a good source of entertainment for all of us.

mike fincik jr  05/28/07 10:04 am
TSHIRT HELL IS THE BEST FUCKING SITE GOIN!!! fuck all of those ppl who think the world should change to suit them!!!!!!! god bless our rights and tshirt hell people too...

dgarrison1  06/12/07 1:50 pm
Really? She saw the shirt & then what, typed the phrase into Google to find your site? How would you know of this site by seeing the shirt? Stupid made-up story!


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