It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing

I'd like to begin with a special tip of the hat to Andrew "I'm not contagious!" Speaker, better known as the tuberculosis guy. It's nice to see that men have a new top lie to add to "I won't cum in your mouth" and "Just the tip."

And in Paris (the whore, not the gay city) news, she was quickly sent back to prison after briefly being released. But don't worry about her. I heard that she used her vagina to sneak in a nail file. And a blowtorch. And a getaway car.

Finally, in me-related news, we are nearly halfway through Gay Pride Month. I know what you're all thinking, so I'll just tell you what my dad has already figured out. There is no way to drag an entire month behind your truck.

I'm Spider-FAAAbulous!


New Shirts
New Shirts

Satan just backed up the Awesome-truck and he's unloading our latest selection of orgasm-tastic new shirts. Our latest batch includes a shirt for every guy who's just telling you what you want to hear. Also known as every guy. And if that shirt isn't your cup of tea, we've got plenty more to choose from. Or you can just get a different goddamn teacup.

All of our new shirts are here:

long division

Black is the new off-white.

Who's your daddy?Father's Day is almost here and I just wanted to send a special greeting to all the members of Earth, Wind & Fire who may potentially be my father. But while I appreciate that we have two holidays to celebrate parents, I can't help but wonder...where's the love for people smart enough to avoid parenthood?

As I just said, it's great that we honor parents. I mean, after someone has ruined their life, the very least they deserve is some macaroni glued to a piece of paper from their kid and a five-dollar card with Ziggy on it from the spouse that won't be with them in three years.

There's also a certain nobility that comes along with parenthood. It doesn't matter whether or not you're a good parent. You can be the most worthless piece of shit on the planet, but as long as you have spilled your seed, you are automatically a worthwhile human being deserving of all the praise you receive and then some.

So it's not that I have a problem with parents, I simply think we neglect the people who opted not to go that route. If you mate like bunnies, you should die like dogs.There are many reasons people don't have children. Maybe they can't conceive. Maybe they don't want to contribute another asshole to an already overwhelming asshole population. Maybe they know they'd be bad parents. Or maybe they're just ugly people not living in the South. Whatever the reason, they're just as valuable as a couple of drunk people who hooked up in an IHOP, and it's time they got some respect.

Call this holiday whatever you wish. Remembered to Pull Out Day, Hooray for Abortion Day, Prefers Anal Day, whatever. It doesn't matter what we call it, as long as we start giving credit where credit is due.

For everything else people without children are called, maybe they're just people who understand that less is more. As in, "Less people, more happiness." I'm aware that this holiday will never happen, so this Father's Day, let's recognize a moment of silence for the childless. Because sometimes, people that don't have kids are the best parents of all.

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O tay !!!  06/12/07 9:08 pm
you guys RULE !!!

moly pooper  06/12/07 10:29 pm
I swear that t-shirt hell wrote that same exact rant in the newsletter last year.
Hooray for still being funny no matter how many times repeated!

Metalhaid  06/12/07 10:34 pm
You go, girl! ARE a girl, right? Anyways FUK YAH! I'M NOT REPRODUCING EITHER....I worry my kid would be exactly like me, and I'm not bailing ANYONE out of jail.

not the momma  06/12/07 10:56 pm
For those who like that idea, this is a good place to find like-minded individuals: ;)

Robin  06/13/07 7:00 am
I have the deepest respect for those who choose not to reproduce, for whatever reason. I also believe that fathers day should be reserved for actual fathers, I mean it's called "fathers day" not dead beat dads day. Being a sperm donor doesn't entitle you to macaroni art!

Ronman  06/13/07 8:38 am
I love you! I am going to send this to all of my family and friends that think my wife and I are less than human for not having any children. Ever! We are both in our 40's. You are now one of my heros! thank you!

Catarina  06/13/07 9:49 am
I think you're a genius. 1. somebody with exceptional ability, especially somebody whose intellectual or creative achievements gain worldwide recognition. xoxo

Kerfuffle  06/13/07 10:43 am
Hooray! Itís almost time to play Americaís favorite guessing game --- Fatherís Day of course!! (the most confusing day in all of Harlem Ö Labor Day, obviously, being the next runner up).

Dave  06/13/07 11:10 am
Basically, this is the law of conservation of happiness; there is the same amount of happiness regardless of how many people there are. Firstly, thats why not to have kids, but to further reduce the population, we need to explain why killing people is so much fun. It's because all that happiness they were using is getting released. Because less is more.

Christopher Shawn Hayden  06/13/07 12:10 pm
I never wanted to reproduce either. but what happens when you fuck some skank that you think has an IUD and then you find out that she took it out just to trick you into getting her pregnant? Where's the shirt for that "Happy i got tricked into having children Day"

Iman Azol  06/13/07 3:27 pm
The VHEMT shitheads should just blow their brains out now and save resources for people who matter.

J  06/13/07 6:16 pm
I totally agree and vote to take things a step further. Require a licensing process including an intelligence test. There are too many stupid people having stupid kids.

GI Joel  06/13/07 11:04 pm
Happily Childfree also! WOO HOO but am I missing something? I cant find this new shirt your all talking about damnit!

Taja  06/14/07 1:37 am
Non-parents Day=She Swallows Day

Go fuck yourself  06/14/07 4:08 am
I concur. I think there should be a shirt in honor of the childless... I vote for "I prefer anal day."

Amanda  06/14/07 6:16 am
What a perfectly good wasted opportunity to insult Brad Pitt and his growing legion of sloppy seconds.

Rockstar  06/14/07 9:07 am
You guys are all forgetting that there is a holiday for those of us that don't have little asshole kids running around! It's called any day of the week! I celebrate that holiday often with a case of beer or a bottle of vodka (yes the whole bottle),birth control pills and a stranger with benefits!

Dave  06/14/07 11:09 am
My wife and I waited until 30 to spawn our demon, tried to get a best of both worlds that way. It isn't so bad really. As a dad, however, I refuse macaroni art. The little squirt can con mommy into picking me up a gift card someplace, and mommy can toss in a steak and a blowjob.

PMS  06/14/07 11:25 am
Every day's a holiday without 'lil sprogs running around.

jason in florida  06/14/07 2:29 pm
Hey guys i love your site and i love your shirts.and i love it how these hippie tree hugging only comment on religon when they think they know it all assholes leave comments on here telling you how to run your buisness.If they are offended why are they on the site in the first place and why duid they come on here did one of there friends who loved your sight tell them or is there a huge group of T-SHIRT HELL NAZI'S out there trying to do something worth while. maybe they should focus on how boring and sad there life must be if they have all this time to write a comment in here. {YEAH IM BORED AT WORK WITH TIME ON MY HANDS}.Keep the site going strong and i will keep looking on here for the perfect shirt to wear to my girlfriends parents house. who basically have a shrine to god. boy they must really hate that im jewish.

Leanne Allen  06/14/07 3:17 pm
Hurrah for the Childless/smart adults. My life belongs to me. It does not matter that I do not have children to "Take care of me when I get old".

dawgie  06/14/07 7:07 pm
i luv ya bitch u think like me wanna not have my children but try anyway

ProperlyMedicated  06/14/07 10:22 pm
how bout " i smoke enuff pot my sperm is dead wanna fuck

Grampa  06/14/07 11:37 pm
Hey I did't have kids, i amarried late picked a woman with two grown daughters and now i get to be grampa without doing the hardwork, thats right I am one happy, lazy grandpa, chasin' kids off my lawn!

Cunt Punter  06/15/07 1:12 am
Anyone who said they don't want to have kids don't understand the many benefits.

#1: Free slave labor.
Sure you can get a Mexican to do your household chores, landscaping, and cooking, but who can afford such luxuries. I was at home depot picking some up and they wanted $2 and hour! That is insane. Sure you have to lock them in a closet for the first 4 or 5 years feeding them whatever scraps your dog doesn't eat and letting them suck moisture out of the wall but after a few years of free labor it pays for itself.

#2: Organs!
If you have a nice bundle of kids you will always have a wide variety of organs just in case. (the organ kids you keep a little bit healthier for obvious reasons)

#3: Money.
Not only can you sell them to some infertile freaks but you can get them to steal for you.

#4: Stress and anger reduction.
Long day at work? Well nothing cures stress and anger better then laying a fist into the soft facial tissue of a 5 year old child. I mean who needs those fucking squeeze things? Children are reactive which adds a whole new level to the pleasure of stress relief.

So you see most of you don't understand the beauty of parenthood.

Kristin  06/15/07 7:20 am
Woohoo! A holiday for non-parents! It's about freakin time. I want a cheesy card telling me how great it is that I don't have to come home to someone whining/crying/demanding my attention. I already have a husband for that! :) I want a card that says "Congratulations on being able to sleep late, have a life of your own, not having to own a mini-van and clothing that bears no hints of mysterious grape jelly stains."

ceres.  06/15/07 11:47 pm
amen. just cos some cunt rag chooses to spit out brats, dosent mean they should be inflicted upon the rest of the world.
or that we should like it.
parents should learn to keep their mistakes to themsleves like the rest of us do, why parade them around for the whole population to see and know how much of a shitty person you really are? as clearly referenced by the hideous little squirt screaming on the floor.
i say we vote on an extra planet... one for breeders and their pieces of annoyance, and one for the elite intelligent life force that is non breeders.

B  06/16/07 9:36 pm
The funniest part about that is my best friend did meet her soon-after-to-be-ex-and-father-of-her-child while we were all drunk at IHOP. the truth is always funny.

Killer Cheese  06/17/07 11:48 am
OMG!! STOP ANAL SEX! Where do you think lawyers and politicians come from!!! Besides, I want to have at least three kids, I figure selling them to China a mil apiece to white slavery is one hell of a way to make some quick cash!!

Dave 29  06/20/07 12:21 pm
I know you've heard this before, but, you cats are fucking brilliant!!! Keep pissing off the yuppies. I fucking love it

tom*  06/27/07 9:36 am
If we had a holiday for the non-parents, who would buy us presents?

The Guy Who Poisoned The Sunshine  07/30/07 3:37 pm
Hey. Me again. Taking down Worse Than Hell again I see. Hehe. It's fun having to take it down outta fear, eh? Pussies.

Osama Bin Raiden  07/30/07 3:39 pm
Gee Plut? What kind of text in a box is this? And yes, the sun is now green thanks to me you.

Kevin  09/22/07 5:42 pm
I believe the holiday for guys that don't have kids is called "Palm Sunday."


-----Original Message-----

From: skinsn*** @ ***.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Subject: Dick In A Box TShirt

I cannot believe your company would make a shirt like this. It is disgraceful and I think you should pull it off the market.

Editor's Note: Really? You can't believe T-Shirt HELL would make a shirt mocking the biggest asshole in the history of evangelism? In case you hadn't noticed, we've made fun of Jesus and that guy wasn't even a dick. A Jew maybe, but not a dick.

Love Thyself.  Fag.Why are you so upset by this anyway? The only person that has a right to be upset by this just died. And even he's probably not as upset as you are. He's probably up in Heaven right now enjoying all the gay sex and coke that he missed out on in life.

But despite all of that, you'll be happy to know that all profits from this shirt are going to Jerry Falwell's favorite charity. I forget the name, but you know which one I'm talking about. It's the one that goes around blowing up abortion clinics and blaming natural disasters on homosexuality. Their symbol is kind of like the Red Cross, but it's not a distinct color and the bottom part of the cross is longer. You know what I mean.

Comments (11) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Tits McGee  06/12/07 7:47 pm
Are you serious? People actually STICK UP for that worthless sack of bible-humping crap?! Wow. I guess she took a little time out of her Pat Robertson Marathon and put down her Ann Coulter Novel to show us all here reading the newsletter how much of a fucktwat she is.

Leishalynn  06/12/07 7:54 pm
Don't forget, now that they decided global warming -- I mean "climate change" -- is real, like creationism, they're blaming it on Al Gore.

Crimhead  06/12/07 10:43 pm
I am hoping that Fred Phelps joins Falwell real soon. Both of these hate mongers belong in the bowels of hell.

RIP  06/13/07 1:28 am
Man whats wrong with you, what kind of fucked up statement is that, he won't be in heaven getting all the coke and gay sex in heaven... coz I'm sure he did enough of it here on earth already.

Khemnis  06/13/07 9:56 am
I'm having a Beavis and Butthead moment. Someonen is complaining about the Dick in the Box shirt and said, "Pull it off." hahahahaha

Maybe the hater would prefer some shirts with Falwell's face and some of his quotes listed underneath. Like, "The Bible is the inerrant ... word of the living God. It is absolutely infallible,without error in all matters pertaining to faith and practice, as well as in areas such as geography, science, history, etc." or my favorite, "Grown men should not be having sex with prostitutes unless they are married to them." Way to convert a sinner Jerry. Or maybe the shirt should have just had a coffin layered with the 110 million dollars he stole from all those old people who watched him on That Old-Time Religion.

Hell Jerry is probably wearing one of those shirts in hell, with a great big smile while Satan anally rapes him.

Iman Azol  06/13/07 3:30 pm
Satan is going to anally rape Fred Phelyps, Falwell and Pat RoBUTTson for all eternity.

A toast to Satan! God's greatest creation!

Gonphisting  06/13/07 5:55 pm
Why would some one who is going to bitch about this shirt even be on a web site like t-shirt hell let alone only bitch about this shirt

Citizen  06/13/07 8:26 pm
Attention all Falwell fans:

If you miss Jerry and really want to continue to follow him.... I urge you to join him just as quickly as you can and please do pass this message onto your entire congregation. Surely the shepherd misses his flock.

Jerry loves you wants you to drink the purple Kool-Aid.

Hellena Handbasquet  06/14/07 12:25 pm
I Thought the shirt was one of the funniest I have ever seen in my entire life. Jerry Fallible has been one of the biggest bigot idiots ever deposited on the face of the earth. His death has spawned almost as many happy days and parties as the death of Strom Thurmond. The only thing better would have been if he was found having a three way with Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmonds corpse.
Just a reminder, as soon as Jesse Helms passes, the party is at my house and I will buy the keg.

G- Funk  06/28/07 3:15 am
Fuckin' A right, sweet Jesus that's not only hysterical - but very true as well !

dubyaHATER  07/10/07 4:07 pm
Fucking good riddance to bad rubbish!!!!!!!

joy division

-----Original Message-----

From: Meghan M.
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007

I am outraged by what your T-shirts say. Jerry Falwell was a great man and also the rainbow one. How dare you disrespect God. I hope your company goes out of business.

Editor's Note: Don't just hope our company goes out of business. Pray for it and I'm sure God will grant your wish. What? It doesn't work that way? Then what's the fucking point?

Cause mopeds are a tool of Satan!By the way, I think you need to learn what "outraged" means. I know you church-goin' folk like to bottle your emotions, so even the smallest display of anger may qualify as outrage in your eyes, but for those of us whose idea of a rocking good time includes more than an up-tempo hymn, this email qualifies as "slightly miffed" at best.

I'll tell you why we disrespect God. We're trying to piss him off so he'll finally get off his ass and come down here to fight us. So far we haven't heard a peep, which means one of two things: either he doesn't exist or he's a huge pussy. But if and when he finally decides to step up, not only will it prove he exists, but it will totally embarrass him when we kick his ass. And I know we can kick his ass, because God is inside all of us, and I think I can convince myself to throw the fight.

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Tim  06/12/07 8:22 pm
What a Nimrod! LOL

kevin Ferguson  06/12/07 8:53 pm
wow thats fuckin harsh but soooo funny your definatly going to hell before i do so save me a seat ok
by the way love the site and my t-shirts

crazy a$$ viking kid  06/12/07 9:11 pm
HA! fuckin jerry.

Patrick  06/12/07 9:25 pm
I never comment on the hate-mail responses, but this was fucking hilarious.

RogueJedi86  06/12/07 9:57 pm
Who is Meghan M. to say that having gay sex is a form of disrespect? Her god could have gay sex and it not be a bad thing. After all, he is without sin, and he can be do anything.

Jessa  06/13/07 1:01 am
Haha I'm so glad i subscribed to your newsletter its the only one out there worth reading! Gives me a big belly laugh every month. The best thing you wrote in this one is the exact fucking truth. GOD IS INSIDE ALL OF US. 'We are all gods dreaming that we are not gods' meaning basically this...We can create whatever the fuck makes us happy, and if that happens to be an online Tshirt business that offends people and makes others laugh, then so be it! Yes!

Cunt Punter  06/13/07 6:38 am
What kind of name is "Jessa" your parents should have their eyes injected with boiling oil while an overweight black fag midget on crack shits in your mouth.

Steve  06/13/07 12:37 pm
Regarding: " hope your company goes out of business."

Oh my god what king of insult is that? Where did you got school, "Happy Fuzzy Bunny Sparkle Tree Lane Academy?"

Tell us how you REALLY feel?

PS Jerry is, right now, being held down by Saddam while Prescott Bush skull fucks him ... and he's LOVING it.

Satan's Cabana Boy  06/13/07 4:40 pm
When are these fucking Xian zombie vampires gonna quit pimping out Jesus?

Satan's Cabana Boy  06/13/07 4:42 pm
Oh yeah and another thing. God is inside me right now and the bastard didnt even have the decency to give a courtesy spit!

Citizen  06/13/07 8:35 pm

Jesus told me that every time I masturbate, He goes down on your mom.

I realize she is dead - Which is a shame because I was expecting a 'Thank you' for all the work I am putting into this...

That's what I get for trying to help I guess...

A~  06/14/07 11:23 am
This has GOT to be the best fucking reply I've ever read. That "...throw the fight." had me laughing my head off.

Dingo  06/14/07 11:45 am
I didn't know Jerry Falwell was "the rainbow one". Jebus, I love hick grammar.

swordofcerberus  06/14/07 11:57 am
I think God won't answer cause he finds this shit funny as hell. Kuddos to TShirt Hell for the entertainment of posting and replying to these dumbasses

PJ  06/15/07 2:02 am
wow editor I must say you are truly ridiculous with that response but I guess that was a weird letter which merited a weird response. Now, from a christians perspective its not right for us to condemn someones livlihood especially when we believe in a good whos mercy is great and loves us all now by the same token you shouldnt really assume that all christians bottle emotions because I know for a fact that when I converted it was about expressing my emotions and filling a void so just be careful about generalizing you do not know every christian in the world so dont be so quick to judge. Now like I said before God loves us all gay, straight, black, white, woman, man ect. And at the end of the day we all must remember these tshirts are jokes so lighten up. I love them i think their hilarious. Keep doin what your doin jus dont be judgemental. God Bless ;)

Jenna  06/15/07 9:47 am
Who is this moron Megan M? Megan, do you honestly believe that Jerry did GOD"s work? He taught hate and stole millions of dollars from dumb people like yourself. Oh --- wait --- I'm sorry --- that's OK right because GOD forgave him. However, I'm still a sinner no matter what.


Noah Body  06/15/07 9:50 am
Hey PJ:

Thanks for your useless God supporting blather. Obviously the "Christian perspective" doesn't give a shit about punctuation, spelling, grammar, capitalization, sentence structure or know the difference between "their" and "they're" and "there" or "too", "to" and "two". So after you're finished feeling good about yourself and have brought the word of Jesus to some more mouth-breathing, half-retarded, heathen, assholes, (hmmm sounds like most Americans to me - need proof? just look at your current President) maybe you can find the time to take your uneducated ass back to school and learn how to write. I'm sure God (as if he exists anyway so this is a totally cyclical and pointless arguement for me to be making) loves us all but I'll bet He's pretty embarrased by jerk off, sycophants like you who speak on His behalf and can't even be bothered to notice that they spelled their Savior's name wrong (hint - God has only one "o" in it you flatulent self-flagellator). As for the rest of your pointless illegible email - no one gives a fuck about you or your feelings or your "invisible man in the sky". If you need to "believe" in some "god" in order to get through life, then maybe you should just chop off you balls now on your way to the psychiatrist's office so you can get your head examined and prevent yourself from breeding more morons like you. The Editor's response was hardly "ridiculous". The email that he/she responded to from another "true believer" like you who feels the need to come to the defence of a (supposedly) omnipotent, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful, hiding-behind-the-clouds-for-the-past-2000-years deity is what's fucking ridiculous. Go pound some more inscense up your ass you fucking idiot!

Lissa  06/15/07 10:29 am
Noah you rock!

Thunderboltproof  06/15/07 4:23 pm

NOT A STUPID YANKEE FUCK  06/16/07 5:48 pm
HA HA HA you stupid Americans make me laugh.Your precious constitution is nearly gone thanks to the Patriot Act,and you are well on your way to a complete and total fascist totalianism goverment.Between that and the Mexicans/ niggers,America is truly circling the drain. And the world is laughing.(BTW,9/11 was an inside job you gullable fucks!!!)

lisa  06/16/07 9:17 pm
fred phelps... is that the guy who's in charge of the westborough baptist church?? shirley roper phelps was on hanity and colmes, they protest at soldiers funnerals?

why do people care THIS much what tshirt hell has to sell? can't they just.......... not check out the website, or better yet, not buy the shirt??

Seedy Em  06/24/07 9:03 pm
One morning, my wife greeted me with a smile and said, "You're going to love this: Jerry Falwell died!" I hooted and said what I always say when one of these assholes (i.e., Strom Thurmond, moRon Reagan, John Paul II} bite the Big One: "Hell just got hotter." Great shirt. Keep up the good work.

foofoolamarr  06/27/07 3:16 pm
>when we believe in a good whos mercy is great and >loves us all now by the same token

Dear JP: Some remedial English classes are definitely in order. Or do you hail from Tex-ass, like our Dear Dumbya?

division of labor

-----Original Message-----

From: Harrison
Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007
Subject: political tee

Hey guys. Love the site, but I wanted to comment on the 'vote republican' shirt. I'm for ridiculing anybody and everybody, but our current president has caused so many problems I don't see how you can even suggest that someone should vote republican in the next election. I know it's just a joke and it's not like a shirt will effect the election, but Bush has just been so bad you shouldn't even joke about it.

Indiana Jones & his sack hammock.Editor's Note: I've only heard of one Harrison in my entire life, and I can't imagine Han Solo being this much of a tool, so I'll go ahead and assume you're not him.

Anyway, you couldn't be more wrong. That shirt is not a joke. We wholeheartedly support the Republican party. Not only that, but we also strongly support Winnie the Pooh dressed as a pimp, the Pillsbury Doughboy dressed as a Nazi, and people who would rather be fighting the man. None of our shirts are jokes, despite what simpletons like you believe.

You're also wrong about shirts not affecting the election. The fact of the matter is, every president since Rutherford B. Hayes was elected due to t-shirts. He was spotted in public wearing his "Rutherford B. Awesome" shirt and the rest is history. Fictional history, but history nonetheless.

Now if you don't mind, I have to get back to making strong social statements for the sole purpose of influencing society and not making people laugh. You retard.

Comments (41) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Rotten  06/13/07 1:47 am
what a fucktard!

Cunt Punter  06/13/07 3:35 am
Wow the guy above me really got him, I don't think I can add much. Well I guess I can add that "Rotten" is a mindless fucking dumbass who we can only hope dies soon so that he can fertilize my ganja garden.

donquixote  06/13/07 4:13 am
except for cutting taxes, keeping us from a clinton recession, having consecutive record breaking dow jones averages and not allowing terrorist attacks, bush does pretty much suck. get a life. thats more than clinton did. the only difference is that clinton tried to suck up (or be sucked?) to (by?) the citizenry. everything to him was for brownie points. he even turned the little oval orifice affair into a "feel sorry for me" campaign. more, we were attacked by terrorists during "peace" time a total of four times. quit hating bush because everybody else does. i hope you arent old enough to vote, or better yet, too old to read a ballot (FL 2000).

theemissary  06/13/07 5:28 am
WHAT! None of your tshirts are jokes! Now I feel such a fool for laughing at something you clearly take so seriously. I can't apologise strongly enough. So, I'll have to keep laughing at you.

Nikki  06/13/07 5:37 am
Could you guys make that shirt, please? Rutherford B. Awesome. I'd buy it.

Cunt Punter  06/13/07 6:33 am
WOW donquixote you pretty much epitimize the "retard American". Terrorist don't need to attack the U.S. because we are over there in that 3rd world hell hole fucking their babies and eating their women. Oh yeah and nothing like tax cuts to the rich, I'm surprised you would support that considering you definetly didn't graduate highschool but probably do work in one. So why don't you go out to your 86' Ford pickup and jack off to your Bush-Cheney bumper sticker you stupid ass scab.

Taking back Porch monkey!  06/13/07 8:58 am
HAHA! Cunt Punter u hit that on the head

Taking back Porch monkey!  06/13/07 8:58 am
HAHA! Cunt Punter u hit that on the head

andy  06/13/07 9:21 am
I want to know where I can get a "Rutherford B. Awesome" shirt...

goofy bastrd  06/13/07 10:42 am
Yo Andy, you can get one of those Rutherford B. Awesome shirtsin New Jersey...or a Genesis concert. I really don't recommend going to either one.

Kerfuffle  06/13/07 11:06 am
Taking Back Porch Monkey needs to be hit in the head with a cunt punter.

QuantumEntropy  06/13/07 12:39 pm
"except for cutting taxes, keeping us from a clinton recession, having consecutive record breaking dow jones averages and not allowing terrorist attacks, bush does pretty much suck."

Learn some punctuation, you lame-duck supporting fuckwad. Bush cut taxes for the RICH, destroyed initiatives that Clinton implemented regarding clean air standards & environmental policies, hasn't done anything to stimulate the economy or the Dow Jones (which fluctuates on its own volition), and has been lucky enough NOT to see another attack on our homeland...but obviously hasn't done anything to prevent terrorists from forming cells in our country.

No offense to Republicans, because I am one (sort of), but Bush is nothing more than a meandering bigot and warmonger. You dipshits are quick to blame others for joining the Bush-hater bandwagon, yet you can't even see yourselves riding merrily on the same bandwagon for Clinton haters. Clinton didn't run up a deficit for a war on an abstract noun, in a country that doesn't want us there, and for the sole purpose of securing oil-fields in a hostile Middle East. Clinton pressed for electric vehicles and other industry "standards" that would lessen our dependency on foreign oil. And what did Bush do? Squashed all of them, because he still seems to think he's an oil tycoon.

So keep repeating the same ol' RNC talking points that you and your ilk have been parroting over the past several years, and assuming that it makes your arguments relevant. America will simply keep ignoring you & hoping that you and your rhetoric will soon go away. If someone is going to vote Republican in the upcoming elections, it certainly isn't going to be because of anything that Bush did. Values will be the deciding factor in the elections, and seeing as Bush has no values other than his All-Mighty Crude Oil, maybe we'll see America side with a "godless liberal" again. If it happens, you can almost certainly guarantee that Bush had a hand in making that decision for the citizenry. Blame yourself, then blame Bush. Show some humility & maybe America will forgive you for being an ignorant fuck.

Have a nice day.

Marker  06/13/07 2:36 pm
I am Bush and I do suck, especially when I get caught in your teeth. Stop complaining and shave me. But remember, I am a former pilot, so please leave a landing strip.

Iman Azol  06/13/07 3:37 pm
"Bush cut taxes for the RICH, destroyed initiatives that Clinton implemented regarding clean air standards & environmental policies, hasn't done anything to stimulate the economy or the Dow Jones"

Yeah, and all kinds of other awesome shit. But he didn't kill enough people with Katrina, and doesn't want to kill all Arabs. So at the end of the day, he's just another liberal pussy.

I'm going to light a fart for pollution, using a fat Cuban paid for with my tax refund (and a cigar, too, probably), roast some spotted owl for dinner and check my stocks. You poor liberal tools can suck it.

Iman Azol  06/13/07 3:38 pm
Dear Liberal Shitheads:

Bush can't run for president again.

Pity, because I'd totally vote for him if he said he'd define Demoshits as terrorists and kill them.

PRW  06/13/07 3:45 pm
I wonder if Harrison realizes that the U.S. has term limits and that Bush isn't able to run again. Being an American, he probably wasn't taught that in school (No Child Left Behind?). You have to come up to Canada to actually learn stuff in school.

At any rate, vote for Ron Paul, because I can't.

Kerfuffle  06/13/07 4:23 pm
Whatís up Bush Ė itís me, Dick! Being positioned directly below you gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Your image directly affects my appearance, which is why I fully support all your hair brained schemes. Iíve been known to get us into some pretty sticky situations myself from time to time. I like to hunt and shoot, but my aim is off --- not to worry, I straighten things out by calling them ďaccidentsĒ.

Jason  06/13/07 6:24 pm
If y'all did actually make a 'Rutherford B. Awesome' t-shirt with a picture of Rutherford B. Hayes, I would buy one.

Bodhi  06/14/07 1:07 am
Where is this tool getting his information about how "bad" Bush has been? At least he hasn't been getting knobbies in the oval office like the last President, oh wait, that is somehow morally better than throwing a genocidal dictator out of a country?

Bodhi  06/14/07 1:16 am

A country that doesn't want us there? You have obviously been listening WAY TOO MUCH to the US liberal media and have never been to that or any other middle eastern country.

HlotSfan  06/14/07 3:48 am
"How can you suggest voting for a republican"??? I love it! As someone proud to be a Republican, it's very simple ... look at the Democratic nominees! Clinton? Obama? HA HA HA! No way in hell I would ever ... eeeeeeever vote for those two 'tards.

Ballzy  06/14/07 9:44 am
Bodhi - whats wrong with getting a knobber at work? I do it all the time. You should take your dumb ass over to iraq so a bunch of marines can blow holes through your thick puss filled head.

QuantumEntropy  06/14/07 12:22 pm

You're damn right: a country that DOES NOT want us there. You say that I listen to too much liberal media, but I'm guessing that your naieve ass honestly believed Bush when he said we'd be greeted as "liberators", huh? If we were going to oust Saddam, then we should have done it the first time we were there. As opposed to lying to Congress about their possible connections to 9/11 terrorists...then giving no-bid contracts when we got there to none other than oil company with close ties to Bush AND Cheney. That was a cowardly fucking route that Bush chose, and now American soldiers are dying for it. Iraq is no closer to a "democracy" than they were when we got there. Who the fuck are we to tell that country that they MUST exercise our ways of thinking & living? If Bush really wanted to help, he'd have discussed how we could go about establishing a theocracy there. After all, that's what they want...because that's all they know.

Secondly, you sound exactly like the rest of the neo-con parrots by basing your only argument about Clinton around the blowjob he received...yet struggle to define many more nasty characteristics about the man. I could go into much greater detail in showing you how much better of an American President Clinton was than Bush, but I know it would do no good. Your ears are deaf to logic & reason.

In all, your posts show clearly just how stubborn Bush supporters are in the face of justified criticism. You spin and spin and spin some more, hoping that eventually your pointless points will start making sense.

...well, unfortunately for you, they haven't...and aren't going to.

It's pretty fucking arrogant & cowardly to neglect to admit to a mistake (which Bush should have done by now), and clearly elaborate his only "exit strategy". i.e. - letting the next President clean up his fuck-ups.

So, in conclusion, I blame Bush for many things, and so does the majority of this country, and the world. But, I also blame ignorant fuckers like YOU for putting this piece of shit in office. The least you could do is show some humility, like I asked "donquixote" to do & shut the fuck up. Because it is painfully obvious that you don't know what you're talking about.

Have a wonderful day.

Mike  06/14/07 1:06 pm
I was going to write a nice long message telling you all that your a bunch of Fucktards. But as I reread some of your comments I realized that I did not need to do that. You all made your points that are really undereducated opinions based on documentary's from Fat Assholes that alter the truth so idiots such as yourself will buy into it and help make him fatter. Fuck him. And Fuck all of you. Your a bunch of ass Goblins. PORCH MONKEY FOR LIFE. ....IM ALSO HELPING IN BRINGING THAT BACK.. AND WHILE IM AT FUCK CLINTON AND OBAMA.

Circle of Pain  06/14/07 2:39 pm
instead of chewing over the same basic cud yr all throwing shit at each other, I'm gonna take an entirely new point:

I prefer Clinton over Bush, not b/c he didn't do what you dumb fuck's've bin rewriting a thousand times, but because he was a BETTER LEADER

no matter what he did behind closed doors, when he was talking to the people, there was a general point to what he was saying, and he was confident, and played the sax, and got the girls, etc.

now Bush...well, mmm, on his ranch, we've seen him do some stuff that the Real Man audience likes, but other'n that, he's really a shithead aristo with no ties to his public

PRW  06/14/07 6:35 pm
You said that the US should have ousted Saddam "the first time we were there"...

I'm guessing that by "first time", you mean that little pissing contest in the early 90's, and not the time that the US government gave Iraq a shitload of weapons to take care of Iran. Speaking of which, how many Americans know the difference?

Seriously, your country just needs to stop trying to do foreign policy all together. When you suck that badly at something, just quit. That's why I don't perform major surgery in my garage anymore.

fuck u all  06/14/07 7:37 pm
QuantumEntropy, look who is spewing Left Wing Liberal talking points. You are you dumb left wing fuck stick. Yes Bush has done some pretty dumb shit but at least you know what he stands for. Libs change with every poll. So go back to eating out Hilary and sucking on Edwards Johnson and get a life dip shit!!!

Fuck your day!

awndray  06/14/07 9:40 pm
You know what's funny? People who get upset about people who get upset about t-shirts.

Cunt Punter  06/15/07 12:37 am
"I was going to write a nice long message telling you all that your a bunch of Fucktards. But as I reread some of your comments I realized that I did not need to do that. You all made your points that are really undereducated opinions based on documentary's from Fat Assholes that alter the truth so idiots such as yourself will buy into it and help make him fatter. Fuck him. And Fuck all of you. Your a bunch of ass Goblins. PORCH MONKEY FOR LIFE. ....IM ALSO HELPING IN BRINGING THAT BACK.. AND WHILE IM AT FUCK CLINTON AND OBAMA."

You making fun of anyones intelligence is like a black guy making fun of someone who is poor. Even when ignoring the plethora of grammatical errors and lack of coherency in your statement you truly show how retarded you are.

doosh-bag  06/15/07 10:47 am
all of this political crap makes my head hurt. if i wasnt a felon, id write in rutherford b awesome.

Cock Block  06/15/07 12:04 pm
I am first stating that I am not a fan of Bush. But I will argue that his tax cuts are not just for the rich. Tax breaks were given out across the board. Cutting dividend taxes helps out those wise enough to save money and wisely invest it.
Haliburton is not an oil company, they are a company that specializes in putting out oil well fires and they are damn good at it. During the Gulf War the equipment that they invented and patented was the most effective at putting out the fires. Yes, the Bush Administration has ties to it but they are one of, if not the best at putting out oil well fires.

This election is looking bad like most I can remember. If it is The Bitch vs 9/11 then once again I will vote for a 3rd party canidate and I would stongly advise everyone else to do so. The 2 main parties will have to start listening to the ideas, that 3rd parties bring to the table but are ignored, if 3rd parties receive enough votes.

Cock Block  06/15/07 12:06 pm
Also, pleas emake a Rutherford B. Awesome shirt

Jimmy  06/17/07 1:27 am
Prw: I would never vote for Ron Paul and I have no idea who he is. I know this is an ignorant statement and I am very much against idiots saying ignorant things. All that I know is that on you tube all of the "9/11 was an inside job" morons say vote for Ron Paul. So this is the only time I am saying do not vote for someone even if you know nothing about them becuase if these fags are saying to vote for him he has to be a socialist anarchist. On a side note, I bought the Vote Republican shirt and plan to wear it the next time I go to San Francisco. I also recently bought the "I bet youll vote next time hippie" and plan to wear that to the City as well. Its gonna be awesome!! Stupid fucking hippies.

Bugsike  06/17/07 6:29 pm
Wow. You guys are shitheads. What does a blowjob have to do with running or ruining the country? And where the fuck did you get the idea Haliburton is not an oil company? They're all over northern Michigan, where we have lots of natural gas, but no oil fires. My brother worked for them until he got canned for speaking to union activists. If the economy is so great, why are americans taking pay cuts to save thier jobs? Bin-Ladens family has been to bush's ranch, the administration doesn't even deny it. Instead they say "only Osama is involved in terrorism". Oh, and did you notice that Afganistan is NOT Iraq? Or did you flunk geography like most stupid americans? If the fucking Iraquis wanted us there, then why are they blowing up american kids? Does that even make sense? The only thing as stupid as that is me bothering to post a message asking some of you assholes to think for yourselves.
Here's bait to comtemplate - Voting should be restricted to only those citizens in the top 2% of the worlds IQ standing; reproduction should be limited to the top 10%. That way we could breed out assholes like you.

fuck u al  06/19/07 7:01 pm
So if we do as you say Bugsike then we do not have to worry about you voting or reproducing!!!!!!

Bugsike  06/19/07 8:55 pm
Gee, fuk you al, what a clever name! Too bad you can't even spell it. That's OK, I understand spelling isn't a big trend in Texass or the re(tard)publican party. Would you care to compare IQs? - Bet MENSA says mine is bigger. Or we could settle this like real men - let's slap dickheads together and see whose bleeds first. Either way, I win.

bugsike  06/19/07 8:58 pm
Oh - and Al - I used to have kids, but I tried to teach them to swim. They weren't smart enough to get out of the bag. Too bad your mom didn't do that to you. Why don't you give your mom a nice retroactive abortion for mothers day and kill your sorry ass so there's more vodka for me.

Harvest  06/20/07 12:14 pm
Yeah, dude, you guys totally need to make a Rutherford B. Awesome shirt. That's be great, I'd buy it.

Iman Azol  06/20/07 10:17 pm
Ron Paul a socialist anarchist? What a fucking moron. No wonder we get shitheads for presidents. Shitheads who vote don't even know who's running.

The Iraqis I met were nice people. But if you've had more experience with them, by all means say so.

And we never gave Saddam a buttload of weapons, or even a single one. The AK47, ZSU, T72 and SCUD are RUSSIAN. The Roland is FRANCO-GERMAN.

Fucking Frogs, Krauts and Iceholes gave him weapons, not us.

So once again, we have to fix the problem caused by LIBERAL SHITBAGS.

PRW  06/21/07 9:53 pm
Ron Paul does have some retarded supporters, but they are in the minority. He's far from a socialist... probably the farthest, which is why I like him. He's not perfect, but he's the closest to a libertarian that has the possibility to get a major party behind him.

xaye  06/23/07 1:56 am
i really think you guys should leave clinton alone about his affair in the oval office. he had an affair before he became president so no one should have been surprised. and anyone who believes that clinton is the first or only person in politics who has had an affair on there spouses is a fucking idiot. so i'll leave you with this: ask not what you can do for your county but who in this country you can do.

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Message-----

From: pill82*** @ ***.com
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007

i would never try to stop someone from exercising free speech but i think you shoud at least put up some kind of disclaimer. something about telling customers to not wear this stuff in public. or at the very least telling people not to buy these for kids. love the shirts, just wanted to say that.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the advice. I've decided to put up a disclaimer. Let us know what you think of it.

"Warning: The world is full of goddamn morons. Every city of every country on the planet is filled with them. Some of them occasionally write stupid emails to businesses because they have to do something when they're not velcroing their shoes and eating multicolored thumbtacks.

Rutherford B. AwesomeThe staff of T-Shirt Hell advises you to carry a battery-powered nailgun with you at all times in case you run into any of these morons. They tend to look like you and I, so don't look for any distinguishing marks. Just start shooting people indiscriminately. Also, purchase the most offensive t-shirts you can find, and using the strongest fishing line available, sew these shirts directly onto any children below the age of 12 that you know.

Also, have unprotected sex with multiple partners and do all the drugs you can find or make. Then threaten the lives of the Pope and/or the political leaders of your choice. And floss twice a day."

I hope that satisfies your disclaimer-lust. And remember to keep wearing your own disclaimer. The one that says "Shoot in head and do not resuscitate."

Comments (42) - View Comments - Add A Comment

wick3dsentinel  06/12/07 8:28 pm
That has to be one of the best disclaimers I have ever read.

DrJKL  06/12/07 9:16 pm
The red ones taste like blood!

Boyevul  06/12/07 9:49 pm
What a crackhead - you'd think the shirts themselves are enough warning. (The "Kill yourself" shirt makes a great ice breaker when meeting the parents of your current girl for the first time!)

Jammie  06/12/07 10:31 pm
...I would actually really like to have a disclaimer similar to this one on a t-shirt.

The Happy Leprechaun  06/12/07 11:13 pm
A disclaimer about not wearing these shirts in public?! What a fucking moron! Yeah, idiot, I buy these shirts to shock and amaze the people in my home that ALREADY KNOW I OWN THEM! Do the world a favor, and forget to breathe, ok?

Jennifer  06/12/07 11:46 pm
If she truly loved the shirts not only would she buy them for kidsshe would rape a child while forcing the shirt over the screaming kids head.That's what I did to Dakota Fanning and she turned out just fine!

Jessa  06/13/07 1:08 am
yes shirts like "how dare I wear this goddamn tshirt in front of your fucking kids?" was definiately meant to be worn in the privacy of ones own home.I think its funny that people take so much of their energy being pist at comedians and such...but hey at least people like that exist it just makes the joke ten times better! You have the best come backs ever...keep up the good work.

Ian  06/13/07 2:19 am
we wear these shirts to show people we have a sense of humor. we wear these shirts to mock everyone else, but above all we wear them occasionally to show our own short comings as humans. my fave is my "to women from god". Those of us who lie through our shirts are the best people of all

Penguin  06/13/07 4:01 am
Yeah, you'd better get that disclaimer up quick before someone forgets what the fuck website they're going to! And the part about "where all the bad shirts go" must read something like "free candy in van"... And can you hook me up with one of those fancy nailguns?! Yeah!

mustangkrillin  06/13/07 5:04 am
Flossing is VERY important!

Johnny  06/13/07 6:15 am
This newsletter was a bit of a let down for once, maybe its just me, but usually is funny especially the hate mail, this time it was just a bit Meh! Perhaps its me, but you need better quality hate mail/come backs on the people.

Cunt Punter  06/13/07 6:45 am
Well Johhny boy I don't think it was as big of a let down as you were to your family. Your mom does deserve props though. Most women don't choose to have the baby after being gang raped by autistic midget gypsies.

sp00kstar deLuXe  06/13/07 7:54 am
if you roll a stone through moss it does indeed gather moss, especially a lumpy stone over sticky moss... - even more effective is to roll the stone through glue first, then thouroughly roll the stone through your moss. The more proficient stone roller may prefer to roll through finely chopped sundried moss which gives a modern, professional finish. give it a go! You will be amazed at the results!

Khemnis  06/13/07 10:54 am
I really have to take issue with your disclaimer. Everyone knows you should be brushing and flossing 3 times a day.

Christopher Shawn Hayden  06/13/07 12:18 pm
Cunt Punter, you're rad. I wish i could string together adjectives like you can.

Bad Habit  06/13/07 1:25 pm
All it takes is a thesaurus and lack of a job.

Ben  06/13/07 4:56 pm
I almost came when I saw that disclaimer. That was awesome. I really hope you put that disclaimer on the front page.

Kat  06/13/07 5:54 pm
Uhhh....I thought the name of the site it self was enough to warn people...come one TSHIRTHELL...lets be serious...people need to learn how to live a lil and stop nit pickin at every little thing...everytime u send hate mail a young child is "touched" by a priest...remember that...

m0d  06/13/07 10:06 pm
What is this shit about a disclaimer?! That prick can kiss my ass. When you get a shirt like the ones you guys are selling, you know its gonna come with some risk to it, but fuck thats half the fun.
Everytime i wear something that says FUCK YOU in all caps (or whatever) I'm waitin for some uptight fucker to come over and bitch at me. All ya gotta do is cut the shithead off before he/she gets into a fuckin lecture, tell them to fuck off and thats it. And if they don't like that, if they decide to do something about it (with their fists), you fuckem up. As long as they come out of it worse than me I'm happy. To summarize: Fuck disclaimers and to hell with the pussys that support em.

TSF  06/13/07 10:45 pm
"Cunt Punter, you're rad. I wish i could string together adjectives like you can."
I'm afraid that I could only pick out 1 adjective in his entire comment, could you please point the rest out to me? In my opinion, a single adjective can't constitute a string of adjectives.

TSF  06/13/07 10:46 pm
"Cunt Punter, you're rad. I wish i could string together adjectives like you can." I'm afraid that I could only pick out 1 adjective in his entire comment, could you please point the rest out to me? In my opinion, a single adjective can't constitute a string of adjectives.

a different ben  06/14/07 12:22 am
seems to me too many people wear the shirts for shock value and to offend other people. seems kinda like the gay and lesbian mardi gras, what ever happened to just wearing shirts because you like them?
as for m0d, try making sentences where every second word isnt fuck...are you trying to sound big and tough? cos all that seems to be coming through is "hi, im retarded" and something about how you enjoy fisticuffs with people who dont like your clothes...
and can someone please show TSF how to post a comment? complaining about someones use of english and then being incapable of posting your own message properly kinda defeats the purpose of saying anything at all...

Kandi*Kain  06/14/07 4:48 am
You know, I've never really bothered to read your newsletter, just out of pure laziness. (Not to mention the illiterate half of me going "NOOO!! NOT THE WORDS!") I digress.

That has to be the second funniest damn thing I've ever read. Next to "We'll Rape Your Churches And Burn Your Women!"

Of course, it is 5 o'clock in the morning. I'll stop by in the afternoon and check if it's still funny. <3

Anne  06/14/07 8:06 am
I would proudly wear the shirt with the disclaimer! I think for every 12 t-shirts purchased a free nail gun should be given!! Did someone put a nail gun to your head and make you look?? IDIOTS!!!

The Apple  06/14/07 8:21 am

indigolovestshirthell  06/14/07 9:29 am
I think the schmuck who wrote the hate mail should have a disclaimer tattooed to his forehead. Warning: May cause disbelief that humans could be as moronic as I am!

wickedkitty  06/14/07 9:38 am
TSF, there are 2 adjectives. (God people are stupid.) As far as I know authistic and midget both describe the gypsies. But c'mon, WHO THE FUCK CARES?! At least Cunt Punter had the creativity to, 1. come up with a funny name and, 2. be freakin nice. and to A different ben, I think many peope try to be offensive in as many ways as possible. Some for attention, and some because they really want to make a statement about how God damn uptightpeople really are. I say, wear these shirts everyday. They brighten my day. PLEASE MAKE A SHIRT WITH A DISCLAIMER LIKE THIS. We'll all get one, right guys?

Rockstar  06/14/07 10:00 am
Hey cunt punter I think that Christopher Shawn Hayden wishes he would have fucked you instead of that "skank" that he never wanted to reproduce with in the fathers day section! but I never knew that blow up dolls could have babies..... is there a disclaimer on those too? If not there should be one for groupies like christopher! I bet when he spit before hitting the rim he was scream'n CUNT PUNTER I WISH I WAS AS CLEVER AS YOU!

PMS  06/14/07 11:45 am
The highlight of my day is when kids ask their parents what my "You had me a swallow" t-shirt means. I'd be happy to add the following disclaimer: Warning: may cause choking, nausea, eye irritation.

Dean  06/14/07 12:02 pm
Sweet! I already do all that stuff, so I can keep using T-shirt hell!

Khemnis  06/14/07 3:34 pm
OMG! Eye irritation!!! There should definitely be a disclaimer for that. When someone said jacking off will make you go blind. They didn't mean you, they meant your partner.

Guys, here's a little tip...if your woman loves you enough to let you shoot it in her face, please love her enough to avoid the eyes.

LV Wendy  06/15/07 12:39 am
A disclaimer!!! read the shirt before you ordered it (Douche Bag)! My friend was asked to turn one of your shirts inside out at a bar, so we told them to "FUCK OFF" and we have not been back in that bar in 3 year.

Here is your disclaimer: "DO NOT GO TO THE LODGE BARS IN LAS VEGAS!!" (Please make sure you have read and understand the above statement)

Jen  06/15/07 1:12 am
Why shouldn't people wear the shirts in public? I'm the proud owner of quite a number of them. (the mexican't one is my favorite, and i live near a bunch if them) I also buy the baby shirts for friends that have kids. Kids are so desensitized these days, nothing shocks them anymore. Not even when mom occasionally gives dad a black eye. What I'd like to know is all these douches that CONSTANTLY complain about the shirts, why are they on the site? Just because they don't have a sense of humor, doesn't mean the rest of us can't. They should pull their dad's dick out of their ass and move on. Or better yet, have a suicide bombing party for all their friends at their house. And do it on the 4th, so we can see some good fireworks for a change. they give a good argument for abortion themselves.

Mike  06/15/07 11:05 pm
Awsome you guys rock fuck what anyone else thinks...........even me............hail satan

Nobody  06/16/07 7:01 am
I've come to understand that it is impossible to make any kind of comment without getting completely ripped on by you mental health care patients. So, with just this to work with, can you work up anything under that bicycle helmet you wear 24/7?

FatBoy  06/16/07 4:24 pm
The white ones taste like virgins!!!!!!

Mike  06/17/07 2:34 pm
"Shoot in head and do not resuscitate". If that was a shirt, I would buy it!

eighth-1der  06/18/07 6:42 pm
Damn this would be a great shirt! Only available in 4XL for fat people, but a damn good shirt!

Chelsea Rundquist  06/18/07 8:40 pm
I love the site. The stuff is hilarious. If you're going to be offended by anything on here, I would advise that you don't bother coming here.

John  06/21/07 12:32 am
No, really... the Rutherford B. Awesome shirt needs to happen, and be at the top of tshirthell

Katydid  06/21/07 2:05 pm
"Cunt Punter, you're rad. I wish i could string together adjectives like you can." I'm afraid that I could only pick out 1 adjective in his entire comment, could you please point the rest out to me? In my opinion, a single adjective can't constitute a string of adjectives.

I'm pretty sure he was referring to "autistic midget gypsies"... in this case they use midget as an adjective as well autistic. and i agree with Christopher, it was brilliant.

xaye  06/23/07 2:17 am
although i'm sure there's nothing in the constitution that says "freedom to wear whatever the fuck you want" but i'm sure there aren't too many people who would buy a shirt they didn't want to be worn in public. like i'd spend $18 dollars on a shirt just to wear it to bed. i don't think so. while pill82 is comming up with a disclaimer he/she/idiot should come up with ideas as to what we should do with our shirts when we're not wearing them in public. though i'm sure he/she/idiot puts it over their pillow so they can have something to hold at night pretending that they are loved.

divided we fall

The End - Stay Tuned for "Newsletter 2: Return of Superfly"

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Unless you roll it through a big pile of moss.


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