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It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing

The United States government recently lifted their embargo against Palestine, thus providing aid to the new Palestinian government. Wait a second...that has nothing to do with Paris Hilton. How did I even hear about this?

In hilarious-because-it-didn't-happen-to-me news, a 16-year-old Kentucky girl recently had her feet severed by a snapped cable while riding the "Superman Tower of Power." The ride lifts passengers 177 feet straight up, then drops 154 feet, according to the park's website. Although, now, it apparently drops 156 feet.

I can't believe they let her on the ride in the first place. There's a height requirement and she was 2 feet short.

WWE wrestler Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their home on Monday, apparently victims of a murder-suicide. No cause of death for Benoit's family has been released, but so far the police have ruled out, "pretending to hit them while he stomped his foot really hard".

Finally, in a bit of sad news, Bob Barker recently wrapped up his 35-year run as host of The Price Is Right. That noise you hear is the sound of millions of dog-balls slapping together in rapturous applause.


New Shirts

What does your watch say? Well that's wrong, because it's actually NEW SHIRT TIME! Yeah, I know that was gay. And not in that good "me licking vagina" way. It was just gay.

Anyway, our new group includes a shirt for the theme park ride in all of us and a shirt that's all about r-e-s-p-e-c-t for b-i-t-c-h-e-s. And there's plenty more where that came from. You know...from God's butthole.

All of our new shirts are here:

New Shirts

Remember that great shirt you meant to buy but never got around to getting? Well, today is your lucky day. We've opened up the T-Shirt Hell vault and all of the classic, craziest, coolest, sickest, most twisted shirts are back for a limited time. There is only a very limited amount of each design available, and each design is available in a limited number of sizes and styles.

There's a search feature at the top of the page. The best way to search is to choose mens or womens styles, and then skip over to the, "choose size" dropdown. A lot of the best ones are in short supply because all of the T-Shirt Hell Members found out about this page last week; and those fuckers bought a ton of them. So, sign up as a member when you check out and you'll get a better shot at your favorite next time.

long division

Happy Dependence Day

Grill it flip it burn it eat it light it smoke it automaticFire up the barbecue and sponge down Grandma Helen, because the 4th of July is almost here. For me, July Fourth is a time to recognize the anniversary of the first time my Uncle Jeff molested me, but I realize that most of you will be celebrating America's independence. And while I'm happy to participate in any event that allows me to see bright colors in the sky without resorting to drug use, I can't help but ask: Who ever said that independence was a good thing?

We've had the idea that a free nation is the best option drilled into our heads so early and so often that we've never taken the time to consider the positives of the alternative. When I think about all the burdens I face on a typical day, it all comes back to having excessive freedoms.

Freedom of speech, religion and all the rest look good on paper, but all these freedoms have really done is give us a shitload of questions to ponder and stress over. But if the government steps in and tells us everything to say and believe, all that stress goes right out the window.

You'd no longer have to wonder if God has a walrus body and human arms or if he exists at all. We don't need no shriners, let that bourgeois symbol burn...Your leaders would simply force you to know exactly what God is. "What's that? Our savior was born of a virgin and he can walk on water for some apparent reason? That's a load off my mind."

And while it's great that the government can tell me who I can and can't marry, it simply doesn't go far enough. Don't just tell me what gender I can marry. Tell me the race and age, too. Free me from as much thought as possible. Tell me what movies and video games to buy. Tell me which flags I can burn. Tell me what to have for breakfast. I don't need the aggravation of freedom.

The basic point here is that the government should make its citizens an extension of itself. When I see images of Iraqi women, I don't see an oppressed or persecuted group. I see a bunch of women that probably get a good night's sleep because they don't worry about the nature of God or even what to wear the next day. The answer is always a burqa.

So this Independence Day, let's do away with all those freedoms our revolutionary forefathers fought for. Because a mind without choices is a happy mind.

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Fuckin H  06/26/07 7:38 pm
Can dependence day be an awesome too?

Ryat  06/26/07 8:51 pm
The tools of Jesus' trade were the size of his feet

foofoolamarr  06/26/07 10:47 pm
Yep. Is it 2008 yet?

FUCK YOU IDIOTS  06/26/07 11:39 pm

deadme666  06/27/07 7:48 am
"FUCK YOU IDIOTS", sorry, but you will never win and we will never be silent, much like your mother when my cock isn't in her mouth.

Iman Azol  06/27/07 10:32 am
I support terrorists when they gang rape "fuck you idiots" and liberals.

foofoolamarr  06/27/07 2:11 pm
Iris. From In Depends. Go to the audio clips. "This is Iris...."

sandman  06/27/07 2:20 pm
HMMM thats funny i thought the government DID tell us the race and esspeccially the age of people you can marry!!

Jib  06/27/07 2:21 pm
I just took a shit and it smells like shit.

Mike F  06/28/07 12:19 am

wheresmyxanax  06/28/07 12:31 am
Freedom of Choice is what you got, Freedom From Choice, is what you want. Devo RULES! And as for 'Fuck You Idiots,' you're a full-term abortion that never got breast-fed. Stupid sack of pigshit. Why don't you go Benoit on yourself, cocksucker. May the fleas of a thousand sandniggers infest your balls. May you be raped by a thousand Mujahadim. You'd probably like it, fucking pathetic starved-for-love pillow-biter. I hope the terrorists start with you by shoving a suicide bomb up your ass, and end by cutting off your cock and shoving it down your throat. GOD BLESS AMERICA (except for oxygen thieves like you.) Now go tell the ACLU that I violated your civil rights (amongst other things.) You despicable waste of skin.

Jake Malicious  06/28/07 5:29 pm
There's already a Dependence Day in the Kingdom of Loathing, you shitstabbers! HA!
Bite my shiny cum-drenched pussy.

jennivieve  06/30/07 11:31 am
I have quit watching the news and reading the paper, this newsletter is the only source for current events that I trust.

landan  06/30/07 3:28 pm
finally! someone who echos my concerns about freedom. i was getting worried there was no one else in the world who wants complete and utter control given to the government. thank you t-shirt hell, now maybe all the freedom fighters will shut the fuck up and just lay back and let the government tell us what to do. thats all we really need in life. again, thank you, all of us who aren't oppressed are starting to get tired of having to think for ourselves.

T.Lee  07/03/07 10:37 pm
FUCK you inbred, dyslexic, chicken fucking, losing sandnigger motherfuckers! You're all too goddam stupid, worshiping your nigger god. Know what your problem is? All your women look like men, thats why you're all a bunch of dick sucking, cum guzzling faggot motherfuckers.

CMO  07/08/07 8:50 pm
Why does it burn when I pee?


-----Original Message-----

From: Mike F.
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007
Subject: stfu

I was hoping to buy a few of your shirts, fortunately I never did. I think most of them are awesome, some of them are sick and wrong, but I could overlook them and move on. Then I read all your deeply hateful things about God. I am not a religious person, but I have my limits. You are one of the most satanic people I have ever met.

A little advice for you, shut your mouth and keep your personal views as far away from your business as possible. Believe it or not, there are people out there like me, and you are losing money because you can't stfu.

Bob Barker wants those removed!Editor's Note: First of all, I'm not one of the most Satanic people you've ever met, because you've never met me. At least I don't think you have. I think I'd remember meeting a guy with eight dicks for a face.

Second of all, I have never said anything hateful about God. I love God. If it wasn't for him taking people like you and dipping them in a big vat full of tard, I wouldn't have anything to mock.

Lastly, you didn't need to remind me that there are people out there like you. I was already depressingly aware of that fact. I keep trying to forget, but every time I order a Big Mac from a guy with almond-shaped eyes I'm reminded again. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go wipe my ass with some of the money I'm losing because I can't shut the fuck up.

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Johnny  06/26/07 5:22 pm
Go to confession and say 2 Our Fathers and 1 Hail Mary. Bless you my son.

Skjevå  06/26/07 6:29 pm
I'm Christian, and I love my "there are 2 people fucking..." shirt. I don't see the problem at all....

Michael  06/26/07 7:18 pm
and lest we forget that your sticking up for a guy who's represenatives here on earth fuck more little boys than michael jackson

Twinkie  06/26/07 8:19 pm
Thank God this dude pointed out to all us three year old Catholics that these shirts are innappropriate.

Killian G.  06/26/07 8:56 pm
What the hell is that photo from?

Btw, the little text I have to enter to post a comment? It says "LAFRO". Beat that!

Renee  06/26/07 9:05 pm
Why don't Christians ever just do the Christian thing - shut up and be nice to people? Obviously because attacking other people for being 'wrong' is a lot easier and requires no self-sacrifice.

So many of the hate mails say "You shirts are really funny, except this one which I find personally offensive, and you should remove because I say so", as if that's a good business decision. For each shirt you don't like, there are a million people who do like it and are offended by one you think is awesome.

Making a funny shirt does not make one Satanic. The fact that all of the editors regularly sacrifice goats does. Get your facts straight, Mike.

no love,

Someone with a sense of humour.

foofoolamarr  06/26/07 10:51 pm
>A little advice for you, shut your mouth and keep >your personal views as far away from your >business as possible. Believe it or not, there are >people out there like me, and you are losing >money because you can't stfu.

Yet *another* good Christian! You must be aligned with Revs. Jesse and Al!

Cholla  06/27/07 12:44 am
Yeah good onya Mike, another christian loser with little or no grasp of the real world. 'Keep your personal views as far away from your business...' Who are you to tell anybody how to conduct their busimess. Go and get fucked Mike, youre a prized dill!

Harry Bastard  06/27/07 12:52 am
Goats?!?!?!? What happened to first born??? Abraham was willing to stick his son Isaac. Abel only got away with critters cause God only made one woman, and Adam wouldn't do train scenes. If the editors here are doing less, they should change the name to Tshirt Heck! God wouldn't setttle for it, and neither should we.

I plan on sacrificing several thousand of my potential children as soon as possible, just in case. Can't take a chance on an apocalypse or rain of frogs just cause I didn't fear God enough!

Now how about some deeply hateful things about Mike the "Tard Octopenis? He wouldn't have jumped in the ring unless he wanted to get smacked hard with some dead Benoit-balls, so let's get back to the tea-bagging.

Mike, you're actually not bad at spewing hatred yourself, I can picture the foam (and potential children) around your mouth as you type, but you'll be more effective with "shut the fuck up" than with cutsie TGI fucking abbreviations. The editor here is pro, and won't short change anyone on abuse. Learn from her, she's got bigger balls than you!

Jenn O'Syde  06/27/07 9:56 am
Seriously though...where is that image from? That is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I want to wear it to prom.

E man  06/27/07 10:20 am
People can't say they love some of the stuff on tshirthell and hate the rest. That's sick. Well i love the "arrest black babies" shirt but that "arrest white babies" shirt is just repulsive! <--- if you think like that, go buy a gun (if you're from the us) and shoot yourself.

Iman Azol  06/27/07 10:36 am
I support religious freedom for everyone except this asshole. It should be a constitutional amendment that he has no rights. Further, he should have a bible shoved up his ass every Tuesday.

Buzz  06/27/07 10:45 am
Actually I think he was dipped and then "re"-dipped in that tard!

foofoolamarr  06/27/07 2:16 pm
Dear Jenn O'Syde:

I, too, would like to know from what production that image is. It looks like something Frank Zappa on speed would have produced (although he was very anti-drug use, alcoholic beverages were OK with him). I miss Frank. He was a trip.

So, m'dear, where'd you get this pick-cha?

Not curious, just nosy


Lauren Ray  06/27/07 8:22 pm
I love your site, and i love reading the hate mail because everyone acts so condescending & hypocritical.... "I think most of them are awesome, some of them are sick and wrong".

You cant please everyone. Well, i can, but thats different. When are people going to figure out that things wont be censored for THIER PERSONAL comfort level? hmm?
Keep up the good work. I hope i win the lazy little bitch contest one day
Much love, Lauren

ps.. i just ordered the "I should be in the kitchen shirt" One of the funniest besides "i like my women how i like my coffee" & "there are two peopel fucking on the back of my shirt".. i could go on forever but i wont cause thats gay.


Citizen  06/27/07 10:14 pm
Mike said: "...Then I read all your deeply hateful things about God, I am not a religious person, but I have my limits...."

Here's a joke that I hope everyone else will enjoy:

Q: What does Mike get when he cuts the baby jesus with a razor blade over and over again?.....

A: An erection.

I am not scared of your imaginary friend Mike...

Have a nice day!

Mike F  06/27/07 11:41 pm
Are you waste of sperm fucks ignorant? I said I AM NOT (NOT) RELIGOUS. I just stated the fact that this dumb fuckin hippo writing this column calling itself an "editor" is doing more harm than good. Now everyone go back to biting thier daddys pillow and quit posting like drunk fuckin special olympic non-qualifiers.

Mike F  06/28/07 12:08 am
"editor" forgot to post my actuall email, probably to embarrased. here is the rest:

I honestly enjoyed your shirts, a lot. I was hoping to buy a few of them sometime, fortunately I never did. I think most of your shirts are awesome, some of them are sick and wrong, but I could overlook them and move on. But once I started reading your "blog" and got to know you a little more, I realized your just a blathering imbecile. Your retarded "blog" makes about as much sense as a fat ass ordering a diet coke with her cheese burger.

Lmao, you actually told a "customer" you could care fucking less what she thinks? Before I read that shit, I was about to become a customer. But no thank you, what if I had a rip in the shirt, or it was printed upside down? Would you call me a dumb fuck and spew some complete nonsense afterwards? Then I read all your deeply hateful things about God, I am not a religious person, that should be obvious to you, i visit your site, but I have my limits. You are one of the most satanic people I have ever met.

A little advice for you, shut your mouth and keep your personal views as far away from your business as possible. Start your "blog" on another site not related to yours. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there like me, and you are losing money because you cant stfu.

I have also got you at least 2 sales from my friends because I told them about your site. One bought the "I'm the one you have to blow" shirt and the other bought the "midget" shirt. I'm going to point them to your "blog" to make sure they don't ever purchase again.


kc  06/28/07 12:41 am
sweet that was sooooooo funny lol oh i love it

Mike D  06/28/07 2:21 am
Shame on you Mike F. Shame on you. Why must you prance about like a moron smearing our good (first) name all about the internet? Stop it immediately, or I will find you and have retribution!

Now if you'll all excuse me, I've got some babies to sacrifice.

Darwin  06/28/07 4:29 pm
I love that picture of the people in the genitalia costumes, does anyone know where that's from?

Meetmoe  06/28/07 4:56 pm
The Little Dude in the Picture Is from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.His name is Master.

Mischief  06/28/07 10:46 pm
Mike, I'm sorry that your spot on the learning curve is on the utmost BOTTOM. I'm also sorry that your mother didn't take the option and swallow you while she had the chance.

Editor, who gives one rats ass about Mike. "I was going to buy your shirts until........" Mike, WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK. Like someone else said, just because you aren't going to buy any of these awesome shirts, doesn't mean that everyone in the world shares your opinion. Besides, are mental patients allowed to be on the internet anyway??

T-shirt Hell will be here long after your dumbass is released from the state hospital!!

Mischief  06/28/07 11:02 pm
Unrelated to the stupid people out the hell do you get to the blogs. Idiot at times, think it was all the pot and meth I did when I was younger. Think I melted one to many brain cells.....OOPS!! Send me a fucking email or something so I can get back to them. I love reading some of the stupid shit that people put in em!!

C. Wood  06/29/07 2:12 am
Bear in mind, Mr. Mikey F. O'Malleh, that you're the one that subscribed to this blog in the first place. Simply stop the emails from coming, delete the site from your favorites list, then put a 9mm automatic to your head and pull the trigger. That way you wouldn't be polluting the world with your bullshit holier-than-thou attitude. Don't worry, there'll still be plenty of people like you left in the world. You (and your opinions) really won't be missed. But seriously. Why don't you jack yourself up with steroids and take a lesson from the late, great Chris Benoit?

I wish you well.

-C. Wood

P.S. By "I wish you well" I actually meant "I hope you fall into a monkey cage where you'll get raped brutally and pooped on at least seventeen times a day."

Much love.

Khronic  06/29/07 8:33 am
I actually kind of agree with Mike F here. The blog is retarded and I almost never read it, but the shirts are usually pretty funny.

There is one shirt on this site that I don't think anyone should get though. It's the one about the virgin mary. But that's just for your own good, getting knifed by a mexican is a pretty lousy way to go.

STFU  06/29/07 10:39 pm
I HATE pussies that say they think the shirts are funny EXCEPT any that hit close to home. I'm gay and I think "Nothing Runs Like A Queere" is Hilarious!
This douchebag is upset they mock God, but ends by saying Shut The Fuck Up!!
Start with the "man" in the mirror, you little bitch!

Humpy  06/30/07 2:10 am
Hey Mike F, I have ordered shirts from this site that came stained due to the post office getting the package wet and the ink bleeding through. No fault to this site but they replaced the shirt for free anyway. I find, if you treat people with respect, they usually return the favor. I dont know what I would do if I didnt have my "Anorexia is PHAT!" shirt without a huge blue ink stain on it.

SexyKitty  06/30/07 4:53 pm
Mike F, stop being a fucktard and get a sense of humor i AM a religious person and i find evrything on here fuckin hysterical. i bought the "there are 2 people fucking on the back of my shirt" tshirt, i love it, and i love evrything the editor has to say. its great! and by the way i think you should only speak for yourself because apparently most people who read the "blog" do not share your opinion. so fuck off, and GOD BLESS.

Melodie  06/30/07 10:09 pm
all i can say is that your my fucking hero!!! lol :D

A Diabetic  07/01/07 12:51 pm
Just wanted to let you know I'm one of those fatasses that orders a diet coke with my cheeseburger. Why? Because I'm DIABETIC, you stupid fucktard!

Keep up the good work at T-Shirt gives me something to read on Sunday morning while Mike is in church...

Anders V  07/12/07 9:58 pm
Adam was gay.

Janedoe  07/27/07 5:34 am
yeah quick question what do you mean by almond shaped eyes? cause I have almond shaped eyes and I'm hot but I don't work at mcky-Ds. In fact I don't work at all. so can I get a free shirt I don't think theres a payment option for food stamps on there.:)

joy division

-----Original Message-----

From: Antonio T.
Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2007
Subject: Where's Luigi?

Mushrooms are nasty.I recently ordered 4 shirts, one of them being the "Wiid" shirt with our beloved Mario smoking a joint. It sucks to smoke alone! Sure, there's C-SPAN to keep a lone smoker entertained on a late night toke session but everyone has at least one main smoke buddy!

If Mario is a smoker, then Luigi's got to be down with that too! Besides, hasn't society shitted on Luigi long enough. The guy's got one damn game and even it's centered around Mario and it sucked. So with that in mind, where's Luigi?


PS: I wear a size 4XL just in case (preferable Black Tee)!

Editor's Note: "Envelope please. (chuckle) I can never get these things open. And the award for 'Outstanding Achievement in Dumbassery' goes to...Antonio T. for his work in this email! Get up here Antonio! What's that? Oh...apparently he's stuck in traffic because he's trying to drive a potato."

Forgive me for picking on a fan, but I couldn't ignore this. This is about on par with me writing "Dear Betty Crocker, I like the cake you make. I also like helicopters. You should invent a helicopter made out of cake. Bye. (fart sound)"

Okay, that wouldn't be exactly the same, but you see my point. What? You don't see my point? Well go fuck yourself.

Comments (25) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Johnny  06/26/07 5:20 pm
Go smoke a joint.

Killian G.  06/26/07 9:00 pm
Actually, Luigi's got two games. One is the ancient "Mario Is Missing", the other is "Luigi's Mansion".

J Mo  06/26/07 10:40 pm
Mmmmmmmm, chocolate helicopter cake. Tasty.

Tim  06/26/07 11:53 pm
hahah, mario is missing totally doesn't count as a game. it tried to teach me geographical shit. for shame.

Harry Bastard  06/27/07 1:48 am
4XL. That would be buttplug size, not cock ring, right?

Olly  06/27/07 4:03 am
I've never really looked at your site thing much but I loved the fact that you told one of your customers to go fuck have my respect forever!

debs  06/27/07 8:48 am
I don't even want to know how much pot you smoke to have lost this many brain cells, Antonio, but a 4XL? You would have thought that after this many bowls/joints/blunts that you would have learned to control the munchies!!!

Iman Azol  06/27/07 10:38 am
Hey, Antonio--smoke THIS.


Kage  06/27/07 12:34 pm
I have had a chocolate helicopter cake.... or, it might have been a dusty fan. I don't remember. I was high.....

Ryan  06/27/07 6:02 pm
Hahaha, holy shit. That was hilarious. "Driving a Potato." Funny stuff.

swanny  06/27/07 6:43 pm
i drove a potato once. it was blue...

Harry Buttsach  06/27/07 10:05 pm
Nice to see us fat bastards still can type with our sausage link fingers! I'm a 3x I hope to be your size one day.

Mike F  06/28/07 12:18 am

Mike F  06/28/07 12:26 am
nice job fuckin with a customer, brilliant. wheres "worse than hell" anyway? scared that someone wont fail next time?

keysha  06/28/07 4:14 am
WHODAFUCK do ya think WARIO is in disguise? stOOpid with 2 Os...

AnDy Z  06/28/07 2:04 pm
I Like Helicopters!

The Drake  06/28/07 5:40 pm
You know fuckwad, I would have guessed you were a 4XL just by your letter, you didn't even have to state it. And good choice on the Black, it's very slimming.

Mustard Dick  06/29/07 10:20 am
Mike F, quit trying to promote busted tees and go fuck off. I am sure you like them because they all have pretty pictures on them.

OhNoYouDi'nt  06/29/07 10:47 pm
4XL means he's a lazy FAT fuck loser who has no friends and wastes his entire life playing video games. I Hope you make it to the next level, Fucktard!

OhNoYouDi'nt  06/29/07 10:49 pm
Oh, yeah.....Smile. God loves you.

Mike Hunt  06/30/07 2:42 pm
"OhNoYouDi'nt", I'm a lazy fuckin loser who has no friends and wastes his entire life playing video games (and smokin weed) and i'm only an XL!!

Chelle  06/30/07 3:13 pm
mmmmmm helicopters....

lactamama  06/30/07 9:43 pm
Oh my, children, children..the greatest offensive here is that noone can use a dictionary (would it be more enticing with the spelling DICKtionary?) The correct past tense of SHIT is SHAT...go to class even if you have do not have any embedded in your chromosomes.

President of the Mike F hate club  07/02/07 9:15 pm
Seriously, shut the fuck up Mike F. People who come to T Shirt hell to laugh at retards don't give a shit about your lame-ass site. Grow a brain cell, K?

Anders V  07/12/07 10:06 pm
"You should invent a helicopter made out of cake. Bye. (fart sound)"



division of labor

-----Original Message-----

From: Laura M.
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have a real problem with the "Iraq - Who would miss it?" shirt. It's bad enough that we have over 3500 dead soldiers as a result of this "war", but we seem to forget that a lot of civilians have died over there for no good reason. this shirt is just another example of the ignorant mindset that we have about people that are just as human as you and me.

Ahh... Plato's Retreat.Editor's Note: I see what you did there. You put war in quotation marks to suggest that it's not a real war. Damn, why are the clever ones always such cunts?

Anyway, no one has forgotten about the civilian toll in Iraq. If we had, the joke wouldn't even work. Without that knowledge, it'd just be a strange phrase on a shirt, but knowing that thousands and thousands of innocent people have died for nothing...well that just makes it hilarious.

And how dare you say these people are as human as you and me! You maybe, but not me. On a scale of things you can find in my house, Middle Easterners rank somewhere between my trash compactor and my footstool. I'll have to find out which one hates America more to make it official.

Comments (23) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Fuckin H  06/26/07 7:44 pm

Kile  06/26/07 9:11 pm
Damn, we've already lost 3500 troops? Well, if they would keep their god damn heads down, and not look up to see what that curious "bang bang" sound was, i bet the number would be about 1/5 that.

foofoolamarr  06/26/07 10:57 pm
> about people that are just as human as you and me.

When was the last time you heard about rampant suicide bombers in, say, Des Moines? You silly xtian!

Harry Bastard  06/27/07 1:24 am
I think the reason a lot of civilians have died over there is obvious, Laura, and a very good one. They can't fight a war, much less a "war"! Those 3500 soldiers would be alive now if they weren't such shitty shots. They need more target practice, and those Iraqi civilians running from the mosque to their local Bombvests'R'Us dealer are perfect. No one will miss them, and then our boys might have enough practice to fight someone who can put one up. If someone drops by to kill you, and your only defense is to explode into a million pieces, well, that should be a real short war. The fact that it's gone on this long should be proof our boys can't shoot. Let's support our troops, so maybe someday they can aspire to attack Canadians, who'll be throwing snowballs at them.

Just another example of the ignorant mindset that we have about our military.

Guy Slater  06/27/07 3:23 am
Hey! Laura M. Get a fucking life! War kills people, it's called population control! As we found out in the last fucking mistake we made, Vietnam, there ain't no such thing as an "innocent civilian." So you waste their happy asses, and let God, Buddah, Allah or whatever you call your diety, sort them out. Yeah! "They're just as human as you and me?" What a crock! Let's get a new shirt going - "Human: The other...meat!"

deadme666  06/27/07 7:59 am
Over 3500 dead soldiers and a lot of civilians have died "no good reason"? No good reason? Haliburtons profits are a damn good reason!!!

Bridget  06/27/07 9:19 am
Who the hell cares about Iraq? How about what's going on in our own country? Let's pull our troops and send all the fucking mexicans there!

Iman Azol  06/27/07 10:40 am
I support the war.
But only as a byproduct of my support for killing sandniggers.

Pity we aren't raping more.

camel trader  06/27/07 12:01 pm
Innocent civilians my ass..every one of those fucking sand monkeys is a potential suicide bomber. I don't like seeing our soldiers die but it beats the hell out of 3500 dead AMERICAN civilians the next time those turban headed motherfuckers blow something up here. Fuck Iraq. Fuck all of the Mental East. We should have nuked Mecca and Medina on Sept. 12, 2001 and we wouldn't have had to go to Iraq. Death to Islam and all who follow.

odd...  06/27/07 12:28 pm
strange, this message looks exactly like a recent message from IMDB:
even the numbers match up...course, theyre not talking about shirts so much as the point (or lack of) the war

H B  06/27/07 1:45 pm
Human - the other pink meat.

Achbarrilomeahd  06/27/07 8:50 pm
Fuck you ,you fucking liberal piece of shit. Of course we all know how many of our fine young men and women have been killed there THAT'S WHY WE NEED TO WIPE THAT FOUL SMELLING ISLAAMIC WHOREHOUSE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!

Mike F  06/28/07 12:30 am
Nice response by the "editor" here. I can see why it writes for tshirt hell. I personally love reading retarded fat midgets thoughts. no wonder aaron has people tryin to kill him.

I hate Mike F  06/28/07 4:48 am
Mike F : I'm sorry that your little t-shirt company is so lame and that you are jealous that Tshirt Hell can both offer great tshirts and insult their customers at the same time, but that's just how it goes. Sometimes the mean guy gets the girl. Are you sure that the guys that wanted to poison Aaron weren't looking for you? I bet they were...

dick  06/28/07 1:34 pm
Who really cares what happens nemore? Fuk 911..fuck england...fuck india..fuk jeruselam..fuck bolivia...the game is long as the shit doesnt happen to me and my family i could care less, and when it does get that insane, pick up and move bithces!

GOOD DICK  06/28/07 9:06 pm
Dick is right, fuck everyone else you all can die!
But the last time I checked theres no draft, ssssoooooooooo if you sign up for the military (the people that are trained to defend our country) ....I think.....they already knew that they will go to war, if there is one. So fuckin boo whoo, they have to do what they signed up for. It must suck do your job.
Like you Laura, your a women, go suck a dick

Scottie  06/29/07 1:45 am
yeah, as a vet I can say I would not miss that hole. Plus ask the liberal hippie tree huggers who killed those civillians. Mostly other iraqis, they dont bitch about the murder rate in houston, chicago, or new orleans as much as we hear them whine about a bunch of bums who want us to die anyway. Thanks for being another facet of the great satan. Try a t-shirt that says NUKE IRAQ, IT WORKED IN HIROSHIMA, I would buy 7

DumKunt  06/29/07 10:54 pm
The reason we wouldn't miss Iraq is because:
"we have over 3500 dead soldiers as a result of this 'war', but we seem to forget that a lot of civilians have died over there for no good reason. "

stupid cunt............Oh, did I type that out loud?

Thank You, Bridget!  06/29/07 10:59 pm
Let's pull our troops and send all the fucking mexicans there!

Mike Hunt  06/30/07 2:46 pm
i like scottie's tshirt idea y'all should definitely make a shirt like that! i'd buy at least 1!

SexyKitty  06/30/07 5:04 pm
does anyone else notice that the fucktard mike f has read and commented on alot of these letters and he hates the editor soo much .... why doesnt he just stop reading?? STFU MIKE F no one wants to hear you bitch

The Happy Leprechaun  06/30/07 11:36 pm
You stupid cunt. Let me tell you something from a soldier's point of view. I would gladly buy this shirt. My philosophy on that piece of shit litter box of a country is fuck Iraq, pull our troops out, leave behind plenty of bombs, and they'll kill each other...It's their way of life.

Icey  07/02/07 3:43 pm
Oh come on now, it was just a 'modest proposal' nothing to get worked up about.

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Message-----

From: beckster8** @ ***.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007

you guys are a bunch of imature assholes. have fun counting yur money. one of these days people will catch on to you and stop buying your bullshit

Rebecca H.

Editor's Note: Well, there goes T-Shirt Hell. Sorry, everybody, but Rebecca has figured it all out. It won't be long now until she lets the whole world know that we sell insensitive and ridiculous t-shirts.

Hooray For Immaturity.We fooled you for as long as we possibly could. We tried to make you believe that your purchase was changing the world, and you fell for it big time. Little did you know we were just putting funny images and phrases on shirts. You pathetic fools. You're not geniuses, like Rebecca.

So it's time to say goodbye. It's been fun. Well...for me. You weren't having fun because you didn't realize that was the point. You've lost your meaning in life and I've lost my good time. When you're feeling depressed about that, just remember that Rebecca H. is responsible. It's too late to abort her, but maybe if we jab her with enough wire hangers it'll still work.

Comments (30) - View Comments - Add A Comment

johnny  06/26/07 5:18 pm
Shut you pie hole. Your talking out your ass again. Thank you.

Scott  06/26/07 6:49 pm
What the fuck is she doing on this site anyways? Stupid bitch, go fucking look at

Tiny  06/26/07 7:43 pm
Oooooh My angry lesbian commie midget jew radar is going off....

foofoolamarr  06/26/07 10:59 pm
What's an "imature asshole"? Is that like an armature in a auto ignition?

Paul  06/26/07 11:13 pm
i think a "imature" is a new version of mature porn from apple. kinda like the ipod.

Catthulhu  06/27/07 12:44 am
I think the beckster here got lost on her way to

ihaterebecca  06/27/07 1:09 am
you suck ass big time rebecca. i know a rebecca. shes a stupid bitch

Harry Bastard  06/27/07 1:37 am
Rebeccas can't spell either. Most of them can do a wicked rim job while sucking methane, though.

Becky, next time throw in a money shot. The staff will either jerk off or forward it to www.rotten.whatever, but they'll at least stop counting their money for 20-30 seconds.

Oscar  06/27/07 6:58 am
i love the fact that these self important assholes seem to think that no one else has noticed that the t-shirts are "insensitive and ridiculous". Fucking dumb bitch probably didnt graduate pre-school never mind getting a degree.
Rebecca, get off your high horse and shut and fuck up

Iman Azol  06/27/07 10:43 am
I wish her email was public, so I can tell her to eat the shit I just skidded in the bowl.

Kerfuffle  06/27/07 11:24 am
Awesome "buying your shit" link to the HFS tee! By the way Killian G., my code was EATME - consider yourself beaten.

rockstar  06/27/07 4:14 pm
I would have fun counting TSHIRT HELL's money for them! If she thinks that anyone that sends an email say'n "stop your site or I will tell mom" is going to make it go away thats the pot calling the kettle an immature asshole!
Killian G. and Kerfuffle mine was way better than both of yours YNIGX and that is because it says nig...hahahaha my security text is racist!woo I win

ChaRlie_UnicoRn  06/27/07 6:43 pm
How come everyone thinks that everyone else thinks what they think? I don't think there will ever be a day when people stop buying your shirts.

Devin  06/27/07 10:25 pm
What the fuck is there to catch on to? People who catch on BUY the shirts because they get the jokes!

Citizen  06/27/07 10:54 pm
Paul said "i think a "imature" is a new version of mature porn from apple. kinda like the ipod."

The imature is ok. Personally, I am waiting for the iMILF to come out in the fall.

Can the closing [Thanks a lot beckster] wait until the end of the fiscal year? I write off all of my purchases here as a business expense under 'tithing' and this is really going to screw me on my taxes....

Jew  06/27/07 11:46 pm
idea for a shirt: the dradel is my stash spot! but seriously, wtf is up with all this whining?

Love Dem Shirts  06/27/07 11:52 pm
Rebecca, you're a waste of oxygen. If you don't like the shirts, DON'T FUCKING BUY THEM.

Meanwhile, I nominate the T-shirt Hell Editor to run against Obama and Hillary. I bet the middle east would pay attention to that shit.

Z  06/27/07 11:53 pm
LOLZ....Freedom of Speech WHUT?

metalhed  06/28/07 12:16 am
I think she's upset because her email is 'beckster' not 'cockstar.' Well, a few more months on the corner of Hollywood & Vine blowing dogs for quarters should give her the confidence she needs to call herself 'cockstar.'

keysha  06/28/07 4:21 am
didn't she mean to write "im a true asshole"? maybe the bitch has a slight case of dyslexia...

Mark  06/28/07 5:57 am
Thanks for opening your hole for something other than sucking dick Becca. Who the fuck are you. Corkys sister. Shut the fuck before you get chocked out like a seven year old Benoit.

Stu Piddo  06/28/07 11:04 am
dogs have quarters?????

Mischief  06/28/07 10:59 pm
Yet another fine example of a persons mother that should have swallowed when she had the fucking chance.........

Yeah! So there  06/29/07 11:05 pm
I agree with Rebecca...."yur" a bunch of stoopid doody-heads! Na na nana na!

Question  06/29/07 11:06 pm
What do you call Israeli's with spray-on tans?

Answer  06/29/07 11:07 pm
Orange jews

He He  06/29/07 11:07 pm
(( I just made that up! ))

Jim P.  07/06/07 3:08 am
I read all the comments and laugh my ass off. Some fucking people just need to get a life. I don't think there's a single shirt on this site that didn't make me laugh. It's fucking HUMOR people! If it doesn't appeal to you....DON'T FUCKING LOOK AT IT!!! It's humor, if it offends you, go back to your porn sites and beat your LITTLE FUCKIN DICK! If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd buy every shirt on this site and wear one every fucking day, while driving in my ferrari on the way to you sniveling bitches mother's house to fuck her UP THE ASS! And I would hope t-shirt hell would be able to come up with a new shirt to put on thier site about my escapades with your fucking loose-asshole mother! To the t-shirt hell powers that be.....keep up the good work motherfuckers!!!

milbrat  07/10/07 10:45 pm
Boy that Rebecca is a dumb cunt... another bitch with an attitiude

Anders V  07/12/07 10:27 pm
Wow.. I never saw it that way. Gee, she has a point! I repent my sinns. gh... aahaha, I crank myself up. This girl is like Garry Larson’s cow who suddenly stops pasturing, looks around and says: "Wait a minute.. This is grass! We're eating GRASS!"

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