It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing
Maybe Karl Rove's 8th grade teacher should have fucked him.

It's back to school time. I hope all you junior high boys remembered to buy condoms. Either that or just ask your hot teacher if she'll take it in the butt. That bitch bears some responsibility too.

In political news, White House adviser Karl Rove will be leaving his job at the end of this month. Due to his influence over the President, Rove has been referred to as "Bush's Brain". So Bush's brain is retiring. I fail to see how things will be different. Get it? Bush is stupid. Has that comedy gold mine been emptied out yet? Wanna hear a joke about Clinton having sex? C'mon, this shit never gets old.

Mattel has recalled millions of toys made in China after it was learned that they contained lead paint. I've got a few jokes for this, so pick your favorite and disregard the rest. #1 - Instead of recalling it, they should've just repackaged him as the "Lick Me and Die" Elmo. #2 - When reached for contact, a Chinese toy manufacturer said "Me Chinese, me play joke, me kill your kid with a hazardous toy". #3 - If your kid licks a Chinese toy and dies, he'll just come back to life an hour later. #4 - Don't think of it as a toy recall. Think of it as God recalling your stupid kid. Had enough? Or did you want to OD on puns?

In a bit of sad news, game show legend Merv Griffin recently passed away. You see what happens when you're gay? You turn 82 and you die.


New Shirts

It's time to hook up with our new shirts. Don't worry, I'm not Chris Hansen. We've added new shirts for all you students out there, because now that school is back in session, you realize that you'll probably want to get kicked out.

Our latest batch includes a shirt that shows the darkest moment in the history of Peanuts, and a shirt for anyone who has a complex relationship with alcohol. And by "complex relationship" I mean you drink it a lot. Check them out or you'll make God cry. Even more than that time he got raped in prison.

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long division

Home runs are for pussies.It's only been a couple of weeks since Barry Bonds broke the most hallowed record in sports, but you can still feel the lack of excitement and indifference in the air. Along with Bonds becoming the all-time homerun king, some other important baseball milestones took place this month. First, Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player in history to hit 500 homeruns. And the very next day, Tom Glavine became only the 23rd pitcher to win 300 games.

But while those feats received the most attention, some other major accomplishments in sports went largely unnoticed. Here is a brief list.

Most rapes in a single off-season: Jackson Perry, Minnesota Vikings. After a slow start this off-season, Perry picked up the pace and zoomed to an amazing 27 rapes. Five more than the previous record of 22 rapes set in 1993 by Hall of Fame rapist Joe McKenzie of the Detroit Lions. When asked if he thought steroid use tainted this record, Perry raped the guy interviewing him.

Home runs are for pussies.Most consecutive days with a murder: Cliff Durant, Tennessee Titans. Durant murdered at least one person every day for six straight days. When asked to comment on the record, Durant had this to say. "I played hard...gave 110%...I just wanna thank God for giving me the strength to do this. I'd also like to thank my wife. Oh, wait...I killed her last Tuesday."

Fastest removal of evidence from a crime scene: Bobby Watson, St. Louis Cardinals. Watson collected and discarded of three bricks of cocaine, seven handguns, and two bloodstained nighties in an unprecedented 1 minute and 37 seconds.

Babies full of rabies!  Yes! Yes!Most illegitimate children: Jumaine Hamilton, Los Angeles Clippers. Hamilton shattered the previous mark of 112 illegitimate children set by Shawn Kemp in the late 90's. After all the paternity tests were in, Hamilton was proven to be the father of 147 bastard children. Sets of twins born in seven different states helped secure what should be his record for a long time to come.

Lastly, it is easy to forget since Barry Bonds just broke the most important record in sports, but he also set several other benchmarks recently. Included in his list of recent career achievements are Tiniest balls, Largest increase in head size, Most needle holes in ass, and Biggest douche.

I'd just like to offer my congratulations to all of our sports stars. You've given the rest of us something to believe in. The idea that we can do anything we set our minds to. The idea that teamwork can accomplish great things. But mostly, you've made us understand that if you can do something cool with a ball, you never have to face consequences.

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josh  08/21/07 4:32 pm
You should really pimp out your myspace page and blog all these, they're fucking classic. If it didn't feel like plagiarism, I'd collect them in a blog on mine, lol. Fuckin' awesome!

Awan Afuqya  08/21/07 5:10 pm
Holy Mohammed! 147 sprogs? That must be some kind of hunk of burning love. Mohammed on a rubber crutch! Time to license this kind of behavior.

Amber  08/21/07 10:04 pm
oh yes, we must remember the finer things in sports

trickbitch  08/21/07 11:43 pm
i can do something cool with a ball but i never got no recognition. just a seeping herpes pustule in my mouth. mia culpa i guess.

loaded  08/22/07 12:35 pm
Speaking of the Idea Contest, I think we'd all love to see what some of the most stupid or most frequent submissions are for the laughs...

Yourmom  08/22/07 2:11 pm
I agree, I'd also love to see a collection of the stupidest submission ideas. It'd be great laughs.

Kerfuffle  08/23/07 1:08 pm
Yes, where are the trophies and rings and commemorative plates acknowledging these remarkable achievements in sports? While on the subject of accomplishments in sports Ö let us not forget Michael Vick and all his efforts to control the pet population - he's taking over where Bob Barker left off. (RIP B.B. - someday when they finally admit you've been dead for over 20 years we'll have our closure).

John  08/23/07 6:34 pm
its actually quite sad, i bet more more 12 year old boys know who Barry Bonds is than the name of our president (not that he deserves the recognition) but it does make you stop and wonder what we are teaching our kids... on a lighter note, do you know a manufacturer of dog toys? i think there should be michael vick chew toys for pups

Wyrmskyld  08/23/07 9:27 pm
Actually, John, there are Michael Vick chew toys... I don't remember the website right off, but a quick google should get it for you.

Jeremy Bosco  08/23/07 9:34 pm
I've been reading a lot of the negative comments about this site, and it makes me wonder: What the fuck are these whiny-ass idiots doing on this site, if all they're gonna do is bitch about it? If you don't like it, GO THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE FUCKING SITE!!!!! Coming to the site, then crying and moaning about it is like going to a buffet in Branson about 15 times, then finally saying to yourself, "Man that sucked." It makes absolutely no fucking sense, and you idiots need to shut the fuck up and get fucking lives somewhere far the hell away from here.

Jake Malicious  08/23/07 9:40 pm
This newsletter smelled worse than my testicles in a frying pan. Hey, don't judge me! Don't judge the only means I have of busting one out you whore-stealing, shit-stomping, dog-beating, spit-licking, x-y'ing lagtastic Metallica fan. Why Metallica fan? Because Metallica sucks. Fuck you all who love those unoriginal no-talent twats.

marrduk maddox  08/23/07 9:54 pm
The only thing my room mate and I have in common is that we both enjoy T shirt hell. Including they shake me. For those who do not like the shirts, they should go fuck themselves (not each other, they might reproduce). keep the shirt coming. Peace my sistas and brothers.

Brent A Back  08/24/07 3:29 pm
Is a link available on your site to see viewer submitted ideas for shirts that didn't make the cut?


-----Original Message-----

From: angel_*** @ ***.net
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Shake shake shake, SeñoraSubject: They shake me shirt

The "they shake me" shirt is the most stupid thing I have ever seen; this is not a laughing matter! Do you think having a baby die because they were shaken to death is a joke or a laughing matter! I think you should remove this shirt or I can Guarantee you that you will loose at least half of your business.

Who ever made this shit needs to grow up and get a life! Please do not feel free to contact me and try to explain why you think this shirt is "funny" Why don't you do something productive with your time and try to support babies who have ended up in the hands of murders! Thank you

Nicole L.

Editor's Note: Before I get to numcunts here, let me explain something. We get no shortage of hate mail regarding all of our shirts, because fuckwits come in all shapes and sizes, and they all think the world should cater to them and them alone. But occasionally we get a flood of hate regarding one particular shirt. That is the case this week.

Shake your body lineI don't know what happened, but for some reason we received an assload (not my ass, I meant one that can't hold two bowling pins) of hate concerning this baby shirt. Maybe it was mentioned in a magazine. Maybe some office worker got his coworkers together and formed some kind of Douche-Squad. Whatever the reason, our system nearly crashed from an overload of retard. I've selected a handful to respond to for this week in hate.

Regarding this particular email, what can I say? You may read this and think "Jesus Christ, what a jackass." I read this and think "I wonder where she ranks on the list of 7 billion jackasses." The general stupidity is great enough, but writing loose and murders instead of lose and murderers...that's just the icing on the mentally disabled cake.

Comments (40) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Thorne  08/21/07 3:46 pm
She's just pissed because they shook her one to many time for her to be normal. Too bad they didn't keep shaking her so the world have one less dumb ass to deal with

Lisa  08/21/07 4:34 pm
Is it too late to shake her now? Will the damage be bad enough to make her completely retarded?

fuckedinthehead  08/21/07 4:34 pm
I'm hopin this shirt encourages baby shakin! I wake up every morning with a smile just knowing that a baby was shakin to death while I was sleepin! Nicole you are a dumb bitch. It's called humor you stupid cunt-hole.

booty  08/21/07 5:00 pm
Get a life? How dare that bitch say that. The maker of that shirt is getting filthy rich pissing people off (which we all know is the American dream!) She, on the other hand, is bitching about something that she has no power to change. You get a life cunt.

foofoolamarr  08/21/07 5:14 pm
>try to support babies who have ended up in the >hands of murders! Thank you

Well, goll-lee! Sergeant! In the hands of murders? How awful. Learn to spell, you golliwog and quick before you evolve into a frog.

dpdiddy  08/21/07 5:44 pm
i went on a piece of shit carnival ride w/my nephews last wknd that im pretty sure left me with adult onset shaken baby syndrome. it was like riding the space shuttle through a vibrator factory. so whose the real villain here? yep, carnies. carnies are trying to kill your children.

serge a. storms  08/21/07 11:47 pm
i think she may be the first documented case of self-inflicted shaken baby syndrome.

Sponge  08/22/07 5:46 am
There's no way she can complain about that shirt, i've thought for ages that that's my favourite 'baby hell' shirt, even more so than 'all daddy wanted was a blowjob' or something like that.

Anyway, don't sweat it, she can't do shit. even if she could, she's too retarded to anyways...

shedevil  08/22/07 9:30 am
She tells people to grow up, but she is the one who needs to grow up, this shirt is a's not like this shirt hypnotizes people into shaking babies. She needs to get a life and a sense of humor. For shits sake, I have a baby and I still think that shirt is funny. Of course...I do shaker her every chance I get. ;)

GoofyBastrd  08/22/07 10:32 am
Wait a sec...are you saying its wrong to shake a baby? Even if I added bread crumbs and planned to eat the little bastard? This is everything thats wrong with the world. Nicole, have a bite... try it you'll like it. tastes like chicken.

Penelope  08/22/07 11:51 am
If these People can't take a joke, they should go play in a gun cabinet and become a statistic themselves. It's not as though ANY of the shirts here are seriously advocating violence towards children or anyone else for that matter. IT'S A DAMN JOKE PEOPLE. If you don't think it's funny, get over it move on. Why are you browsing on a site blatantly know for offensive material anyhow? I'm a 30 years old mom, and I laugh every time I see this. Pipe down and move on.

Pissed Off  08/22/07 2:53 pm
Itís truly amazing that people would take this one tee shirt so seriously. To all the stupids out there: Why donít you protest that stupid war in Iraq? Thousands are dying there every month because some a-hole wasnít shook enough! Thanks Mama Bush, great job you did there!
Some poor slob is getting his nuts blown off because Jr. Bush wants to meet God, or some crap like that!

Dixie Wrecked  08/22/07 4:34 pm
Wow, so many people using the word cunt on this website.................. cool.

Jarred  08/23/07 1:42 am
Oh god. Comments were the worst idea ever. Half the people try to be funny and fail miserably while the other half turn the newsletter into their own political soapbox.

Iman Azol  08/23/07 2:09 am
If you lose half your business from that shirt (she guarantees it), I'll buy an extra shirt to make up for it.

Hey, Pissed Off! Shaken Babies to Bush and War. Wow, you must be a big hit with the no brain liberal crowd. Want to be pissed on instead, by a bona fide veteran ? Come over here and open wide.

N/A  08/23/07 2:16 am
If you are to lose half of your business because she is pissed off about this shirt, does that mean that SHE and her gaggle of friends make up half of your customers? To my small, but rational mind, those who make up %100 of your customers LIKE your shirts, else they would not BE customers...nevermind....I guess I can't be expected to do math since the shaking....of course, I was 18 when daddy finally stopped.

Deadhead  08/23/07 7:49 am
You're all sick! This company should be boycotted for even pertaining to condone such a horrific act. This is a serious issue.

Serious face. Serious.

Patti Hughes  08/23/07 8:35 am
I think all the saying and stories are great. I have a sense of humor. Everyone should get one.

Raevyn  08/23/07 9:54 am
I got a message on MySpace about a letter writing campaign to you guys about how "horrible" that shirt is. I wrote back and told them all to grow up and get a life. Since the story on MySpace about the shaken baby Kaleb people are jumping on the bandwagon!

Will T  08/23/07 10:03 am
Brilliantly put, the parents of SBS, what an idiot. How do these people find this site? Doesn't NetNanny or their christian browser prohibit it?

Hugh  08/23/07 10:19 am
So do you think I can double bluff the coroner by putting a "they shake me" T shirt on the dead baby I have in the kitchen? If so please send a T shirt asap, the flys are begining to bother me.

TT  08/23/07 11:03 am
What is she talking about? I laughed so hard at what she said i almost puked. her letter is the funniest part of the newsletter so far.

Citizen  08/23/07 11:52 am
I barely shake babies anymore, It's a bit passe'.

Besides, I am too busy shaking disabled veterans, Child molesting priests, and 911 widows.
It's a bit more challenging, But far more satisfying.

Cheri  08/23/07 5:57 pm
I think the "They Shake Me" baby tee is absolutely hilarious. It's important to laugh at life, and if you need to be uptight and cannot take a joke, then you don't need to comment. Keep your anal retentive attitude to yourself. For those of us who can take a joke... Rock On!!

Carol  08/23/07 7:11 pm
Maybe she thinks they will be turned over to a group of crows?

Jamie  08/23/07 7:35 pm
honestly, I saw the they shake me shirt and cracked up! I thought it would be great for my niece... My sister would die laughing over it too! I mean, I know it's a joke, and a funny one at that... some people have no sense of humor

Jake Malicious  08/23/07 9:50 pm
GoofyBastrd, babies don't taste like chicken. More like pork. But it's really a unique flavor of its own. They're best if you baste it in Louisiana hot sauce and peppercorn.

GoofyBastrd  08/24/07 10:45 am are a whiney cunt...the sad thing is you act like your opinion actually matters. I think I speak for the entire world population when I say it doesn't. In order to read the comments, you have to press the button, view comments. So you must want to see them, you sorry ass sack of shit. Instead of commenting about everyone elses humor or political stance, why don't you say something funny or something. You can't because you are not funny nor do you have anything to say. Your liike one of these assholes that write to the site about a tshirt they don't like, only your too stupid to realize it. So listen, you fucking retarded scumbag, if you dont want to read don't have to. jez...your more useless then a jewish millionaire.

Jake Malicious  08/24/07 12:40 pm

Who the fuck are you? The T-Shirt Hell Newsletter Police? I would be honored to be the first to inform you that your IQ is lower than the minuscule one possessed by a lobotomized, retarded cockroach. If I could take your brain and roll it down the edge of a razor, it would be akin to a lone truck going down a six-lane superhighway. If brains were gasoline, you wouldn't have enough to power an ant's go-kart around the inside of a bottlecap. If brains were dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow off a flea's fucking kneecap. In fact, the aforementioned lobotomized, retarded cockroach just raped your sister because it was able to figure out that, when you're having a long, lonely walk on an enema syringe-laden beach after being kicked out of your parent's used condom dumpster otherwise known as your bedroom for the fifteenth time this weekend, you aren't imagining sexual encounters with your half month old bastard daughter by using your half month old bastard daughter's porcelain doll which, by the way, your brother-in-law is getting more than a bit miffed that he's had to pay for all of those priceless toys you've broken with your not-at-all-gentle tit-massages with your malformed fingers, so the lobotomized, retarded cockroach is able to forget what the fuck it was doing (it's difficult to truly comprehend just what the fuck your sister truly is) so it smokes your sister's "weed", which, in all actuality, is just roasted rooster feathers and half-digested roots straight from a hippo's fat ass, so the lobotomized, retarded cockroach just passes out and bleeds all over your dogshit-stained couch that your half-orc mother bought for eleven bucks at the local thorp-wide garage sale because her wretch of an enema syringe beach-striding son can't handle any job that requires more problem-solving skills than a chronic masturbator who earns pennies by tongue-scrubbing the toilets of a KFC bathroom. It surely must taste better.

Of course, I can't have the honor to inform you of all the above because you've been told so many times that His Most Unholy Jesus Himself is reconsidering his decision to spew His Most Blasphemous Seed on all you filth-encrusted walrus lusting primate school dropouts. Oh wait, He saves that treatment for you. You're that special. More special than an unusually long short bus that has been sardine-loaded with mind-disemboweled primate school dropouts. The driver has had to cart these blubbering clowns back and forth for so long that he has grown suicidal, and intends to take the mental mutant insults-to-Nature on a "field trip" down the side of the Grand Canyon. That man is a true hero. No, wait, he isn't a hero. He failed to murder you.

"Oh god. Comments were the worst idea ever."
Then why don't you make like your granny and piss the fuck off you pustulent wretch and let us who know how to bust one out without jabbing our thumb up our ass have fun shitting on dribble-lipped shaken babies such as yourself. Quit turning the newsletter into your soapbox you unfunny shit-smearing hypocrite and get off my planet.

Now, see if you can follow these instructions: get a mental health care worker to follow you around in the woods. Strip yourself naked and pour honey all over yourself. Find a cub and kick it repeatedly until momma bear comes and strips your meat naked of skin and proceeds to puke its intestines out its throat because not even she could stand your pus-soaked goblinoid warty flesh. And when this fails to kill you, ask your mental health care worker to stab you in the face with a sharpened stick until you look prettier than you ever have before your life finally expires in a cloud of red mist and wet dreams.

D-Gay Pavarotti  08/24/07 3:49 pm
Um... wow. Jake, you take the pissed-off rant of the day award from the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company, owners of the original patent for phencyclidine, better known as PCP or angel dust.

Honestly, that was the best rant I have read since I visited Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London.

x.x  08/24/07 4:38 pm
Well Jake Malicious, I must admit that was pretty amusing. Although the first paragraph of it was a bit confusing. Maybe you should be a writer of dirty sex novels =D

angel  08/26/07 6:25 pm
I honestly think that this T-Shirt is awsome.., I also think that they should start taking baby shaking more serious, we have 26 woman in the united states right now that are in prison or are going to prison for hurting there children and I think they should get the needle not time behind bars, so you keep selling your T-Shirts maby it will open stupid peoples eyes alittle more, they might accually start looking at the world and there wrong instead of how much there getting in there pockets...

Chris  08/27/07 8:56 am
Wow, angel, back it up a minute. I came here (by here I mean the site, physically I just lie here statically in an ever increasing pool of cum and dorito crumbs, hiding from the sunlight) to look at tshirts and to laugh at those less fortunate and unable to defend themselves, not for fucking lynch-mob extremism. That's taking it too fucking far, you stupid bitch, you should be fucking shot. In the cunt.

stian b  08/27/07 12:58 pm
shake em all night long!!!
get some sense of humor bitch!!!!!!!

KB  08/28/07 1:11 pm
haha well for starters "you will LOOSE at least half..." you can loose business? haha

Lexi  08/31/07 12:01 pm
hey, i understand this was meant to be a joke. but for the moment it's really just struck a nerve. my son recently died because of this. and seeing this just makes it worse...
but anyways, keep up all the other good work...the other shirts are really funny, just this one is too..umm, you understand i guess?? anyways.ciao

Pete  08/31/07 1:06 pm
Love the shirt. If you're stupid enough to shake your baby. You don't deserve to have a baby. Long live t-shirt hell!!!

Colin  09/01/07 4:05 am
Wow, is Jake a member of that family in The Aristocrats, or what? Great rant.

Nunya  09/13/07 12:24 pm
If you don't like it, get the fuck outta Hell! These shirts are awesome and I happen to like the "They Shake Me" shirt. So for all those Hell haters out there get the here outta Hell!!!!!

Jessica  12/18/07 1:30 pm
Hey fucktard! you do realize the PARENTS have to BUY the shirt...? Which I'm going to guess isn't a cry for help on their child-abusing addiction, So shut the fuck up, and stick to Baby Gap...

fuck your mother,

joy division

-----Original Message-----

From: Teresa M.
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Subject: THE "They Shake Me" T shirt

That is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen!!! DO you realize how many babies are dying because people are shaking them. THat shirt is totally unappropriate to even print and sell. It takes alot of sickos to come up with an idea like that. Please dont print can do better than that.

Shake shake shake, SeñoraEditor's Note: Turns out I can't do better than that. I've tried and I've tried (no I haven't), but this seems to be the best I can do. I think it's awfully presumptuous of you to think that I can do better. You don't know me. How would you feel if I told you how to be a better stupid bitch? But I'm not going to do that because I don't know you. Maybe this is the best stupid bitch you can be.

And, no, I don't know how many babies are dying because people are shaking them. My first guess is "not enough". That's proven by the fact that you're alive to do what you're doing. You know, taking up space that would be put to better use by storing copper wire or roadkill.

Lastly, if that shirt is the most disgusting thing you've ever seen I just feel bad for you. I hate to think about what would happen if I showed you my vagina. Your head would probably spin around until it flew right off your body. And you know where I'd be sticking it.

Comments (27) - View Comments - Add A Comment

SGM  08/21/07 5:06 pm
actually, i do know how many babies are dying of shaken baby syndrome in the county i had my baby in. Since 1990 when they started showing the shaken baby syndrome video as a requirement in hospitals to new parents, no babies have died of shaken baby syndrome. NOw that is just my county. I guess she lives in a county that has ADD so bad that they cant even pay attention to a 20 minute video. "you shouldnt.... what? i got distracted... what shouldnt i do? shake milk? i didnt catch what the narrator said."

foofoolamarr  08/21/07 5:17 pm
I personally find it more disturbing that these people have spawn and then shake them. Abortion is the answer. Wait--maybe vasectomy/tubal ligation is the answer.

Cynthia  08/21/07 7:53 pm
Who the Hell says "unappropriate"? While it's not 'uncorrect' this is one more piece of evidence that this lady is a dumbass. Perhaps she should contact her parents to double check on whether or not they shook her as a child. My instinct tells me, yes.

Fox  08/21/07 8:48 pm
I highly doubt there are people out there (though some of these emails make me wonder) who think shaking a baby is a good idea or would in some way make the baby live a happier and healthier life. So with that in mind I say that its a humorous way to remind people that it still exists. No one is going to listen to someone nagging to them about why they should or shouldn't do something, which is why we all hate bible pushers... and pro-lifers... and carnies...

D  08/21/07 11:26 pm
What I find hilarious is that anyone who would put this shirt on their baby is obviously not shaking their baby AND they know it's not right otherwise they would not get the sarcasm and if they really were shaking them they would be too paranoid to let people know it........and seriously if the parents are numnuts enough to shake their kids the poor children don't have a chance anyway.

Agent:Karma Police  08/22/07 9:28 am
Honestly.....I mean seriously. ----Pause, deep breath---- Ok, Polly PC-Talking-Pocket-Dolls....if you're so into what's right, what the FUCK are you doing at this web site??? But thanks for visiting....your lack of education, inability to see (or maybe understand?) humor, and your disdain for all the genius behind the public awareness capacity of this t-shirt are at least....well....amusing. Cheers to you for speaking upÖ.but next time, use spell check, ok?

GoofyBastrd  08/22/07 10:37 am
This is the most disgusting thing you have ever seen?
Even more then when your grandfather kisses you good night and sticks his tongue down your throat?

lester  08/22/07 11:10 am
I wonder if any of the people offended by the shirt have the trailers that attach to mountain bikes to take your baby along on your wilderness trek. I live by a state park and see these totally efficient "baby shaking machines" all the time.

Coke heads and drunks may end up as presidents...FOR REAL  08/22/07 6:58 pm
"Unappropriate" is a very disappropriate was of spelling "inappropriate".
"They shake me" is satire - I don't think assholes who actually DO shake their babies, or slap them, or spank them, or yell at them in rage, would ever buy a T-shirt admitting and highlighting their enormously irresponsible stupidity; I mean, my kids don't wear T-shirts reading "When mom's out of milk I suck off daddy" or "I've been stoned" showing a picture of me and my husband throwing rocks at our kid - I'd never admit to such horrible things. "They shake me", that's just a satiric joke - and if you don't get it or know what satire means, you're probably a member of the group of persons who, in tears of agony and despair, will give up hope once W is out of the Caucasian Building.

Coke heads and drunks may end up as presidents...FOR REAL  08/22/07 7:01 pm
...and I must admit; "was" is not an appropriate way of writing "way"... I'm SO SORRY!

Teresa M Loves the COCK!  08/22/07 9:31 pm
"Mom's outta milk so I sucked off Daddy..." that's kewl, can I submit it?

TheMakermakes  08/22/07 10:14 pm
It's INAPPROPRIATE...Fucking stupid cunt. Look in the dictionary for the word Unappropriate...It won't fucking be that....Ass fuck

kylie  08/22/07 11:16 pm
i love this site, i love your shirts and i love reading your responses to the retards who think they are making a statement by telling you that they hate your stuff....keep up the good work

Iman Azol  08/23/07 2:13 am
I think you should send this cunt a "all daddy wanted was a blowjob" shirt in an adult size. Maybe she'll get the hint.

If she ever commits suicide, let's just call it a retroactive abortion and backdate the paperwork.

Wow, my security text is "JAKOFF"

Coke heads and drunks may end up as presidents...FOR REAL  08/23/07 3:18 am
No, "Teresa M Loves the COCK!", you can't use MY T-shirt idea, because all ideas must be ORIGINAL - that just burst your bubble. Think on your own - how hard is it to come up with this stupid shit anyway? If you have to STEAL an idea such as [i]"When mom's out of milk I suck off daddy"[/i] you should really work on getting an imagination of your own, because it's a stupid idea, and there's no real joke there - it's cock/incest humor just for the sake of highlighting incest, and only a retard would go "dang, that's fuuunny". But I know that there's a slight risk, or at least it would be a typical thing if TSH would like the idea and send YOU 200 bucks for my artistic creation.... so, uhm... in short: no.

bobby  08/23/07 11:32 am
What happens to the guarantee when you don't loose..errr...lose half your business? What if you only lose 49%? Is the guarantee still good?

Rob  08/23/07 2:55 pm
OOOPS! I mean hole.

kristin  08/23/07 5:14 pm
Thank you Jarred i was waiting for somebody to say it ...ha-ha-ho-ho im clever ...mmhmm ...lets go out jarred

amandible  08/24/07 8:06 am
uh.. so how many sickos *did* it take to make this shirt? (where they polish sickos? cuz that would mean it took longer...)

amandible  08/24/07 8:15 am
fuck, i spelled 'were' wrong... sorry, my mom's been shaking me for 41 years

Daddy  08/24/07 10:31 am
I have a couple of serious questions for all of you self-righteous wankers: 1. Who in the fuck do you think you are? 2. How does it feel to be sooo stupid? You kind of people are the exact reason why I left America and moved to Europe. Furthermore, you're the EXACT reason why every other country in the world thinks that Americans are stupid. Congratulations. I looked up the phrase "shaken baby syndrome" on the net in 4 different languages and couldn't find a single article about it... Hmm, do you think that this SBS (stress on the "BS") may just be an issue in the US? I do. I think it's an issue just because uppity cock-suckers, such as yourselves, don't have anything better to do than to pry into poor rednecks' lives that have no patience with their children, and form committees to exploit them, thus creating yet another senseless foundation to "increase awareness" of the fabricated "situation". I think all of you should found a "Get Your Own Fucking Life" committee and leave others to do what they will, in peace. If they want to shake their babies, that's their choice, but you all should realize something... it's a fucking T-shirt!!! Oh and by the way, if any of you have a Pay Pal account, send me the info so I can donate 50 cents to you. One quarter is to call someone who cares and the other is to buy a rusty tire iron from the flea market to fuck yourself sideways with. Thanks and have a nice day minding your own fucking business. Drive on T-Shirt Hell! Drive on!

Jake Malicious  08/24/07 12:39 pm

You remind me of one of those titless human clothes hangers otherwise known as anorexic preteen stinky sluts who lick the zit-covered dick of any shitball playing short-cocked jock who sniggers at his own fart jokes within the confines of a semen-soaked locker room. You need to be killed before you have a chance to squat over the oft-mentioned gene pool and take a huge, watery shit in the form of your foul progeny.

Karly  08/24/07 1:57 pm
I think shaking babies is just wrong. But I also think this shirt is hilarious. Why? Because I have a SENSE OF HUMOR!! Apparently, there is not enough of that to go around. And people who actually shake their babies should rot in hell because it is an atrocious thing to do to an innocent child. But the shirt is still hella funny. :)

Pete  08/25/07 10:02 pm
Go back to school moron, unappropriate isn't even a word... ever heard of inappropriate!

Chris  08/27/07 1:50 am
I would think that all of these babies being shaken would provide a market for this shirt, wouldn't you? I mean, damn. They wouldn't make the shirt if there wasn't someone to wear it (i.e. babies being shaken)

uncle ug  09/04/07 2:58 am
I see nothing wrong with the shirt! After all with we never laughed at some of the sick things in the world, we would all end up tight puckered asshole like some of the bitches on here!!! Oops!!! got to go, forgot baby in the car!!

KATIE B  09/18/07 2:20 pm

division of labor

-----Original Message-----

From: Jen H.
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Subject: please pull this shirt

Shake it all the timePlease pull the babyhell shirt that states "They Shake Me". Thats not a funny thing. Babies die from that and its very wrong to make it seem like its ok.

Editor's Note: Well, since you said please, go fuck yourself. The thing you people seem to be forgetting is that babies WANT these shirts. If we pulled our baby shirts, babies would have to go back to wearing a picture of Pooh with a honey pot stuck on his head. It seems like a cute image until you see a baby break its bottle and slash its wrists because it had to wear that lame shit.

Contrary to what you think, we're not trying to make it seem like shaking babies is okay. That shirt, like many of our shirts, is satire. We're simply making a statement about how wrong child abuse is. Or maybe it's about helicopters being awesome. It's hard to tell what statement you're making when you don't care.

Comments (16) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Howard Stern  08/21/07 6:36 pm
Hoo Hoo- I invented baby-shaking, right Robin, Hoo-Hoo

Tori Spelling  08/21/07 8:59 pm
Maybe we could comprimise and make a t-shirt that has a picture of Tigger holding a baby while bouncing, thus shaking him. Win/win situation. We get our shaken babies, and the dumb whores will be so distracted by the "2 cute!" picture of Tigger holding a baby to notice anything else.

Kaylarse  08/22/07 2:01 am
Helicopters ARE pretty awesome, I'll give you that.

Triston  08/22/07 3:49 am
Found a baby in my tub with slashed wrists and and a poo shirt on. Not a pretty sight. Took nine weeks for the stench to leave my bathroom.

D  08/22/07 6:02 am
"If we pulled our baby shirts, babies would have to go back to wearing a picture of Pooh with honey pot stuck to his."
..Stuck to his what? You like to correct every other grammatical or spelling error. And, before you say anything, I don't have anything better to do.

Agent:Karma Police  08/22/07 9:33 am
See there you go D....not paying attention again. Pooh has a picture of a honey jar on his shirt...the sentence IS correct. You're just stupid. Read it as many times as it'll get it. Wait, maybe you won't.

GoofyBastrd  08/22/07 10:40 am
I don't know why these assholes are going after tshirt hell..if anything they should go after Jerry Lee Lewis. After all he wrote a song about it being going ok..a whole lot of shaking going on..shake baby shake it..

Jarred  08/23/07 1:46 am
GoofyBastrd, I would like to inform you that you are not funny. You can't do distasteful humor. Please stop.

Chelle  08/23/07 5:39 am
Two things: As of semi-recently a husband and wife have dedicated their MySpace pages to documenting their infant's recovery from being shaken by a caregiver. Want to know why so many people are suddenly so overly concerned with this wonderful shirt? Take a guess. Don't even get me started on the concept of broadcasting something so personal to the entire Internet world.

Also, the people who complain about shirts go hand in hand with the same morons who are banning cooking lobsters alive (in California, naturally) at such places as grocery stores, instead of being concerned by the rising sea levels around the world which will inevitably wipe out their precious waterfront homes. Hmm, attempt to reverse the damage that humans have done to our planet, or protect creatures with a brain the size of a pea from a horrible death by boiling... Seriously, bitch about something worthwhile, or keep your fucking mouth shut.

Frank  08/23/07 10:17 am
I am trying ot writee a ccoooment bbut thhhey kkkepp sahking me!!! Hlep [email protected]!!! DDDDammnit!!

Rob  08/23/07 2:53 pm
Seriously I want to bang the shit out of you (in a ecstacy induced good kind of way) You have got to be the coolest chic on the planet. I promise to leave every whole you have raw and used up. Have a great weekend.

GoofyBastrd  08/23/07 6:15 pm
Jarred, i would like to inform you, that your mother is a whore...and she owes me change.

incarnate  08/24/07 12:42 am
GoofyBastrd, I would like to inform you, Jarred's mother is indeed a whore, who didn't shake her baby enough.

x.x  08/24/07 4:52 pm
I think Rob wasn't shaken enough. What the fuck is that idiot talking about anyway?

mother of 3  08/26/07 6:34 pm
The most discusting thing i have ever seen is the people who get away with shaking there babies and are aloud to have more, or the people in our schools teaching our children and trying to fuck em at the same time.., lady its a fucken t-shirt, ALL MY KIDS HAD THIS T-SHIRT WHEN THEY WERE BABIES.., ROCK ON T-SHIRT HELL- ROCK IT HARD..

dead bitch  08/27/07 9:07 am
I hope you bought a new one for each kid, you cheap whore.

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Message-----

From: Missy M.
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I think you need to REMOVE the t-shirt that you are selling with the SMALL INNOCENT baby inside stating "THEY SHAKE ME". That is the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever seen. Do you realize how many babies die because they have been shaken and you are poking fun at it????

YOU should be ashamed of yourself. TAKE THIS SHIRT DOWN and show the familys of SBS that you do not condone this kind of thing. DO some research on SBS and then see if you think that shirt is acceptable.

Melissa M.

Editor's Note: Again with the "most disgusting thing I've ever seen" nonsense. Vishnu almighty, you people really need to get a collective life. Have you even heard of the internet? With a few simple keystrokes you can see a guy rape a flamingo while conjoined twins vomit in his mouth. And this shirt is what gets your ire up? Fuck.

Anyway, I took your advice and did some research on SBS. (Thanks for the chuckle, by the way) It turns out that shirt is perfectly acceptable. You know why? Because that shirt doesn't actually shake babies. It's a goddamn shirt. All it does is lay there until you put it on a baby. And after you do that all it does is cover the baby's nipples. It doesn't spring to life like the broom in Fantasia and kill Little Billy.

Shake it all the timeFurthermore, I guarantee that no baby in history would be offended by that shirt. For a couple reasons. #1 - Babies can't read. And #2 - Babies laugh at stuff, you uptight cunt. I would concede the point that we're upsetting parents, if it wasn't completely retarded. What parents are we upsetting here? The ones that have lost a baby to SBS? If a parent lost a baby to SBS, wouldn't they be the ones that shook the baby? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think people leave their kids at baby-shaking services. Other than the most awesome parents in the world.

But okay, let's assume someone breaks into your house and shakes your baby. Shouldn't you be mad at that guy? Point being, people should be held responsible for their ACTIONS, not for their HUMOR. If comedy equaled reality, every Rabbi in the world would be in a bar fucking a horse right now. But they're not, because comedy doesn't equal reality. It equals a laugh. Sometimes reality is comedy, but never vice-versa. Like, you're an ignorant sow in real life, and that's funny. But if I told a joke in which you were smart or not a fat pig, that wouldn't make it so. Later, anal-discharge-for-brains.

Comments (46) - View Comments - Add A Comment

rachel m  08/21/07 4:47 pm
People who don't get the satire of this website should fuck off. By the way retards, if you cared to pretend you were literate you would realize "families" is spelled wrong.

foofoolamarr  08/21/07 5:20 pm
I just received my projected property tax bill for 2008. Approximately 75% of my tax money will go for public education. I have no kids, nor do I want any. So why do I have to pay for your mindless fucking? If you want kids, YOU pay for their education. Fuck you.

Shawn Byatt  08/21/07 6:35 pm
Right on! You tell that bitch! This was one of the best hate mail replies I've ever read! You made so many good points I can't count them all (I don't have enough unoccupied fingers). Even my wife, who's usually as ignorant as this bitch when it comes to having a sense of humor about dead babies and such agreed with your reply to this email. I'm very impressed. Thank you.

red23  08/21/07 8:49 pm
Thank You for the best reply I've ever read. It said it far better then I ever could, being I'm a dumbass hillbilly. I think, the T-shirt offends the lady so much, because when she sees it she can't resist the urge. She must do as the shirt says, if anyone out there knows this lady, please wear a "show me your tits" shirt around her. She'll be writing hate mail to the company that made that shirt, because the shirt forced her to show her tits in public. Shes weak can't resist the urge to act upon every written word. I guess the joke really would be on her then.

Sarah  08/21/07 9:13 pm
This is the best hatemail section I've ever read. Fantastic.

Yama Antaka  08/21/07 10:18 pm
dear god:
please can you post the url for the website with the flamingo and the cojoined twins vomiting? i'm hosting a dinner party this weekend for a charity run by evangelicals and would like to use some of those images on the place cards....

Hoo  08/22/07 1:36 am
That shirt IS offensive. I demand it be taken down so that it might be put to a better use: such as gagging morons so they can't be heard screaming from my trunk!

Kansler  08/22/07 8:14 am
Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Therefore - Shirts don't shake babies, useless parents/carers shake babies... Fucken dumbasses! If this funny shit offends you, what the fuck are you even wasting your time on this website for? Use your poofter lock (Parental lock) to lock your fucked up self out of ALL the wickedly funny sites. Looking forward to your most disgustingly funny upcoming shirts for me to eagerly spend more of my Easily earned Drug money on. You go girl, you're my Hero!

SACK-U  08/22/07 8:52 am
Bravo! Bravo! you once again have outdone yourself!

Hey... foofoolamarr, I pay just under 1k a monthh for 1 child to have a education in a private school. Move to florida, where the school system churns out kids as smart as a bar of soap. Good new though. They all want to be the president, or pick tomatoes. Well same thing some days huh? Good luck kids, here is a broom.

Agent:Karma Police  08/22/07 9:51 am
To the writer of this newsletter.... I'm in love with you, and have a great sense of humor. I don't mind baby shaking t-shirts, priest jokes, or discussions about abortion, SBS, or anal discharge. Some might say Iím a fan of exploratory colonoscopy, making fun of retarded folks, and abusive behavior. I like to make boys cry. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and serial killing. I'm an experienced rapist, and an expert stalker. Please contact me at the above email. Looking forward to making each other laugh till weíre sick...while making fun of all the ignorance and stupidity that surrounds us. And I was kinda turned on by that last Rabbi fucking a horse line. Cheers.
Post Script-Iím a girl.

psychotic_d  08/22/07 9:52 am
when i read emails like these and see the way the rest of the world tends to think... i can see natural selection just isn't working fast enough. we need more floods and earthquakes and shootings! cmon mothernature! you can do better than THAT!
i still fail to see how this shirt condones the act of shaking a baby. it doesn't say "shaking babies is cool, gimme a shake!" or some shit. and if it did, any dipshit parent who saw that and fucking obeyed the shirt, doesn't deserve offspring. hm.. maybe natural selection IS doing it's job!

smokedm  08/22/07 10:55 am
Dear "they shake me" complainers, You must have a really good life. I mean, if this is all you have to complain about, your life must be pretty sweet. The website that YOU went to is tshirtHELL, so sweet loving shirts will not be found here. So if it offends you, don't watch, read, listen to the things that offend you. GO ELSEWHERE! STOP telling free citizens of the USA what they should or should not do. Do complain about the shit that really matters... like: sealing our borders, stopping islamic facists, stopping the introduction of universal"free" healthcare(we need insurance reform), and reforming our tax code( So, all you hippy liberals, stop worshipping paris hilton, get your head out of your asses and do something meaningful. Democrat=socialist=communist. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

toast  08/22/07 1:00 pm
Here's an idea. Perhaps all the ignorant motherfuckers opposed to someone purchasing and adorning their own child with the "They Shake Me" shirt should unite, start their own t-shirt company and make a shirt that says "Please Don't Shake Babies" I would hazard to guess that 5 or 6 people would definitely buy something like that. Plus that would be a funny shirt too.

shelly  08/22/07 1:20 pm
As a parent I have to say, I'm not at all offended by this shirt. SBS is a serious issue, but there is a valid point in humor not being reality. If I wasn't a broke ass bitch I would buy this shirt for my kid!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Jennifer  08/22/07 3:23 pm
i love you

The baby shaker  08/22/07 4:45 pm
After reading this letter, I can not believe what a bargain this baby shirt is. For just $18.00, not only do you get a quality t-shirt, you also get a baby in it that tells people I shake it. FUCK ME! That has to be the greatest deal ever. The best thing is, if you shake to hard and kill it just order another one, BRILLIANT!

curtis smith  08/22/07 6:01 pm

Fun_dough_menthol  08/22/07 7:15 pm
I'm not an ocean or a zoo animal or anything, but man people suck. Why won't the offended people EXPLAIN WHY they are offended instead of just suggesting THAT they are offended?
Who is the victim? ...and if YOU (the offended) are the victims, WHY are you victims?
What is hurting you and why? Give us a reason or two. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

James the Bastard  08/22/07 9:24 pm
I love it. If my daughter was still a baby, she would be sporting one of these as soon as it arrived in the mail. Thanks for making me "sane" another day. Your website is a gift unto the world, and the satire the gospel of the day.

Or your shirts just fucking rock. Your choice.

karinkantstop  08/22/07 10:07 pm
Anybody know where the closest baby-shaking service is located? My kids all need a good shaking, by professionals. Yellow pages didn't have this listed.

evilklown  08/22/07 11:19 pm
How about seeing Dick Cheney meeting with oil companies in a "They Pay Me" shirt...

tammackers  08/23/07 12:48 am
you must have been a shaken baby, cause you still rock!!

Iman Azol  08/23/07 2:21 am
foofoolamarr: you pay for schools in the vain hope that the next generation won't be full of morons who get offended by this shirt, or selfish cockbags like yourself who think the world revolves around them.

Think about that next time someone bags your groceries or changes your oil. They went to a public school to give us an underclass of near-slave labor morons working at minimum wage. That's worth $1000 a year in taxes to me.

Arf  08/23/07 3:29 am
Iman Azol, what the fuck are you talking about? Complaining about taxes!? ...get a life. You should complain to the government about what they DO and what they DON'T do with the money that you donate from your salary ...or simply VOTE for the people you'd like running your country.

Arf  08/23/07 3:35 am
Don't complain when you've gotten what you deserve. If you're too lazy to think and act on your own, you deserve religious morons writing your laws. ...oh, and the "They Shake Me" Tee... it does seem to be offensive to people who don't know why themselves. I think they're just in shock because they think that it's the kid's way of crying out for help. They think that the kid MADE that shirt and wants people around him to make his parents stop he shaking. They don't realize that it's the parents that have put the shirt on the baby, and they don't realize that it's a joke. THAT's the only logical reason why someone would be offended. A simple misunderstand by simple minds.

insinu8  08/23/07 6:01 am
Damn it!
I laughed reading that e-mail and then almost pissed myself laughing, reading your reply.
All I really want to say right now is:

"Where's my 'I shake babies' T-shirt?"

Lisa  08/23/07 7:41 am
i cudnt b bothrd reading all the comments so this has probably been said already.....but whats up with every1 saying 'do u know hw many babies died of this....' why dont dey tell us hw many babies.....if dey really cared wudnt dey tell us and not leave us dont care

Corey  08/23/07 10:38 am
2 things... 1 how many of the complainers are ordering shirts? Assuming T Shirt Hell is a business and your customers, people who buy things, enjoy the shirts why would these house cows think their opinion matters. Ok here are some letters from people who don't buy shirts regarding the shirts you should sell, interesting.

And the second Shaken baby syndrome is a type of child abuse that effects between 1,200 and 1,600 children every year in the USA of that 20-30% die. So we are talking between 240 and 480 a year. Not exactly cancer now is it.

tt  08/23/07 11:09 am
What a bunch of Fucktards.
Question of the day-What's the difference between unloading a truck load of bowling balls and a truck load of babies?
Answer- You can use a pitchfork on the babies.
Some of these people should have been shaken.

AMANDA JIMENEZ  08/23/07 11:14 am

Seanza  08/23/07 5:25 pm
dude, you gotta get me that link of the flamingo porn!

Uncle Reg  08/23/07 8:01 pm
My goal in life is to have the job responding to hate mail for T-shirt Hell. If anyone on the edit staff ever gets sick, takes a vacation or commits suicide, please pleasePLEASE call me!!! I'll let you use either(or both) of my nephews in any way you see fit!!!

Adnama  08/23/07 10:17 pm
God, you're sexy. Let's have each other's babies and fuckin' shake the piss out of 'em.

Ashcan Pete  08/24/07 12:39 am
Now in my humble opinion, you have to shake babies, otherwise they don't bake uniformly. Plus any propperly shaken baby is already in a casket and doesn't get the pleasure of wearing such and inspired shirt... (unless, of course, said child's parents really wanted to fuck with the grieving at the funeral, but that's another story all together)But that's just my opinion.

Mikey  08/24/07 1:00 am dare you use the word fucktard without my permission. You owe me a "THEY SHAKE ME" t-shirt.

sak-less bill  08/24/07 5:47 am
thats the smartest thing iv read anywhere, ever

Cory  08/24/07 12:41 pm
To all you "they shake me" haters.........I am puzzled and actually entertained by the venom from you. If you are actually reading the t-shirts on this site, you know it has a plethora of "sick" and entertaining shirts. If it gets your attention, it was a successful printing. Lighten up!!!! There are many other things to get your undies in a bundle about. Personally, I like to check in occasionally to see how creative and over the limit they get. If you don't like the shirts........get the hell off the site and quit reading them!!!!!!

daniel wall  08/24/07 2:18 pm
its funny how people with no sense of humor seem to find these sites and harass the people who attened to them and make the world a better place. thank you t shirt hell if you didnt have this shirt how else would the world know i shake little billy. but im not here to tell you i like sbs (that means sweet baby sex right?) but to tell you i agree that it seems the more evolved we become and the more adult we try to act the bigger douche bags we become thats why i refuse to step in line and have responsibility thats why i love this site. and for the bitch who wrote this... SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID BITCH do you really think that saying sbs is bad is gonna make me stop shaking your kids fuck no im on my way to your house to do it now. finally i just want to say that i love this site ive been fired for such shirst as "when jesus comes back we'll kill him again" and "rapes no laughing matter unless your raping a clown". its worth it tho because you always come up with something that makes me laugh so ty. and to you anal-discharge-for-brains(i love that) you really just need to get fucked then youll be happy again

x.x  08/24/07 5:01 pm
I wish all of the hatemail hadn't been from the morons that don't like the "They Shake Me!" shirt. Everyones posts, which are usually quite humorous are all basically the same, and certain people *coughs* feel the need to repeat their post again, using different words. Way to use a thesuarus. Maybe T-Shirt Hell should make a shirt for adults that says "I Shake Babies" to go with the "They Shake Me!" shirt.

TobieAnn  08/24/07 7:01 pm
They need to shut the fuck up. I love the shiort and so does everyone at the hospital I work in. Tell them to Grow Up!

Kevin  08/27/07 7:34 pm
And the shirt helps illuminate exactly which babies are being shaken so it really does a great service to babies.

Daermon  08/28/07 11:05 pm
AI wuz AAA shaikan BAibi Annnd I sai thus sssshirt isz grrreat!

K Blight  08/31/07 11:17 pm
well id say the shirt done a good job in noticed, because if it hadnt then it wouldnt have got so many emails about it...
and now it has just opened up to the public about the shirt and more ppl are going to know about it and buy it! well done!

Bitch  09/19/07 1:11 am
I'm not sure I UNDERSTAND the need to CAPITALIZE period words IN a paragraph,but THEN again,I'm not an UPTIGHT housewife whose BAKESALES are banned due to THE inability to tell the DIFFERENCE between Comet and flour.So instead spends the TIME while the hubby boinks anything but her SPYING on her kids' Myspace,sending dislike mail(since it lacks a certain... hate)and crying INTO her tiny dogs FUR.

Makes me wonder where Darwin is when you need him....

Bitch  09/19/07 1:13 am
Periodic words,too.
I hear sleep is good...perhaps I should attempt it ...

Heidi  10/03/07 5:14 pm
The shirt comes with a baby in it?!

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