Chicago failed in its recent bid to get the 2016 Olympics. I thought it was cute the way all those people thought America would still exist seven years from now. Still, it would've been cool to see all those athletes go for the gold in Cannibalism and Fuel-hoarding.

Distribution of the swine flu vaccine began last week. It must really be working because I don't know anyone who has gotten the swine flu. Yep, that vaccine is really doing its job. The same way my magic hat protects me from lion-rape.

A 4.4 million-year-old skeleton nicknamed "Ardi" has been found to be the oldest human ancestor, predating the famous "Lucy" by more than a million years. Man, I feel bad for Ardi. Can you imagine floating there for 4.39 million years waiting for God to create the universe?

The 2009 Nobel Prizes were handed out last week. Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak won in the field of medicine. Bullshit! Beyonce has one of the best medical advancements of all time! Oh pop culture references... You never fail to deliver a mindless chuckle. Smurfs.

I would make some joke about the surge in Afghanistan, but I don't know what's going on with that. Near as I can tell, they stole our dirt and rocks and we're trying to get them back. Or maybe we're just trying to justify a defense budget large enough to build another Earth. I don't know, but one thing's for sure: money is not being wasted. Buy war bonds! (a.k.a. "Pay taxes")

Miley Cyrus has quit Twitter. Oh man... this is my generation's tragic moment. Like that 9-11 thing a while ago, or the JFK assassination. I will remember exactly where I was when this happened: standing next to Miley Cyrus pointing a gun at her head. But seriously, it is now up to the rest of us to fill the void she has left. So everyone get on Twitter and tweet about Billy Ray Cyrus and Disney execs touching your cooter.

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Donna C.  10/13/09 5:25 pm
HEY!! How did you know that Disney execs touched my cooter???

palmer woodrow  10/13/09 9:13 pm
I didn't know Billy Bob(sorry, I mean Ray) Cyrus touched Ry Cooder!

obnoxius  10/13/09 10:12 pm
I'll practice a lot to be a drug dealer during the Olympics here in Brazil. I'll get more gold than Michael Phelps. Maybe I come up with a nice synthetic drug that will make everyone think that american women are pretty and have nice asses like brazillians.

Tom F  10/14/09 2:52 pm
Hey, how do I become a Disney exec?

showmeonthedollywherethebadmantouchedyou  10/14/09 3:51 pm
I've missed hate mail!

alabamahotpocket  10/14/09 6:53 pm
Man, I feel bad for Ardi. Can you imagine floating there for 4.39 million years waiting for God to create the universe? lol love it!

Lt. Commander Data  10/14/09 10:50 pm
You should have mentioned that the Chimp-in-Chief, doh!Bama, won the Piss Prize (worthless as urine). All he had to do was keep one war going and build up troops for another. Can I get a Medal of Freedom for my efforts to repeal the 13th Amendment?

The Doctor  10/15/09 3:00 am
"The same way my magic hat protects me from lion-rape." WARNING These hats don't work! One of my friends was wearing one and he still got raped by a lion.

what?  10/15/09 9:16 am
It makes me sad that people refer to swine flu as bacon lung.

[at] Lt. Commander Data  10/15/09 2:09 pm
Good thing urine is good for.. *drumroll* ..water! *Yay, we're all saved!*

V.W.P.  10/15/09 3:48 pm
Where can I get one of those magic hats??! I have been looking everywhere for something to stop this fucking lion. Okay sure I bought him a drink but he just took down a gazelle, had fresh blood on his face... I was just trying to be friendly.

Anna Rexia  10/15/09 6:03 pm

never_nuff_muff  10/21/09 3:21 pm
FUCKING DISNEY, always touching everyones cooters.

long division


picture 1If you regularly or even occasionally pay attention to the news, you have likely noticed stories about students not being allowed to practice their faith in school. I can't understand why this happens. It's like these schools think we have a separation of church and state.

You may be desensitized to these stories due to their frequency, but I assure you that religious students having their non-rights trampled is still a problem in America. To raise awareness of this, I've decided to put a human face on it by sharing with you the travails of one such student. Or by pandering to your reactionary and childish nature. Tomato, tomahto.

The student in question is 4th grader Deirdra Lynn Bedford of Altoona, Alabama. She attends Anti-Abolitionist Elementary and practices Arbitrarism, which is a denomination of Randomanity. Based on the teachings of their savior, Mehsus, the tenets of this faith require its followers to wait by the phone each morning until they receive a call giving them a meaningless task or action to carry out.pic 2

A steadfast church member (and one of the few with the mind of a 10-year-old because she is ten years old), Deirdra follows these instructions school or no school. As a result, she has received numerous suspensions. The first occurred in kindergarten, when Deirdra was suspended three days after walking the halls wearing a sandwich board with images of anal fisting plastered all over it.

Regarding that suspension, the school's principal, Marshal Buchanan, had this to say: "I thought a three-day suspension was fair. Which is what I said when I first met Deirdra's mother, who for some reason was wearing a helmet made of used maxi pads."

And what of Deirdra's subsequent violations? "It's usually nothing," said Principal Buchanan. "She'll dump apple butter in the goldfish tank or shit in a wig before placing it in a toilet - you know, nothing our Mexican can't handle. The suspensions occur when she crosses a line and disrupts class. Like when she choked Billy Duncan... I don't want to know where she got all those pubes."picture 1

"She hasn't been expelled because her age." said her teacher, Ms. Aken. "Much is forgiven due to youthful ignorance, but eventually people must shed childish beliefs. Last week she staple-gunned squirrels to her nipples and sang the Canadian National Anthem in class. All because a man she will never see commanded it. Can you imagine an adult with a functioning brain doing that? Scary."

The school takes the suspensions in stride, but how does Deirdra's mom feel about this? "My baby don't need no schoolin'. Mehsus is all the education she need. Besides, my tax dollars pay for that school; she should be able to do anything she wants.”your mom

"Well, I don't pay taxes, but somebody does. And I assume they want my baby to do whatever Arbitrarism says, even at the expense of their child's education and safety. Religion is more important than so-called 'progress.' Life like it was thousands of years ago... Now that's progress."

Of course, lost in the discussion of freedom and values is what matters most: Deirdra. How does she feel about all this? "I'm a kid. What goes into my head is a matter of who got there first. My mom showed up; she won. If I was raised by wolves I wouldn't be aware of the concept of god and I'd eat rabbits in a hollow log.”

"But as it stands mom put Mehsus in my head and said everything else is a lie or a threat. So I'll believe this the rest of my life and so will my kids, and that's how this stuff survives. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for gym class. I've got to go throw jars of urine at the Jewish kid."

Comments (18) - View Comments - Add A Comment

drdrunk  10/13/09 3:16 pm
Mehsus is my co-pilot

wow  10/13/09 5:12 pm
that nun has two very nice titties. i bet her asshole is as pink ass when you wash a red shirt with a white shirt.

Donna C.  10/13/09 5:29 pm
Does Deirdra know that the used maxi pad on her mother's head had her baby brother soaked into it?

The big Red Beast  10/14/09 8:32 am
does donna c. knows her own body?

Jacoby  10/14/09 6:41 pm
See the thing is, I understand people being atheist, but making out like all Christians are raving lunatics doing insane things is just stupid and lacks humor. Have some class. And think about going to hell a little bit, its not gonna be too pleasant for you.

Mehsus  10/14/09 7:13 pm
I thunder loud farts to the unbelievers! Btw, I misplaced my phone list, and I do need to get back in touch with my large breasted nun. Orders and divine intervention, you know the drill..
Keep the faith!

Lt. Commander Data  10/14/09 11:08 pm
The whole church/school thing gets lost in the middle of the two extreme sides: atheist asshole militants and Christian wack jobs. If the kids want to put a prayer on a banner or praise God, that's fine. It needs to be done. The atheists and Christ-cotics are the ones needing crucifixion, and displaying them thus on a tee shirt would be a fine social action...

k  10/14/09 11:38 pm
shit, most of the stuff you post is just dumb frivolity, but the social implications of this piece are fucking brilliant. love it

Iman Azol  10/15/09 1:40 am
Jacoby should be crucified in a porta potty. Then I can wipe my ass on the pages of his bible. Win/win. Well, except for Jacoby and Christianity.

Kris  10/15/09 1:20 pm
I think a lot of people are missing the point of the issue. This isn't as black and white as Christians versus Athiests. You people do realize that there are Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. Right? For those of you who don't know, all of those things I just listed are other religions. Allowing one group to pray in a public institution where children are taught is disrespectful and possibly offensive to other groups that may not believe in that religion. But if a Jewish kid or a Muslim kid wanted to practice their religion in a school, then the Christian majority would be up in arms over the exact same thing as other groups are upset about. Atheists are not the only ones advocating a ban on prayer in school. One could argue that all religions should be allowed to pray at school. Fine. But that would not only be distracting it would also be taking valuable time away from know, the actual reason why children go to school in the first place? I know some of you may not be familiar with the term and I apologise for using such a big word on you...would you prefer "edumukashun"? The easiest thing to do would be to focus on teaching children and not allowing all of these groups to pray or worship in school. It would also be exposing those that believe in a minority religion and could cause tensions between groups. Atheist or Agnostic children could be targeted by other students or by teachers or other adults to try and convert or harass them. Besides, as one of the stupidest countries in the world, we need to focus more on actual learning and less on whether or not we should be wasting time unneccessarily praying in schools. All of that being said, I thought this story was funny and I laughed inappropriately loud at the part of the little girl stapling squirrels to her nipples.

the squirrels  10/15/09 5:19 pm
thank you Kris, we absolutely agree with most of what you said.. however, being stapled to a little girl's nipples was rather painful and disturbing for us, so please, don't disregard our suffering in your enjoyment.. thank you.. also, we think that the squirrel stapling incident should be made into a t-shirt to honor our sacrifice and to raise awareness about the unethical treatment of us squirrels..

Fuck Buddy International  10/15/09 5:57 pm
We at Fuck Buddy International understand the implications of keeping church and schooling separate. However, with the liberties granted by the Constitution, people must have the right to practice their own religion. But WHAT THE FUCK DOES STAPLING A SQUIRREL TO YOUR NIPPLE HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING???!!! She's fucking 10 for crying out loud! Aside from that, normal religions (such as those that have their roots deep in history and not those that have their roots deep at the end of a line of coke in hicksville) should have the right to practice their religion wherever they are. The article makes mention that the only time the girl got in trouble anyway was because she would disturb class. That shit is obvious. IF she can keep learning and still practice her religion and come out with and average level of education, no one has the right to say a damned thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Therefore, and as a footnote to all you opinionated fucks, fuck you all if you argue this. Thank you.


Fuck Buddy International

BUBBA  10/16/09 8:46 am

jokerkd  10/16/09 9:48 pm
damn fuck buddy, you so smart! i wish i was as smart as you.

i thought the whole whole thing was made up, how stupid of me. thanks for pointing out it is as true as the bible.

hold on, i'm confusing myself now.

Crystal Meth  10/17/09 5:38 am
All Hail Mehsus.

Of course I belong to the Reformed Re-United Free Church of Mesus, the only true faith. I pity those poor deluded souls of the other denominations, who are certainly going to hell.

JokEr  10/25/09 7:32 pm
who let mehsus out of the closet and let the fake try and run a studid mom for beliveing that ,well that daughter can sing the canadian national anthem,i still don't know anyone who can get past the O canada

dEbO  10/25/09 9:06 pm
Hey. Quit Maligning my Cult. We Arbitrarists pride ourselves on our fastidiousness and Right Action. Why just the other day I remarked on this very thing during the Pudding Ceremony. Please try to be more respectful of other people and their weird Pudding rituals.

Jake Malicious  10/30/09 4:48 pm
Christians being raving lunatics doing insane things is just stupid and lacks humor.


-----Original Message-----

From: Ms. Lara S.

All your shirts are just disgusting. I supose you and your ignorant fans think this garbage is funny but its just a celebration of alcoholism and sexism and violence disguised as humor. It's bad enough that all of the television shows are full of uneducated women who think they might be able to improve their lives by exploiting themselves by wearing bikinis and trying to marry some has been rockstar or second rate actor from the eighties. I can see people still have a lot of growing up to do in America.

9/11 was an inside job...

Editor's Note: Okay, let's see if I remember how to do this... You're a dumb bitch!

Yes! I've still got that subtle magic. But more important than my incisive, witty retorts is the ability of people to still be retarded. I'm glad to see that ability has been maintained even as bong hits and malt liquor have taken the edge off my hostility. I'm sure my negativity can return to its former glory; it just needs to get back in fighting shape. Cue the montage!

[Hatred attempts to benchpress 500 lbs... "You're ugly." Hatred hitting speedbag, jumping rope... "You're stupid." Hatred jogging behind car, doing one-armed push ups, once again attempting to benchpress 500 lbs... "Go fuck yourself. To call you irrelevant would be an insult to irrelevance. You can sit behind your tear-soaked keyboard sending emails to people with a sense of humor all the fucking livelong day, but it doesn't change the fact that you mean nothing to anyone. At best, you rank as a mosquito - just an annoyance to be swatted and forgotten. You cunty, cunty mosquito." Hatred gets up the 500 lbs.]

YES! Stay tuned for the increasingly unsatisfying sequels.

Comments (26) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Awesome Jim  10/13/09 2:37 pm
Sweet, the hate mail is back, and now the thing is funny again.

mike  10/13/09 3:10 pm
dear dumb bitch aka Ms lara s
I do find this garbage funny; and have a few shirts from here. the country was built on alcoholism, sexism, violencism and a few more isms!

Donna C.  10/13/09 5:31 pm
She's not so much a dumb bitch; more like a dumb twat.

Barneynotfred  10/14/09 12:41 am
Dear stuck-up-most-probably-a virgin:
I am a Brit and we are renowned for a very dry sense of humour (with the letter 'u' my American friends). Luckily, as such, we get sarcasm, sardonic banter (look it up luv), and irony. Maybe you should try and detach head from your arse so you can read between the fucking lines.

Hugs, barney

Bizzle J  10/14/09 4:36 am
I don't know whether we got the original writer(s) back on board or what the needed fix was, but fuck yeah, this section was sadly and sorely missed, as well as having all the other rants and raves actually making me laugh. Keep it wrong, keep it fresh, keep it up.

Toker  10/14/09 10:10 am
HELL FKN YEA....i am a alci an yea i love sex an been in jail a few times. so fuckn what. dont wear the shirts an beaters if ya dont like em bitch. i hope you see me in the mall 1 day wearin my FUCK YOU YOU FUCKN FUCK beater

Tommy  10/14/09 10:21 am
Yeah you can bet she's a big fat pig! And most likely a virgin to boot, probably says she's been laid but whoever was unfortunate enough to attempt banging that probably just had sex between the rolls of fat thinking it was a pussy....

vince  10/14/09 11:59 am
youre a stupid womans libbing cunt

Pup  10/14/09 1:00 pm

nihilistlee  10/14/09 6:15 pm
Dear Ms. Lara,
I'd rather see my sister in a whorehouse than you in one of these wonder shirts.
As always,

Nikki D  10/14/09 7:46 pm
Oh man... I seriously needed this today. How fucking funny... I love it!!

Lt. Commander Data  10/14/09 11:15 pm
Neither can she write, nor can she bitch. This Lara quim seems to think we're celebrating violence, porn, drugs, and sex. Well, we ARE. So what's the point of her bullshit? As Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street... "Stop GIVING me information and start GETTING me some". Yeah... preferably with 36D tits and a lovely face...

Iman Azol  10/15/09 1:43 am
All your shirts are just disgusting. I supose you and your ignorant fans think this garbage is funny but its just a celebration of alcoholism and sexism and violence disguised as humor.


Jackie  10/15/09 9:50 am
I say Lara should be happy about these shirts. They're so over the top, they are making fun of the type of sexist losers who might take them seriously and wear them. At least that's how I see it.

I mean, all us women would like the idea of a Jerk-dar, well these shirts are pretty close to that. If someone is stupid enough to buy one of the shirts, and think that the message will get them women, they won't get laid and there will be women saved from getting it from a jackass. That's something to be happy about.

RaginRednek  10/15/09 12:26 pm
Hey ya dumb bitch, what more could we possibly ask for? Alcoholism, sexism, and violence disguised as humor... Makes for a good life in my opinion.

Kris  10/15/09 1:47 pm
Ms. Lara S.
Do you really think that ALL of the televison shows promote women exploiting themselves? Maybe just the tv shows that you watch but some people actually watch informative programing and not just the borderline retarded Z-list "celebrities" like the Kardashians or The Bachelor or, really scraping the bottom of the barrel, Rock of Love. Do women degrade themselves on shows like House or CSI or Law and Order? Do they degrade themselves on anything from the History Channel or Discovery channel?
I watch channels and shows like that and I also happen to find a majority of shirts on this site funny as hell. I also happen to be a non-alcoholic, feminist pacifist working on a doctorate in psychology. I certainly hope that doesn't make me ignorant. Or, perhaps, you're the ignorant one.
The way I see it, many of the more allegedly offensive shirts on here are not meant to be taken as though it's the wearer's actual belief. Many of them are meant to mock those that really do believe it under the pretense of agreeing. Complex, I know. However, if you tune out of VH1's Celebretard television lineup or MTV or any of those other ridiculous networks that you think exploits women long enough to watch The Colbert Report, then you'd get it. The show's alternately funny and annoying, but it proves that the funniest way to mock someone or mock an entire group (Republicans in this case) is to pretend to be one. It's the best way to get the point across as to how stupid their ideology is.
The only one here I see that needs growing up is you. Stop simpering around, taking offense to everything that you don't understand. If you don't like women exploiting themselves change the channel. If your Neanderthal boyfriend beats you if you try to change the channel then break up with him. You don't have to wait around for you 15th child to be born or whatever. If that's not your situatution, then good for you. However, stop punishing us because of your unfulfilling, lackluster, pathetic personal life. Just because you have nothing better to do is no excuse for spreading your ignorance to the rest of us. Don't pretend that, by calling us "fans" ignorant, you aren't really just covering your own ignorance instead.

NO Saints fan  10/15/09 4:50 pm
I think this bith has her dildo so far up her ass she fails to see the funny side of these fucked up t-shirts. Keep sending this hate mail. It just gives us ideas for new, MORE OFFENSIVE AND FUNNY T-SHIRTS!!! And u have to get that if u take people who wear these shirts (yo) seriously than your the one who needs to grow up and lighten up. Don't u think we need a bit of humor after all the shit that happens in this country? FUCK YOU!!!! AND ROCK ON T-SHIRT HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JokER  10/15/09 5:01 pm
Mz. Lara reelly, u r a blessing in disguise, I bet that waz u in that nuns picture

upinthismotherfucka  10/15/09 10:13 pm
man i shit SHIT when i read this shit! up in this motherfucka

Arc Cahlon  10/16/09 10:45 am
I am offended ms i am a bitch that you would say we fans find this shit funny. I am a fan and I dont find any thing here funny. I find it fucking hilarious. please get your facts right would ya. and yes for the record I am an alcaholic who thinks a women looks good going down on me while baby seals are clubbed to death all around. what can i say. suffering is fucking funny. so ms i have no life go staple chipmunks to your ass (sorry squrrials on tits is taken) maybe then we may care about you.

Devildog2033  10/17/09 10:39 am
LMFAO- I dig how "Lara" came back and posted as "Jackie" in an attempt to make us think twice before wearing our shirts. What a fucking douche. Seriously. I bet she drinks a half gallon of water and a half gallon of vinegar and then vomits into her mom's pussy. Then they sit around bitching about how women are portrayed in TV shows, all while laughing at the "dumb dad" commercials. Fucking hypocritical cunt slob.

max  10/17/09 10:53 pm
hey jackie i didn't realize these shirts were mean't to be chick magnets.

Ass Hole Poop  10/19/09 1:55 pm
Congratulations Kris, you are so smart! I wish I could watch House and work on a doctorate in psychology. You are truly amazing.
What makes you fucking people think that this Ms Lara is going to be reading your comments anyway(if that's a real email to begin with).

The Happy Leprechaun  10/21/09 8:00 pm

Jake Malicious  10/30/09 4:54 pm
"It's bad enough that all of the television shows are full of uneducated women who think they might be able to improve their lives by exploiting themselves by wearing bikinis and trying to marry some has been rockstar or second rate actor from the eighties."

I seem to recall an earlier Thing, that mentions that "just because we present retards as they are, and it is funny, doesn't mean WE are making fun of them".

In the same vein, television is just keepin' it real by presenting women as a bunch of vacuous, greedy cunts with no backbone nor honor. Arrested emotional and mental development, indeed.

Melissa  11/01/09 1:58 pm
Wow, you sure told me off! As 1 of the ignorant fans I'd like to point out to you that the word is "suppose," not "supose."
I SUPPOSE being a miserable bitch day in and day out leaves you w/ little time to study your spelling.

joy division

-----Original Message-----

haFrom: Jeffrey T.

The 'officer down' shirt really crosses a line. It's a shame because I like most of your stuff. Most of them are funny and good nature. Of course some of them are more questionable but this one I really think is just to much. I am not going to buy any more of your shirts and I'm going to tell all of my friends to do the same thing. Some things are funny and some things are just off limits. this is one of those things.

Editor's Note: Ah, the sweet smell of familiarity. It wouldn't be a return to hate mail without some form of "I like most of your shirts, but ___ is unacceptable." You've gotta love the hypocrisy of the self-righteous.

It's like this time me and my friend Chuck were throwing expired coleslaw at homeless people... We were nailing those filthy hobos with slaw until they were blanketed in it, then I decide to switch over to eggs. All of the sudden Chuck freaks out and says I've gone too far. As if these animals were somehow above having me rub yolks into their beards with my foot. It's probably the best meal they've had in years.

Anyway, I'm struggling to understand what line we've crossed with "Officer Down." Have we offended tards or cops? Or have we merely offended you by implying there might actually be a difference?

In either case, you can go fuck yourself. Wait... I don't want you to have that satisfaction. I've got it: Go tease yourself. Just look at all those pictures of throbbing cocks you normally look at to rub one out, but don't finish the job. Just put those pictures away after a couple minutes and let your unsatisfied boner awkwardly sit there.

That may not be harsh enough to catch on. Go Rusty Trombone yourself. We have a winner!

Comments (32) - View Comments - Add A Comment

drdrunk  10/13/09 3:21 pm
That's right, all the shirts about racism, pedophilia and animal rape are just fine. Just don't pick on Corky!

ih8pigs  10/13/09 4:15 pm
who said this shirt was a joke? i thought it was inspiring to all of you retarded pigs!!

skinny  10/13/09 5:10 pm
i went to school with the guy on the shirt. he was so fun to have around. He would point his gun at people, and give us all body cavity searches. now those were the days.

Chester T Baggins  10/13/09 9:33 pm
This must be a freedom of speech issue, if you can't mock retarded cops, obviously you can't mock any of them.

drdrunk  10/13/09 10:14 pm
Hire the handicapped, they're fun to watch!

PhilosopherRogue  10/13/09 11:39 pm
Is there any prize for getting a picture of the Downy guy from the Officer Downs interweb videos wearing this shirt?

dunce  10/14/09 2:49 pm
Jeffrey T. The T stands for taint.

Emperor Jim  10/14/09 3:43 pm
Retards? I thought that shirt was saying we should kill gay cops. I mean, look at the guy on the shirt. Total limp-wristed homo.

tallblondviking  10/14/09 6:23 pm
I can't decide what is funnier. The Officer Down shirt or the looks on uptight, holier than thou, stuck up cunts who take time out of their pathetic excuse for a life to bitch and moan about the representation of L.A.'s finest! I think we need a tee shirt about those bitches next! And, yes, before anyone points out that the author was "Jeffrey T," I know, but he is obviously a pussy. Go ahead, Jeffrey, tell your "friends" all about how the bad shirts hurt you. In your imagination it might happen.

The Majority  10/14/09 8:18 pm
Please don't take this the wrong way but, I am all for the Mexicans taking away my majority status. See here in 'Merica the the majority of people are middle class. I for one am very tired of Uncle Sugar putting the red throbber in my pooper. please feel free to have my place at the ass rapin' table. I will oblige by taking the minority status and help my self to the free schooling, food, and public assistance that comes with the title. By all means, go ahead and pay for me to sit on my lazy ass, I'll wait.
P.S. does the entire country of Mexico look like a giant colon, full and teaming with steamy pieces of shit, or is that just me?

Lt. Commander Data  10/14/09 11:21 pm
Cops are idiots who couldn't make it in the Army Special Forces or SEALs. They think writing tickets, serving warrants, and directing traffic make them demigods. THAT's retarded. Sitting there all day with a radar gun between your legs, eating Dunkin' Donuts while your testes get cancer... THAT's retarded. If they're not taking a report from me on who stole my car, they can kick rocks and get a 48th, 49th, hell, 50th chromosome...

Iman Azol  10/15/09 1:45 am
Jeffrey T. is actually a mall security guard, trained in Ninjitsu and Sambo. He carries an H&K MP5 because he's an ubercommando. Don't mock him.

Manny Dre  10/15/09 2:07 am
I believe the cop is missing his vodka bottle in his other hand. But ohh well it's good enough. I'm going to wear that looking really proud walking through the streets in the city. Let's see how many laugh. :-)

bluegrasslass  10/15/09 4:52 am
What do people expect from a site called T-Shirt Hell anyway??
I think you should do a T-shirt that just says FUCK YOU AL!! ... it's very funny but only fans of the site would know the connotations of it :)
BTW I LOVE the site; there's nothing better than getting an e-mail about this month's thing xxxxX

derek itzstein  10/15/09 6:29 am
I assume all of these freaks complaints are here for my amusement. It's like they all actually believe in Jesus or something. Keep them coming, wishing you all the eternal love of wich ever fictional deity you choose to genuflect to. Derek from Oz

Wainy  10/15/09 7:21 am
Shut up, shut up, shut up! You stupid cunt shut up! I havn't even read the other comments yet but I know I'm repeating what they've all said. You hypocritical fuck-wit, shut the fuck up. Ooooh, it's o.k to make fun of other things, fuck it, I'll even buy some of the t-shirts, but one of them offended me & it's turned me into a complete cunt. Here's an idea for a t-shirt for you, "I should die of cancer & I fuck the handi-capped up the shitter". Die.

Deb  10/15/09 9:45 am
That shirt is really funny.. did anyone notice the cop bears a strong resemblance to John Waters?

Jackie  10/15/09 9:47 am
I don't think wishing him to Rusty Trombone himself, is a good enough insult. You should've offered him a Polish Bike Ride.

CopsBurnInHell!  10/15/09 1:26 pm
Umm... Cops are just those fags in High School that BARELY got by or got a GED. Seriously.. when was the last time you saw a cop with a master's degree? GI Bill got my master's & will Apply the Hazlewood Act until it out as well. Fuck the system... Its been working for me for a long time so we'll roll another joint and sit on a gun collection that would make your liberal eyes explode. So.. um yea, Hope no one sets fire to your lil piggy's house and shoots the roaches that run from it. Thats what the 10gauge shotty and Mags with Penetrator rounds are for (limp wristed slack jaw'd Faggots)

Kris  10/15/09 2:00 pm
Seriously? This guy is really serious?
The "T" must stand for "Tard" if he is actually bothering to bitch and whine and refuse to buy anymore shirts. What a hypocrite. The way he complains about not buying anymore shirts and telling all of his (imaginary) friends not to either has the same tone as a 4 year old crying "I'm gonna telly my mommy on you!"
Grow up. On this site nothing is off limits. Most everyone is going to come across a shirt on here that they find mildly offensive or unfunny. Get over it. The funny stuff trumps the unfunny stuff by a us adults at least. Why would Jeffrey Tard think that this site would spare the fragile psyches of retarded cops? It's not like they'd get the joke in the first place. Apparently neither did Jeff, which explains SO much.
As a wise man once said "Get the fuck over it you pussy!" Okay, maybe it was my mom that said that, but the point remains. On this site they don't discriminate, they make fun of as not to leave anyone out, of course. They're not going to make fun of Bea Aurthur without making fun of retarded cops. The term "off limits" has no place here.
Stop punishing yourself for being such a douche bag by not buying shirts from here anymore. At least that way you'll have something entertaining to clean up all of the tears you shed when your finished pulling that hypocritical pole out of your ass. Then again, you may decide to just leave it there considering how much you seem to enjoy it rubbing against your asshole.

jenottawa  10/15/09 2:02 pm
He probably thought it had something to do with cop shootings and is unfamiliar with people being "down" (i.e. 70s slang). Boob...

NO Saints fan  10/15/09 5:07 pm
Are u fucking serious?!?! You complain about this, but not of any other just as, or more fucked up t-shirts (not that i'm complaining about them). At least complain about shirts that make sense, like the Slavery: Gets Shit Done shirt or one of the Jesus shirts on Hell. My brother has autism and even I take the cop shirt in good humor. Get over yourself you fat, donut-eating, faggot ass, wannabee Marine, mall cop.

JokEr  10/15/09 5:09 pm
Hey j.tard bet cha your buddies night stick rubs ur ass wrong

GayCopper  10/15/09 5:25 pm
watch for how the cop goes right for the penis

seraphiel  10/15/09 5:48 pm
Officer Down is my new favorite shirt! I sent links out to all my friends as soon as I saw it. I still look at it and just giggle. I will end up buying a few of them...awesome gifts if you ask me!

Arc Cahlon  10/16/09 12:23 pm
thank you you raciasts prick. you agree with slavery gets shit done and white flour but this is offencive? jesus are you a fucking retard? I sent my mother some link to theses shirts and asked her opinion cuz she is a hard line christian she found some of em funny a few christian related ones not but her view was if you dont like it dont view them. wow what a fucking idea? you dont like dont look at it. dude every shirt here is ment to piss off some one its what makes them funny, fuck me I hate the white flour shirt its too white powery but do i bitch? no its fucking funny its just not for me. so heres a bit of advice take the shirts you supposally bought here cram them up your ass and take a picture and e-mail it to the site. if your lucky you maybe will be made into a shirt. if not then you can again be laughed at like you are now. as for the officer down shirt I dont really get it i am thinking down syndrome. what ever its funny to me so I care shit less. and you sir. quit sucking your cock your ass is missing it embedded deep in side

Laurie  10/18/09 3:14 pm
Im going to buy like 20 of these shirts for all my cop buddies who enjoy this website!!

Heysus the Conquerer  10/18/09 5:42 pm
Awww. Did the poor little piddy get his feewings hurt?

Ass Hole Poop  10/19/09 2:13 pm
I agree with Emperor Jim that dude totally looks like a fag more than a retard.
I also wish that the people commenting who think that they are intelligent would quit replacing you're with your. They mean two different things!

this little piggy  10/21/09 4:09 pm
Fucking cry baby. Get over it. This shirt is Fucking Funny and I am a Cop (with a Master's Deg., I might add). I think my entire division needs this shirt.

The Happy Leprechaun  10/21/09 8:09 pm
I find it funny that people say they'll tell their friends to boycott a site that none of them have probably ever heard of. Good work, dumbfuck...You're the best kind of advertising.

Melli  11/01/09 10:52 pm
You really need to work on a shirt that addresses assholes who complain about shirts (I guess the "how dare I say Fuck on this t-shirt" ones might count)!
You finally hit OUR soft spot with the "Autism Rocks" shirt. My 6 year old granddaughter is autistic, and both her mother and I found the shirt amusing. The only reason we don't buy it for her is because she is already surrounded by way too many pig-headed, close-minded assholes as it is. Most aspects of autism are sad and painful, but we can still take a FUCKING JOKE!!!!! And I'd be the first to tell you that our little girl completely ROCKS!
Congrats on always being an equal opportunity offender!

division of labor

-----Original Message-----

haFrom: justin

your a bunch of assholes!!!! i hope none comes to your shitty site and you are forced to close!! if i ever see a person wearing of thse shirts i kick there ass!!!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Editor's Note: You know, sometimes a person in my position can question whether or not what they do is worthwhile. Little nagging thoughts like "Is all the negativity we spread worth it? I mean, shirt sales keep me neck-deep in coke, vagina and candy apples, but is it really worth it?"

Then I read an email like this and think "Yes. It is definitely worth it." Because it once again reminds me that people stupid enough to be offended by retarded jokes deserve to be offended. See, had it not been for our shirts this mentally-defeated simp would've remained in his bubble of window-licking happiness. But thanks to us, he's unhappy. And that makes me feel warm inside and moist outside.

Point being, this site isn't about spreading misery; it's about spreading misery to those who deserve misery. You're welcome, stupid fucking assholes of the world (a.k.a. everyone).

Comments (31) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Loser  10/13/09 2:29 pm
justin - "your a bunch of assholes!!!!"

"i hope none comes to your shitty site and you are forced to close!!"

"if i ever see a person wearing of thse shirts i kick there ass!!!!!"

"FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!"

Loser  10/13/09 2:44 pm
ok even i fucked up some of the fuck ups fuck potato/potahto...he still sucks @ english

evil elvis  10/13/09 2:50 pm
I love all your shirts. Justin, let me know when you'll be around and I'll make it a point to wear one the shirts. Cum get some sucker!

Rie  10/13/09 3:03 pm
The grammar in that little blurb is just delicious.

drdrunk  10/13/09 3:23 pm
I agree whole-heartedly. Fuck Al!!!!!

paper_doll68  10/13/09 3:28 pm
Okay Justin, if you think you could properly put an address into Google Maps and actually get out here, I'll gladly take you up on your ass kicking. I'll make sure to video tape it so the rest of those assholes can laugh while they watch a chick stomp your stupid ass.

Etiqueta Rojo  10/13/09 3:46 pm
What a dipshit. Have a look on the net about the cross-dresser that a drunken Irishman threw a punch at in London. Turns out the cross-dresser was out on a stag night with his cage-fighting buddies....

Dick  10/13/09 4:35 pm
it wasn't in London it was in Swansea, funny as hell though, heres a link.

Burtburt  10/13/09 4:40 pm
Haha! Go on the Irish!

skinny  10/13/09 5:07 pm
Whaa, go away you shit-bag, fuck-stick, ball-sac loving piece of dogshit. tell your one friend (your mom) to stay away from this site, there are plenty of us who love it out here in the real world.

Donna C.  10/13/09 5:35 pm
Bring it, you whiney little bitch!!

Simply Brilliant  10/13/09 9:18 pm
Justin's just mad because he didn't get the Peace Prize.

Ragnarock  10/13/09 10:04 pm
Go fuck a greasy mexican man Michael. you know you want to!

Scott  10/13/09 10:33 pm
If this douche saw someone wearing one of these shirts he'd slink away and take it out on his cat. And when I say "take it out on" I mean fuck.

If this idiot follows his own wishes he'd never recognize anyone wearing a T-Shirt Hell shirt anyway since he'd have to go to the site to see them.


Chris Callahan  10/14/09 6:52 pm
Love all your shirts, Keep em fucking coming!!!

Carl  10/14/09 9:09 pm
The reason these shirts are so damn funny is because they offend people like Justin. I usually don't fight retards, but I guess it's ok if it's self defense.

Robby  10/14/09 9:49 pm
HAHAHA he's gonna kick someone's ass for exercising their first amendment rights. Come on up here to north Idaho, more so Sandpoint, Idaho. 90% of my shirts are from T-shirt Hell. I also practice my second amendment right to bear arms. I would love to do this world a favor and put a bullet in this whinny, socialist, cunt's ass. BITCH!!!

Lt. Commander Data  10/14/09 11:26 pm
Representing Charlotte, NC, right here, Justin. Want some? I have my right to wear obnoxious shirts, because it's my right to piss you off. When a 400-lb dyke falls out of the derrick she's using to construct one of our new bank building$ downtown, which will be run by the Jews, and lives because she fell on your narrow ass instead of the pavement, I'll be lmao...

Kristy  10/14/09 11:37 pm
Wow, these comments are gayer than the hate-mail.
Sick e-peen off between Robby-Donna C.-Justin.

Stephen  10/15/09 12:48 am
I rika way I tark!!


Debra Kelley  10/15/09 1:05 am
Justin, that wasn't very nice.

bluegrasslass  10/15/09 4:47 am
Ha ha! Do you notice that none of these fucktards can spell?! Delicious :D

jason fulton  10/15/09 11:14 am
id like to see him whip my ass. fuck him he can eat shit and die

Kris  10/15/09 2:09 pm
How is Justin going to kick someone's ass for weaing a shirt from here? I mean, how would he know considering that he can't read?
Those are some strong words considering that my dick is bigger than his. Quite pathetic on his part when you factor in the part where I'm a girl. Then again, his dick is probably so small that his mom can barely find it when he's taking it in the ass.

JOker  10/15/09 5:13 pm
it's amazing he landed in america

NO Saints fan  10/15/09 5:24 pm
Hello from New Orleans!!!!!! Murder Capital Of The World(we have 5 days without a murder!, amazingly)!!!!!!! I will give you my full adress just to see you come down here and try to kick my ass. I got some black friends (yes i'm white and still alive) who love faggot-ass punks like you who tread on the first amendment, and by love i mean HATE!!!! They're into Voodoo and i've seen'em do some crazy ass shit (like disembowling a live chicken through it's ass). They'll just love to use u for they're next ritual. They also love t-shirt hell and wear some of the shirts and some don't have a high school education but still have better english than you.

arc cahlon  10/16/09 12:51 pm
1100 12th st apt 102 bremerton washington. come on man i need to ass rape a retard. my base ball bat neeeds some fun. seriuosly do yo you think anyone takes you serious? dude I will give you a hundred dollars you prove good on your threat and kick some ones ass wearing the shirt. you got my address bring me the tape you get paid lol stupid faggot ass cock sniffer. like my mother says . "you got 5000 shirts its going to offend 5000 people" dude its what this site does its why its funny. but come on kick my ass it be funny to post on youtube

John  10/18/09 1:45 pm
I so love reading the hatemail section. Just like the county/state fairs, it gives me a reason to know that I love any and all products and know that I piss off the people who have an IQ in probably the single digits, below 5.

justin  10/19/09 2:28 pm
Miss paper_doll68 please post adress for me i never have sex with girl before. you think you can stomp on my balls with your high heels i like when my dad do that. you sound super sexy when you angry

The Man - Deal With It  10/22/09 2:18 am
people stupid enough to be offended by retarded jokes deserve to be offended ... this should be a shirt.

Silver1  10/25/09 3:19 am
OK Tard;

If you were a little more specific about why we should all be fucked and what shirt offeded your retarded ass maybe we could have some sympathy for you. If you don't like the site stay the hell away.

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Submission-----

haFrom: Maximo G.

Enjoy selling the Mexicant shirt while you still can. Latinos are quickly becoming the majority in this country and soon white people will be the punchline they've tried to turn us into. I hope you enjoyed your time at the top of the pile. Its over now.

Vete a la chingada, gringo.

Editor's Note: I'm sensing a tone here. A fiery Latin tone. This seems awfully arrogant for an email which basically says nothing more than "My race is good at humping." Ooh, you can squirt cum in a fat stretched-out pussy; aren't you fucking special?

Wait... You do reproduce like regular humans, right? Or do you just rub chorizo on your skin and a bunch of little Hispanics pop out like in Gremlins? Or does the male of your species squat over a plate of tamales and fertilize them with his seed?

Anyway, all this speculation about who will be the minority in the coming years is beside the point. Because at the end of the day, it's all about who has the money. And if by some inexplicable accident a Latino gets his hands on the money, he'll just use that money to turn himself white. Sayonara, Carlos.

Comments (72) - View Comments - Add A Comment

John Orlando (White)  10/13/09 1:52 pm
This is a rude response. Maximo is correct, whites are already becoming the butt of many jokes because of their minority status in America. In fact, I heard one just today! it was "Why are all the white people so wealthy?" "Because they are U.S. citizens with high paying jobs!" how offensive. Damned aliens taking away our ability to make jokes about them...I remember when it was funny when we made jokes about hispanic people. At least we will always be better in the Olympics than those Mexicans because the ones that can Run, Jump, and Swim are already here in America.

Loser  10/13/09 2:25 pm
i'm confused by john...of course it's a rude didn't think you were at the compliments desk did you? but then you turn it around and tell 2 somewhat funny yet slightly recycled racist jokes... which is it? are you a wetback hater or are you just the guy that gives them their check each week just for being here?!

Rob  10/13/09 2:34 pm
It's called sarcasm jackass. Now, why don't you go kill yourself?

Loser  10/13/09 2:40 pm
because I'd fuck that up too... i was told so by my guidance counselor when i was in 6th grade.

drdrunk  10/13/09 3:27 pm
Vete a la chingada, gringo?!?

Sorry asshole, but you still gotta dial 'ocho' before we understand that crap!

Tony  10/13/09 3:30 pm
If I saw this response about a year and a half ago then I would say that Maximo would be correct; Latinos are quickly becoming the majority in the US. However, from what I have read, as of recently due to the economical downturn the immigrant population has started slipping. One may attribute this to the fact that Latinos are searching out other more lucrative countries to make a living. Perhaps in the future this will change back to the way it was but for now this is the way things are. This email loses credibility when the very person promoting Latinos and equality is the same person using Latino stereotypes.

Parker  10/13/09 3:41 pm
Just because there is more shit than water in the toilet doesn't make it smell any better. How many Mexicans does it take to grease a car? ONE if you hit him right. If you fuckers would quit swimming the rivers mayber your water would be drinkable you dirty fucks! Go back to Mexico you donkey misses you...

april  10/13/09 4:03 pm
Wow kiss your whore with that mouth?

Rob C  10/13/09 4:52 pm
I bet he doesn't April, I hear your mommy only likes getting her dirty ass licked. Cunt.

mexiHater  10/13/09 5:03 pm
fuckin stealing ass mexicunts, fuck you, go home to your fuckin shantytowns and dirty water, fuckers

Col. Travis  10/13/09 6:00 pm
Remember the Alamo?

Chief Tallywhacker  10/13/09 7:29 pm
Hey Maximo- Let us all know how the "Brown Revolution" is going once you you try to overtake the Appalachian highground. Y'all.

Mecican't be lickin' me ballz  10/13/09 9:23 pm
Mammar mi verga douchebag. You don't have to be a taco bender to understand Spanish, or in the case of Mecicant's, Spanglish. By the way, when I'm standing in line behind you at the supermarket checkout I know what you are saying burrito breath.

Mexi-CAN\'T  10/13/09 9:28 pm
Hey GOMEZ, Se Hablo ENGLISH? This is the deal, give us the pretty "senoiritas" we'll turn them against you! Give us us your your labor, we'll use it untill they die. Give us your language, flag, gangbangers, we'll piss all over them and burn them in HELL!
Still want to fuck with the majority in the U.S.A.????

Stunation  10/13/09 9:52 pm
Fuck all the Mexicans! Walmart shopping Home Depot motherfuckers anyhow. If they become the majority, I'll be goin' huntin' fer sure! It's Mexican tonight Maw!

Michael  10/13/09 10:00 pm
LMAO wow all this hate towards mexicans and dirty water. ignorance makes me laugh so much. anyway rant on all u want my fellow "Americants" this last generation has done nothing but drain the U.S and turned its backbone into a minority filled work system. its the white man you dont see you all should be worried about, he's fukn everybody

The Crasher  10/13/09 10:57 pm
To Maximo G
Latins are breeding like cockroaches, you got that right but until most of them start paying taxes and stop doing the jobs most won't...shut the fuck up and finish the dry wall in my basement!

the deep south  10/14/09 7:56 am
The bit about "squatting over a plate of tamales and fertilizing it with his seed" almost caused hot coffee to shoot out of my nose with laughter. Frankly, I love the biting comments,this site and it's shirts, although in this part of the country, I would be reluctant to wear one in public. Wearing a "Every Time You See a Rainbow, God Is Having Gay Sex" would get you killed by a Bible-thumping mob with torches and pitchforks.

Petertracks  10/14/09 9:21 am
Mexicans aren't taking over anything but the lines at Walmart and the Med Centers. The only thing you put any effort into is making more lazy, dirty, ugly ass Mexicans. Even the cheap labor you do you do it like lazy fuckers. I see Mexicans everyday that have been in this country for 15 years and are still too lazy and ignorant to learn the language. Very few Mexicans threaten my job because I'm intelligent and motivated...two things they aren't. Keep the cheap labor - just gives me time to make more money instead of mowing my grass. Keep breeding more ignorance and laziness you cockroaches. Too lazy to fix your own country so you have to come up here and fuck up mine...

Over 9000  10/14/09 11:33 am
Fucking Mexicunts. Die.

Fredo Carlson  10/14/09 11:38 am
Brilliant. You made my day. Tamales!

adam  10/14/09 11:57 am
of course it's a rude response, they all are... this one is worse because there is a racist telling us white people are the only ones who can't speak freely. That's even more bigoted, so many fucking morons, hurry up Mahmoud!!! I only hope I'm in the epicentre.

vince  10/14/09 12:06 pm
fuck you, you wetback cocksucker. you and your tribe(are probably here illegally) are offended? fuck you and your 3rd world homeland. mexicans are soooo proud of a country that treats them like shit.,that they want to leave and bring their squalor to another country to spread like a virus

Big Evil D  10/14/09 12:16 pm
The last numbers I saw said that we whites still make up about 70% of the population. That means that 30% or so is split up between the minorities. Still think that some day your people will be top dog? I don't think so you dumb bean! Remember, illegals don't count. Never have, never will. Go the fuck home! By the way, SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE!!

Maricely  10/14/09 12:22 pm
I'm Mexican and I think that shirt is hilarious. And to the racist assholes who made negative comments about Mexicans: You just inspired me to get pregnant, get on welfare, and take your job! So the joke's on you, you fucking racists.

cg  10/14/09 1:53 pm
that's hilarious. and my name is actually carlos

El Grosz  10/14/09 2:54 pm
Surely the Latino populations are all dying off with that bloody "Swine Flu" they created? At least here in Wales we get all the Nigerians, they know what colour they want to be. Damn latino's are you tanned white men or what?

Al aliens hates evrybody  10/14/09 3:02 pm
fuckong yankis u belive ur the best that can be? wont u??? fuck u fucking fuck fucker...the last 100 years of war in the world is 90% your foult... mexicants are ecualy stupid as al latinos folks, dumbasses, lazy, no point teaching them anything they brain is totlay empty at 9oclock becouse its early lunch time... but stop kiding yourself every fucking nation in this stupid fucking world ist fuckedup so quit whining and get lain or kill yourself

Petertracks  10/14/09 3:16 pm
Maricely - as if your dumb ass needed any inspiration. Isn't that what you wetbacks are preprogrammed to do anyways? Fucking viruses....Locusts....go from one area of the world, fuck it up, and move on to destroy the next area. Your wasteland is crap so why not run north and fuck up their country. Eh Canada! Build a wall now while you still have time!!
I wasn't born racist twords Mexicans - I developed my racism over time dealing with the lazy motherfuckers. I'm white but hate ignorant ass white trash too...but at least they speak the right language and aren't here illegally. Some of them even pay taxes to-boot.

Literate  10/14/09 3:17 pm

Wow  10/14/09 4:29 pm
Wow...what a racist jackass. Maximo needs to get his act together. I'm sick and tired of being accused of racism just because I'm white. I've noticed that FAR more African Americans and Mexicans are much more racist than most whites. I know you'll never get rid of racism but don't dish it out if you can't take it bitch!

As for latinos quickly becoming the majority...yeah...there are more of them coming. And they've been gaining more and more ground that they shouldn't be gaining because they want to come here illegally. I'm all for anyone coming into this country as long as they do it with good intent and through the proper legal channels.
Also, Maximo...I think you will notice in the coming months/years that more and more people will be voicing opinions that have they have kept silent for a LONG time. Or haven't you noticed the tea parties lately? America is getting very pissed off about being the scapegoat...we're not going to take it much longer. So start playing nice and we'll play nice right back.

NM  10/14/09 5:07 pm
" Al aliens hates evrybody 10/14/09 3:02 pm
fuckong yankis u belive ur the best that can be? wont u??? fuck u fucking fuck fucker...the last 100 years of war in the world is 90% your foult... mexicants are ecualy stupid as al latinos folks, dumbasses, lazy, no point teaching them anything they brain is totlay empty at 9oclock becouse its early lunch time... but stop kiding yourself every fucking nation in this stupid fucking world ist fuckedup so quit whining and get lain or kill yourself"

That alone gives a point to the latinos. It's rather sad. Education is key regardless what race. And have we forgotten that this country was made up of immigrants? It's easy to point fingers at the other race but c'mon - welfare, mass breeding is not just a "Mexican" issue. A slew of white people, and other races are just as guilty. Set your racist issues aside and look at the whole picture. We all need to come together and yes, work together to make a better country.

this is awesome  10/14/09 5:20 pm
This is seriously funny. John Orlando I want to buy you a beer.

HAHAHAHA!!!  10/14/09 5:53 pm
Jesus Christ! I can't stop laughing. All of us dumb ass lazy white people who don't have anything better to do than sit on our fat asses and complain about other lazy people. Jesus, I mean.. no wonder all of you are fat and hated by most of your peers. I'm guessing that about 80% of you are unhappy and will kill yourselves before we see mexicans take over this country. The other 20%? Their just to stupid to know that they are hated. Now excuse me, my weight just broke my scale and I can't go on living with the fact I fucking suck to much to get a life. Adios!

COWBOY  10/14/09 5:59 pm
HOLY SHIT! YOU THINK YOUR LITTLE UNMOTIVATED RACE IS GONNA RULE THE WORLD! YOUR DUMBER THAN A MUSLIM! Speaking of which the only reason your numbers are growing is cuz were playing cowboy and fucking raghead at the moment! We will get to you lazy fuckers but right now I need my lawn mowed! Get to work you fuckin dumb spic! We really need to get more shirts that slam islam I read that a 4th of the world is MUSLIM! We need some bigger bomb! MOABS FOR MOSQUES!

Poop Flinger  10/14/09 6:11 pm
Mexicans are like cue balls. The harder you hit them the more english you get.

Nimrod  10/14/09 7:21 pm
You bitches are funny. Just remember, None of us are as dumb as all of us.
Latins are only a problem in Florida. Oh fucking no! Not that shitty state, please dont cause trouble there, noooooooooooo.
And are you guys really arguing over mexicans!?! There shit, if you polish a turd its still a turd. The only thing they ever offered was the donkey show(I just finished beating off to it)
Everyone was an immigrant at one time? I was born here, but if your talking about a hundreds of years ago, whites were never immigrants. We are murders and thieves, get your info correct. You dont see to many indiana, feathers not dots, walking around to you?
Lasty, I'm not racist cuz I say nigger, kike, gringo, honkey, wetback, dreidl, porch monkey, beaner, cracker, sand nigger, spook, jew, zipperhead, towel head, Abba-Dabba, hook nose, amigo, nigglet, chink, dot head, gook, WOP, tex mex, spic, butterfingers, fence hopper, I hate everyone. Some less than others.

American white bitch  10/14/09 7:33 pm
Fuck it! Looking at the state of our economy with no hope in sight, they can have America. I'm moving to Amsterdam!

Xaye  10/14/09 7:38 pm
whatever. by the time mexicans can even think of "taking over the world" there won't be anymore mexicans or many of the other races. it'll just be a whole bunch of half breads and no one will know who they're fighting anymore

colombian necktie  10/14/09 8:20 pm
'spic' for yourself, Maximo. Maybe you've been in the U.S. for so long that you get offended by dark humor, like a fucking gringo. Keep up with the good job, homie. We Colombians will keep delivering the goodies.

Suerte gonorreas!

landon  10/14/09 9:21 pm
haha i bought the mexicant shirt for my fat mexican friend and he laughed his ass off and wears it all the time

white guy  10/14/09 9:57 pm
Keep up the good work TSHIRTHELL.COM You guys ROCK!

Robby  10/14/09 10:00 pm
My girlfriend is mexican and owns that shirt. She thinks it fucking great. Just go back to sitting in the corner sucking your thumb you whinny little mexican't culedo!

Lt. Commander Data  10/14/09 11:40 pm
In case anybody bothered to look, Whites are 'Spics are about 3.6% of the population, m'negroes are 12%, and the Chins and others maybe 1%. That leaves 83.4% White. Know where everyone got 70% White from? From the Mexis and others who are really more Caucasian than anything putting down on the welfare form "Hispanic". Our ZOG lumps Hispanic and Mexican/Spanish/God only knows what into one brown Hispanic category. It's a way to demoralize Whites and make us think we're going away. Well, I'm not. Let's dump the 11 million lettuce-pickers back in Mexico's lap... btw, White and proud!

Kristy  10/14/09 11:41 pm

Thank you very much for tacos; they're delicious!

cassie  10/15/09 12:02 am
OMG! that response is fucking hilarious! Seriously.... Mexicans are like cockroaches, you start with one then turn around and I guarentee they'll be atleast 3 more standing there! Honestly, this is a proven fact - I've done the tests! Yea, I'm pathetic and have too much time on my hands but w/e the point is Mexicans are taking over- us white people ARE a minority BUT Mexicans keep poppin them out so even though they're working under the table and getting welfare they still aren't going to save it like we can and thats the truth. PLUS - a lot of Mexicans down here in AZ are hooking up with whites which means there making half white kids, I like to call them Mexicasauns, lol...if those mexicans get with ANYTHING but mexican then your stupid little "plan" is thrown all to hell anyway. Damn, seriously, Get the fuck off my land! WE need the fucking jobs right now! Go the fuck back to where you came from!

Stephen  10/15/09 12:46 am
Jesus, I wonder how mad this guy would get if you called him "El Salvadorian"

Ceasar  10/15/09 1:55 am
hey, that was rude, i am latino... but deeper south, not a mexican... so keep laughing at them, haha!!

acelateral  10/15/09 2:54 am
mexican't are like dogs on a leech you tell them what to do they'll do anything it for money even if they had to fuck a donkey they'll do it. And if you catch them being lazy you tell them to their face lazy beaners. their country is poorly developed that they fucking come to our country and take advantage on the governments system, they steal our jobs and where ever you go you see mexicans here and there. they are like massive population dark shit stain cockroaches running all over the places.

acelateral  10/15/09 3:05 am
I don't know if mexican women are good with their head or hands but at least they get the job done and clean.

Justin  10/15/09 3:07 am
Shit I'm half mexican and I find that shirt fucking funny. Fuck the ignorant haters. FYI we do bread like fucking crazy and everyone will be a halfbreed or quarter bread at some point anyway so get over it :p

Robin  10/15/09 7:44 am
Latinos would quit coming in if we'd put up some better border control. Most of them are illegal, sucking off our tax money for free healthcare, food stamps, they have 50 or more people living in one house, and not one can speak a word of English. To sum it up, WELCOME TO AMERICA!! PAY TAXES, LEARN ENGLISH, STOP MOOCHING, OR GET THE HELL OUT!!!!

Tom  10/15/09 7:56 am
Maximo may be correct to point at that the Latin culture is reproducing at an alarming rate, but who is washing my dishes. It's not sally and John, itis Maximo and Carlos. Your ability to reproduce is amazing but untill you learn to speek the language of this nation and get here by legal means, you mean nothing to the greater popultion.

Jackie  10/15/09 9:44 am
I hate the notion that being able to reproduce is seen as some sort of major accomplishment. Animals can mate, I mean, come on.

Now an accomplishment would be to have kids responsibly and take care of them well. THAT is something to have pride in. And here I was just about to go visit a childfree site on LiveJournal, to bitch more about parents who do a shitty job of raising their kids.

Kristy  10/15/09 10:37 am
Tom says: "but untill you learn to speek the language of this nation and get here by legal means"


1. USA has no 'official language' (true story)
2. speAk
3. Your ancestors came by illegal means ;)
4. I wish the haters on this list would spell properly; idiocy is unfunny.
5.Srsly you guys, tacos ftw!

Mr. Wolf  10/15/09 11:10 am
OK peeps, Lets get off the fuckin horse. Just a t shirt. Funny t shirt, but just a shirt. I with a very hot latina and think that t shirt is fuckin funny. Get a grip everyone. These days we should be able to laugh at ourselves. There only a few things in life that you can take seriously. Mexicant is not one of them!

jason fulton  10/15/09 11:18 am
send all the wetbacks back to mexico. then they can go back to fucking their sisters and mothers

Voice of Reason  10/15/09 11:35 am
Wow there are some ignorant comments here. I love it! Idiocracy here we come! Anyway, living around a lot of illegals sucks. It's not racist to observe that where there's a lot of illegals the neighborhoods are dirty and gross. These people don't know any better because they come from a dirty, shitty country. Does it make sense to let a flood of people from a dirty, shitty country come to our country where they'll just turn it into a dirty, shitty country, too? No. It's fucking lame. Mexicans should be embarrassed that their countrymen aren't doing more to assimilate and live up to the U.S. standards. And stop with the fucking graffiti already.

Love to life!  10/15/09 2:31 pm
"This is a rude response." :D That totally made my day, no shit?! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! We've got a genious in here! Go get your brains now! Special price, almost as cheap as in mexico!

Kris  10/15/09 2:33 pm
First, white people are already a punchline and they have been since both the invention of humor and, of course, white people. Second, the Mexican't t-shirt is funny as hell because we all know that they CAN get into this country and they sell fruit on the side of the road and paint houses better than any other group. Third, white people haven't tried to turn Mexican's into a punchline, Mexicans did that themselves. It's their own fault for making it easy to point it out. It's also important to note that black people make fun of Mexicans too (that's how you know it's bad) and that Maximo is giving white people way too much credit.
Also, it's important to note that, even if it was true that Mexicans were becoming the majority, it wouldn't change anything. Women, globally speaking, are a majority and they still aren't "at the top of the pile". The same goes for blacks in America, I think that they're close to becoming the majority too and, despite our black president, they're still underrepresented everywhere else with the exception of Tyler Perry movies (which aren't funny and just as racist and stereotyped as what white people have been saying about black for years). Even if Mexicans did become the majority, there are several other countries FULL of plenty of white and black people to make fun of Mexicans.
Finally, so what if you become the majority? I mean, really? That wouldn't make you legal and it also wouldn't make you employed. You'd still be living in your van with 20 of your closest relatives.

All of that being said, I'm half-Hispanic (though not from Mexico because, ew). I'm also gainfully employed (as a councilor in a mental facility - not a maid or anything quite so stereotypical). I also don't have any children, let alone 14 of them - I'm looking at you OctoMom. And English is my first language. You could argue that all of that is the white in me taking over and maybe it is. It doesn't matter though because the Mexican't t-shirt makes me laugh every time. So Raul or Jose or whatever your fucking name is, get over it and grow a sense of humor...when you wake up of course. We don't want to interrupt your nap because we know how busy you are not looking for a job and becoming your 16 year old girl-of-the-week's 5th new baby-daddy.
Happy Deportation!

emily  10/15/09 4:46 pm
silly people arguing about the latino population in america...without them, the majority of you wouldn't be enjoying fresh fruit, burger meat and many other food products because essentially, most white american's feel there are too 'good' to work the jobs that keep the massive food production industry running. america needs mexico and it's cheap, abused labor force.

JEster  10/15/09 5:24 pm
maxihomo,we have nationals working in the fields next to us, their nothing like you,you USA wannabe

josh b  10/15/09 6:06 pm
I think that shirt is hilarious, much like all of the shirts on this site, yeah they may be wrong at times, but still funny. Life's too short to be pissed off at somebody making funny shirts and making alot of money off it. Pull the stick out of your ass and laugh too. Oh and also, there really isn't any jokes that I know of that the punchline is "white people". I'd love to hear some though just to laugh. And the only way mexicans will be the majority in this country is when all of you guys jump the fence and we try to pile into mexico since theres none of you left.

Kim  10/15/09 6:07 pm
Every last one of you mother fuckers is a hater so don't think you are better than anyone else on this site. Some of you are racist, some of you are the grammar police and some of you are people who like to put others down for being the first 2. Bottom line- We are all assholes.

Jack Schitt  10/15/09 6:29 pm
Aye, putos, no matter how much you beaners try to breed, you're still outnumbered by a few hundred million Chinese and they don't like you either. Gah Ni, mariposos!

PoorWhitey  10/17/09 2:35 am
I suppose I must be racistish because those numbers kinda bugged me. I have a few friends who have very stong beliefs regarding the subject and I've heard them say, 'White is no longer the majority. Reason being, you breed a white man with a mexican you get a mexican. You breed whitey with a black man the baby is black.' Might sound shitty but I'm pretty sure that's the general consensus where I live. Welcome to the melting pot. It's been happening for hundreds of years, it's just that before it was generally different shades of white. Now I have to say, I know people with all sorts of cultural backgrounds and whether or not they are a drain on society has nothing to do with race, just raising. It's unfortunate that the white man treated other races like cattle (and their own) and now some are content to live like animals. In the end who really gives a shit anyhow? If they weren't here we'd have to spend more time thinking of menial shit to gripe about.

Laurie  10/18/09 3:17 pm
i enjoy collecting all the mexican t-shirts so i can be the life of the party on cinco de mayo every year!!

Ass Hole Poop  10/19/09 3:05 pm
I seriously hate Kris! Please kill yourself!

Kris sucks dick for quarters  10/21/09 11:48 am
hahahaha, oh man this is all too funny. There is so much ignorant shit out there. You guys don't like mexicans doing your menial jobs? do it yourself! To the mexicans...really? you want to be the majority in america? yeesh, slim pickings. I've become totally desensitized to the term " I fucking hate americans!" I don't have any positive answers to your fucked up country, but how have you not realized that your ideals and costitution are archaic and outdated? "the right to bear arms" wouldn't need to if you weren't so hated by outsiders and scared of your own neighbors...still mexican't... fucking funny. Love every shirt on this site, even the ones that hit close to home... actually probably those the most. I love t-shirt hell!!!! Fuck you all !!! lol

Vanessa  10/26/09 3:31 am
I'm Mexican, and I own that shirt! These people need to learn to take a fucking joke! If it's funny, I don't take it as racist! Really, it's all in good humor and not being said out of hate, so why bother fighting about it?

JJ  10/29/09 9:41 pm
dey turk hiz gerb!

Melissa Martinez  11/01/09 2:05 pm
You my dear are a "mexicunt." With that attitude no one will hire you as their maid.

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