Suck my cunt! I'm sorry, I meant "Rock the vote!" And while you're out rocking the vote, remember that every vote counts. Every vote counts as one vote, which isn't really very much, so you probably don't need to concern yourself with it. While I'm on the subject, why does every voter get an equal say? Shouldn't superior citizens have more of a say as to who gets to govern? I mean, to think that my vote carries just as much weight as some commoner who probably doesn't own more than two helicopters... it's just appalling. Anyway, I'd like to extend my congratulations to whoever most effectively rigged the election.

High School Musical 3 was recently released and was a huge success. But I won't say any more about that. If I wanted to talk about things that were just released and enjoyed by millions of teenagers I'd tell you about my stool.

The World Series ended as the Phillies beat the Rays in what will surely go down in history as "one of the top 20 sporting events of October 2008." But seriously, congratulations to the Phillies. You keep playing like this and one day you might make the Majors.

Tragic news from the world of entertainment as Oscar winner/singer Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew were all found murdered in Chicago. I guess the East Coast/Midwest American Idol Feud is heating up once again. I can't wait until Kellie Pickler caps Clay Aiken.

ATF officials recently disrupted a plot devised by a pair of skinheads, ages 20 and 18, in the Tennessee/Arkansas area to kill 88 African-Americans, including Barack Obama. Let me get this straight... A 20-year-old skinhead from Tennessee and an 18-year-old skinhead from Arkansas were unable to carry out a plot to kill potentially the most powerful man in America? How did this plan fail? Young skinheads from the south are normally so intelligent and well organized. I am just shocked. You know what else shocks me? Finding out there are still skinheads in 2008. Seriously, this is like discovering mermaids. You know, if the mermaids were mouth-breathers who sat around in Anthrax T-shirts drinking Old Milwaukee and molesting family members.

long division


picture 1

At the time of this writing, I do not yet know who won the election. It's safe to assume our new president is one of two men, but I didn't want to be presumptuous and omit anyone who may have won. Although I did exclude the candidate I wrote in: Mr. T's head on Salma Hayek's body. Anyway, I contacted all the major candidates before the election and asked them to give a brief statement in case they won. Here, in order of "Most likely to win" to "Least likely to win," is a statement from your new President.

Ralph Nader

Took you assholes long enough. You know I ran in 1996, 2000 and '04, right? What was the problem, not retarded enough for you? Oh, I see. You didn't want to have a beer with me. I understand completely. That's what I base all my decisions on. Well guess what... Ol' Nader has no compassion left in his heart for you dumb fucks. You can say goodbye to my sensible and well thought-out policies. Adios, tax reform. Arrivederci, corporate restructuring. You made your bed and you can rot in it. Hey, look at this new bill that just got signed into law. It looks like you all have to gargle with my diarrhea. Fuck you and hail to the chief's nutsack.
picture 1
Ron Paul

Light 'em up, motherfuckers! You've lived with it so long you're probably used to it, but it's time to remove the stick that's been up your ass since the '70s. Not only are all drugs legal now, but they are temporarily mandatory. Your Uncle Ronnie is gonna send you all one big fat J and a bump of coke. As always, the first hit is free. If you don't dig it, hey man, whatever. It's all cucumbers to RP. I just want you kids to remember how good it feels to feel good. Take some E and make out with your neighbor's mailbox; slather your ass with fruit paste and go to a petting zoo. Just let it do what it do, baby. Big Poppa Paul is gonna make it alright.

picture 1
Bob Barr

Who the hell am I? Does anyone know who I am? I'm the what? PRESIDENT?!?! Are you fucking with me? I don't believe you. Where's Allen Funt? I have a vague recollection of filling out the forms to run for President, but I could've sworn I stopped kidding myself and gave up halfway through the second page. I guess I finished them and handed them in during one of my spells. So I'm the President... Man, this is fucking nuts. What party am I? Libertarian? Is that an actual thing? Well anyway, now that I'm here I might as well run with it. I'm sorry I can't tell about my plans for this country. Truth is I haven't really thought this through. Umm...shit, I don't know. I guess we can start with something about taxes. Isn't that something politicians are always talking about - taxes? Am I spelling that right? So, yeah, I'll start on those taxes. Later. picture 1

Barack Obama

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the American people for putting their trust in me and electing me to lead them. By the way, you know all those lunatics who called me a terrorist the past couple months? Turns out they were telling the truth. Along with your government-issued copy of the Koran, you will also be receiving your new Muslim name in the mail some time in the next two months. Also, via national lottery, 10,000 lucky citizens will be trained as pilots and forced to fly into synagogues all over Jerusalem. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm meeting William Ayers at the Empire State Building in 30 minutes. I hope he remembers the "cotton candy." Praise Allah.
picture 1
John McCain

My fellow Americans, I would like to- Oh heart! Sarah, hand me my pills! Yes, the brown bottle. It's right next to you! Just give m- Dear lord...I can't believe I didn't see this coming. I made you what you are, you twisted bitch! You can't just let me die! I earned this in that goddamn tiger cage nearly 40 years ago! You can't just come along and take it because my advisers thought you had nice tits! Enjoy this moment, you backstabbing cunt - you'll get yours soon enough. Forgive me, America. I sold my soul for a few extra votes, but I swear I had your best interests at heart. I know that's no excuse, but in time- Ungh! My chest! Impeach this whore! [gurgling sound]

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Elton  11/03/08 2:11 pm
Yer a sick fuck but that is what I love about ya! Carry on the good work.

Obama  11/03/08 3:53 pm
McCains speech is *SO* cool. Fuck the country I'm voting for him!!!

bugsike  11/03/08 9:54 pm
If thats Ron Pauls ass i'm voting for him

Iman Azol  11/04/08 1:50 am
Mouth breathing mermaids would drown, fuckstick.

Buck O'Fama  11/04/08 10:45 am
A young Barack went up to his father and asked him, "Can I have twenty bucks for a blow job?"
His father said, "I don't know. Are you any good?"

Mayor McFuckyou  11/04/08 7:40 pm
I so would have voted for uncle Ronnie if he was on the GD ballot. Legalize and tax it, the economy could use the extra money.

John Tobin  11/04/08 8:05 pm
You twisted MF's are hilarious. Call into my show. WPDH-FM Coop and Tobin. Google it ya lazy fucks.

John Tobin

[email protected]

We had you on the air at my old station PYX106 in Albany, NY

ZIGGY  11/04/08 10:08 pm
You GO! GO GO! As s always a pleasure!

medicvet  11/05/08 11:59 am
If I had known we had a presidential candidate who was going to give away drugs, I would have voted for him, dammit. Oh well, it's only half past 12:00, but I don't care; it's 4:20 somewhere.

Killinger  11/05/08 12:45 pm

Slayer  11/05/08 7:21 pm
Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I fucking knew it! Now, you fucking white trailer trash dwelling, welfare check grabbing, compound living, flea infested, benefit thieving homos have to get your food stamps from a black man! How does it feel, Idaho?!?!?!? McCain didn't have what it took!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Payback's a bitch!

Crazy woman  11/07/08 8:52 am
I think I'm in love with you. Seriously. MARRY ME! Or something...or don't whatever...what I'm trying to say is: uh...*drool* or something like...uhm...*bangs head against the wall*...what was I doing again? I should shoot all those wait, I'm still writing, what I was trying to say was that I like your site and I love the shirts...and something along the lines of fuck you and/or marry me or something, I have a love hate relationship with pretty much everyone so this is the closest anyone gets. Rock on or fuck off. Sounds about right... have fun!

sisterfuckinginbred  11/07/08 12:51 pm
Where can I get a hat made of used tampons? Are you going to offer them on this site soon? I can't wait to rock your vote!!!

ALex  11/11/08 1:06 pm
The two pictures of Will Smith adn John Mcclane just killed me, awesome job, keep on the good work


-----Original Message-----

9/11 was an inside job... From: Kevin D.

This site seems to be turning steadily republican on the political front. That's unfortunate, I like many of your shirts. But I cannot continue to purchase your shirts unless the site becomes more balanced in this respect. I do not support republican propaganda.

Editor's Note: Here's the deal: We actually are gradually becoming a mouthpiece for the Republican party. It's not so much that we support the Republican agenda, it's just that in America it's the closest thing we have to Nazis. We would gladly support Democrats if they would focus less on health care for everyone and more on wiping out inferior races.

I know, I know; the Republican party is the Nazi party like Oasis is the Beatles; but it's the best we got. Censoring everything and suppressing gay rights is hardly Jew-killing, but it's a good start. And when you think about it, attempting to keep Mexicans out of this country while simultaneously using them as a source of cheap labor?  It isn’t that different from the work camps. So Republicans are definitely on the right track.

All they need is one good Hitler to pull the whole thing together. No disrespect to Bush Jr. or McCain, but you guys hardly whip the masses into a frenzy like Cap'n Stache (a.k.a. Hitler). Sure, current Republicans prey on our ignorance and fear, but when's the last time they appealed to our violent nature? Playing the part of the ignorant southerner is all well and good, but where's the fury? Where's the blind rage?

So, yeah, we're becoming Republican. But only in the way people from New Jersey support the Nets. It's like, "Dude...this is all we got."

Comments (22) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Lisa  11/03/08 7:01 am
Wow and I thought NBC was biased. I say stick to tshirts and shut the fuck up about politics.

Scott  11/03/08 8:09 am
Hey Lisa, why don't you shut up, you ignorant fucking cum dumpster! You, NBC and the rest of you kool-aid drinking retards are going to be in for a rude awakening come Nov. 5 when you find out what your "saviour" is all about. The only change you'll see is whats left out of your paycheck. I can only hope Lee Harvey Oswald had a little brother and a Mother pushing him to "be more like Lee, he knew what he wanted to do with his life and he did it!" Fucking Liberals, I hate all you cock suckers! PS. Hitler wasnt a bad guy, he was just a mean drunk....

matt  11/03/08 10:09 am
Yea, isn't it always like those faggot Liberal Dems. Always wanting things equal. Always digging in the pants of hard working people to take what you didn't earn. Well while your digging in my pants, give me the happy ending you socialist cock chugging tree huggers. I'm voting for T-Shirt Hells designs. Why don't you go protest on a busy highway.

A Communist  11/03/08 12:23 pm
I find it funny how much republicans hate liberal democrats for "extorting the hard working people" yet they hate socialism and communism wherever it may be....Also I find it funny how the Editor is ripping down republicans for being nazi cunts yet you're all still giving praise, shows how fucking dumb you brainwashed assholes are.

Laughing at you  11/03/08 5:39 pm
Don't any of you guys realize she is being satirical? Shes not "giving praise" to the republicans, shes belittling them. With what I believe is an honest assessment. Especially the line "Sure, current Republicans prey on our ignorance and fear".

Hells yea!  11/03/08 7:21 pm
Yea Reps, get out there and goosestep, I mean march, on Washington and get some shit going. Lame ass mofo's.

Iman Azol  11/04/08 1:52 am
I won't vote Republican until they promise to feed every liberal cockbag posting here into a log chipper.

john  11/04/08 4:06 am
fuck party politics, no one is in it for the people any more. if your stupid enough to vote one way just because your so called "party" does, then you shouldnt get to vote. you should be castrated with a fishing hook.

Buck O'Fama  11/04/08 9:31 am
When someone dies they lose control of thier bowels, of course you know what comes out. When a country is dying it appears that it shits out an Obama. If I had to choose between the two, I would vote for the shit.

Bryan  11/04/08 9:58 am
That's it i'm writing in john for pres. ^

way ta go.

Slyloki  11/04/08 11:47 am
Enough with the political crap already.. WE don't give a shit, snd we dont give a shit if you give a shit!!!
You yanks have fucked the world and it's time to pull out... geez, 57 months of pre election shit makes me happy it's almost over... Now kill your president elects and vote in a real leader... Some dictator for life dude who makes fucking underage mongoloids in wheelchairs compulsory...
I mean heck, where are they going to run to? And what will they say if they get there?! Uhm *dribble drool* nah woot eek nice *dribble* nice eek ma...
And well who listens to retards anyway... Proof of point, this message will be totally ignored...

Todd  11/04/08 3:26 pm
Oh My Dog! I used to think I was sharp witted and funny until I found this site. Lady, you are a genius! I bow to my betters! Love the shirts! Really love the news letter! Thanks for the laughs!

BOBBY DAVIS  11/04/08 4:51 pm

You\'re all dickheads  11/05/08 12:19 am
Although it's amusing, I don't care how much you all keep insulting each other, just show me more of the girl with the hat on!

brock  11/05/08 4:37 am
LOOOOOOOOOOL i fuckin love this site!

medicvet  11/05/08 12:08 pm
Hey, all we need to do to get things on the way to a total totalitarian govt is to loan undesirables on FEMA trains and take them to FEMA camps. One line for the showers at the camp, and another one for the gas.. now if only the pool lil repubs find someone charismatic for people to follow blindly.

John McBush  11/05/08 2:45 pm
OBAMA 08' MOTHER FCKERS! Fuck you ignorant biitches that take away from his historical candidacy. Hes gonna give you tax cuts whether you like it or not, and hes gonna improve this nation in more ways than 1.

Angus McShagnasty  11/05/08 5:26 pm
If you think you are going to get a tax cut Mr McDouche, just wait and see. There ight be a welfare check the first year, but the money has to come from somewhere, either taxes or borrowing (which will be repaid with higher taxes). Taxes will be the least of our problems though. As I recall, Hitler had a historic presidency too.

Slayer  11/05/08 7:42 pm
Ooh, the hate is swelling in you now. I don't care who gets in there (Obama already is), just make some fucking changes. The Republicans have fucked up more shit in the last 8 damn years. I think these liberal Democrats should stop their fucking crying and just deal with what's handed them, instead of whining; "IT'S NOT FAIR!" You've got a Democrat in the White House. What more do you want, pussies? Oh, that's right. Just looking for another excuse or reason to piss and moan about insignificant and petty trivialities. Time to grow up, little babies!!!!

rick james, bitch!  11/06/08 1:09 am
you racist pricks need to shut the fuck up..
you will now bow to a black man.. so keep the kool aid stirred and make sure the chicken is fresh...
i hope your mouths open wide enough cocksuckers!

Dirty Harry  11/06/08 6:50 pm
He Rick you stupid prick, you are the one who is drinking koolaid. I do not bow to any man especially the devil in man outfit. You probably think Ossama is going to send you checks to pay for your house and cars like all the other blind people. Keep your blinders on so you do not see that train that is getting read to run up your ass in the next 4 years. Youprobably do not even know how the government even works except waiting at home for your check bitch!

numba one republikan  11/21/08 11:16 pm
Maybe some of these idiots should become educated. Yes, what a progressive and clever nation we are part of. I'm better than that fagot trying to get hitched. And fuck no, I won't give up any of my money to help out single moms who have to raise their kids all on their own, and no, no I won't fucking let them get an abortion to resolve this issue. I'm just one big fucking Jesus loving fuck. Jesus approves of this message.

joy division

-----Original Message-----

From: Kelly M.

like school in the summertime......NO CLASS. You people are obviously Democrats.

Editor's Note: You're like a snow cone stand in the middle of winter: a stupid fucking cunt. Wait... that doesn't make any sense. I'll try this again. You're like a phlebotomist who's not wearing shoes: I want to pee in your mouth. Damn it! I've never been very good with analogies. I'm not smart like Kelly.

Anyway, on top of nailing us with that delicious pun, you also correctly guessed that we're Democrats. Just like that other guy correctly guessed that we're Republicans.

"How can they both be right?" says the dumbass. It's very simple. We are everything and we are nothing. We are everywhere and we are nowhere. We are that which cannot be defined or categorized. Unless you call us indifferent, in which case you pretty much nailed it.

Comments (8) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Pants Garbage  11/03/08 9:22 am
I don't know about anyone else, but I like the picture on this one. The American Flag (AmeriFlagŪ, to save breath) touching it's own cloned boobies? Don't get much more American than that.

Conspiracy theorist  11/03/08 12:14 pm
TShirtHell = Anonymous?

Iman Azol  11/04/08 1:54 am
Less analogies (heh...I said "anal") and more patriotic tits. I'd buy them on a shirt. Hell, I'll call Trixie and see what she charges for that.

that one guy  11/04/08 1:28 pm
haha, i like how the first dumbass says that they are republicans, and this dumbass says that they are democrats........ who gives a shit, they are all fucking criminals

shystie grape  11/04/08 6:41 pm
I went to school in the summertime :(

Erick  11/04/08 10:22 pm
NICE PIC!!! Love it!

Salvican  11/05/08 12:43 am
" a snow cone stand in the middle of winter: a stupid fucking cunt", definitely a good analogy.

Slayer  11/05/08 7:44 pm
Kelly M., you're obviously an out of touch whore. How many episodes of "Fat Albert" did you have to watch before you decided to steal that line? I haven't heard that since I can't recall. Nice one, stupid!!!

division of labor

-----Original Message-----

From: Susan

You should be ashamded of yourself regarding the t-shirt retarded babies. You are the reason we sheild our children. You and your kind are pestilence. God help you when you have to stand before him.

Editor's Note: God help US? More like God help God. Because when I come face to face with the Alpha and the Omega, I'm gonna fist his ass hard. I don't yet know how you find the anus of an omnipotent being, but I'll find it somehow.

And when I'm elbow deep in our Creator, I like to think St. Peter will be looking on and laughing his angelic nuts off. Don't get me wrong; I'd fist God's ass just to shame him, but I'd love to have an audience.

Regarding your first comment, we are ashamded of that baby shirt. By the way, how's the rest of the Junkyard Gang? If given a billion guesses, I never would've guessed Mushmouth's real name was Susan. That's just weird.

And, yes, we are Pestilence. And if Famine, War and Death would get their asses down here we could put an end to this little dog and pony show. Hurry the fuck up, guys. Sex, violence and drugs kept me entertained for a while, but this shit is getting old. I won't get to see how Lost ends, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Comments (13) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Ivar  11/03/08 4:15 am
I knew the shirts were good, but I hadn't before realized the important role T-Shirt Hell plays in keeping this world sane and good.

"You are the reason we sheild our children."

Just think, without T-Shirt Hell's presence we wouldn't be shielding and protecting our own children! Thank you T-Shirt Hell for helping us safeguard our children!

Scott  11/03/08 8:37 am
Shame on you, Susan. If you continue to shield your children from us then they will never know how different they really are and will grow up thinking they can do anything us "normal" people can do.

Who are you to supress your kids God given talents of being the best damn Walmart greeter ever or maybe being able to fill four bags of groceries an hour down at my local liberal "look how cool we are, we employ everybody" supermarket.

PS. ha, ha, your koochie is broke and you make little cyclops babies......

Vin  11/03/08 5:12 pm
What in the world is a sheild? You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to pass as someone that isn't retarded. Shit, even a retard knows how to use spell check.

ToeTaggerH  11/03/08 5:42 pm
and to think of all the poor babies searching right now... who dont have a shield like susan.

Yuri Tarded  11/04/08 9:53 am
Scott, you overlooked senator. If your kid is "special" enough it could even run for President.

What happened to the black girl who got an abortion?

Crimestoppers sent her a check for $500

Gameguru  11/04/08 10:39 am
@ Editor: I'm just suprised you didn't take this opportunity to berate god for creating the little retards in the first place XD You missed a golden op.

Yuri Tarded  11/04/08 10:54 am
It's called free will Gameguru, you can't blame God for what happens when people fuck their cousins and siblings.

paul  11/04/08 1:49 pm
You mean that heap of steaming craps actually going to finish one day? The end of the world does hasve a brown and sticky lining after all.

medicvet  11/05/08 12:18 pm
Scott, you overlooked senator. If your kid is "special" enough it could even run for President.


kelly r.  11/05/08 7:10 pm
"fist God's ass" how disgustingly deliciously profane.Keep up the good work..

Slayer  11/05/08 7:55 pm
I didn't know that was Mushmouth's real name. Cool. Another absolutely useless fact.

And Susan, you're a dumbass thinking you have the right to be judgmental like that. You SHIELD your children because you don't want them to know what the real world is about. All of the hate, crime, violence, etc. So you give them this false idea of what the world is like, i.e. Disney movies and shit like that, so they grow up even more fucked up than if they read a few insignificant shirts. I'm ashamed to know you've reproduced and are passing the same shit behaviors on to your kids. They'll probably be the ones committing crimes as they become teenagers, all because of some retarded baby shirt.

Douchey McDouche  11/06/08 12:40 am
Fisting the creator .... BWAHAHAHAHAHA, that is fuckin GOLD!! Keep up the awesome hate TSH

larrynathan  11/06/08 2:39 pm
There arn't enough nude women on this site. Yeah, the t-shirt whores are cute and all, but what's up with all of this twist to the side or cross the legs bullshit. I mean, how dare you ever do something improper in public. What's next, wearing offensive clothing?

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Submission-----

From: Carmen

ignorant republican cunt. even if you were smart enough to have tshirts aimed toward liberals, they still would be equally lame. your site design sorta sucks balls to. vote obama you bush loving twat


Editor's Note: How dare you call me an "ignorant republican cunt"! I am only one of those things. And since I'm not registered you have a 50/50 chance of getting this right. Oh okay, I'll tell you. It was cunt. However, I do my best to avoid attaining any new knowledge or education. What? It's not like I need to know the name of the Governor of America in order to climax.

Depending on when you read this, I'm not going to vote Obama/I didn't vote Obama. And it's not just because I'm a convicted felon and have an irrational fear of waking up early enough to vote. I don't vote because I don't believe in rewarding mediocrity.

You people don't seem to get that our politicians are going to remain mediocre as long as we hold them to no standard other than "Republican or Democrat." Seriously, Democrats and Republicans could've made brain-damaged chimps their respective candidates and they would've received as many votes as Obama and McCain. Just remember to paint the chimps red and blue so I know which one will better pander to my needs.

At this point, I would vote for a batshit crazy candidate simply because I would know he wasn't just telling me what I want to hear. "What's that? Your platform is forcing every American citizen to cut off their own nipples and eat them? Wow...there is no way that guy is pandering. You've got my vote, guy with a hat made of used tampons."

Comments (29) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Cliff  11/03/08 6:24 am
I just love how these idiots assume you must have strong political ties to one party or another when less than 10% of the available shirts are political at all.

Is there any legal way you can post their emails? Maybe a disclaimer or something?

Vogeln  11/03/08 8:12 am
To answer the question by Cliff, no there is no way they can post those emails. Would you want yours posted?

Matt  11/03/08 10:16 am
Hey Cliff, you don't need their emails. All you need to do is look for the douchebag driving a Prius with their Osama..oops Obomba...yea, that sort of black guy for presidnet sticker on it. You know, the guy with the Big ears, that are obviously for decoration.

Calia  11/03/08 11:47 am
Or look for the Joe-six-pack loving hick driving his pickup (who can't spell PRESIDENT), blindly following the corporate oil-mongers who give themselves 8 gazillion dollar bonuses every year that they could be giving to their hardworking employees...
Just sayin'.

Not all Obama supporters drive priuses. In fact, some of us can't afford a car, because republicans made college tuition so high :D

SuperMessiah  11/03/08 3:42 pm
Hey Calia, you lazy CUNT! Get a job at Wal Mart at night to greet the rest of us when we go in to support the Mega Corporations so they can continue to run your grandfathers five and dime out of business. Then you might be able to get a Schwinn at employee discount and shut your piehole. ODUMBO for Prez! Yay lets all hate America! You freakin piece of dog doodie.

Calia  11/03/08 5:03 pm
Hmm... I'm a lazy cunt? Let's see. In my second year of college, with a 3.8 GPA, taking full credit hours, on top of working a job 15 hours a week... Yes, I'm oh so very lazy :D

Your post made no sense, SuperMessiah. Why would you want to get rid of the small businesses? It would seem you don't agree with McCain here, do you? McCain made such a huge deal about Obama not giving tax cuts to poor Joe the Plumber and his small business (which, I might point out, is false), and yet here you are, supporting a company that outsources its production labor and runs small entrepreneurships out of business.

Your wit astounds, Messiah. I am much humbled by your amazing ability to fling insults a three-year-old uses. I hope it gets you far in the next four years as Obama "socializes" (and by socialize, I DO mean fix) our great country and restores our prominence in the world. Although I think it probably got you much further these last eight, when you were finally able to graduate elementary school because of No Child Left Behind. I'm sure your mommy is so proud she had a retard baby, just like Bristol Palin- oops, I mean Sarah Palin. Sorry, slip of the tongue ;)

ToeTaggerH  11/03/08 5:48 pm
Calia... theres not need to respond to ignorant douche bags like the 2 above. Especially when one ends his rant with "you freakin piece of dog doodie" and the other misspells every 3rd word he types. You know you're in the right, so be proud of it. Obama 08' (

kpg51876  11/03/08 6:45 pm
The funny thing is that the author of this newsletter would make fun of all of you.

mannishboy  11/03/08 7:29 pm
Hey Calia, how about another post? You sound hot. Talkative chicks (I assume you have a vagina) turn me on. I'm tenting right now.

By the way, I can't wait to vote for Dennis Kucinich. I'm sure he knows the way to lead us out of this economic cluster foxtrot. That and we'll get a more regular view of his super hot wife. Again with the wood.

Jenn  11/03/08 9:51 pm
Or we can vote for that one old guy with the hooker he hired to play Governor as Prez and V-Prez. That sounds like a great deal. Then they can all ride around in helicopters anal fucking the fetuses they saved from teenage mothers and snorting cocaine while shooting moose and yelling Dotsvedana to the Russians right next door!
Oh yeah and tell that hooker with the nice rack that President Sarkozy and the Masked Avengers say hi! Oh Ayers does too... he also wanted me to relay the message to her "Hey thanks for the dome. I'll be friends with anyone you like if you'll just suck my cock again. That was one explosion that ACTUALLY changed my life."

Man... McCain is a fucking terrible candidate for president and only an ignorant son-of-a-cunt that fucks his dog would vote for him.

No go lick a window you fucking retard.

Jenn  11/03/08 9:53 pm
My post was specifically for SuperMessiah!

Iman Azol  11/04/08 1:58 am
"Democrats and Republicans could've made brain-damaged chimps their respective candidates and they would've received as many votes as Obama and McCain."

You post that, and the dumbshits STILL get into a political argument in the comments. I love it. Shit arguing with shit. God, what a mess.

Ron Jeremy For Prez  11/04/08 10:11 am
Can i get Jenn and Calia and hell let's take SuperMessiah.

Now we just need a cup and a video camera and we're all set :D

Yay shit porn!

Angus McShagnasty  11/04/08 10:11 am
What do you mean "could have" Iman? I think they both did. Just like a queer with the obvious swish and lisp or a mongoloid with those freaky close eyes you know just by looking. Same with Barack Osama, he clearly has Simian blood running through his veins. I guess if you have chimps voting you might as well have chimps running.

Gameguru  11/04/08 10:52 am
Fact is: we are and always have been fucked either which way. Both parties are in the pockets of the Bilderberg, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers. Not to mention they all belonged to the same fraternities, are freemasons, and are all jew-loving AIPAC Mongers. I mean for fuck sake, both candidates spoke for Israel and look at all they've done; the Zionists are the same as Nazis (A group who believes they're superior and have the right to kill off any other race in their way).

I'll vote for Obama only because I don't think he's gonna go batshit crazy/senile and hit THE button. We need a fuckin revolution here

Ted Danson  11/04/08 10:58 am
I'm voting for Obama because I love niggers, that and he's already batshit crazy so you know what you are getting.

Direwolf  11/04/08 7:28 pm
I think your shirts rock. The only thing that amazes me is when these assholes write in with their opinions as if anyone really gives a fuck. Since when does every brain-dead shit-bag in the country deserve an opinion? No, asshole,everyone is NOT entitled to an opinion. That statement was intended as sarcasm and was first introduced during WW-II when everyone (especially those who had no fucking clue) was bitching about our involvement in the war. Freedom of speech,freedom of speech,AWK! That's right, and it goes both ways. Your shirts are your way of exercising your freedom of speech, along with your warped sense of humor.LOL Rock On !

deaths_little_helper  11/04/08 7:42 pm
Obama sucks, no more than Mcain, but at least his plans won't put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of jobs...or make the healthcare system an exact model of the unworkable UK system! Did you even look into what these two men are campaining about Carmen? Or did you just see a black (muslam, not African-American) man, and say, gee, I think I'll vote for that guy to make myself feel better about the way my ansestors treated slaves a few hundred years ago...

Adam  11/04/08 8:01 pm
You probably can't afford a car b/c your a non working nigger like most of the rest voting for Obama you ignorant whore. Get a job a buy one or do you want Obama to give your ass one.

dinker  11/04/08 11:20 pm
"If you are dumb enough to vote you are dumb enough to believe them" You are all a bunch of fucktards............does anyone else smell peanut butter when I fart?

this is fuckin great  11/04/08 11:43 pm
this is fuckin great

Andrea  11/05/08 2:11 am
Thank you for putting the nonsense of our lives into perspective, and giving me many reasons to laugh out loud. :)

Cat =^..^=  11/05/08 11:11 am
I really don't understand how anyone who has browsed even half the shirts on this site could think that there weren't liberal shirts... *sighs* I guess thats why they are stupid fucks writing in to complain like that. Wow. Every day I am reminded of the idiocy that is overtaking the world...

Mike Hunt  11/05/08 3:35 pm
I voted for the nigger. Just kidding.

harkin  11/05/08 4:43 pm
These idiots remind me of the loon at the bar last night celebrating an Obama victory becuase he would hunt down the guy in a room in Chicago who controls the world's oil prices.

I couldn't vote for either of the two mediocritists myself. And what does Obama say last night? 'It's going to take longer than four years'....thanks fuck-tard, you've just kicked off the next campaign on the night I thought it might be over for awhile.

Slayer  11/05/08 8:05 pm
Damn, I feel more retarded after reading this than before. Does anyone else's IQ diminish after reading SuperMessiah's shit? I feel like I'm having to learn to read all over again and I don't like it.

Carmen, if you don't like the site, don't visit it! You don't have to go through all that trouble and waste your last lingering brain cell to try to degrade some CEO of a tshirt company. Oops, too late. Stupid ass!!!

davidfriggingbeckham  11/07/08 7:53 pm
Hi death's_little_h - the unworkable UK health system has always worked for me, and everyone I know. It's far from perfect, but everyone's covered, the personal contributions don't hurt, the system moves _fast_ if you've got something serious, nobody goes bankrupt because of getting sick, and the company I work for isn't forced to hike its prices into fairyland to cover employee health insurance. And it's cheaper - nobody in healthcare management says Aw, fuckit, stick another 50 grand on the bill - Microsoft's paying.
I've lived in the US and I love it - and the best of US healthcare is the best anywhere - but I'm glad I never got run down looking the wrong way when I crossed White River Parkway.

This isn't a flame, but I know you wouldn't give a flying one even if it were - for which you have my respect (like you wanted it). And for 'muslam', try 'muslim' (soft s). Best regards.

ron  11/09/08 11:58 pm
i voted for obama because when he gets shot we will have a new holiday granted it will be just for niggers but at least its a nother day to celebrate

Entertainted  09/07/09 12:03 am
I know Im almost a year late, but fuck you are your presumed guidelines for proper posting deadlines...
Calia...Socialize? soooo you mean, like all the other left wing naive idiots usually do, is that if I sit on ass all day and do nothing then the country owes me something, and if I work hard and pull a good paycheck, then I owe the country? weird!!! Ive been getting it wrong this whole time :)

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