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Yes, the Band Geek Hero shirts are back! Guitar Hero parodies with 25 different instruments to choose from. If you're a hotass band geek who goes to special camps or whatever, then get ready to jump for joy.

You'll look sharp as you fall flat on your g clef. Man, I am no good at band humor. You will all get laid if you wear these shirts- even the guy who normally has to settle for tickling his prostate with the business end of a trumpet.

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I hope you've picked out your turkey and your secret shame to drunkenly reveal to your family, because Thanksgiving is almost here. And don't let the fact that there's nothing to be thankful for this year stop you from celebrating. After all, this generation's defining trait is irony.

In "world coming to an end" news, researchers have discovered another icy thing melting. Jesus Christ... it's every other week with this shit. The planet is melting; boohoo. Save it for a species that gives a fuck.

Congratulations to the Yankees on another World Series title. They have moved one step closer to justifying their payroll. Now all they have to do is cure cancer, reverse global warming, go back in time to kill Hitler, and definitively prove whether or not there's a God. Get to work, Bombers!

For the first time in 27 years, an American won the NYC marathon last week. This makes me feel a great sense of pride I usually only feel when I realize every American that isn't that guy is obese. U - S - A! U - S - Oh man, I'm out of breath.

The 3-D update of the holiday classic "A Christmas Carol" was just released. Between the state-of-the-art motion capture technology and 3-D format this was the most engrossing film experience I've ever had. The only thing missing was the smell of Hollywood executives throwing stacks and stacks of original screenplays on a fire.

Mel Gibson and his girlfriend recently welcomed a baby girl into their family. Much has been made of Gibson's recent exploits, so he wanted to clear up right away any confusion regarding how he would be raising his daughter. She is going to be an alcoholic Jew-hater. Awww, she's got her father's hate. Precious.

Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James are in a custody battle for James' 5-year-old daughter with James' ex, a former adult film star. The judge on the case is still trying to decide who would be less damaging for the child: a woman who got covered with jizz for a living, or the woman who made the Miss Congeniality movies?

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Jeanette Federigi  11/09/09 7:48 pm
Okay you got the instrumental portion of the band covered in your Band Geeks series, but WHAT ABOUT THE GUARD UNITS? Majorettes, I.D. Unit or Letter team, Flags, Rifles, and Drum Major? Would love to see shirts for the glitz and glamor of the band too.

Jules  11/10/09 9:30 am
Because those are not musical instuments you dumbass douchebag.

Joseph Mamou  11/10/09 4:22 pm
Aren't the Miss Congeniality movies the same as being covered in jizz but colder and stickier?

Iman Azol  11/11/09 12:55 am
Sandra Bullock did get covered in jizz last night. Oh, wait, that was my monitor.

Sunny James  11/12/09 12:22 pm
I still wanna see a Skinflute Hero T-shirt.
(it belongs in my boyfriends wardrobe.)

Lt. Commander Data  11/16/09 2:42 pm
Why not a Comb-And-Tissue-Paper Hero? Sell it BOGO with the Skinflute one that James suggested. They dovetail very well; after you finish playing your rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb (to a crowd of none), you can comb your pubes and use the paper to clean yourself. As well as the pic of Jenna Jameson which is now covered in jizz, like Sandra Bullock. Wait, did she ever get facialed?

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Move over, "the written word," because Sarah Palin is about to release "Going Rogue," her highly anticipated memoir. Memoir, of course, being the French word for "culture fisting." I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of the book, so here is my chapter-by-chapter review of the indispensable masterwork that is sure to replace the back-up singing bass on your bookshelf.

Chapter I: Easily the best chapter; simply delicious. And I mean that literally, as chapter one is a few sheets of page-shaped pieces of jerky. Buffalo jerky, elk jerky, wild boar jerky and traditional beef jerky made up one of my finest reading experiences in recent memory. And the final page of the chapter, a piece of fruit leather, was a charming surprise.

pic 2 Chapter II: Sure to please die-hard supporters and harsh critics alike, this chapter makes incisive observations and pulls back the curtain on Washington. I especially like the part where you pull the tab and make Katie Couric drop her pants. And while the literati have dismissed it as juvenile and lowbrow, you will be hard-pressed to find a stronger statement on the state of partisanship in this nation than the page you open to make Barack Obama's and John McCain's lightsaber-cocks smack each other.

Chapter III: My least favorite chapter. A glued-together collection of greeting cards may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it undermines the layered commentary that made earlier chapters so powerful. It also seems entirely devoid of cohesion or theme. It jumps from a kitty with a thermometer in its mouth saying "Get well soon"; to a Transformer wishing me a "Happy 8th transformation"; to a fat woman in a tub and some joke about an anniversary. What are we saying here, Sarah? At least the singing Selena Gomez card was a bold choice.

picture 1

Chapter IV: While not the most satisfying, this chapter is definitely the most assured. I can't say for certain why, but in all likelihood it's because this chapter consists of nothing but pages ripped out of the Bible and stapled together. Fortunately, Palin was mindful enough of the reader to highlight her favorite verses. She also includes some handy "Palin translations," which help the reader see why seemingly unrelated verses oppose homosexuality.

Chapter V: In the fifth and final chapter, Palin makes a conscious effort to remove herself from the soccer-mom/conservative-icon pigeonhole others have forced her into. I believe she accomplishes this by choosing to make up chapter five of nothing more than DVDs of Driving Miss Daisy, Golden Girls Season 3 Disc 2 and an NRA promotional video. Now that's how you go rogue.

your momIn Conclusion: While encumbered by an overly polemic tone and far too many photos of Palin flipping off the reader while eating money, "Rogue" is nonetheless a satisfying and provocative read. I'm sure many critics will call this a "travesty" or "debacle" or an "abomination," but you know what? I'd rather have a book be a national punch line, than have it be yet another thing for assholes to reference in a douchey attempt to sound smart. Reading is gay. Ha, you're gay.

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Heywood Jablowme  11/10/09 8:59 am
Mmmmm... Fruit leather...

Zipper69  11/10/09 9:25 am
Who is that stacked lookalike at the top - I'd give her

Douchey McDouche  11/10/09 5:30 pm
Oh shit, I just read the whole thing.... man, I'm so gay

Mr Dobalina  11/10/09 7:55 pm
John McCain is cool, but why did he dump Sarah Palin on us? What did we do to him?

Iman Azol  11/11/09 12:57 am
I'd fuck Palin like a democrat on a taxpayer.

A  11/11/09 5:38 am

amazing  11/11/09 8:00 am
I don't give the shit about the article. It's the ass with with the large tattoo I'm curious about. Who does it belong to? Where can I find it?

Kim  11/12/09 1:23 pm
I would really like to have this version of the book published. The Best Sellers these days lack jerky, pop ups, and pull tabs. I think America needs this.

JOkEr  11/15/09 10:58 am
that look alike on top - mmmm on top,oh yeah- this book she dicktated must really suck

Ass Hole Poop  11/16/09 12:02 pm
So far the only funny thing was the comment on the Yankees' payroll, fucking lame. I could have been looking at porn instead of reading this bullshit.

Lt. Commander Data  11/16/09 2:46 pm
Sara wins the silver medal from me for 2nd oldest MILF I'd do. Reba McIntyre is oldest :D As for the Gov, I'd hit that thing like a crash-test dummy vehicle. She'd be throwing rocks at that leatherneck of a husband of hers. Sara... Sara... no time is a good time for goodbyes... (remember Starship?)


-----Original Message-----

From: Charlotte

I don't understand the animal with the american flag over its non-head and crab claws coming out of his ass. Sorry if I am drunk, but I had the sober guy look at it and he must be retarded too. Please explain. Thank you in advance.

9/11 was an inside job...

Editor's Note: What do you mean "the sober guy"? Do you have a random sober guy follow you in the event of sober emergencies? If so, you have stumbled upon the greatest idea of the twenty-first century. The "designated driver" concept cleared the path, but this notion of a "designated exister" is quite advanced.

Imagine being able to stay blitzed through work, court dates and interactions with loved ones while your sober surrogate has to stand there and eat shit on your behalf. This makes the theory of relativity look like the goddamn pet rock. In fact, why am I still writing this? Take over, sober me.

"Oh... uh, okay. So... Charlotte, was it? You are a dummy. You probably have big earlobes and I bet your mom wears ugly shoes. Your email reveals a mind which is probably not among the top ten percent in the nation. Unless, of course, you weren't being serious. If this is the case-"

Oh, shut the fuck up! I just found the problem with this sober surrogate idea: Sober people fucking suck. I've worked too long and too hard to tarnish my reputation just to have some clear-headed pussy who considers the feelings of others fuck it up now. If I let this go on too long all the people I've alienated will think I might tolerate their presence.

Charlotte, you ignorant slut. I hope you are savagely raped by a jaguar in heat and the resulting half-cunt/half-jaguar baby eats your body from the inside-out, starting with your sex organs. Ahh... sweet alcohol-induced honesty.

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Chris  11/09/09 7:36 pm
Wow, these comments are getting LESS and LESSSSS funny every month.

Paul  11/09/09 7:52 pm
If by LESS and LESSSSS you mean MORE and MOOOORE then i agree, they're great!

Harry Bastard  11/09/09 9:02 pm
I guess if your own head is far enough up your own ass, you can't tell when another's is. Too bad you also don't understand when NOT to touch the keyboard.

Zipper69  11/10/09 9:28 am
Having actually been savagely raped by a Jaguar in heat I can tell you that those Limey sportscars can really slip it to ya. ZOWIE!!

Iman Azol  11/11/09 12:58 am
So, which shirt was it, or was she on acid, too?

Shay  11/11/09 2:08 am
It's the t-shirt that is a donkey with his head up his ass. There is no actual flag, the donkey has a flag-print for its fur color... if that makes sense. The crab claw is his tail.

TNUC  11/11/09 9:06 am
Yeah Baby! WHat Yewwww Sayyyyyyyyd!

your hero shirts suck  11/14/09 6:14 am
sell bitches sell!!! but im still recomending more than one lol.... your not drunk your just being realistic

JoKer  11/15/09 11:02 am
at least she noticed the shirt the sober guy was wearing not his face,my kind of woman....

Lt. Commander Data  11/16/09 2:48 pm
This one did nothing for me. I felt (up) this guy's Jaguar once in 1997, and it purred like a kitten. I swear to God, it was a car. Jagoff, er, Jaguar fetish of mine...

joy division

-----Original Message-----

haFrom: Joecilism

Between the Democratic donkey shirt and "Guess he Cant" it is too apparent you all are a bunch of conservative assholes. Yet another bunch of pricks piling on a guy trying to dig us out of this hole W spent 8 years digging.

But I guess i shouldn't be surprised. Who but a bunch of mean spirited conservatives would make and sell shirts celebrating misoginy and drinking and drugs??

Editor's Note: Mean-spirited people with no specific ideology, that's who.

For the billionth time, our shirts do not reflect our personal beliefs. Do you think every dime we make goes to pot, booze and casual sex? Of course it does, but only because we can't think of anything else to spend money on. What else do people spend money on? Do you have to pay to use trees or think about FDR?

I guess where leisure activities are concerned our shirts accurately represent the staff, but where our political beliefs are concerned they couldn't be more off the mark. Because we don't have any shirts that say "Giving a shit takes too much time" or "Voting is too expensive."

So the next time you want to criticize a company because of their product, take time to consider the possibility they don't give a shit what their product is as long as it's making them money. And if that still doesn't deter you, consider the fact that no one gives a shit about your opinion. And remember our motto: The customer is always incidental.

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Thard  11/09/09 9:40 pm
Quite possibly the most honest thing a TSH staffer has ever said.

dOOmShrOOm  11/09/09 9:52 pm
Hey Joe, I voted John J Rambo for homecoming king. What political party does that place me in?

Johnny X.  11/09/09 10:59 pm
Yo, Joecelyn sweetie! Ever'time you blame Duybya you admit your boy's a failure. Dumbass.

TXBorn  11/10/09 9:56 am
Where can I get one of those "giving a shit takes too much time" shirts?

BiLLiE-808  11/10/09 4:26 pm
"The customer si always incidental"
Now I remember why I come back here.

martin  11/10/09 4:46 pm
JOECELYN thats a fucking stupid name what are you a guy a girl or a tranny, who gives a shit your for sure a stupid fucking liberal Obama cocksucker. Do you think anyone with a job who can buy a shirt gives ashit what a loser like you thinks! YOU DON'T SEE OBAMA STICKERS ON CARS GOING TO WORK! DICK CHENEY FOR PRESIDENT YOU SCUMBAG WHORE!

Jackson Satanas  11/10/09 8:29 pm
Guess this "jackass" never saw the Bush dissing shirts over the years. Fucking retardo Obamanoid.

Dont Worry About It  11/10/09 9:13 pm
Giving A Shit Takes Too Much Time ... MAKE THAT A SHIRT, I WILL BUY IT

chon wang  11/10/09 10:03 pm
i still write in pat paulsen for president. who cares that he is dead. he was honest, stating that he was only running cause it had a great pension plan. and that he would be consistantly vague on every issue and to make promises to every group he spoke to with no intensions of keeping any of those promises.

Iman Azol  11/11/09 1:00 am
The shirts are not "misoginistic" (sic).

Now stop pretending to be literate and go get me a beer, whore.

Democrap  11/11/09 8:35 am
So is digging us out of a hole spending over a trillion $'s and not making the unemployment rate get lower? and I'm guessing you belong to a group of people who also depend on food stamps and abortions too right? Next time you have a coathanger in your twat jam it a little further and die. Have a nice day.

The TRUTH  11/11/09 2:46 pm
Hey Fuckboy! If you haven't figured out you need to take this website with a grain of salt maybe you should just stick to WWW.iwantobamaslittleblackbabynutstoclapoffmyasscheeks.commiecocksucker

Jayme  11/12/09 1:57 am
You know, I am glad to see some Democrat jokes and showing their blunders. I've had enough of the putting down the Republican bullshit. People dig the Obama Anti-Christ shirt we bought that my husband wears around.

Jim  11/12/09 11:32 am
Hey Jayme...Blowme.
Where do you think the idea for that shirt came from? It was a Bush shirt, knuckle-dragger.

superluck  11/12/09 7:02 pm
Wait. What if this email was written by Obama himself?

bent  11/12/09 8:56 pm
Fuck Yes

Thurisaz  11/13/09 1:50 am
Conservative? - That's the word that springs to mind whenever I'm looking for my next t-shirt to buy...

A brief trawl of the archives shows that not only does T-shirt Hell poke fun at Obama and Co, but at just about every person on the public payroll to do jack-shit.

jokER  11/15/09 11:11 am
go back to listening to the rush limbah show , he might take the effort to giv a shit

Alex  11/16/09 2:14 am
This idiot must be new to the site... you have lots of funny shirts making fun of Bush when he was President... it's called staying with the times, jack ass!!!

Twilight  11/16/09 3:20 am
Get the fuck over yourself. I am a liberal and I think those shirts are funny as hell. and yess I like Obama. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama saw this shirt and started laughing his ass off. It is a joke. Also if you don't like their shirt don't buy it. Got get some America Is Great shirt and leave Tshirt hell the fuck allloonneee. Of course you can keepign writting them and making them laugh their asses of because of how stupid you are!!!

Ass Hole Poop  11/16/09 12:16 pm
I hate everyone so much, fuck you all

Lt. Commander Data  11/16/09 2:53 pm
I never give a shit, and it takes no time at all to fail to give a shit. To take a shit is longer, more painful, and causes my intestines to cramp. Makes me wonder why I do it. Anyway, W got hit on here, doh!Bama is too, and so is Sara Palin. Liberal drops of precum won't be happy, though, until it's all dumped on the Repukes... btw, I'm Libertarian...

slake  11/20/09 11:17 pm
I agree with TXBorn and Dont Worry About It, I will pay money for a t-shirt that says "Giving A Shit Takes Too Much Time"

division of labor

ha-----Original Message-----

From: Harlin W.

you need to make some shirts about meth it doesnt matter for or against i just want to see some meth jokes i could really use some where i live.

Editor's Note: As hard as this may be to believe, the "meth crowd" isn't exactly the ideal customer base. All of their money seems to be tied up in meth, bail, meth, last February's rent, meth, and carpet steamers (slang for meth).

Don't get me wrong, we would love to corner the "shirts-for-meth-addicts" market, but darn the luck, we don't offer a payment option for them. Maybe one day we will accept "neighbor's tricycle" or "uncomfortably intense blowjob," but until then we're going to have to reject your proposal.

But keep the completely unformed, intangible ideas coming. You'd be surprised how many of our shirts are the result of an email just like this one. Let me check my records... Turns out it's zero. Fuck off, Harlin.

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Quinn  11/10/09 7:52 am
Don't you already have a 'meth' t-shirt? Disney on Ice... So glad people take the time to look through the shirts before complaining something isn't there...

Charles U. Farley  11/10/09 8:50 am
Harlin, the only reason there arent tons of meth shirts is that meth addicts dont have the money to buy one. Even if they did buy one, they would sell it to buy more meth. Now who is going to wear a used meth shirt? Nancy B, maybe!

Harlin  11/10/09 5:37 pm
....but what about if I give you the "uncomfortably intense blowjob" AND the tricycle?? ... No? OK, how about these bugs I dug out from under my skin?

Iman Azol  11/11/09 1:02 am
People who voted for Barrack Mangina and meth heads. I'm noticing a trend here.

A  11/11/09 5:26 am
"it doesnt matter for or against"
Are you blind or illiterate? He didn't say make shirts that meth addicts would approve of so that they could buy them. I'm sure tshirthell could come up with a shirt that insults meth addicts

Lickmyluvpump  11/11/09 8:31 am
Hey, meth heads have more to offer than just uncomfortable blowjobs and tric's. The can get you used car parts and other thing that you can't live with out. I had one get me a beta max one time. Ahh rubbing one out to beta max porn.

Fuck You A  11/11/09 12:40 pm
Good eye, A. Tshirthell should not have funny responses to emails from jackasses. They should take them all under consideration and do exactly what the email says. You should call them out on the other responses to. Like why couldn't they have just cleared up what shirt it was in the first email. And on this bottom email why couldn't they agree to just stop selling shirts with swears on them. Every business should do what every single customer says and never point out that people are stupid. Or is this just "A"s way of defending himself because hes a fukking idiot

Kim  11/12/09 1:35 pm
"uncomfortably intense blowjob" = awesome.

Jake  11/12/09 11:55 pm
Hey Kim, since it is so awesome, would you be interested in giving me an uncomfortably intense blowjob?

Derp  11/13/09 9:01 am
Harlin W.? ..Harlin Wade? I see a F.E.A.R. ref, I do.

jOkEr  11/15/09 11:16 am
this meth head took the time to read oh oh this bolwjob issssss ucumfortabbly inn n tennnnnse

Lt. Commander Data  11/16/09 2:58 pm
Repeat after me: Meth, like cancer, can be good for you. Go on, say it. I dislike uncomfortably intense BJ's, though, b/c I got one from my ex once. I thought my head would explode. WTF was... oh, meth. Do one of da brutha Obama on some ice... yah.

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Submission-----

haFrom: Nancy B.

I don't understand how a website such as this can even be legal. We have an organization that keeps filth off of our televisions and radios. But you and your customers can proudly parade around in shirts with f--- and s--- displayed for everyone to see. It is really quite shameful.

Editor's Note: As a socially responsible company, T-Shirt Hell could not agree more. Which is why we proudly announce the establishment of the FSC (Federal Shirt Commission). The FSC has been a labor of love for us and we have spent years creating and analyzing guidelines, studying the example of the FCC and learning from their mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, in theory the FCC is great. How can you not love an organization dedicated to stifling free speech and saving us from our own pathetic human brains, even if the FCC itself is made up of pathetic human brains? But in practice it is nothing more than a pillar of hypocrisy and ineffectiveness.

This is where the FSC will improve. Under FSC guidelines, you will be required to wear "beige torso sheaths." They may cause some discomfort after they have been sewn onto you, but your body will acclimate soon enough. And like the FCC, we want to give you the illusion of freedom. So if you absolutely must rebel against the establishment, you will be permitted to wear a patch that says "Cirrus Clouds," as exhaustive research and focus groups have proven this to be the least offensive term in the English language.

And, of course, you will be allowed to wear logos of any company you manage to make a deal with. As long as the FSC gets a taste. Oversight be makin' it rain on them bitches!

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dOOmShrOOm  11/09/09 9:46 pm
Nancy B.-"I exercise freedom of speech but you can't. Fuck, shit, shameful".

dougalowski  11/09/09 10:03 pm
Sounds like you need to get laid Nancy

Bad Dog  11/10/09 12:24 am
Your Editors note to Jjoecillism was so on track I had to masterbate before I fucked the cat

dempsey  11/10/09 8:02 am
Nancy keeps the filth to the bedroom, just like me when I masturbate furiously over the naughty t-shirts I hide under my bed.

Charles U. Farley  11/10/09 8:47 am
Oh Nancy.. I picture you looking like Sarah Palin with your tight pencil skirt and furry bush to keep your Alaska crotch crabs warm at night. Oh Nancy, how i would love to shove a tuna into your crab den. My keyboard smells like tuna as I beat off to the smell of your crab kettle.

Oghma  11/10/09 9:56 am
Cirrus Clouds killed my dog you bastards!

Brian  11/10/09 12:00 pm
Have you ever heard of freedom of speech you dumb ass. Go fuck yourself and be thankful there is not a censor for stupid fucking comments like yours.

Black Dog  11/10/09 6:06 pm
I am so, so ashamed (not) as I proudly parade around in my shirt that says Yes My Shirt Says FUCK on it. It Also Says CUNT, TWAT and Machine Washable. FUCKING GET OVER IT YOU DUMB ASS. ITS CALL FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! JACKASS DUMB FUCKING CUNT.

Jizzle-Bopper  11/10/09 8:08 pm
Cunt wants tees with swearing to be made illegal? Un-be-fucking-leivable, the absolute racid donkey-bollocks that people come out with in a supposedly "free" country...

Iman Azol  11/11/09 1:05 am
Hey, Nancy, you oozing cunt, go google "Cleveland Steamer." AND GET ME A BEER, WHORE!

Arc Cahlon  11/11/09 3:10 am
"I don't understand how a website such as thiscan even be legal" allow me to clear it up for you nancy. because everyone hates you and stupid asses like you. you want a totally censored world? go watch demolition man see how that turns out. we'll be here in the sewer when your world comes crashing down.

TNUC  11/11/09 9:15 am
OOOHHH Baby , OOOOh Baby, CIRRUS my CLOUDS BABY, Then poke me with your thunder stick..

panjok  11/11/09 10:26 am
oh nancy I can picture it now! Me fucking you in the ass as you scream out the words that have kept you prisoner and your cunt dry FUCK ME BABY!!!

TigheALMIGHTY  11/12/09 2:38 pm
This is the website Nancy singles out for her email wraith? Shes amazed this ones legal? Type "girl fucking donkey" into google and send every website that pops up one of you outraged messages. You can change the world Nancy, just devote your pathetic excuse for a life writing obscure porn sites about how much they offend you. I'm sure they'll give a flying fuck.

steiner  11/12/09 6:26 pm
if the site i so shameful, yhy are youon it....stupid twat cunt and probably catholic

tattoodhardcore  11/12/09 7:06 pm
its legal because of myself and millions of others who have chose to fight for all of our rights including yours nancy. our rights allow us to enjoy this site so why dont you stay in your fucking hole that im sure you normally dont venture far from and shut the fuck up

kidneyman  11/13/09 4:44 pm
Its fucking Tipper Gore!

deaths_little_helper  11/14/09 11:10 am
Nancy B. it's bitches like your cunt-sniffing ass that go out of their way to make tv boring...I hate you just for existing, you need to stop breathing so that those around you aren't infected by the massive raging whore stain that is your existance...please, shut your ass hole with a stapler until the skin grows closed, and your stomach ruptures inside you...

Die now, thanks


JokeR  11/15/09 11:26 am
lov the FSC for doing a good job, while nancy should be doing a better job on her back ,knee's on the table, in the tub ,instead she's trying to infringe on other s right's to free speech, i wonder if her girl/boy friend is giving her the uncomfortable intense blowjob she richly deserves.

Lt. Commander Data  11/16/09 3:04 pm
You know the recording of some broad saying "I think this type of sexual talk is disgusting!"? Nancy did the voice-over for it, I just found out. I, genius that I am, googled "blumpkin", "Dirty Sanchez", "frigid", and "TSH hater"... and Nancy came up on all of them. She is thus the censor sent by the anti-Christ. QED.

STEVE  11/24/09 7:30 pm
fuckshitpisshelldamn...I want and left the capslock key on and didn't notice least on my last sorry mother fuckers!!!

joy division

[Sic Semper Fat Chicks]

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Tough break, America. Fuck you Arkansas.