It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing


December is finally here and Christmas is just around the corner. To be fair, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are also coming up soon, but we all know who the star of the show is. Christmas is like the John and Paul of the group. Hanukkah is the George. And Kwanzaa is the black guy who sets up Ringo's drums.
Daredevil (and homemaker) Evel Knievel passed away at the age of 69. Sure, he can jump over 20 buses unharmed but diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis were too much for him. Pussy. I'm just glad he went by Evel Knievel instead of Good Knievel, or else he would've died much younger. Yikes...I'm gonna go gargle with hobo sperm to get the taste of that joke out of my mouth.

So, a guy with a bomb strapped to his chest walks into Hillary Clinton's campaign office in New Hampshire...I forget the punchline, but I think the guy pulls out a one-foot tall piano player. But seriously, it was a tense hostage situation but thankfully everyone escaped unharmed. It was dicey for a while, but at the last second Hillary burst through the door and beat the man to death with her cock.

The hit show "Dancing With the Stars" crowned this year's winners last week. And the winner was...anyone who doesn't know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Sudan has charged a British teacher with inciting hatred and showing contempt of religious beliefs after she allowed her class to name a teddy bear Muhammad. I just hope they don't find out about my pet ferret. His name is "Allah Sucks My Fat Clit, Jr."



New Shirts

Whether you're Christian, the Jew version of Christian, or that religion where you blow stuff up; our new shirts will provide you with the perfect Christmas gift. In addition to our vagina-kicking new shirts, we've also brought back some old favorites and some classic holiday shirts just in time to beat next year's Arbor Day rush.

Happy holidays and God bless us, every one. Except for Tiny Tim. He just died of Walking Stick AIDS.

Our new shirts are here:

long division

New Shirts

holiday sale

If you don't know what limited edition shirts are, they're all of the shirts that we used to sell, that are no longer available on the site, that we bring back a couple times a year. Remember, that the limited edition shirts and giftwrap are available in extremely limited styles, colors, and sizes so don't wait to place your order or you won't get what you want. But you will get what you need. Wait, that's not right. You won't get what you want or need. Trust me.

long division

Christmas is the perfect holiday. It offers Christians and secularists (they worship Secular Jesus) the opportunity to put their respective beliefs aside and come together in the name of materialism. But while both groups agree that buying overpriced products made by Asian children is the perfect way to celebrate, they disagree over which lovable character should receive the props. santa

We all know that Jesus and Santa existed and that both were the product of God fucking a 13-year-old, but which one better embodies the Spirit of Christmas (Copyright - 1982)? Is it Santa with his good cheer and giving nature? Or is it Jesus with his flowing hair and screams of "Shit, my fucking hands!"?

I say "Why not both?" Rather than quibble over something as trivial as who you have to accept as your personal savior in order to spend eternity in heaven, just accept everything as your savior to cover all your bases. Jesus? Sure. Santa? Sounds great. Wesley Snipes' taint? Why not? It is in this spirit which I have written the following letter to Santa and Jesus. Merry [name of holiday here], everybody!

that ticklesDear [Santa/Jesus],

I have been a very good [boy/girl/religious fanatic] this year. I [did my chores/felt guilty about doing something pleasurable] every day. I also remembered to [brush my teeth/pass judgment on a homosexual] every night. And I did really good in [school/church] too. My [teacher/priest] said that I [was a very good student/did a good job of keeping my mouth shut].

Since I have been so good, I would like [a new bike/something to hit Jews with]. But I don't just want something for myself. [My mom/The lady who says it's blasphemy when I smile] is very sick with [cancer/the blessing of faulty cells that you gave her]. Please help her [get well/realize that treatment may be more effective than prayer]. santa

[My friends/Science] said you aren't real, but I don't believe it because [I saw you at the mall/the lie keeps me happy]. Thanks for reading this. I'll remember to leave out [some cookies and milk/a dead virgin and the head of a heretic] for you.

[Gullibly/Just as gullibly] yours,

Naive [Child/Adult]


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Tyler  12/03/07 7:31 pm
I [enjoyed/was guilty of pleasurable sin] when I read this letter.

el  12/04/07 11:00 am
It is perfect!

FailedWhiteRapper  12/05/07 1:49 am
That should be a shirt...

Britney  12/05/07 8:54 am
Like OMG really? I sooo totally did not understand that, but it was funny *snort*

n e wayz I wuz just stoppin in to say hi, i seen kfed had dropped by and I wanted to make sure whatever he did was paid for.


- britbrit

Iman Azol  12/05/07 5:49 pm
Santa sees you when your sleeping, and knows when you're awake. He must work for HSA. Jesus is just the assraper providing punishment to the sinners.

Me in Kabul  12/06/07 11:24 am
They don't just get to blow up stuff. They get to blow up each other! And then go to Paradise if they're stupid enough to get caught in the blast. I think I was in Paradise a while ago, but it was in Copenhagen - lots to drink, pretty women everywhere. Seemed like paradise to me. Little expensive but I didn't have to die to go there.

SomeWittyUserName  12/06/07 10:25 pm
Genius, pure genius!

Dan  12/07/07 5:05 pm
Whats up dirty cocksuckers?

PRAISE HIM  12/08/07 1:52 pm

Jake Malicious  12/10/07 9:46 pm
Who the fuck taught Britney Spears how to use a keyboard?

But merry fucking assholes the lot of yeh. The pokes at religion were the best. Too bad they weren't stabs, not pokes.

Hungtu Mynees  12/15/07 9:26 am
"The priest said I did a good job of keeping my mouth shut". Which is bad, because he didn't have bent over, facing the OTHER way!

CORRECTION  12/15/07 9:28 am
"The priest said I did a good job of keeping my mouth shut". Which is bad, because he didn't have ANYWHERE TO PUT HIS DICK. Next thing I knew, I was bent over, facing the OTHER way!

Satan  12/16/07 1:12 pm
I love to cut off the heads of babies and fuck their gore filled remainder of a neck.


-----Original Message-----

From: witchgirl*** @ ***.com
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007
Subject: Shake Me shirt

Hi.. I am Helen, I am writing this because it has been brought to my attention that you sell a babies shirt that says "They Shake Me!"...I am very concerned and disgusted by this... THIS is NOT A JOKE>.. Shaken Baby Syndrome affects some 1200 to 1400 babies a year...just in my state alone last year 70 cases of SBS were reported and 8 died...
SBS is CHILD ABUSE and this shirt makes it a joke..It is NOT..I see the results every day...Shaken Baby Syndrome Kills our kids...and the ones "lucky" enough to survive are ridden with medical problems from the severe injuries they have been dealt...Please remove this from your stock and help us make a difference and stop SBS

Thank you
Helen D.

deep in MontanaEditor's Note: Here we go again. You morally superior types are always focusing on the negative. So seventy cases of SBS were reported in your state last year. What about the hundreds and hundreds of cases that weren't reported? The world is as good as you wish to see it. I see the glass of baby blood as being half full. You just see a severely injured and suffering baby.

By the way, why are you seeing the results of SBS every day? Do you work in some kind of factory with machines designed to shake babies? If so, where do I send my resume? Or did you just mean because you have brain damage it's like you see the effects of SBS in the mirror on a daily basis?

Anyway, next time you see a blind, drooling, retarded child who suffers from SBS and you want a silver lining, just remember one thing: At least they're not you.

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alex  12/04/07 2:41 am
She sees results everyday because she is the one shaking the babies....

HObo  12/04/07 8:45 am
enif m'i tub nekahs saw I

Michelle  12/04/07 9:04 am
Why the hell do stupid people like this complain about the shirts? Stop going to the website idiots! Keep kickin ass TShirt Hell

TC  12/04/07 10:48 am
The unfortunate outcome of her SBS makes Helen constantly search the web inventing things to bitch about.

Slav  12/04/07 1:10 pm
I love when she says, "SBS kills our kids". SBS doesn't kill your kids, Helen, it's the idiots shaking the babies that kill your kids. Or think of it as a parent's way to carry out God's failed miscarriage.

DTC  12/04/07 3:48 pm
I like them shaken, not stirred.

 12/04/07 5:17 pm
"Or did you just mean because you have brain damage it's like you see the effects of SBS in the mirror on a daily basis? "
fucking brilliant. I love this newsletter more everytime I read it

efilnikcufecin  12/04/07 5:30 pm
The true irony would be if a family that DID shake their children ordered this shirt...but then they would have to quit buying crack....

Joey Lamotta  12/04/07 6:42 pm
You're so fucking fucked, it's like, fuck, I can't remember where the fuck I am in this fucking diatribe. Fuck me. Fuck you.
Joe Pesci

Von_Sexron  12/04/07 10:05 pm
Oh for fuck's sake...

Britney  12/05/07 9:00 am

I totally no what she iz talkin bout Willis!!!!!!
Like my kid was getting my candy sticks and he squeezed the pack and I just had to shake him.

I was sooooooo p o'ed!!!!! Don't babies understand these things cost money!? W T F

I invite my friends of Paris Nicole Christina.. we have shaking baby ceremonys.. *snort*

It's fun we take turns grabbing the babies and sometimes we just slam them against the wall and i scream stuff like I HATE YOU YOU ARE A BIG MISTAKE YOU SHOULD DIE at them

They got a social worker to come over and she kicks them. Love the government help!!!


sexy_blasphamor  12/05/07 3:28 pm
All of you need to stop picking on these poor close minded people. It's not their fault we aren't all geniuses. Besided if we were the world would be very boring so lay off.

Iman Azol  12/05/07 5:55 pm
I hear satanists have baby-shaking parties. Or maybe it was the Jews. Either way, the selfish fucks should invite me. My kids and I could shake babies together and it would be bonding.

Dan  12/07/07 5:08 pm
Loved it

Rob  12/08/07 12:48 am
I diden't know there was a down side of increasing awareness.

jennlovespepepr  12/08/07 10:30 am
It's a fuckin' T-Shirt for Christ Sake...Get over it!!

Jake Malicious  12/10/07 9:51 pm
Aren't you wastes of oxygen getting bored of even bigger wasted of oxygen pissing on about that shirt?

Or, maybe there are so many horse fuckers who whine about it, there's not much anymore to make scathing replies to anymore. That's just sad. Happy fucking Crimbo.

Mr. Meaner  12/15/07 9:38 am
Did you notice that sweet, moral Helen's screen name is witchgirl?!!!

Miss Demeanor  12/15/07 9:38 am
Too funny, DTC!! :-D

Getoffmeluckycharms  01/06/08 5:54 pm
Fucking briliant. Heh cant say to much more about it lol

joy division

-----Original Message-----

From: mehoff** @ ***.com
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey, you guys or gals are freaking hilarious!!! I love the shirts, I cant wait till my poor ass makes enough money to buy one. The "Slavery, gets shit done" of course. It just sparks my curiosity about how you guys get away with it. Hasnt any NAACP people or any place like that try to sue you guys or anything???

Keep up the good work,


jesusEditor's Note: Funny you should ask...Because, no, the NAACP has never pursued legal action against us. Many of you may find this hard to believe, but it makes perfect sense when you realize that I'm the President of the NAACP. Hang on...that's not right. I was thinking of NAMBLA. As usual. And yes I'm the first female President of NAMBLA. They're a much more progressive organization than you might think.

To be honest, the NAACP tries to sue us on a daily basis. But the lawsuits never pan out for them because black people burst into flame when they attempt to enter a court of law. Unless they're the defendant.

We've been taken to court countless times, but only lost one case. That one went all the way to the Supreme Court and is commonly known as "T-Shirt Hell V. Hillary Clinton's Anus." There was just too much evidence against us. Plus, our Jew lawyer was sick that day.

Wait a second...did you say you don't make enough money to buy one of our shirts? Why am I wasting my time on this? Fuck off. Better yet, rape off. You see how she's dressed? She's practically asking for it.

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 12/04/07 5:20 pm
At the start I was thinking this was yet another "You're shirts were awesome except for this ONE shirt." But it wasn't, which is great--so refreshing to see something else. And congrats on the presidency--perhaps there's something that's like the black equivalent of NAMBLA that you could join/start?

Jeph  12/04/07 6:59 pm
NAMBLA? North American Marlyn Brown Look alikes?

KDIM  12/04/07 8:09 pm
As a self respecting black man

incubi  12/05/07 2:53 am
KDIM - As a "self respecting" black man

What the fuck?! Who do you think you're kidding, dude?!

Chef Godzilla  12/05/07 3:57 am

Hi Chad! Did you and any-or-all of those other dumb-shit, fucking morons – some of which actually responded – notice anything, which might have caused such an asshole-stupid, faux pas response? Or had you mistaken, dear Chaddy-waddy, there ain’t no cotton fields in that graphic of which you spouted such vomitorius, snot-filled drivel? Look again, you P.C. [i.e. “Piece of Crap”] retard, them’s pyramids yonder! And what does the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have to do with those, “O pharaoh, let my people go!” Jews-in-Egypt dude? Are you fucking blind Chad? Or perhaps you infer a covert personal knowledge, substituting cotton for straw in making bricks? That would work just fucking marvelous, shit-4-brainz Chad. Or did you compare the price of cotton with straw? You must be a slave to shit, cause your brain is fucking gone.

p1nja  12/05/07 7:28 am
Wow dude chill the fuck. A slaves' a slave whether ye be black, jewdom, or the little asian in my washing machine. Look past the blatantly obvious n00b then maybe you wont sounding like so much of a tool (lol jokes, once a fuckwit always a fuckwit)

Syphallitic Mohammed  12/05/07 9:28 am
kDim - "As a self respecting black man"

You can't even finish a sentance. Where does this misplaced sense of self respect come from? Perhaps it is just the byproduct of of a mind adled by being shaken as a baby, that or the crack.

pooooooooootang  12/05/07 3:32 pm
I love this's very true. Can I purchase anyone here to fix my dinner tonight? All I have is $12..

Santa Claws  12/05/07 3:46 pm
Mohammad is a fool. Syphilis is bad.

Iman Azol  12/05/07 5:58 pm
We should return to the days when Arabs were slaves. When they step out of line, we'll be able to shoot them.

Oh, wait. I'm doing that now. Except I have to wash my own underwear.

Get me an Arab slave for Christmas. Or Hannukah.

Yuri Tarded  12/06/07 2:02 am
That is a nice thought Iman, but I had one for a while and it didn't work out too well. First is the smell the expression "Diaper Head" has nothing to do with appearance regarding the turban, it is a reference to the fact that they all smell like dirty diapers. Fuck, I'd rather do the work myself than smell that nasty Muslim smell every day. Then there is the problem that occurs if you have any livestock or pets, if they just raped the animals it wouldn't be so bad, but the fuckers always want to decapitate them when they are done. Don't get me wrong, Arabs are great, when used as fertilizer. What can I say, shit makes thing grow.

Chad  12/08/07 2:25 pm
hahaha thanx for the pick me up guys. Black or brown does it really matter who was forced to build those big fucking 3d triangles?? Not IMO. That was thousands of years ago who gives a fuck. But its pretty sweet to be displayed on such a bad ass site. BTW tshirthell guys, i have enuff money to get a shirt from you just which one or five to buy??? hmmmm

Jake Malicious  12/10/07 9:56 pm
If you have nothing to respect about yourself but the color of your skin, you are one empty shit-lined sack.

And it's more than a little annoying that I'm the only commentator here who seems to know how to use simple HTML. Something my 4-year old fuckbuddy can do with aplomb. Bathe in the healthy piss of the non-retarded, mortals.

Pete  12/12/07 6:42 am
NAACP=Niggers Are Actually Colored Pollacks

Hungtu Mynees  12/15/07 9:43 am

Hungtu  12/15/07 9:46 am
My last CAPTCHA was "eujzz". ew! Jizz! LOL!

Mr. Meaner  12/15/07 9:54 am
Jake Malicious acts like he's superior to the rest of us and yet he sounds like more of an asshole douchebag than we do. Look in the mirror, jizz-for-brains! Damn!

Jack Hoff  12/15/07 9:55 am

Satan  12/16/07 1:16 pm
@Jake Malicious - Your HTML is gay and you are a fuckface. Suck my dick.

division of labor

-----Original Message-----

From: jake h.
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007
Subject: yeah

I understand that you get like 100,000,000 hits a day telling you that you are a god forsaken retard. I feel bad for that. In the same sentence i also feel that your asking for it, Im sure that it gets you ratings almos above the amazing cable hit "2 guys and a pizza place" or whatever charlie sheene is calling it these days.
I would appreciate it if you would stop using jesus as a reference for hilarity. I know that there could be a million and one jihad jokes made, but i have trouble dealing with the magnitude of humor that you derive out of something that many people believe to be there salvation.

Yes, i know that you will make money, yes i also know that you will claim to be an asain sodomite, but you should lay off jesus unless you want to reject salvation.

whoreEditor's Note: Hey, I lay off Jesus five times a week, but it seems like there's a million of those fuckers. Oh, you meant "lay off" figuratively. And you meant the funnier version of Jesus.

Grammar aside, this might be the stupidest fucking thing I've ever read. And I've read the Bible. First of all, how do you even make the connection between hits on a T-shirt website and the ratings of a TV show? This is like insulting Burger King for losing the Super Bowl. Or saying I kicked a fire hydrant's ass in a "Who's the Most Xenophobic" contest. Or a third example.

Regardless, we won't stop using Jesus as a source of humor. You know why? Because Jesus told me not to. Prove me wrong, Christians!

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kittyfhuck  12/03/07 5:21 pm
easy!!! "xenophobic" is far to big of a word to just toss out to a moron like that...

Jammie  12/03/07 11:38 pm
I am slightly disturbed that the one thing I'd *really* like to say to this idiot is

Samantha  12/04/07 6:40 pm
"this might be the stupidest fucking thing I've ever read. And I've read the Bible."

Amen to that.

"you should lay off jesus unless you want to reject salvation"

Exactly - it's almost like he gets it, there at the end.

incubi  12/05/07 3:00 am
Hey, let's all make this fuckin' clown a deal...
We'll ALL lay off Jesus - when he (& his band of merry child molesters) lay off us!

Well... what do you say, jake.h?

Jesus  12/05/07 12:53 pm
I've been on your site for years now, and I just wanted to let you know how funny your shirts are. Don't ever stop making people laugh. And those that can't laugh should do the world a favor and just die.

Just remember, if you can't laugh at yourself, you're going to hell.

Syphallitic Mohammed  12/05/07 2:39 pm
You infidels are all going to Hell, convert or I'll bust a Jihad on your ass. If not, I will decapitate you and fuck you in the esophagus with Little Mohammed (I named my penis Mohammed).

Jess  12/05/07 3:48 pm
**I know that there could be a million and one jihad jokes made, but i have trouble dealing with the magnitude of humor that you derive out of something that many people believe to be there salvation.**

So... it's okay to mock another culture or race's belief, but it's not okay to mock Jesus? Oh wait that's right I forgot... it's okay to mock other because it's NOT okay to NOT believe in the Christian God. I am a Christian and I'M offended by this obnoxious statement. You can't condemn someone for mocking your belief when you don't understand it yourself.

P.S. Jesus called, and he wants his religion back.

Beth  12/05/07 5:01 pm
okay - just a simple one. I love that there are two periods in the middle of the rambling comment that is supposedly "in the same sentence" What a moron

Iman Azol  12/05/07 6:01 pm
Christians are easier to mock. They don't send suicide bombers. The pussies.

I wonder if Tantric practitioners will fuck you to death for mocking them? I'm willing to be a test case.

Rhys  12/09/07 11:00 pm
"I don't mind you making fun of other religions, just don't do it to mine." Wah Wah. Fucking hypocrite.

Jake Malicious  12/10/07 10:00 pm
A serious question for all of you reading this: why do religious people still exist? No really, I want you to think about it. Heh. Heheheh. Ask you fucks to think. How I savor the rich irony.

Merry fuckmas, you [censored]s.

MR. Hungtu Mynees MEANER  12/15/07 10:13 am
OMG! He said, "In the same sentence...", but that was in his THIRD sentence! IDIOT! What does @ Guys and A Pizza Place have to do with Charlie Sheen od Two And A Half Men?? Jackass! His attempt to still be cool and sound funny just made him sound MORE STUPIDER.
I don't care for the Jesus t-shirts, either, so I just DON'T BUY THEM!

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Message-----

From: PKingD*** @ ***.com
Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2007
Subject: Bullshit

Hmmm, you guys claim to sell "over 5000 shirts per week". That is the reason shipping takes so long? Let's think about this, fuckbags. 5000 x 52 = 260,000 shirts every year. I'd just like to call you out on that bullshit. You may have some funny shirts, but 260,000 a year? With your shipping, tax, etc...That would mean you gross $5,000,000 a year. I think not.

I'm actually a huge fan of your site, but cmon you dumb shit. 5 Million. Nevermind, I guess I do believe you but I'm busy and better run back to my job as Operations Manager at Microsoft where I make just a little fucking bit more than you (sarcasm intended). I know you won't have the balls to post this on your newsletter because you know damn well it's calling you out and your full of shit. (or you'll edit it to make me look like a fool... and I love black cock) Either way...youre fucking lying douches

Still love the site, but fuckoff with the lies of why it takes you so fucking long to ship.

klantastic!Editor's Note: He's right, we did edit this. But it wasn't to make him look like a fool, it was simply an issue of not having enough space. He just went on and on about bathing in his father's cum. Jesus Christ...just page after page talking about "daddy's salty discharge" purifying his dirty soul.

You know how your email account displays how much available space you have in your inbox? Swear to God, he filled 97% of it talking about his dad's load. Drinking it, rubbing it through his hair, making motorboat sounds in it with his mouth...he just wouldn't stop. And I had no idea you could get ejaculate hot enough to cook pasta in it. If I wasn't me I would've found it disturbing.

Incidentally, 5,000 a week is a conservative estimate. We actually sell tens of thousands of our shirts each and every day, but for tax purposes most of them are sold from our "offices" in the Cayman Islands. And don't believe any rumors about our CEO being a dead turtle.

Comments (19) - View Comments - Add A Comment

What a douche  12/04/07 1:11 am
Sounds like someone ordered a shirt for a present at the last minute and expected it to be emailed to him the next day. Now I know why microsoft software is so shitty: this guy claims to work for them.

Jimmy's Dad  12/04/07 11:06 am
According to D&B its not even close to $5 mil.

Vixz  12/04/07 11:24 am
Operations Manager wow. I guess Bill Gates does need a shemale to suck his dick every now and then. The rumors were true.

Management  12/04/07 11:48 am
Looks like the operations manager forgot to turn on his spelling and grammer check before typing. If you don't know when to use your vs. you're, then keep your idiocy to yourself.

Samantha  12/04/07 6:44 pm
And if you don't know how to spell grammar yet you're calling someone else out, then who's the idiot, hmmmmmmm?  12/04/07 8:54 pm
I want to apply for the job of CEO once the dead turtle retires

cj  12/04/07 10:54 pm
he didn't even do the correct math, shouldn't it be 5000 shirts times the cost of a shirt mutiplied by 52? aww fuck it, who cares. keep fighting the man

alan  12/04/07 11:29 pm
"According to D&B its not even close to $5 mil."
- what is D&B?

Get a Clue  12/05/07 9:15 am
D & B is Dunn & Bradstreet.'ll fight you to the death for the postion when the turtle bites it!

Rock Band sux  12/05/07 3:40 pm
The xbox 360 sux too, you should all by a Playstation 3 and get Guitar Hero 3 for it.

Guitar Hero 3 rules  12/05/07 3:43 pm
Buy Guitar Hero 3 and shove Rock Band where moon doesnt shine. seriously...

Microsoft is EVIL  12/05/07 3:44 pm
Is my advertising working? Why haven't you gone shopping yet??

PartywitharockStar  12/06/07 11:32 pm
Mr Idiot is an Operations Manager at Microsoft, for the record Im going MAC, U prolly werk for Microsoft as Sanitation Engineer Operation manager of the toilet dumbass!!!!

Dodger  12/07/07 11:04 am
Reasons sender is a fuckwit:
1) 5 million is not a lot for a company.
2) Whether sender really works for Microsoft or not... Vista. Nuff said.

allmighty  12/07/07 11:38 pm
It's fucks like him that made me laugh at hehe

Jake Malicious  12/10/07 10:03 pm
Now that's what I like to see! Why in the nine hells isn't there more Microsoft hate? Are there really that many ignorant shitsteaks in this world?

Yeah, stupid question I know.

Jake Malicious  12/10/07 10:17 pm
By the way, about the "faith can move mountains" quip at the bottom, here's a most excellent quote that you've doubtlessly seen on many a shitty anti-religious site:

"I've never seen faith move mountains, but I’ve seen what it can do to skyscrapers."

stosh  12/10/07 11:16 pm
I'm my own ops manager... & say hell yeah on the skyscraper's just too bad that all of these so called reborn Christians don't eat their young... as they are all 2 faced cocksuckers

CAPTCHA: URLOG  12/15/07 10:23 am
1) MY shipping didn't take long at all.
2) He probably DOES love black cock! (Who doesn't?)
3) Congrats on $5,000,000 a year! Saving money using small children working for cents a day means you are ROLLING in the dough! ...and have lots of money.

divided we fall

Faith can move mountains. Science can tell you how those mountains just moved and destroy your faith.


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