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long division


Whore whore whore, Merry Christmas! It's still a couple weeks away, but I thought I should say that now since my body will likely be 90% heroin when the actual Christmas is here. And, as always, have a Jewy Hanukkah and an adjective-less Kwanzaa.

President Obama announced he is sending 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan. This is costing a lot of time and money, but it's totally gonna be worth it when we get the Gold Medal in War. That's what this is for, right? Or does Afghanistan have vast reserves of Twinkie cream or the secret to the sexless orgasm? Eh, whatever. We all have to do busy work from time to time.

As you know, a couple of aspiring reality stars recently crashed a dinner at the White House. We don't need a couple of people with no influence who are famous for no reason walking around the White House. That's the President's job. You see what I did? That's how you satire, nigga!

James Cameron's long-awaited Avatar is hitting theaters next week. It's going to revolutionize film. Because no one has released a movie with an offensive budget, no story, and shitty CGI before. Hundreds of them, you say? Well surely no one thought to trick the audience by dressing it up in the utterly worthless 3-D format. A dozen this year, you say? How do you respond, Mr. Cameron? "You assholes liked Transformers. This diamond and hundred dollar bill sandwich is really filling."

Donny Osmond recently won Dancing with the Stars. Wait... Donny Osmond won on a show with "Stars" in the title? Was November Irony Month? It all makes sense now. I kept wondering why I got sent to jail for burning the homeless. Yeah, they're "real people." You got me, Judge Henderson.

Meredith Baxter-Birney came out of the closet last week. The "secret homosexual" closet, not the "Who the fuck is Meredith Baxter-Birney?" closet. Anyway, between her catching gay, Michael J. Fox being infected with the shaky-wobblies and Tina Yothers contracting Tina Yothers' Disease (which results in being Tina Yothers) you have to believe God really fucking hated Family Ties. Except for Skippy. No one can hate Skippy.

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Nonny Amos  12/08/09 5:43 am
First Comment FTW

Yeah, fuckaz, I said it.

Pulsardaddy  12/08/09 11:52 am
and now the little brother (Ratings Booster, RB for short) is in jail for smashing a barstool over a guys head & for jumping bail last year. I knew I loved Family Ties for a reason!

Sugahcock  12/08/09 8:15 pm
I always hated Skippy, that shit stick to the roof of my mouf like clam honey.

Iman Azol  12/08/09 10:33 pm
Who the fuck is Meredith Baxter-Birney? Oh, I see she has 5 kids and 3 husbands, but she's "lesbian." Right. So am I. I like pussy and wear comfortable shoes.

joker  12/09/09 1:58 pm
was'nt a-dame lambert on this show?

Lt. Commander Data  12/12/09 8:21 am
Meredith was a major MILF back in the day. I'd've taken care of that in a second, then jumped Tina Yothers. She used to look good. But Mallory... who was she? Used to be Fox's gf. Whatever... I liked that show. And I could turn MB-B back around, too, but I'm too busy trying to get Tina back...

your mother  12/18/09 12:16 pm
go fuck yourself

long division


picture 1

As the '00s conclude, I thought I would take a look back at the era. You've likely seen many "Best of the '00s" lists lately, but unlike the nostalgia-mongers who shove their reminiscing down your throat, I'm giving you my "Worst of the '00s" list. And I don't mean a snarky critique of shitty movies or a recap of wacky stories that were overblown by the media. The last thing we need now is to make light of our own stupidity. So instead, here is my irony- and mush-free recount of a decade that proves humanity remains, at worst, truly awful, and, at best, nothing to celebrate. Don't enjoy.

9/11 - Yeah, the attacks sucked, but the real tragedy of 9/11 happened later. The attacks showed us that people living in dirt shacks with no access to cleavage are angry enough to kill themselves. Not exactly mind-blowing. But that we, eight years later, still haven't put a Super Walmart where the Towers used to be... appalling. Not even a Papa John's? What happened to you, America?

Elections ('00 '04 '08) - That a moose hunter with nice tits became a best-selling author is damning enough, but look past that. The number of voters increased each election of the '00s, despite how increasingly obvious it is that who is elected is irrelevant. Where is this "apathy" I've been hearing so much about? It seems to me we aren't smart enough to be apathetic.

pic 2If I can sell my poop for a million dollars I will. I won't stop selling it because my customers are morons. I'll stop when they stop purchasing my shit. But at least this exponential rise in partisan bickering suggests we will all be wiped out in the Palin/Obama War of 2012. So long, you really important box-checkers.

Miley/Jonas/Twilight/Potter - I could go on, but you get it. And I'm not commenting on mediocrity. Mediocrity has been the bedrock of entertainment ever since some assholes convened and jacked off to the shit Shakespeare farted out of his quill. I'm referring to adults, with pubes and everything, willfully turning themselves into 10-year-olds. You can pretend you're still "with it," but at the end of the day you're just a 40-year-old cunt who remained stupid enough to enjoy stories about teenage vampires and wizards. And you can't even use nostalgia as an excuse.

MySpace/Facebook/Twitter - Narcissism is insufferable enough, but the social networking boom engendered something far worse: narcissism of the mediocre. But if a society of twats arranging pixels to give themselves a nonexistent sense of worth isn't sad enough, it's also a good example of how we see worthwhile inventions as nothing more than another opportunity to be dumb fucks. I just can't wait until we invent time travel and start a trend called past-splats where we go back in time and throw pies at historical figures. I hope you like cherry, Crispus Attucks!

picture 1

Texting - It's ruining language, killing human interaction, causing accidents, dulling our senses and blah blah blah. Now here's where you say I'm resistant to change and list the bullshit positives of texting to justify your childish behavior. You know who else deluded himself to rationalize his behavior? Hitler. I don't know what that means either, but texting is gay and so are you.

Tattoo boom - No superficial display of individuality went mainstream quite like the tattoo. Thugs, hipsters, jocks and anyone else with $50 and the ability to open a three-ring binder got inked this decade. Well guess what... you didn't shock us, it's not interesting, your dead friend doesn't care that you "honored" him, and, no, you didn't get yours before everyone else. And I won't even dust off the old chestnut about looking dumb when you're 70. Because the truth is, you look dumb now.

Reality TV - It predates the '00s, but not until recently did it steamroll us like an overweight, off-key, sex organ-eating, faux-lesbian. Early years of Survivor seem like the Sopranos landing on the moon compared to the abortion parade that followed. A karaoke contest and F-listers gyrating in tights are the #1 shows on TV; sluts, midgets, leathery housewives and assholes who can't stop breeding get three seasons at will; and shows on VH1 make 2-girls-1-cup look like Masterpiece Theater. But worse than all that is what it reiterates: we just roll over and accept what is presented to us.

your momPunditry - To varying degrees, all these items reinforce how ready we were to hand over our brains in the '00s, but the slew of used up pundits are certainly the personification of this. More than either President or biggest celebs of the '00s, the red faces of O'Reilly and Glenn Beck perfectly sum up our fear of everything and our passion for bullshit. And that everything in the world should be a reflection of ourselves. "He sayed what I was thoughting. That means I'm good at doing think too. Now I'm off to protest things I don't understand on even the most elementary level."

I could go on, but you get my point. That point? We remain, now and forever, a pretty fucking retarded species. Sure, we're less naive and have shinier toys, but it all kind of amounts to the Emperor's new clothes. Or putting a nice dress on a fat whore. Enjoy the 2010's, humanity. And here's to another 10 years of wasting consciousness!

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jon clark  12/07/09 4:21 pm
painfully true and all i want is more! i think i'll put my cell phone on vibrate and stick it up my ass and call my self from my other phone. merry christmas to me!

donbaritony  12/07/09 7:27 pm
I for one will miss this decade. Actually, the alcohol induced blackouts made sure of that.

2sklje  12/07/09 9:08 pm
Actually, the decade will not be over until another year.

tony clifton  12/08/09 12:33 am
all this shit really happened in the last ten years?

Mandy  12/08/09 1:33 am

Apedog  12/08/09 4:08 am
9/11 was an inside job. Watch the documentaries Loose Change & Zeitgeist to get more info!

Nonny Amos  12/08/09 5:54 am
I pray to flying spaghetti monster that apedog is joking so I don't have to go to the trouble of tracing his IP and scud missile-ing the fuck out of his mom's basement.

adam  12/08/09 6:13 pm
youtube: "historic interview with aaron russo."

he is dead now, though said to be prostate cancer.

Iman Azol  12/08/09 10:38 pm
No, Apedog, the inside job was the cock in your ass last night while you got a reacharound to Harry Potter slash, you worthless fuck. And those aren't "documentaries," they're crapumentaries. Did you see those planes hit the buildings? I'm pretty sure that was involved with them falling down.

Kristina  12/08/09 11:54 pm
You say these things like they are bad or something! Lighten up Francis! lol, it WAS funny shit tho, thanks!

Caveman  12/09/09 9:00 am
2sklje - you were the guy at the 2000 new year's eve party telling everyone who would listen that it wasn't really the end of the millennium, weren't you?

C-Monster  12/09/09 10:17 am
Bravo! This latest rant made me think that the great George Carlin may still be alive and well. Thank you for reminding me that I'm not the only circling the drain, my entire species is coming with me. At least my decent into the hellish bowels of heroin addiction doesnít seem like such a bad thing anymore. Prepositional phrase to your matriarchal unit. P.S. Anyone who thinks 9/11 was an inside job is a fucking retard.

joker  12/09/09 2:07 pm
this decade came and went so fast ,i'm suprised someone took notes ,so the rest of us can "what the f*** happened, i'm thinking again".....

Jake Malicious  12/09/09 9:11 pm
Heh, people still getting bent out of shape over stupid statements involving 9/11. Riddle me this: don't such statements piss you off so much, because on some level you believe them? Retards.

Lt. Commander Data  12/12/09 8:29 am
Rush Lives. So does Glenn Beck. I kept them front and center in my life so as to be properly worshipful. Those TV shows you mention I don't watch, I'm intellectual, and I am right-wing. Rocks to be me. Bring on '10!


-----Original Message-----

From: Kevin C.

Mostly funny stuff, but the retarded janitor shirt is really offensive to families with retarded people. Will you guys please remove that one?

9/11 was an inside job...

Editor's Note: Consider it removed. Especially since I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Any other imaginary shirts you want removed? The one with Jesus getting teabagged by a trucker? Or the one with Wilford Brimley fisting a dead toddler? I can do this all day long. You make up a shirt and tell us to remove it and I will be happy to oblige. If only all email requests required me to do absolutely nothing. I'd be the most obliging person in the history of mankind.

Are you worthless retards so eager to feel useful that you'd actually invent a battle just so you can win? Good for you, sport. Don't let my sarcastic response dissuade you. You've recognized that people who fight for actual causes always lose and kudos to you for finding a way around that.

While those chumps are watching another million acres of rain forest burn and another thousand shelter animals get put down, you're out there getting shit done. You managed to get this shirt removed AND save the flying panda-potamus all in one day. Bravo. You may now return to putting your "massive" dick into hot "ladies."

Comments (12) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Uncle Sickey  12/07/09 4:49 pm
Wilfred Brimley fisting a dead toddler? Damn, if you made that one; I'd have to get it!

tony clifton  12/08/09 12:36 am
that's not a dead toddler,it's Verne Troyer.

jen collins  12/08/09 6:14 am
i want a flying panda-potamus! that would be so fucking awesome

Yuri Tarded  12/08/09 8:23 am
I'm a retarded attention seeker and I'm going to kill myself!

And I'm going to do it every day until someone listens to me...

Angus McShagnasty  12/08/09 9:19 am
As I sat watching "Forrest Gump" last night, I realized it was more than just a movie; it had a powerful truth to it:

If you're a fucking retard, you can rise to the top in the U.S.

Timothy T Baggins  12/08/09 12:19 pm
The woman next door to me is a special needs teacher. I bet the kids would get better grades if they hadn't employed a retard.

Jeebus Crispy  12/08/09 7:32 pm
I really, REALLY want to see the Jesus-teabagged-by-trucker shirt. Finally, I can be a part of a Conservative movement!

Iman Azol  12/08/09 10:40 pm
How about Jesus teabagging Mohammed? I'd pay for that.

No, not really, but I'd love to see how many douches would buy it and get the shit kicked out of them by nuns.

Craven Morehead  12/09/09 9:00 am
I have been in the market for Jesus teabagging Wilford Brimley while Mohammed is fisting a retarded flying panda-potamus. Size 2XL
Color isn't important as long as it's black.

steph  12/09/09 2:06 pm
I think, some call 'em sluts we call 'em FUN is a great t shirt, i got one made at a local store cost me 50$ but fuck was it worth it, believe or it the "girls" love it

joker  12/09/09 2:12 pm
imaginary shirt wars,yessss excellent!

Lt. Commander Data  12/12/09 8:35 am
That dodo is likely reefering (sic) to the Officer Down shirt. Which is funny as hell. Muhammad should teabag Jesus and Mary Magdalene should ride ol' Mu, both on one shirt. Thought: can I make money by ordering a non-existent shirt? Granted, I would have to do something by ordering, but that would make me all the more deserving...

joy division

-----Original Message-----

haFrom: SOOKIE

How do you not think your "Merry kwanzaa" shirt isn't incredibly racist? A black santa with a gold tooth and a pimp hat saying "Yo Yo Yo" ??

You can dismiss it as a harmless joke if you want but theres really nothing seperating it from some one putting on blackface.

Editor's Note: Oh, but there is something separating that shirt from putting on blackface: wearing that shirt is much easier. I don't think you understand the difficulties involved in wearing blackface.

First you have to go out and buy the makeup, then you spend all morning applying it, after that you have to walk around all day protecting your face from the elements so there's no smudging or running, and, finally, another hour at night spent removing it and scrubbing your face.

That's the whole point of offensive shirts; they save you time and effort. You want to tell the world to fuck off? Just slip on a shirt. Boom - you're done in three seconds. Now you don't have to spend the rest of your day pausing to tell every person you pass to "go eat a hooker's tampon." Or buying the materials for and constructing a "You can all eat my shitty shit" protest sign.

So sit back, relax, and let us alienate humanity for you.

Comments (12) - View Comments - Add A Comment

marc  12/07/09 3:51 pm
You could probably twist anything to make it offensive to some one, but if that person doesn't find it offensive or the majority of people don't find it offensive then either laugh with Tshirthell or don't come here!!!!

donbaritony  12/07/09 7:30 pm
Oh Lawdy, now you done did it! Massa gon be whuppin us tonite!

Angus McShagnasty  12/08/09 9:16 am
A nigger bumped into me in the street today. He was running really fast, not looking where he was going, and hit me quite hard. Iím OK though, just a bit of blood on the hood, which wiped right off.

Kamenwati  12/08/09 4:46 pm
Wow really people get a sense of humor I have the arrest black babies before they be come criminals T and I find that shit very funny I also have the arrest white babies one everyone finds them funny when I wear them......so yo yo yo go suck on a big fat one life to short to be worried about everyone else go back in the house smoke some crack and have little tyrone bring you a 40 oz from the store......Niggas think that because a black man is in the white house that their asses need to be kissed now fuck that shit get a job bitch and get off welfare......
HA HA HA HA I bet you think I'm white.... Jokes on you bitches I am black.....massa got me working days not over massa gonna set me free......

adam  12/08/09 6:12 pm
I always think of the merry kawanza shirt and laugh. It's just a smart joke. And it's funny. It's not offensive, and I wouldn't be afraid of offending anyone who didn't hate me for being white in the first place (which by the way is NOT all black people, just folks like you and me but with a chip on their shoulder.)

Iman Azol  12/08/09 10:43 pm
Kwanzaa's a made up holiday for niggers who can't be Christian on account of being crack-selling, car-stealing, ho-pimping niggers, but don't want the monkey-fucking and raw-liver eating of being Ougadougou worshipers. A holiday by pussies, for pussies.

And now people are offended by jokes about it, instead of being ashamed they celebrate it.

Thomas B  12/09/09 1:13 am
"Niggardly Kwanzaa" would be funnier. You could also gauge the intelligence of the people who commented on your shirt by their reactions, helping you to avoid morons in the course of your daily travels and if somebody who never opened a dictionary in their life kills you over it, then you get to not have to put up with morons anymore on this planet and will have eternal rest as a non-entity decomposing in some fashion or other to later be obliterated when the sun goes supernova and you might be the seed carbon of the beginning of intelligent life in a brand new solar system. Think of the possibilities!

joker  12/09/09 2:20 pm
yes sir eeeee, dat mans is gonna play wi massa's daughter an git me ina troble..right kingfish ?

V.W.P.  12/09/09 2:49 pm
Clearly this Sookie person doesn't get it. Before T-Shirt Hell I use to waste hours... well not waste, but spend hours of preparation time to offend people but now, it's as easy as slipping on a t-shirt. Thank you T-Shirt Hell!

Fuck Buddy International  12/10/09 3:56 am
To whom it may concern,

We at Fuck Buddy International have come again to shed some light on the current racial situation taking place here. We've interviewed our correspondent Blaque S. Neggar all the way from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY.

FBI-Are you offended by the shirt that we have previously shown you form the T-shirt Hell website?

Neggar- Fuck naw! That shit is ill. The muh-fuckah who came up wit dat was on fuckin point! I give dat bitch props. Folks be lookin at me, callin me a nigga cuz they don't know. We comin up! Finally got a muh-fuckin t-shirt wit da muh-fuckin holiday we came up wit. GOOD SHIT!

FBI- Thank you, Mr. Neggar.

And there you have it folks. Confirmation from our nigger community that that shirt is a-ok. For those of you who seem to lack the sense that jokes are meant to be laughed at, fuck you squarely in the sphincter. Nigger jokes come and go. T-shirts are forever. Go Kwanzaa. Also, seeing as I, head of Fuck Buddy International, am also one of the members of the black community, I think that this website has a wide assortment of ridiculously funny shirts meant to tickle our funny bones and offend the cock-sucking prudes we call "the general public." Take note of this: If I like them, the rest of us just might not have such a problem. Thank you for your time and consideration. Again, fuck off, you waste of pixels.

Fuck Buddy International

Lt. Commander Data  12/12/09 8:42 am
Blackface isn't even the color of blacks, which is brown. First they were Africans, then they were Negroes, then they were colored, then they were black (and still are), and now they want African-American. How about Pimpmeisters? Or Crackhandlers? More accurate and precise.

I have no use for them anyhow, so anything funny works. Happy Hanukwanzmas, all you black Messianic Jews!

Nigger  12/12/09 10:24 am
Is it OK to say Nigger in the comments?

division of labor

ha-----Original Message-----

From: Mandie

Why do you even bother carrying women's styles? Surely no self-respecting female can see the shirts you offer and then proceed to purchase something from you.

Editor's Note: Fortunately for us, there is no shortage of females who don't respect themselves at all. These are known as "females."

To answer your question, I don't know why we carry women's shirts. I guess it's our hope that the gender that actually earns a paycheck will occasionally buy a shirt for that thing that cooks his pot roast and tickles his balls. For the guys who don't know what I'm referring to, I mean that thing your internal monologue calls "Jesus Christ, again with this shit."

Of course I realize there are females who earn money, but neither of these groups wear T-shirts. One wears fishnet tops so there won't be a stain after the John pops on her chest, and the other wears a button-up blouse so when she brings coffee to the boss he can say "Let those puppies breathe, Janet."

I hope you've found this response satisfactory, Mandie. Now that you've had your fun, get back to reading "How to Make a Five-Course Meal Without Using His Girlfriend Money."

Comments (16) - View Comments - Add A Comment

MeanDonnaJean  12/07/09 4:25 pm
"Oh Mandie, you came and you sent us a letter, then we blew you away Oh Mandie...." Whoops, I caught myself havin' a Barfy Manilow moment there.....so just shoot me 'n put me outta my Manilow misery, will ya please? But anyway Mz. Mandie, thou stupideth-ass not knoweth what thou cum-filled-mouth speaketh of....cuz if THIS self-respectin' female had enuff $$$$, she'd buy the whole damn slew of TSH tees in a friggin' heartbeat. But alas, I've only got 6 t's total so far....however, my WishList is out there 'n I'm patiently a-waitin' for some mighty generous contributors. So come ON now fellas, surely ya don't wanna let MeanDonnaJean down now, do ya? Oh, and one more thing Mandie.......bite me.

Tim  12/07/09 6:12 pm
I buy my girlfriend shirts from here and she loves them. Since when have guys been the only ones allowed to have a sense of humour?

lori o  12/07/09 10:25 pm
i'd buy 'em all too if i could......

tony clifton  12/08/09 12:44 am
dear Mandie,MeanDonnaJean,and lori o,I'd buy them all too if I could put them on and take them off all three of you at once,repeatedly.

splling polic  12/08/09 8:14 am
"Let those puppies breath, Janet."

Oops, someone forgot that spell-checkers can't solve laziness!

Scott  12/08/09 9:19 am
I am terribly offended by this. I mean, not all women with big tits that wear blouses are named Janet.

Joy  12/08/09 3:44 pm
Actually, I really can't understand how women can live in reality and still be conservative.

chicklet  12/08/09 5:21 pm
What, women can't have punk-ass humor and men can? I respect myself all the more for wearing my t-shirt hell shirts!! And every time I do I conspiratorial thumbs up from other folks who know where the shirt came from. It's kind of like being in a club. A really sick one.

MeanDonnaJean  12/08/09 5:54 pm
Ya may just have yerself a deal there, Mr. Tony Clifton....but only if *I* get to keep all of 'em afterwards.....bitches included ;-)

Adam  12/08/09 6:18 pm
Mandie just proved to the whole TSH club that women with a choice choose not to be her friends. If she had any normal ones, she would know that she was actually stupider than most of them, not the other way around. But that's not what her phony friends tell her because they hate themselves more than she does.

Michael Z. Williamson  12/08/09 10:51 pm
Hey, Mandie, is it true you have two sets of lips so you can piss and moan at the same time?

Is it true the best thing about you sucking cock is the ten minutes of silence?

Thomas B  12/09/09 1:47 am
What's funny is I remembered this as to the gender of who runs t-shirt hell: http://www.tshirthell.com/miscpages/newsletter/newsletter_071905.htm--Been getting yer newsletter fer ages and buying shirts like I'm sposed to so I can feel vaguely cool and ironic...actually had somebody beg me to trade shirts with them in a bar for the "high on life and glue" shirt, I gave in and got another harley shirt in the closet...07/19/05--"You may have a hard time believing this, but I have an excellent relationship with God. I know you probably think I'm an atheist, but nothing could be further from the truth. I love God. If God was here right now I'd suck his big divine dick.(I'm a woman, so fuck you gay haters."

Hahaha  12/09/09 3:38 am
Great t-shirt idea! How about adding a chick's face with her mouth on the penis on those penis shirts. Name her Mandie. OPEN UP AND SAY AHHH!!!

steph  12/09/09 2:03 pm
if you have a problem with these t shirts, then well fuck off and go on some fruit of the looms t-shirt site and get your boring ass t shirts there, I purchased several shirts from t-shirt, and it's all in good fun, we live in a world that the weak don't survive if you are one of these weak people who get easily offended then do us all a favor and FUCK OFF!

joker  12/09/09 2:24 pm
goddamn mandie song....self-respecting, don't touch those,just what do u want to pur chase?

Lt. Commander Data  12/12/09 8:48 am
I love the name Mandy, for the record. Best slutty name out there besides Anastasia.

I'm also looking to set the record for most consecutive submissions replied to. I will win.

Most importantly, expressing a funny, ironic, or shocking opinion isn't demeaning. That's leftist, conformist crap. If it's sick humor you have on your shirt, it's still humor. You don't like it? Turn the other way. Real men love their women, love their charms, and love to have fun and be happy. A girl's nice tits are the best way to get that started...

does this remind you of your favorite pair of panties?

-----Original Submission-----

haFrom: Bridget

A friend of mine from university directed me to your site and I couldn't beleive it. I tend to stay in so I don't generally see that much of the public - but I can't believe there are enough people walking around willing to degrade themselves and insult the public by wearing these shirts for you to have an entire website of them.

Editor's Note: Another person wondering how we sell shirts? What the fuck is going on here?

Let me see if I can put together some words that will penetrate the wall of estrotardogen around your brain: Not everyone is like you. I'm sorry if that thought bumped one of the two billion dancing elves out of your brain, but you needed to hear it.

Some people like to drink and laugh at stupid shit. And more often than not, that "stupid shit" is someone like you. This is all a matter of perception. You see, what people like you see as "people willing to degrade themselves and insult the public" is, to those people, just a silly gag that helps them laugh at people like you, instead of stomping on your head until it looks like a miscarriage.

So Bridget, I believe you owe us an apology and some thanks. But I'll settle for your suicide.

Comments (17) - View Comments - Add A Comment

Paul  12/07/09 3:58 pm
Oh, sistas been told!

chevyluvn  12/07/09 4:52 pm
The line "instead of stomping on your head until it looks like a miscarriage" would make good tshirt

dOOmShrOOm  12/07/09 5:38 pm
Insult the public? Fuck the public. The same people who get themselves in a situation where they chant about freedom of speech will turn around and say "you shouldn't be allowed to wear that shirt". Take off the chastity belt and go laugh at some midgets trying to fuck.

donbaritony  12/07/09 7:34 pm
Hey, there is NOTHING FUNNY about midgets trying to fuck. It's actually really sensual. Now, seeing a midget trying to run up a flight of stairs while you're chasing them with a weed-wacker? THAT'S FUNNY!

FailedMiscarriage  12/07/09 8:45 pm
HA HA....weed-wacker...that's great...

Adrian  12/08/09 12:22 pm
fuck this bitch i don't degrade myself i degrade dumb cocksucking bitches like you

Adam  12/08/09 6:23 pm
you guys are having fun but I am just taking note, she didn't insult anyone or label us. I wouldn't even call that hate mail, it's confusion mail. Shut-ins are weird, I should know. I send some strange e-mails, too ;-)

Amazon Chick  12/08/09 7:16 pm
Maybe she didn't say it, but she implied that those of us who wear these shirts are mindlessly degrading ourselves. I am an intelligent professional that is required to wear professional attire a majority of my week. The remainder of my week, it gives me immense pleasure to wear the comfortable t-shirts that say the things I wish I could say to the mindless morons that I have to deal with while wearing a suit. So if you don't like it, stay inside. Lucky for me, they haven't removed free speech from the constitution.

Iman Azol  12/08/09 10:49 pm
Amazon Chick: That's great sweetie, now get me another beer.

I dated Bridget once. You know how you can tell when she has an orgasm?

Who the fuck cares?

Silverstreak  12/09/09 1:41 am
It amazes me how many people piss and moan about how many of the shirts sold here aore degrading , offensive , and obscene. First the name of the site should give you a clue second if you don't like it go the hell somewhere else and let us who don't take the shirts seriously and find them humorus enjoy the shirts in the way they were designed. You want something to really piss and moan and find obscene, and disgusting go to the politicians and raise hell about the state of unemployment and starving people, now that is obscene.

Avisari  12/09/09 4:23 am
"So Bridget, I believe you owe us an apology and some thanks. But I'll settle for your suicide."
Somehow, i felt warm inside reading this.

Craven Morehead  12/09/09 9:31 am
Bridget (are you a midget?) if you don't get out of the house to see how people degrade themselves how do you know they are? Maybe this web site is just here to fuck with small-minded people who like to pass judgement on anyone who doesn't think like they think. If you don't buy a shirt do you suppose TSH will go out of business? I need a t-shirt that says, "Bridget the Midget is a shut-in who will never see this shirt so fuck her where the sun don't shine, but first, pull her head out of her midget ass." Think they have that one?

snsanty  12/09/09 11:57 am

joker  12/09/09 2:26 pm
OK, who left the closet door open this time ?

V.W.P.  12/09/09 3:00 pm
Wow Sunshine! That was a pretty straight forward honest and serious answer to that question... What the Fuck!

Ass Hole Poop  12/09/09 5:47 pm
I am so proud of Amazon Chick for becoming a secretary. Good job bitch.

Lt. Commander Data  12/12/09 8:52 am
If Bridget has no experience in communing with the rest of society, who the fvck is she to dictate how We Who Have Lives dress ourselves? She sounds like that character Sigourney Weaver played in "Copycat". Newsflash, Bridget: we're not all like you, we don't all stay home 24/7, and we like things that shake up the stagnant pool of water that is life. Which you live in...

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And your midgets in your midget-shed.