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Every time you send someone to our site and they buy a shirt, we'll pay you $2. That's right, $2 for every single shirt that's sold.  Doesn't matter if we're selling the shirt for $7, $10 or $19... you make $2 for each one.


We have a 2-tier program.  That means if you send someone to our site, and they sign up to be an affiliate, you make $1 for every shirt they sell, too.


All you have to do is link T-Shirt  WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING ELSE.  If you've been looking for a way to make money with your over-the-edge website besides the typical porn click-thrus and piss-them-off pop-ups, THIS IS THE WAY!


Sign up now and start paying your web bills AND MORE by simply linking to T-Shirt  We accept affiliates from all Countries (we pay US Affiliates by company check and Non-US Affiliates with paypal)! If you have any questions before signing up, e-mail us here


Enter your details below, and make sure all your information is correct and valid. We can't pay you if we don't have the right information. But just in case, you can change this information at any time within the Affiliate Management area.

If you are an affiliate out of the USA, it's mandatory that you have a PayPal account in order to be paid. USA affiliates will be paid by check only and PayPal does not apply.

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