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Sunshine Megatron's timely demise will come on

at the hands of

who rids the world of this horrible man by

Sunshine Megatron Death Shirt

Choose the shirt that T-Shirt Hell will release the day after Sunshine's "accident" (it's never too soon)

Sunshine Megatron is gone but not forgotten. You never heard of him? Fair enough.
Sunshine Megatron killed by AIDS: Scientists ask: why were we trying to find a cure for this again?
Sunshine Megatron is dead and all that's left is this lousy t-shirt company.
Sunshine Megatron (birth and death date) No, seriously, that was his real name. Yeah, he was a dick.
Sunshine Megatron is sorry if he offended you while he was alive. Please feel free to rape his corpse.
The guy who owned the company that made this shirt just died - His name was Moonstar Ultrabot or some gay shit.
Sunshine Megatron is dead and I don't think I'll ever be happy agai- Hey, what do you know? Who wants tacos?
Struck down by God? I didn't see that coming.

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Contest Rules

1. If you are implicated in the death of Sunshine Megatron you will automatically forfeit up to 10% of the cash prize.
2. Employees and their families are ineligible. Are you reading this Jacob?
3. If multiple people guess correctly, or he dies by multiple methods, the winners have the option of splitting the prize. Or they can each take hold of a limb on the corpse and pull. The one with the largest piece gets the prize, and is also allowed to make one wish.
4. All persons with the ability to see into the future are ineligible. But I guess you already knew that.
5. If Mr. Megatron's body is not recovered after his demise, a body of equal or lesser value will be sent as a substitution. Probably a Puerto Rican or something.
6. In the very likely event that narcotics or homosexuality are involved either directly or indirectly in Mr. Megatron's death, the prize will be divided evenly between the thousands and thousands of people who guessed that.
7. No Jews. That's not a rule for the contest, I just meant in general.
8. You can enter as many times as you like, but at a certain point you might want to reconsider how you spend your free time.
9. We know what you're thinking: "This contest is absurd and is just a desperate plea to get some attention for a flailing business." That's just the kind of thing you should tell all your Facebook friends, mention on your blog and alert the news media about isn't it?
10. You're a goddamn idiot. You're still reading these "conditions" as if they mean anything to anyone. We just scribbled down a bunch of words in a drunken haze and here you are reading them, like the retarded cunt that you are. Why don't you stop pondering Sunshine's death and go make your own happen? Jesus Christ.