T-Shirt Hell going out of business? Really? Because of some hate mail? Are you fucking kidding me?

picture 1To all the haters who were glad to see us go and really thought I was closing down because of a few angry e-mails; good one, suckers. To all the people who called me a pussy and who really believed I would cave in to the retarded masses, like a little baby, you can EAT MY SMELLY VAGINA.

Do you really think I would hang it all up because of hate mail? Give me a break...the site is called T-Shirt Hell. I guess I should have named it 'T-Shirt Cunt Rape Faggot Nigger', so less of you fuckers would have taken the bait.

Why in the world would I shut down a website that brings so much satisfaction to people who actually have a sense of humor?  To customers who can't stand this ever-expanding, politically correct asylum we are imprisoned in?  To women and children and men and farm animals who not only love what we do, but who cherish the fact that we CAN do it?  Yes, we can.  Fuck you if you can't take a joke.

I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - "FUCK YOU IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!" Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad! You've got to say, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to put up with these overly sensitive morons who can't take a joke anymore". Then we'll figure out what to do about the depression and the assholes who look at you funny. But first get up out of your chairs, stand up in your cubicles, put down your bongs, zip up your pants and yell, '"FUCK YOU IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!"

T-Shirt Hell is not going out of business. In fact, we wouldn't leave even if we had to resort to selling dead babies for food when this economy truly hits the fan. Consider Feb, 2009 a fresh start for us. We're going to be bigger, better and more fucked up than before. Worse Than Hell is back. The black lady who writes the most intellectually (anally) stimulating newsletter on the net is back. We're fucking back. But oh...wait...we never actually left.picture 1

And just so I make this clear. I haven't decided to keep T-Shirt Hell going because of the tens of thousands of supportive emails we received or because of the press and sales we generated over the last 3 weeks (nearly 100,000 shirts sold). We were never...ever...leaving in the first place. Let's just call it tough love. Sometimes you need to kick your loved ones in the assholes to get them to satisfy their need for awesome t-shirts (and to fill my bank account). I know a lot of our fans are stingy motherfuckers and need to be "inspired" to get off their fat asses to spend money in ways that truly enhance lives and bring joy to the world. Well, that's what I did.

Let's call it my own personal stimulus package (besides my normal, daily "personal stimulus" if you know what I'm sayin). In 3 weeks, I've done EXACTLY what is needed to stimulate any economy..and that is to get people to open their wallets. Not only did the last 3 weeks save jobs at T-Shirt Hell, they've opened up a whole new world to the people who had never bought our shirts until now.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people who wear T-Shirt Hell shirts actually increase their job security, with 6 of those people getting substantial raises? Did you realize that owning one or more T-Shirt Hell products actually raises the value of your 401k by a minimum of 25%? Were you aware that buying 3 or more T-Shirt Hell shirts at once will actually secure for you the most important seat in the White House? (Member id: barackoutwmcockout44, Name: Barack Obama, Address: Chicago, IL, 3 shirts purchased, November 1st, 2008) Thanks B, we "hope" you're enjoying your "I'd Rather Be Snorting Cocaine Off A Hooker's Ass" tee, your "I Shaved My Balls For This?" hoodie, and quite fittingly, your "Sorry About What Happens Later" ringer. Oh, the irony.

What I'm trying to say is this...our shirts are the key to fixing this economy and to getting people back on track. You don't need to thank me because I can feel the gratitude emanating from around the world at this very moment. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling. You're welcome.

part 2

picture 1Now that you know we're not going anywhere, I'd like to take a moment to address something. My feelings on what we do and why we do it are best summarized in this excellent piece by Jacob, one of the writers here at TSH. But the main point I wanted to reiterate is that there is no hatred/intention behind what we do. None. Zero. Zilch. We make stupid jokes for the sake of comedy, nothing more. We enjoy it, our customers enjoy it and my mom enjoys it. No one else matters.

There will always be extremists who think we're doing something to tarnish the world and who will fight passionately against us because they misinterpret our actions. I just don't care anymore...and am willing to risk my life (and you can even try to win $50,000 by guessing when and how I get murdered) for the cause. What's the cause again, exactly? Oh, I don't fucking know....to be allowed to make retarded jokes without people taking them so seriously? To have the right to take something that has been a source of pain for so many and to turn it upside down and into a preposterous joke on a t-shirt? Something like that.picture 1

Since, I'm taking a moment to be genuine (yup, I actually just wrote that out), I want to thank all the people who sent us positive emails over the last 3 weeks. It would take months to answer them all, so, right now I'll just send out a collective "YOU KICK FUCKING ASS AND I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU ALL" and say thank you for your support and your loyalty. I would NEVER take something away from you that you seem to enjoy so much. Times are tough enough right now and the least we can do is try to make you laugh and help you get through it...seriously.

Since I have you here and you've made it this far, allow me to touch on a few other items:

1. I'd like to thank all the feminist bloggers whose articles about how misogynistic we are helped generate tons of sales from their readers who actually enjoy what we do.

2. My legal name is Sunshine Megatron, not Aaron Schwarz...and I'm not Jewish (not saying I wouldn't like to be, I'm just not). Schwarz is not even my father's last name, it's my mom's husband before my father...and it's German. For all those who would like to know my actual background, in order to make jokes at my expense, I will say that I am 4 out of 6 of these possibilities; Black, Irish, Polish, Italian, Yugoslavian, Gay Robot.  Have at it.

3. For those who think I've done something like this before, you're wrong. When I originally took down Worse Then Hell back in 2005, it was because someone tried to kill me in response to some of our shirts and we took the section down to protect employees. It legitimately happened and was not a publicity stunt. My current employees are not worried about this kind of thing (thank the economy?), so this is why we're bringing it back.

4. To the entrepreneurs who thought we were actually going out of business and that they would be able to fill the void by starting their own offensive t-shirt companies and to all the existing companies who got their panties wet because it suddenly was going to be their chance to shine. Hahahaha! Sorry, guys. Feel free to bring it on, but remember..the cream always rises to the top...of my dick.

5. The 10% off sale is still on for one more week.

Welcome back to everyone and I hope you enjoy the final 9 shirts I'm bringing back from the vault and a new blog entry from Jesus himself.  We've gotten so many email comments over the last 3 weeks that we will never be able to get to them, so if you want to say something, just do it in the comments right below this message.  Hold on to your seats, the ride to hell is bumpy.

Sunshine Megatron

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Steve  02/15/09 9:09 pm

Duh  02/15/09 9:13 pm
Yeah...like this is a surpise...

mk  02/15/09 9:23 pm
u fucking champions

xignigenax  02/15/09 9:25 pm
Fucking genius! I totally would've done it too, if I wasn't a broke-ass mother fucker~ (...and had a killer website to boot...) Kudos! you sly bastard~

Bojangles  02/15/09 9:30 pm
hahah shitt. i wanted to buy this and keep it running

Satisfied customer  02/15/09 9:37 pm
He he, I as a customer enjoy being dicked around by an American corporation. Thanks, Sunshine Megatron!

But warn me next time. I'll warm up by shopping at Wal-Mart.

Jeremy  02/15/09 9:37 pm
You son of a bitch. I was one of the assholes who emailed you and asked to either sell the site to me, or keep it open. If it were fucking April, I would have believed it was possibly a joke. You got me, I considered the thought that this was a joke, but didnt think you were a big enough douche to pull it off; apparently you are. Your explanation makes me laugh and all and I guess I will still buy your shit, because it has indeed provided me with countless laughs. Fuck off Sunshine, avoid the killlers, nutcases and assholes, and keep printin' some funny fucking shirts. Thanks for the prank fucker, JB

Angry  02/15/09 9:38 pm
haha I was going to buy shirts on the last day of the sale but I held out. The cheap asses win again. BTW how about another big sale 10% come on dude you can do better than that your breaking my balls here.

rm  02/15/09 9:46 pm
HAA, I knew something was up! Fucking genius on your part! Good way to sell a shitload of shirts. I should tell my girlfriend my dick is going out of business.

Genius  02/15/09 9:52 pm
You are the fuckin man. I would get mad, but then you might fuck up the three shirts I ordered.

Ding Dong  02/15/09 10:04 pm
thank god

nick  02/15/09 10:26 pm
I figured it was a joke, but hey: who can argue with 10% off? Keep making the sweet ass shirts!

Rul0r  02/15/09 10:37 pm
haha great publicity stunt. I like it. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Do your thing and you will be loved (and hated by the morrons ;))

i brake for ducks  02/15/09 10:38 pm
shouldn't the fact that you could still sign up for site updates and such been enough of a clue to tip people off?

regardless, brilliant sales boosting ploy. I bought 2 shirts i had not planned on getting til later. only after i checked out did something seem fishy about the whole deal.

in closing, thanks for the discount, and fuck you.

Mr. Savage  02/15/09 10:52 pm
You sons of bitches! You realize I had to sell a truck load of pre-abortions to afford a rush order of you shirts? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that many dead pregnant hookers past the state line?! FUCK YOU GUYS! Seriously though, funny joke :)

Some Fat Basterd  02/15/09 10:53 pm
I fell for that shit. I bought my ass 3 shirts saying "i've been here since the beginning..but havent had cash to buy any shirts" well now i have SOB. Dont fuck'em up please...

Cougar  02/15/09 10:55 pm
not much more to say than thank you.
Thank you for faking this so I could fake a cry and get my hubby to open his wallet and get me my favourite shirts.

Forever yours

Ryan  02/15/09 11:00 pm
figured you would have pulled a manuever like this for the first week, but after that i came to realise the emotional side effects of realising the site may be closing down.
thanks for bringing sunshine to my life

Rodney  02/15/09 11:01 pm
You slick shits. I guess if it weren't for my friend telling me you turds were going to "shut down" I would've never discovered this website in the first place. So fuck you. And thanks.

Michael  02/15/09 11:19 pm
Ha! I knew it was just a plan to scare up more sales. But, I won't lie, I was a little scared. I'd hate to see this site quit. I have been laughing at these shirts for years and will happily be doing so into the forseeeable future.

kiva  02/15/09 11:25 pm

Can you drop ship me a nitro cooled batch of baby batter? Seriously. In a day and age of psychos like Suleman squeezing out 14, you need to spread your superior genetics by working with those who'd be glad to support the cause. Shoot, you wouldn't even have parental obligations. Like the praying mantis that got away...

Take heed smart folks, do as they say if you want to save this country; if you can't get them out, breed them out.

Think about it.


dusk  02/15/09 11:31 pm
link bait FTW!

Gmoney  02/15/09 11:53 pm
Fucking beautiful!!

Rach  02/16/09 12:02 am
Well, glad you're staying open... scored myself 4 shirts thanx to this... one of my friends even threw some money my way... well done :P
Of course, my question now, is will the 'happy shirts' be back?
Thanx fuckers, I'll be around for years to come. ~Rach~

Gilberto Prujansky  02/16/09 12:03 am
Thanks god.. or I'd have to say: thanks Satan! ;-)

Danielled  02/16/09 12:05 am
I am so stupid....

Kenneth Taylor  02/16/09 12:08 am

Kim  02/16/09 12:19 am
well played, sir, well played!

snafuy  02/16/09 12:19 am
If I believed in god, I'd want him to grow up to be like you.

austin  02/16/09 12:21 am
you are my fucking hero.

austin  02/16/09 12:22 am
you are my fucking hero.

UnShavenM0nkey  02/16/09 12:29 am
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you cunt lol, well done lets get back to basics

Ben  02/16/09 12:52 am
Ok ok, you got me. I'm one of the ones that thought you actually caved to all the pressure. I'm happy you guys are sticking around. :) It renews my faith in mankind.
Best of luck and if someone actually does murder you, I hope I am right!

Jennifer  02/16/09 12:57 am
You are a true American patriot and hero. Keep up the good work, asshole. My panties got wet as soon as I read that this was, in fact, a joke. I love you guys so hard.

Clive  02/16/09 1:01 am
Maaaaarvellous! Totally in fucking character - now how about some shirts for your fucking British fans

Derek  02/16/09 1:01 am
SPECTACULAR. and here i was worried i wouldnt have time to buy my wifes dad the "thousands of my potential children died on your daughters face last night" :D

Totally wen for it  02/16/09 1:15 am
Damn you really got me with this one :) But what the hell,would have ordered anyway so the 10% off is great.Maybe wouldn't have ordered so huge than i did in fear of never beeing able to order anymore... Keep making 'em ,the shirts are a shitload of fun here in Finland !

Barkalow  02/16/09 1:24 am

Alex  02/16/09 1:30 am
Fuck yeah!

You bastard! You had me trying to bring scraps of cash together so I could get some shirts for me and some friends before 'the end'.

Thankfully I'm thoroughly broke and couldn't. I shall return someday (with cash, I promise!).

Bryce  02/16/09 1:31 am
I Blew my load just now, I love you guys and thanks for Fucking with us all. TSW Will some day rule the world, already has with shirts, but till then it'll have to rest at that.

swiftshadow  02/16/09 1:36 am
You aids infested cock sucking baby beating anal eating nut busting fuck bags....... I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS LIKE A FAT KID LOVES EATING CAKE ..... WHILE GETTING HIS COCK SUCKED.

You guys just turned my shitty as fuck mood around. FUCK YES.

Amanda  02/16/09 1:40 am
I fucking knew it! You brilliant, brilliant assholes. Love you guys! Keep doing what you do cause the world needs people like you.

Nzyme  02/16/09 1:47 am
I hate you guys. I totally ordered a shirt thinking that i'd never get a chance again... I probably overdrafted my bank account too.

Although, I am happy I'll be able to buy more shirts later... and write more bad checks...

Mixed emotions.... so difficult... need beer.

Troy  02/16/09 1:47 am
Sweet Christ Naked on a cracker, the empty hole inside of me has finally been filled...guess I can tell klaus to stay home tonight. I love you guys, don't ever tease me like that again!

Dion  02/16/09 1:50 am
Haha, I'm one of the few out there that can claim they didn't fall for the joke. Because if you were truly closing, you would have given more than just 10% Way to go though!

Dracolusus  02/16/09 1:53 am
You cum guzzling facktard...we love you. Even though I'm sure the advertising of a closing down sale to boost sales and then not closing down is fraud. But I'm not a dumb fucking american who has his head up his ass that will sue. I come from S.Africa were love, peace and prison rape is the order of the day. Fuck you very much :)

Mick  02/16/09 1:54 am
Yes! I hoped it was some sick joke to make yourself richer.
Well Done, you've got a little bit more and I've got a little bit less money but I'm getting two new shirts.
By the way, where are my new shirts? It's taking forever for you to print them!

Andy Kaiver  02/16/09 1:59 am
Damnit. i fell for it. i was thinking it odd that TorsoPants wasn't talking about leaving and why would you leave at how times seem to be going. i just figured you were going to just open a new site like this one but with different shirts or something. glad i still have time to buy and maybe one of my ideas i sent you will give me some shirts and cash. damnit you bastard you got me.

Paul Carey  02/16/09 2:02 am
You have got to be the smartest fucking guy in the world

rosec65  02/16/09 2:04 am
If you guys weren't so fucking greedy charging $20. PLUS shipping and handling for a lousy T-shirt, you would have NEVER had to pull this stunt. (P.S. I never believed for a second the whole BS story about going out of business because of....blah blah blah.....

Stephanie  02/16/09 2:06 am
Thank you so much! For keeping the best site alive OPEN!!!!

Love you guuuuuuys!

Saaim  02/16/09 2:09 am
Aah this is brilliant!

Catastrophe808  02/16/09 2:10 am
2 dollar WHORE!!!!!!.....Hahaha, ah-mazing joke u bastards!!!!.....but seriously, i would have buried your bodies if it were true......keep up the business and God awful shirts you Britney sluts!!!

Cassie  02/16/09 2:11 am
Dude, you fucking rock! It had crossed my mind at first that this was a marketting ploy because I didn't picked you as the type to give in to bullshit emails, but I figured you just made enough money off of all of us you decided to just go spend some or something....I got laid off 3 weeks ago and still haven't found another job because my exp. over quals me but my education (or lack there of) under quals. me...go fucking figure....anyhow, I wasn't able to buy anything and was seriously upset as all hell because of it...I'm pissed that I fell for it because I should've known better but totally relieved. You kick ass man, keep doin what you do.

Mike House  02/16/09 2:13 am
You fuckin fooled me, i thought the last tshirt hell shirt i would ever wear was, "Coma Sutra" but thank god, i was going to tell you to goto hell. But your god.

Radioscooter  02/16/09 2:14 am

Malibu Stacey  02/16/09 2:15 am
The best fuckin' news I've heard all day! (Thank christ, I've still got a chance to buy the 'I Support Single Moms' T-Shirt for my new boyfriend. When I can afford it after getting paid for stripping for schoolboys, of course...)

rosec65  02/16/09 2:18 am
OK, yes I AM bitter because they fuck you at the border for DUTIES (WTF kind of duty do I have to suffer through to make an EXTRA $20? Oh wait! Oh never mind....I don't want to tell ALL my dirty secrets....) So your $20 tee costs me $40.
No WONDER I never ordered one......and NEVER will!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!

Tasteless Shit  02/16/09 2:19 am
I am so happy you guys are not closing down...T-Shirt Hell kicks ass and it will continue doing it the way that other can't or don't dare!!!!

Karlito Sway  02/16/09 2:28 am
You cock chewing spunk bubble, I fucking knew it! Still, it made my retarded flipperbaby mate buy one, so you win. I yeild, you cunt x x x

Kelpie  02/16/09 2:29 am
Hahaha! I also would of done it too, along with the 70% off sales that never happened because the price is actually still the same as your original price, you just marked up the price without the percentage off.

I was spazzing out saying THIS IS OUR TIME TO GET OUR SHIRTS BEFORE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS to one of my friends that still has a job. It wasn't good enough though. Asshole. I still want to buy a lot of these shirts when the economy will stop sucking.

Thorsten  02/16/09 2:38 am
First I looked up the 9 new shirts from the link in the newsletter. And I was sad, because I didn't find the "Support My Troop"-Sperm-T-Shirt. After this I read the good nows, called "bad news" ;) Now I am very happy to know that there is a future life with T-Shirt-Hell – and perhaps a chance to get this shirt in the future.

Greetings from Germany!

Anon  02/16/09 2:40 am
Never have these words been more true...

Y'all niggers be posting in a troll thread.


MungVacuum  02/16/09 2:46 am
T-Shirt Hell isn't closing down?! I knew there was a reason I awoke with a giant, throbbing erection!

Kevin, UK  02/16/09 2:49 am
You evil fucking genius. At least it gave me a laugh, you bastard prankster. Heh heh...

FLX  02/16/09 2:54 am
goddamn you nigger, i thought you were closing for good! Ordered 11 shirts from you, you fucking babyraper! Good to see the most awesome tshirt company is staying in business. You guys created your own financial stimulus :P

Dave  02/16/09 3:06 am
hahaha fucker i am glad your staying i still have the feeling to purposely piss someone off because there giant fuck wads out there that needs to get all riled up over stupid shit

AntBee  02/16/09 3:09 am

Greg Godart  02/16/09 3:19 am
Oh yeah! Anothers fucking meanies will have their fucking face on a shirt!
Keeps going guy! ;)

arrelius  02/16/09 3:22 am
Sweet to read that you wont go out of biz. Makes me want to buy even more tshirts ^^ KICK ASS!

Peter Gozinya  02/16/09 3:25 am
Love your shirts and glad you are not going anywhere.

Lyle  02/16/09 3:26 am
fuck you too!

do you know how fucking shit the Aussie dollar is?!?!?! what a waste of money buying into your bullshit! :D

Mark  02/16/09 3:28 am
What? Swindling BASTARDS! I was laid off my job last month and spent my last remaining few Euro (which was for my retarded child's insulin) and now you reveal itwas all a joke?

Well the joke is on you, you CUNTS. Little Timmy is dead now and I hope you are happy.

Cory  02/16/09 3:29 am
Alright you got me. I totally believed that you would be asshole enough to shut down a thriving business just because you wanted to. I even bought a shirt since I thought it was my last chance. All I can say is this. I fell for the ruse hook, line and sinker. I'm just glad I used that stolen credit card to order my shirt.

Douglas Kruse  02/16/09 3:34 am
You assholes! Not going outta business? I was worried over nothing? My favorite T-shirt place is gonna stick around? I love you guys! Sure, call me a fag if you wanna, but damn I am goddamn happy! If I could give you a noogie I would. Long live T-shirt hell forever and fuck all the PC people!!!!!!!!

maddjohnny  02/16/09 3:52 am
fuck all the morons who don't like your shirts. they rock. please bring back i'm the girl you jacked off to in the chat room.

Philthy Phil  02/16/09 4:03 am
Keep on keeping on, you guys have the balls to say what so many think but are afraid to voice in this climate of "correctness"

Kevin Race  02/16/09 4:05 am
Aw, sweet! I was so pissed when you said you were leaving. I didn't know what else to do so I burned some incense, danced naked around a fire fed by the skins of random children I found in the neighborhood and sacrificed no less than a dozen puppies to appease whatever Hellish God was in charge and make Him change His mind. I wish I woulda' known this was a hoax or I would have saved six bucks on that incense. I'm glad to know that you're not going anywhere, and I hope more people will learn how to take a joke. I know a few of those unfortunate children took it. Right in their poop chutes. Well, fuck a retard in the mouth and have a nice day!

Lucy  02/16/09 4:09 am
unbelievable. may i have your babies?

Fernanda Fontes  02/16/09 4:12 am
aww you got the man, I really thought this was closing down I even convinced some of my friends so purchase t-shirts. You are by far the best shirt website on earth and I am very pleased to know you are not closing down. Yay =D Can't wait to receive my shirts :)

Russ. S.  02/16/09 4:19 am
You rock. Fuck the haters. And more over, fuck you guys for making me think you were closing! You suck. Now I'm going shopping bitches!!!!!!!

Shannon  02/16/09 4:30 am
I fell for it - bought a few shirts thinking you were closing down - as I mentioned in one order great marketing tool. Happy to expand my T Shirt Hell collection.

Long Ass Name  02/16/09 4:34 am
I am uncertain whether I am in the mood for an angry fuck or just a release the tension fuck right now. Sunshine, you made my day. Like, literally. I believe I brought you three customers or so by crying my heart out over the potential loss of the website that has been keeping me entertained for years now. Are we happy that you are actually not giving in to the shitload? HELL YEAH!

Rat Girl (cape and all)  02/16/09 4:35 am
"HELL" FUCK YES!!! I knew you were bullshitting us (a.k.a. fucking us into 'buy some t-shirts you lazy pieces of shit' submission)!! Now unpack those bags you never left with and get your asses in gear! It's time to make the world a not so make-me-want-to-commit-suicide-with-a-polar-bear kind of place. Love, Peace and Kentucky Fried Chicken Grease

Phil  02/16/09 4:38 am
You sneaky sneaky fuckers. Well, you got me off my arse to buy a couple of shirts, so how can I complain?

smylex  02/16/09 4:38 am
You fuckin' dickhead...you had me going there for a bit. Glad you're not closing up shop. In these politically correct times, we NEED your shirts. Keep up the great work!

Medium Pimp  02/16/09 4:39 am

DV  02/16/09 4:48 am
Yep, nothing has changed. You shit is still overpriced.

Mike Munro  02/16/09 4:55 am
Thank fuck you're not closing down, the world needs freedom of speech and a bloody good laugh!

Pure Evil  02/16/09 4:59 am
Fuck You! Don't ever stop, thanks for bringing some joy to me miserable existence.

jimmy  02/16/09 5:00 am
I fucking love these bastards. its not closing down AND worse than hell is back. its like finding out your mom isnt really dead.

Dirt Whisperer  02/16/09 5:03 am
Glad to see you're staying with us Sunshine. The world would be a lesser place without you.

D  02/16/09 5:04 am
You beautiful bastard, you.

swanny73  02/16/09 5:05 am
You utter cunts. In fact you utter spastic cunts! I just had to max my girlfriends credit-card to get a last order in( one of the shirts was for her so i have no guilt). Nice bit of scamming though. Good continued luck.

Blaine  02/16/09 5:06 am
That was great I love it. Glad to know it was a hoax. Yea I was one who thought it was real. Good to have to back even though you never left.

Chantelle  02/16/09 5:08 am
But seriously, you didn't need to pull a gay publicity stunt and scare me like that. :(

Im OK, Your OK  02/16/09 5:13 am
You dirty bastard, you got me. Good one!

Kevin McCrindle, Scotland.  02/16/09 5:14 am
You cunts rule!

Bizzle  02/16/09 5:15 am

Steve  02/16/09 5:16 am
This country needs more greedy, thoughtless, and uncaring capitalists! Thank the gods you are staying in business.

Robin D\'Arcy  02/16/09 5:17 am
wow i fell for that - i havnt had the money to buy your T's in the past so when i heard you were going out of business i took a small loan out to buy me 11 t-shirts wow im pissed but really excited to get my new tshirts WOOP WOOP

Devil Woman  02/16/09 5:17 am
you guys are fucking awesome!!! LMFAO!!! and I actually thought you were closing....serves me right for thinking when I should be in the kitchen =P

Gem  02/16/09 5:24 am
Shit. Was hoping to get a 'Fuck, we have to shift this stock soon' bargain. Pleased you're still here though fuckers :D

Christina  02/16/09 5:28 am
Yay!!! :)

daphne  02/16/09 5:35 am
Hehehehe. Not only is the joke on us, but I finally got my son that "Your mom - rated E for everyone" shirt he's been wanting for a year.

I love you.

When I kill my husband, I'm going to stalk you. But, politely of course. No one wants an impolite stalker.


Mache  02/16/09 5:39 am
You fooled me. You actually fooled me. I'm glad that I did or I would never had bought a T-shirt from you. I'm also glad that your company will still continue to exist. You do a lot for the freedom of speech and telling people to "light up". Everything does not need to be serious and you that nobody is allowed to censor anybody.

Anyway, keep on for the sake of speking freely!

Robbie  02/16/09 5:41 am
Words cannot describe how funny this is. Sunshine, you are proof that you don't have to have morals to have DAMN good business ethics. Bravo.

I almost framed my receipt from my last order so i could remember you guys...cause i know that one day I will proably be ashamed of all the shirts i have, or not.

Peace, love, afro grease.

Mike Watson  02/16/09 5:41 am
I love that. I bet that was a huge sale, you kick ass, and thanks for bringing back the good shit.

Parker  02/16/09 5:41 am
love the shirts(and the stunt) fucking so glad you guys aren't shutting up shop. while your in the business of bringing back shirts would love to get my hands on the easy like sunday morning one and my chemical romance. keep up the good work

SYKOFREAK  02/16/09 5:45 am
I an so fucking thrilled you pulled one over on my ass. I fell for it an bought shirts. I am the sucka now! I was panicing for the last few weeks!

Deena  02/16/09 5:45 am
I fucking love you guys!

LMFAO  02/16/09 5:45 am
u guys fuckin' rock!

SANDER FUCKING COHEN  02/16/09 5:47 am
Sunshine Megatron; Putting Fans and critics to shame since `03. Well played sir.

i58784  02/16/09 5:49 am
First of all I am glad you are going to keep things going(you got me for 5 shirts...bastard).
Nice one ball chugger, I'll be picking through my choices on your death for a while before I make my final decision on how I am going to...umm err...guess on what could happen. Hell I just want the ashes, fuck the mantle I can pack you in an enema....squirt squirt :)

Omar  02/16/09 5:49 am
This is excellent news!! you should be an advetiser...these tactics work like a charm!

GLENDA McMILLIN  02/16/09 5:53 am
I'm so excited you're not leaving. I buy your shirts for my son,who has the same sick sense of humor as me. Thank you for not leaving.

Bwitcher  02/16/09 5:55 am
dudemanbro...thats just grand. I woulda sentcha all some love mail beggin u to stay and everything, but I had a feeling this was more than fucked up because you bastards only gave a 10% off discount *although couldn't blame ya cause of the economy n all that* but yeah. I was genuinely upset about the fact that normally you'd give out us subscribers some like awesome fantastic deal and not even give the rest of the fuckers any damn discount =P I mean. common. really. Couldn't you have made the joke a little better so you weren't just pissing on your loyal customers, making them spend the last droplets of their only earnings/savings. I was gonna buy a shirt, but I just didn't have the cash yet. Yet two days later my friend gave me some shit for wanting to buy some mush over an expensive tshirt because 'I'd never be able to get one again'. I just figured I already had a few of yer shirts before that I'd have to like one day try to auction off on ebay or some shit if I wanted to be able to survive this economy BS. heh. blah. I just like wasted five million characters on you bastards that have way too much mail already cause its effin almost 7 am and I have been having one of my stupid insomnia periods. fokin eh man.

as mad as i am at you fuckheads right now, i have to admit it was a purdy good joke and i cant be too mad cause i didn't decide to purchase shit and yer sticking around. Guess I can try n forgive ya a lil ;) blah. fucking blah.

catchick78  02/16/09 5:57 am
So glad you guys are sticking around. I was kinda bummed when I heard your little joke, but now quite happy you guys are such assholes & decided to play such an awesome joke. Your shirts are always great conversation pieces at all the parties we have. In fact, my kids & other parents enjoy the smart remarks that other parents have to say about the adorable shirts we buy our children from there, such as why would you let your kids where shirts with the word ass on it. I just simply resond with, can your baby read? Than what are you worried about? Get's them every time. Thanks again for such amazing shirts. Keep up the good work. P.S. how aboout a 15-20% off coupon sent to members to show your love & appreciation!

Dunce  02/16/09 5:58 am
5 t' shirts where bought... I figured they would make great x-mas gifts. I bought them with a tear in my eye and a heavy heart thinking... why? why, t'shirt hell are you leaving me? Its going to take sometime for my heart to recover. But with some therapy we might make this relationship work after all.

P.S. I am glad your home

Your loyal customer

Joe Bane  02/16/09 6:02 am

john  02/16/09 6:05 am
lol everything about this is lame and predictable

drunk_n_rowdy  02/16/09 6:05 am
they don't like it fuk em! way to go Tronsun Megashine!!!

Cage  02/16/09 6:07 am
We've all been had!! If I have to be "had" the only man who can "have" me would be S.M. The Jesus Blog goes way too far, It impressed me and me fall more in love with this site and I challenge you to go to an even more offensive level. By the way, where's the "I Swear I Didn't Know She Was 3" shirt. Pull your balls out of your panties and being THAT one out of the vault.

Stoned Crose  02/16/09 6:10 am
You fucking cock smoker! I just bought 4 mutherfucking shirts and spent money I didn't have now you bring back some good shit and I gotta buy more. Thanks a lot jack-hole.

fuck-ya later,

Ad Leonard  02/16/09 6:15 am
Scott Baio told me you were kidding, but I didn't believe him.

coa  02/16/09 6:20 am
As a physician, I�d be so happy to own one Coma Sutra shirt... but I live in Brazil, had international credit card issues, and couldn�t resolve it in time to get one before you�d close down. So, the fact that you�ll still be working will give me another chance to buy it (or to procrastrinate buying it for a few months/years). Thanks a lot and fuck you for the obvious but still anxiogenic false news.

Kub  02/16/09 6:21 am
GAH! You fuckin got me right in the poop chute there... way to get me off my ass and decide which shirts I really wanted.
you fuckers rock...

atethedingothatatemybaby  02/16/09 6:21 am
FUCK YEAH!! And to think I was going to go on a killing spree and then kill myself over this shit... whew

Nikola  02/16/09 6:22 am
Great! Now start shipping to Serbia! >_>

Jason Andreoni  02/16/09 6:25 am
Fucking AWESOME! Hats off to you sir. Let the depravity continue. And your next shirt should say FUCK YOU IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE on the back and a dead comedian on the front.

darkjeebus  02/16/09 6:27 am
I fucking love you guys.

Jay  02/16/09 6:28 am
Haha, you fuckers! Saying you're closing down then not...but it's cool. I'd much rather see you still in business fucking around with customers a bit than actually going out of business like the rest of the country! Congrats on the sale results so far!

fuckyea  02/16/09 6:28 am
HAHA I was one that bought like 108$ worth of tees when I didn't really have the money in the first place.

Ah well, at least I got to finally buy all those tees, even though my kids will starve. hah. eat up, johnny, this tee is 100% organic!

fuckyea, i'm so happy ur staying around...i figured your motive was the economy, whatever your action came out to be.


Joeko CR  02/16/09 6:31 am
fuck ye! you irritable over chivalrous female intercrural foramen... I, as many of your aficionados thought this was a load of bullshit but after week two doubt clouded the publicly known sight of Sunshine Megatron we all had and for a minute there thought you might actually be closing and did give a rats ass about what the shirt fannatics had to say about it, that goes to show we was wrong and you are still the same cocaine ass snoring crack head lots love to hate. Well played!

Pick one of my submittions for the new and improved T-shirt Hell >;-)

Brock  02/16/09 6:31 am

IfYouDon\'tKnowByNowI\'mNotTellingYou  02/16/09 6:32 am
Ok so I was just going to rip off your pics and print my own shirts, but seeing as you are sticking around I will just keep buying them from you.....Cheers silly bitchs.

A-Jay  02/16/09 6:32 am
Fuck I love tshirt hell.

Jason  02/16/09 6:34 am
Fucking shit how did I know...

Shannon  02/16/09 6:35 am
I got so upset when i heard, i rushed and bought 2 Tshirts that i really wanted, you sure lite a flame under my ass, good call!
These Tshirts are great and I KNOW ALL IN GOOD FUN! I hate people!!
KEEP making great Tshirts!!! Love em!
My sister was all upset when i told her you were going out of business, she said "SHIT, i never got to order anything" so she will be happy to know you are still ROCKIN!
Stay Funny!

Cheri  02/16/09 6:36 am
i fucking love you!

Ron  02/16/09 6:37 am
I suspected something but couldn't take the chance. So I took the bait and bought your disgusting, immoral, offensive-in-the-eyes-of-God t-shirts. You Rule!

Capt. Felonious Blinko  02/16/09 6:37 am
Good Thinking Sunshine....That news makes my Dick as hard as chinese arithmatic !

The Reverend Cd  02/16/09 6:39 am
I love you. Fuck you. And where've my fucking shirt?

-CHris.  02/16/09 6:45 am
Fuck you X 400. That's 1 fuck you for ever dollar I spent in the last two weeks because I thought I wouldn't be able to buy another t-shit (sic) from you. Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou. I can't afford that shit. Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou.

tiela  02/16/09 6:47 am
thank doG!!! ive never been so relieved in my life!!! you scared the fuckin shit outta me...but i'd rather that than see you guys go. can't wait to offend more people. thanks for helping so immensely with that.

Daenub  02/16/09 6:50 am
Outstanding!!! Bravo folks that was one hell of a bluff lol.

Slow On The Uptake  02/16/09 6:54 am
Oh well, I have it on excellent authority that gullible people live longer. So my 17-yr-old son gets some new tees and I get to be the "cool mom."

Cuntalicious  02/16/09 6:57 am
You rock!

Jenn  02/16/09 7:02 am
You genius mother fucker! You should have a going out of business sale every month. The furniture store down the street from me does it all the time and they make an ass load of money every time they paint those words on the damn window. People are guliable ass wads and will believe anything!

OzmodiusNC  02/16/09 7:03 am
Nice one bitch....I spent my meth money for that day to buy these shirts. So its back into Grammy's purse for some more.....
I should have known that anyone names Sunshine was a devious bitch. Keep it up.

itsrach2u  02/16/09 7:04 am
I fucking love you and your shirts! hell yes

Lou Cipher  02/16/09 7:06 am
I kind of figured something was up, but on the off chance that it wasn't I bought like 10 shirts that I'd been wanting for a while. Usually I give my wife a list of the ones I like and she buys me a couple for Christmas or my birthday. So what this really means is that you need to come up with some new shit before July.

Mark  02/16/09 7:06 am
Thanks for sticking around.

Steve  02/16/09 7:08 am
Haha, you got me (us) Happy as fucking hell this website aint going NOwhere! LOVE IT!!! KEEP IT CRANKING out offensive tshirts for me to shock my friends and coworkers with!

Steve Lewis  02/16/09 7:09 am
Thats great. Lie to us about leaving. We give you a bump up. I spend what little extra I have, and you prove that your full of shit. so I like the humor not the lier. ZFuck you very much. your no better then those idiots that bitch about your great clothing. To bad they are owned by someone the has to lie to supporters.

Bryan  02/16/09 7:12 am
who would've thought in the time it takes a back-breaking american to clock out from work you could have rallied the internets together for a hell-inspired koombayah. i dont buy it. after carefully reading the entirety of the responses so far and graphing certain "patterns" and symbolic symbolism i see exactly what's going on here. you still better stay open til i get my stimulus check. I NEED SHIRTS!

Jeff  02/16/09 7:15 am
Sweet...totally sweet...I bought four shirts out of fear and now I am too happy your staying to be pissed about it. The assholes in DC should put you in charge of the economy you sweet motherfucker you!

Yaanu  02/16/09 7:17 am
Fucking with the minds of your fans by announcing a termination all in the interest of gaining profit?

Now THAT is funny. There should be a T-Shirt of that.

James The Bass Bastard  02/16/09 7:17 am
Fucking Awesome. I knew from the first news letter you were fucking with us. Or maybe it was the excess lube running down the back of my leg.

Ernesto  02/16/09 7:18 am
Dude! Lying to your fan base to make money is hilarious. I'm totally giving you my money in the future. Wicked!

Frank  02/16/09 7:20 am
You spaghetti eating stout drinking baby rapping mother fucker, welcome back you asshole..

We love you & your mom..

Karl Kove  02/16/09 7:22 am
I SO saw this coming!

I kept saying to myself that this sounds like a mother fucking PR-stunt!

A genious one tho'.
If I wasn't so fucking broke I would have bought some shirts, just to be on the safe side :P

Runespawn  02/16/09 7:25 am
Yes! YES!!!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD, YES!!!!!! *cums all over the monitor* Ah fuck, hold on a second guys *licks it off* There we go. Sorry, that photo of Gary was far too stimulating. Where was I? Oh yes. Thank you, Sunshine Megatron, for being a lying, cheating, Nazi faggot's bastard. Before I send that envellope bomb in the post to your address and cut off your goldfish's cock and watch it cum in your eye, I'd like to present you with the Golden Blowjob Award for being the black Irish jew cunt that you are. I hate you man. I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!

But goddamn it, you know how to work a shaft. Respect, nigga!!! And thanks for keeping the site open, good to have you back after your gay publicity stunt. I won't be not falling for that again. Just you watch, pal. Now unzip so I can lick your clitoris!!


Stewart  02/16/09 7:27 am
Ha ha ha, what a brilliant marketing ploy. Keep up the good work!!

Jebus  02/16/09 7:28 am
Thank the maker!
I've already bought several shirts these last couple weeks to honor the death of TSH. Now I'm going to buy more to celebrate the resurrection.
I'm marking this day on my calender as TSH Easter. Rise from your grave!

mike  02/16/09 7:33 am
you know it's like your mad because you got duped into spending fifty bux on three shirts but at the same time your happy as hell that you guys aren't going anywhere....... FIght the good fight...

Chuck  02/16/09 7:34 am
That is AWESOME. That was the ultimate mother-fucking rick-roll! You're fucking right about us being lazy. I haven't bought a shirt in four years, but I had been eyeing a couple. "Some day," I said. And you fuckers practically ripped the cash out of my anus (convenient and pleasurable for me, annoying for the recipient).

I thought that I was pissed for the deception, but being a Marketing major and a connoisseur of fine jokes, this may in fact be one of the most genius/side-splitting marketing strategies ever. The best part is that I'm sure some of the most loyal, supporting customers are pissed now.

I think you finally have taken a swing at everyone. Congratulations, assholes. I hate you, and I love you. Point taken. I'll buy more shirts now.

Brizzle  02/16/09 7:34 am
You know, I was a tad offended, but then I realized that they're just words. Words are powerless unless you let them affect you. So why let some silly words on a fucking t-shirt ruin your day? There's so much more important shit in the world to be worried about.... like the next time I'm gonna have sex.

Sarah  02/16/09 7:34 am
Anon, you make me lol

Sunshine, I admit it, you got me. But fuck YES. If it weren't for this stunt, my cheap ass friend never would have lent me his credit card to order some shirts (my card is nonexistent -- I should get on that). I'm glad you're stickin' around (great show). Now just bring back the Happy Shirts! I'm wearin' one right now. And I want more.

Love from "Failure"

Angie C  02/16/09 7:35 am
aaaaaaaaaw, yay!
You'd put me in a funk the past two weeks!!!!

Serial  02/16/09 7:37 am
Please bring back "if jesus come back we'll kill him agin"!! :)
I missed this one.
Btw thank you for all the fish ;)

Speed Thrills  02/16/09 7:37 am

lilangi  02/16/09 7:40 am
you guys are assholes! I admit you got me, the only tshirt site that I truly enjoy, and you go and fuck with all of us, keep up the good work and keep the shirts comin'!

WestGrove69  02/16/09 7:40 am
You sorry sack of shit... I spent hard earned money to buy shirts just because this was like the end of the world for me... I don't think I could possibly respect you any more than I do right now... manipulative tool... I love you.

Iman Azol  02/16/09 7:41 am
Hah. If this is a surprise, you're a fucking moron.

And probably voted for 0bama.


Josh Fieldhouse  02/16/09 7:43 am
My emergency gift site is saved! Thank God (or Satan)!

Jake  02/16/09 7:43 am

bombadil  02/16/09 7:50 am
I didn't know either of the nations you mention had the technology to make gay robots...

P.L.  02/16/09 7:50 am
First, let me mention that I'm not one of the dumbasses that kept flooding you with hate mail, or sued you or tried to poison your coffee - I'm one of those loyal fans who stuck by you since 2001 and sent you encouraging emails and that, as you said, "KICK FUCKING ASS AND I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU ALL". I bought from you before and intended to buy from you again... That is, until you lied just so I will buy a few more shirts along with my friends - also huge fans of yours, by the way, which I persuaded to join in, thinking you were going out of business. We bought 8, thinking this would be our last chance of ever getting another fucking amazing tshirthell design. Shipment alone was over 60$ but we didn't care... Why the hell would you pull this shit on your own people, the ones that did the complete opposite of the assholes you keep mentioning? This isn't a joke - and I'm a guy who got every single sick joke you put up. We kind of feel betrayed, to tell you the truth - not over exaggerating. Stimulate the economy?! Fuck the economy, we're not even from the U.S! You want stimulation, go buy a vibrator. :-(
Nevertheless, keep up the good work.

RR  02/16/09 7:53 am
I LOVE YOU. With that said, I will get back to the kitchen.

mike armour  02/16/09 7:53 am
though i feel retarded for being duped,its a good kind of retarded, the kind you can easily point and laugh at and drool to make fun of. Tshirt Hell LIVES!!!FUCK YES!!

Crazy-8  02/16/09 7:55 am
AMEN & a hardy HELL YES! Keep the comedy and hatemail flowing Sunshine Meatron. I would've hated for my favorite shirt site to close and take away my chances to further fuck with the public with shirts that make the real people laugh and the punks try to fight me. As soon as I get my next pay, I'm spending as much as I can of it on here. Hahaaa, Viva el T-shirt Hell.com!

????  02/16/09 7:56 am
You cheeky fucker!! Did I just fall for that shit too?? Wow..and to think I poured my heart out and told you how proud I was of you for being a champion of the first amendment!

Well played sir... Well played! Dick! ;)

DeeWoo  02/16/09 7:57 am
HOORAY, that's the best news I have gotten all day!
either I didnt have a good day, or I might love this site a bit too much!
Thanks guise! :P

JAK  02/16/09 8:00 am
Thank God and JESUS CHRIST your not going anywhere. I can postpone my murder/suicide until another day. Fuck You very much. by the way murder backwards is redrum and I drink it on occasion.

chrissy  02/16/09 8:01 am
YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!! it just never made any sense as why u were closing yet still rinning all the usual contests i mean wtf that was awesome you guys rock love it keep it going!!!

Mitzi  02/16/09 8:02 am
I just wanna say thank you! Thank you for not bowing down to those ignorant assholes who have nothing better to do but to try to make everyone as miserable as they are. I admire people who will just say "FUCK YOU IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!!"

Black Pussy  02/16/09 8:02 am
Exceptional marketing tactic. Best news is you're sticking around. It would be a lonely t shirt buying experience without you. Keep fucking us around like that, it just makes us love this place more!

Betsy Bishop  02/16/09 8:07 am
If I thought there were a god, I would be saying THANK GOD FOR YOUR SICK SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!! I'm 57 and just don't get the thinking of those self-righteous sticks in the mud. Better enjoy life now. We'll all be dirt pretty soon. The sooner the better I say.

SKS  02/16/09 8:08 am
I knew it! For months I did nothing but lurk and laugh at T shirts I never thought I would wear in public. And then I got the closing newsletter... I thought it was a gimick.. and yet I broke down and bought 4 shirts. I still fell for it! Ha Ha, I'm such a sucker. Well played Mr. Megatron.

I look foward to your new shirts, no longer as a lurker, but as a customer. Good luck, welcome back and well played. ^_^

Jacob Moore  02/16/09 8:12 am
I think this was a brilliant marketing strategy. I didn't buy any shirts because I'm a pussy, but I spread the word of your approaching demise and hopefully some of those fuckers bought something.

Hats off to you guys for the great idea, good luck in the future, and as soon as you make a super sweet 80s era half-shirt with a blonde in a bikini with teased up hair that says "T&A Patrol" on it, I'm there!

Alex  02/16/09 8:12 am
Hell yeah! we all got owned haha ^_^ glad it wasn't true

and please bring back celebrity suicide tour t-shirt

Where Sperm goes to Die.  02/16/09 8:19 am
Dearest Sunshine,

I'm so relieved! I was wondering what I would do for cum rags when I'm sucking my father's cock. It's just not a real experience unless I can drool his pecker snot onto an authentic T-Shirt Hell product. Bless You & your team. (... and by "bless" I mean rim heavily and lick your navel from the inside!) And for the haters, "Fuck 'em where they breathe."


Rodsta  02/16/09 8:20 am
Ha Ha good on ya. Fuck whoever didn't get the joke. Keep rocking the world and fuck me too!

Rex  02/16/09 8:22 am
I think I just came a little.

Jeremy  02/16/09 8:23 am
U are the FUCKING MAN!!!! you had everyone going. Kudos! WE are all silly Niggers in the presence of the King Nigger.

Steph  02/16/09 8:27 am
Un-Fucking-believable! Thanks to you assholes I am now homeless! I used my last paycheck to by your Satanic shirts instead of paying my rent. At least i will have the most kick ass bumb apparel of all the other hobos!

dorothy tupitza  02/16/09 8:29 am
you guys are douchebags! I wasted a perfectly good gift certificate on a t that i didnt even like that fucking much because of the time crunch!! enjoy my money now chowderheads because i'm not buying any more shirts from you!

David Bockenkamp  02/16/09 8:32 am

Dynamite  02/16/09 8:33 am
Dude.....you fucking rock! lol!

Cate  02/16/09 8:33 am
Good, because I couldn't afford the Fucking Classy shirt during the sale, since my job as a hooker hasn't been going so well lately. It's a sad day when the economy gets to the sex trade, you know?

Ninja  02/16/09 8:39 am
You cheeky minxes...Long Live Hell!

Katman  02/16/09 8:40 am
I ordered three shirts and now the drunen whores of Pittsburgh are starving. Spent my last shekles on shirts to help piss off the world. They'll have to
feend for themselves for a week or two. At least I'll have three clean tee shirts soon. Thanks laundry is pilin' up fast.

Bite ME  02/16/09 8:41 am
Fucking genius doing this during tax time. If I hadn't just gotten my refund I never would have bought the shirts. And people say smoking pot makes you stupid...good job proving society wrong.

Marne  02/16/09 8:41 am
Well, hell! I feel cheated BUT I am SO GLAD you are here to stay!

greeneyes1079  02/16/09 8:45 am
Fuck you guys for rocking so hard and making me buy 8 shirts cause I thought this was the end of a PC hating era. Here I was thinking that I would have to come up with new and exciting ways to offend people on my own. Thanks for the greatest scheme ever and giving me 10% of shirts that I would have gladly paid full price for. Keep pissing people off, it makes me and thousands of others laugh!!

babe007  02/16/09 8:46 am
Fuckin' Great, I have been buying last minute shirts for my friend's and finally bought my own, BAAAAA means NOOOOOOOOO, hey I live in New Mexico where the men are men and the sheep are really gettin' fucked everyday! Keep it up. My best friend in ichigan is the OLY person I know who would were the shirt 'Slaves gets shit done'. Now send me my free 'Hitler shirt" I love it, I'm german and a WASP, but your humor has been a lifesaver in these financial fuckin' times.

jsm  02/16/09 8:47 am
a. I was right, you were lying

B. Wonderful, glad I was right.

C. I was not asking for the school shootings art to sell them... I just wanted to make a run of 20 shirts for friends.

D. Idea for a shirt (dedicated to the people who want to kill you):
"In my neighborhood, the language of social justice involves a baseball bat and ski mask.
(referencing the societal concept that prevents worse than hell from working: i.e. propogation of communication such as this, http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3752/is_200211/ai_n9165922

(as much as they are necessary, I hate "social justice" people.)

Thanks for lying,

And really, I mean it, thanks for lying.


Eyal  02/16/09 8:50 am
That was so fucking awsome. I am so happy right now I think I just came a little. Fuck ya dude! T-Shirt Hell is back!!! HELL YA BITCHS!!! HELL FUCKING YA!!!!!1111111eleven

jim  02/16/09 8:52 am
Hey, stoopid, cunt is spelled with a K

AMH  02/16/09 8:54 am
WHOOOHOO! Usually, if a guy lied to me to get my money, I'd kick his ass to the curb with a stiletto heel. In this case, I'm happy I was lied to. Just remember to tell me you still love me in the morning while I'm shelling out the cash....

m3lt  02/16/09 8:55 am
Seriously, I almost went to debt in a shopping spree LOL!

Now I can postpone my awesome tshirts later this month!

FUCK YEAH! Thanks so much to all the staff at TSH.

Skilz22  02/16/09 8:57 am
We got pwned bitch!! Glad to see the best T-shirt site in the universe will live on!

crmos8  02/16/09 8:57 am
I suspected as much, but out-fucking-standing!! Keep up the good work.

Iman Azol  02/16/09 9:03 am
Cougar: Move in with me and you won't have to fake a cry to get me to open my wallet. Just open your legs, your ass, or your mouth. Fair's fair. Though if you really want to cry, I can punch you in face, too, so you don't have to fake it.

JonMuckyMuck  02/16/09 9:05 am
I got AIDS on purpose because i thought you were serious...i was going to get a job at taco bell and drip my blood in the ground beef just because this world had taken TSH from me. I suppose i dont HAVE to do that now...but i still am just a guy with cool shirts and AIDS so fuck it...enjoy your crunch wrap supremes bitch fucks.

Lizzie McGuire  02/16/09 9:09 am
I was going to join the mass of suicides that have followed the announcement of the closing of t-shirt hell, like those fucking idiots who killed themselves when Kurt Cobain blew his brains out, but I didn't want to be a pussy. Now I can cum all over their pussy graves. I'm going to celebrate by molesting my neighbors dog.

Satanically yours,

Lizzie McGuire

XXL AL  02/16/09 9:10 am
Fucking brilliant !! I was certain this was ashitty littletrick and I was right ! Still bought some of the worst nine anyway, just in case. I was going to miss you. KEEP UP THE BAD WORK,you bastards

wolfblade  02/16/09 9:12 am
HOLY FUCK! i actually got worried D=. so glad you guys aren't closing down. good luck to ya from here on out

Twiddle  02/16/09 9:14 am
Out of work, out of money, I still bought shirts and into your slimy paws, you dastardly fuck. Evil fucking genius. Somehow, deep down I knew...I loved you...

Lindsay  02/16/09 9:14 am
I shaved my pussy for this?

From Holland with dope.  02/16/09 9:15 am
you son of a bitch.
Come to Holland and i od yah.

No serous,

Good joke.

ps But i still kick you in the balls if i ever meet you. Because i can.

Matt M  02/16/09 9:16 am
Fuckin' A. I love it.

Scott  02/16/09 9:16 am
Ha. Look at all these morons slobbing your cock. If I were you I'd pull this shit every fucking week because apparently you have enough people around here who will lick your asshole if you tell them it cures cancer.

janice  02/16/09 9:19 am
I have a love/hate thing going here. My head hurts.

rikketironk  02/16/09 9:21 am
You're a fucking idiot. In a kind of good, although badsmelling way. Nice scare!

Freddie  02/16/09 9:22 am
This must have been the best marketing campaign ever! I bought two shirts in desperation. How much did it boost your sales?

Chad  02/16/09 9:24 am
You motherfucker, I hope your ears were burning last night. I was slinging obscenities your way faster than a clean sailor with a wife that has the clap. Thanks for not shutting down, there is hope for America after-all.

marc  02/16/09 9:24 am
Dude you're fucking nuts man, in a crazy , fun assholish and very entertaining way. I was one of the positive emails you got when I thought this shit was closing. I think it's obvious why you did this... you clearly were planning on shutting the site down because you had a rough come down of a three month binder on coke, exctacy, lsd, shrooms, pcp and obviously meth. So on this come down you had an epiphany that closing TShirt Hell would be a sweet thing to do. But i'm glad you got your hands on some good shit and came around. haha Go fuck yourself you marketing genius. Peace and War,

MasterPowerful  02/16/09 9:32 am
Fucking assholes! What the fuck am I supposed to do with all this Kool-Aid and Cyanide now?! My wife an I were going to celebrate your demise with a night of monkey rape followed by the holy Kool-Aid sacrament. Now we're just going to have to wait another 20 years for the celestial window.

Thanks Douchebags!

JetMech  02/16/09 9:34 am
Good for you! Stick it to the man! ...or in the man as the case may be...

Patrick  02/16/09 9:35 am
I fucking knew this was a publicity stunt. Kudos for generating sales, but it just seems out of character for this site to trick its customers. It's not a big deal, I was just genuinely hoping it was NOT just for publicity this whole time

Debera  02/16/09 9:37 am
Ahhh.... Fear
nothing motivates like it
Good Job

Heather  02/16/09 9:49 am

Matt  02/16/09 9:50 am
Kick ass! Props man you got me off my ass and buying. Fuck you guys, and by fuck you guys i mean you fucking rule.

This surprise made my day

kaitco  02/16/09 9:51 am
I was definitely in WTF? mode when I saw the "out of business" bull and, I admit, I even fell for it, but I'm glad I did. I'd been wanting that "manslaughter" shirt and finally bought it. You guys took me...but I've never been so happy to be taken.

Denny  02/16/09 9:52 am
May the atom bomb fuck Sunshine Megatron up the ass!!!!
Have a fucked day!!!!
WORK IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never REST IN PEACE...Unless it's a PEACE OF SHIT!!!
And my grandson said if you were here he would piss all over you for supplying his Dad with that stupid shirt he has to wear all the time.
Pucks on it as much as he can in your honor!

John  02/16/09 9:53 am
You all rock! Thank you for keeping your righteous shit out here where it can corrupt people like myself who are already messed up enough. I actually went looking for some other vulgar t-shirt site... nothing compares to you, though. Fuckin' A... good work, keep it up :) John

fairy fucker  02/16/09 9:55 am
fucking boss

Jeremy  02/16/09 10:12 am
You didn't sell a buncha shirts cuz u lied about closing, it was the 10% discount. We r not COMPLETELY retarded.

Jason  02/16/09 10:15 am
Not going anywhere!!!!!......You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Blattman  02/16/09 10:15 am
I love you guys so much that if a gay man could marry, I would marry your website. Your shirts are inspirational and funny as fuck. It reminds you that you should never take life too serious. Learn to fuckin laugh. Again, thanks for the yuks

David Soderquist  02/16/09 10:18 am
Great to know you're not going anywhere. Can't wait to buy some more fucked up funny shirts.

Jenn  02/16/09 10:19 am
I fucking love you. I solemnly swear to keep my promise to buy two shirts a month until I have them all, as well. Thank fucking God you aren't leaving.

Kevin  02/16/09 10:20 am
EXCELLENT! Now I won't have to go down to the State Capital Building to get some laughs!

Jamie  02/16/09 10:21 am
3 words... Thank you, you legend!

TONI  02/16/09 10:30 am
i knew that reason was too fucking gay. KEEP ON MAKING THOSE SHIRTS FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeads  02/16/09 10:31 am
MOTHER FUCKER! just had to get that out of the way before saying Thank You for not taking my favorite place to spend my hubbys money away!!!! Keep'em coming baby, keep'em coming!!!

Jim  02/16/09 10:35 am
Yeah, um, only morons ever thought this was legit anyway. Glad you fooled them!

a.b.  02/16/09 10:41 am
For a moment... a couple of weeks ago, for just... one... moment... I almost took you seriously. I'd say "fudge me" for buying into it... but since I've slacked off and havn't purchased my overflowing wishlist of t-shirt hell items, I guess I'll say "fudge you" instead.

Not that I'm not planning on buying them anyways...

Steve  02/16/09 10:49 am
I Love you guys, glad to see you're still not going anywhere. I knew that the entire time I just didn't want to give it away ... (grin) LOL

Shawn G  02/16/09 10:51 am
You guys rock! I'm so glad you're sticking around.

Jimbobillybob  02/16/09 10:53 am
Oh, like I would have NEVER bought all those shirts if I knew this were a big publicity stunt!? Way to prove your point and wake up the silent (perverted) majority! I'll never take you for granted again!

somecalmetim  02/16/09 10:57 am
It's a good thing I already bought all the shirts of yours that I wanted because you guys are DICKS!! NEVER again LOOSERS!!!

Camp  02/16/09 10:58 am
Well now I feel bad for saving all the designs and taking them to the mall to have the Lebanese jew guy make em for me...

froggy  02/16/09 10:59 am
you rock you black gay robot you. thanks for pushing me to buy all these shirts in the past few days, I'm happy i did. Now go out and help the economy by actually snorting some cocaine off a hooker's ass. at least those motherfuckers will actually spend the money here rather then send them over to china.

ADHDisSEXY  02/16/09 10:59 am
heh, right on... it got me to buy another shirt. It was cool to see the old designs come back for a minute.

Blaine  02/16/09 11:02 am
hell yeah... I wouldn't have expected anything less... I bought like 9 shirts last week, and I will buy more... I've only bought shirts from TShirt hell, I've tried other sites but they short shipped me and fucked me around... T Shirt HELL is the best!!!!

Ninerkins  02/16/09 11:03 am
Goddamn... I thought it could've been true since Torsopants was fucked too. [Even though Tshirt Hell took over] Damn. My boyfriend bought 4-6 shirts for us, too... Ah well. More time to buy more shirts, I guess.

the scamp  02/16/09 11:05 am
Well, shit on me. You got me good with this, I totally believed you were closing down and got some more shirts. Thanks for the laughs and the 10% off. Keep on making your fucking offensive(read: laughable) shirts.

Natalie  02/16/09 11:08 am
THANK FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pierre toungedabutt  02/16/09 11:13 am
you dirty cocksucker! i missed car payments to buy shirts before you went out of business.... thats the kinda shit those greasy ass jew cocksuckers do in nyc!

Tobbe  02/16/09 11:17 am
Haha, you assholes. I even bought baby tshirts just to have for whenever that shit happens to me (get babies.. hmm.. that rhymes with rabies. wierd).

Holly  02/16/09 11:25 am
I fucking love you guys, and yes by faking the closing of the site I bought my first shirt, I had to get it before you "closed" of I couldn't go on living....Soldiers Need Hummers: Please Help Support the Cause! if you only knew how many soldiers I've supported ha xoxo

Val  02/16/09 11:28 am
Bravo1 Well done! I feel hook, line and sinker. Who cares? At least now I own 3 shirts I had been thinking about getting. I, for one, welcome my T-shirt Hell Overlords! Glad you're staying in the game.

Fallenmyst  02/16/09 11:30 am
Omg... rofl,.. you guys got me... You know what sucks? I had to put my cat down and I couldn't cover the cost for the cremation cuz I bought tshirts!!!! You bastards! Luckily my BF's mom payed for the cremation AND I got to buy my tshirts >=)) so in the end it's a win win... sorta I still miss my cat T.T

Glad it was all a lie ty for staying.
the Myst

Renface  02/16/09 11:31 am
I knew yer ass wasn't going out of business. I just used you for the 10% off. :D

aimee  02/16/09 11:32 am
i fuckin knew you werent. its awesome. i think i actually got kinda depressed when i thought you might be. thanks foe all the fuckin laughs

Sarah  02/16/09 11:35 am
haha you dick :P

Melissa  02/16/09 11:37 am
THANK YOU for giving me a fucking heart attack! Cant wait to see what comes next!

Drew  02/16/09 11:40 am
this site has made me smile over the years...especially the news letter...glad it isnt going away...rock on sunshine

heather  02/16/09 11:41 am
i fucking love your guyses shirts!!!!fuck everyone else who complains about them theyre just jealous of ur guyses success and they wish that they were as funny as u!

Jesse  02/16/09 11:51 am
Well, this just made my day so much better. Well played.

One Winged Angel  02/16/09 11:52 am
Fucking legendary. Now i can buy all the other shirts i wanted but was too broke to this month.
Narrowing my choice down to 2 was painful.

8 t-shirt hell shirts and still going!

BangMElikeawhore!  02/16/09 11:56 am
thank fucking god!

AK  02/16/09 12:02 pm
Did you know you made the Aussie papers??? Well, sort of, it was on news.com.au Oh the PUBLICITY! You cunts....
There should be a "I was fucken stopped by the tshirthell closure" shirt!!!

Jake Everett  02/16/09 12:04 pm
You are the most awesome asshole ever.

big dirty al  02/16/09 12:06 pm
Those of us in Iraq knew you were full of shit the whole time. We deal with liars and retards everyday. But we bought shirts just in case. Shit faced ass clown. If you ever go "out of business" I am going to anally harass "decimate" everyone you know.

elsewhere  02/16/09 12:08 pm
Rock out, Bitches. I'm still not buying your shitty shirts. But I will continue accepting them as presents and/or offerings.
In celebration I'm going to go lube up and fuck one of them.

david  02/16/09 12:12 pm
Damn, i should of waited for the last "two weeks" to get my 10% off the shirts i purchased the first week you guys mentioned "we're going out of business" i'll be damned. thank god you guys aren't going anywhere.

elsewhere  02/16/09 12:14 pm
By the way, if I guess that I'm going to kill you by blowing your head off, and then I blow your head off, do I still win? Ashes too?
I'll lube up and fuck them in celebration.

Mia Wallace  02/16/09 12:24 pm
Like I said: I didn't always "get" The Far Side, but I love Gary Larson. I don't always "get" the humor in every shirt, but I love the site and own a bunch of them. I'm glad you spurred me to finally buy 4 of my wishlist items. I've never been so happy to have been lied to.
Please bring back the "Age Of Consent Tour" for my boyfriend!

SluttyCustomer  02/16/09 12:27 pm
Fanfuckingtastic. I bought 2 shirts I wouldn't have bought otherwise since the pound is so shit against the dollar. It cost me about �10 more than it usually would.

I still want to have a lot of sex with you though. Call me.

Nebraska  02/16/09 12:27 pm
HELL YES! fuck those people, were loosing our freedom of speech little by little. T-shirt hell may be our last bastion of hope. stay awesome and bring back "...as a kite"

Greg  02/16/09 12:28 pm
That was awesome...I do own several of your shirts and I was annoyed that you were giving up, but I did convince some of my friends to buy shirts. It is great to have you "back". BTW careful with the murdered contest...these days someone might kill you just to get the money

Hellkyttyn  02/16/09 12:41 pm
FUCK YA!!! I was actually pretty damn worried!!!! But its nice to know your fuckin classiness will prevail!

Rock Out With Yer Cocks Out!!

Monkey  02/16/09 12:51 pm
It's nice to see my baby sacrifices paid off. All that blood, blood and more blood actually served a purpose.....for once.

Thank you Sunshine Megatron, for all the fucked up, fucking hilarious, spec-fucking-tacular shirts you have created over the years.

and to those who hate, in the immortal words of DX: We got two words for ya: SUCK IT!!!

T.J.  02/16/09 12:58 pm
You FUCKING Rock!!!!!!!!!!!! With my interesting fucked up family your shirts make the PERFECT xmas gift!!!!! And I'm still going to hold out for the one shirt i truely want to come back. One can hope. But think of it, screw white christmas, A T-Shirt Hell christmas sounds much more interesting. Screw the idiots who can't take a joke, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan  02/16/09 12:59 pm
Hahahhaaha.... You guys ROCK!!!

Dan Carswell  02/16/09 1:02 pm
Ahh well I'm not gonna say I knew it was coming, but I told myself I wouldn't be surprised in the least if exactly this happened. Yes I bought some shirts for the occasion, but hell (or let's just say 'worse than hell') I don't feel suckered in the least. Long live Tshirt Hell and long live the long missed Worse than Hell shirts!

Sandy  02/16/09 1:11 pm
You fucking rock...I'm a chick and I love your shirts

Stefan Babjak  02/16/09 1:11 pm
I knew it you stupid slice of shit. I hope your asshole chaffs from all the gold nuggets you can shove up there from tshirt sales. I love you by the way.

Nate  02/16/09 1:15 pm
hahaha damn u're good i am jealous, so u're not closing down well thank the t-shirts whew... but hey i give props to you all the way. You rock dead babies booties

Jack  02/16/09 1:15 pm
And to think, I already ejaculated. You caught me.

Lea  02/16/09 1:16 pm
I knew it! Fuck, I knew it! I love you guys so fucking much right now... Something this great can never die. I'm out a hundred bucks because I convinced my dad and his credit card that you were going out of business, but I fucking love you. You can expect to see my money again.
Cheers, you sly bastards!

DiaperMan_inTexas  02/16/09 1:21 pm
Looks like I not only support single moms but I also support some slut licking bitch named Sunshine Megatron! Its good to be me!

Now can I get someone to change my piss soaked adult diaper possibly with a finger on my button?

Paul  02/16/09 1:22 pm
You cunt! I ordered a t-shirt over here in Australia because you misled me to believe you were closing. Just for that, you should give me a free t-shirt. Fucker.

gimpfox  02/16/09 1:23 pm
Oh that is just badass! Nice hoax dude! Also Nice KISSOFF to who the jerks that want to push their morals on others! Thanks for all the laughs sunshine! Glad your not dead!

leah  02/16/09 1:28 pm
glad you're sticking around. still waiting for another chance at the "i fucked the girl in hanson" shirt.

Chelsea  02/16/09 1:29 pm
This completely made my day, which is usually spent subverting the cultral norms of social oppression that I as a Feminist feel I must do. I plan on continuing to indulge myself in your wares and I don't care if it turns me into a female-chauvanist-pig in the mean time!

demonfafa  02/16/09 1:29 pm
"Just not fun anymore." Like you'd give up all that hard cash, ya Jew.

BiOHaZaRcl  02/16/09 1:29 pm
Great News! Now that you're still open why dont you bring back the Holy Fucking Shit and/or the IV:XX Shirt ! DO IT!

Spallina  02/16/09 1:29 pm
Does this mean you're not going to stop sending me these shitty newsletters 2-4 times a month? Fuck!

Faith  02/16/09 1:41 pm
You fucking bitches. You fucking magnificent bitches. Glad to hear you're sticking around!

Jezebelle  02/16/09 1:42 pm
Well bravo I am so in awe of you once again finding away to fuck over the morons and dumbasses of the world. Thanks you staying and staying true your fucking awesome. Ive enjoyed your site for years, and do own some of your masterpieces. Thank for giving us heathens a voice!!!

KG  02/16/09 1:45 pm
Best news I've received this year. I'm putting my order in by the end of the day for two Fucking Classy's and one Slut Hugger.

stacey  02/16/09 1:46 pm
I love you.

Joey K  02/16/09 1:48 pm
This is better news than when i found out that my dad wasn't really my birth father, so I could enjoy him pounding my ass without worrying about all that incest nonsense.

Thanks T-Shirt Hell! :D

Steven S. Mellnick  02/16/09 1:50 pm
Thank you for not caving in. I love you guys, and will continue to support ya'll in every way possible. Keep up the good work!

One Band Mother Fucker  02/16/09 1:50 pm
Now that is some funny shit. I'm glad to see it continue. The world needs a reality check every now and then. I say to them, grow a sac or shut the fuck up.
Keep the site going.

Ecdysozoa  02/16/09 1:52 pm
Fuck ya

Cris  02/16/09 1:52 pm
Bloody, fucking, wanking shitting, tossing great!!! So much time..so many shirts.......ahhh, fucking t shirt heaven!

lugubrious  02/16/09 1:55 pm
cheap joke, but at least all that participated got a lil' discount....even if it was a shady sales ploy...CONGRATS, you had the whole world going...now I got my "1000's of my potential children died on your daughters face last nite" TORSO PANTS. oh and some of my friends fell for it to and bought a few shirts as well....and at least there is more funny to COME !!

Dean  02/16/09 1:57 pm
Bring back the 'I fucked the chick in Hansen' shirt!

Turtleknot  02/16/09 1:59 pm
you fuckers... Good show keep up the good work, while i go blow my load on your mom's chest.

Allen Walker  02/16/09 2:05 pm
I was one of the lucky fuckers who knew this was a joke, but reading this post was fucking hilarious and totally made my day. God, how many retarded people exist out there? Closing down tsh with only 10% off? If you really, really wanted to pull some people's legs, I would have suggested taking 20% off or something slightly more. Though 20% off woullllld be nice.

Keep up the good work, fucker. Hilarious.

Rick  02/16/09 2:10 pm

You're a fucking liar! I expected that you were going out of business. But, you're just another one of the countless bullshitters in this world. This is the most openly-deceptive e-commerce experience that I've ever had. Fuck you!

By the way, I'm looking forward to the new shirts; they're rather funny.


Oren's Garden  02/16/09 2:12 pm

John  02/16/09 2:14 pm
I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I'm SO glad that was a big joke. I told some trim at work that you were going out of business, and she was all upset too.

YOU RULE!!! ...and I'm a gay black amputee hooker with a cleft palate and a VD infested asshole. Oh, and I fuck my girlfriend's pre-pubescent adopted kids too. Just kidding... I'm not gay.

Wayne From Down Under  02/16/09 2:16 pm

Lushscreamqueen  02/16/09 2:19 pm
Touche' mon Ami. Here was I lamenting soooo much the loss of a company that kept me amused for minutes at a time that I wasted money I don't have to a sucky Australian/American dollar ratio thus spending almost 50% more than anyone else to buy a couple of shirts I really liked but did not really need, and all because I'd probably never see them again, except on ebay, and in a vain belief I was sending my few remaining dollars to a guy who is now unemployed because the universe has no sense of humour. When in fact We were all duped into mega panic spending. I tip my hat the the Master Baiter Salesman. Brilliant marketing ploy. Now where are the fucking shirts I panic ordered!!

Yami  02/16/09 2:20 pm
I love T-Shirt Hell! =)

devin  02/16/09 2:21 pm
that is fuckin funny i was like fuck ill suck dick to gett money to buy the site it cant close and was gonna buy a bunch of shirts but am a broke ass hahahahahahah thats fucking funny you silly nigger you

mary  02/16/09 2:32 pm
even tho I don't always agree with some of your t-shirts,I am glad you didn't cave-f--k censorship.good luck!!Mary ps-I am 61 and love your site!!

DrDrew  02/16/09 2:38 pm

James  02/16/09 2:39 pm
You kick ass and totally rock

your fuckin momma  02/16/09 2:44 pm
fuck you you are a total douche bag the worlds got enough liars- no honesty no honor now you can quit fillin my email with your bullshit crybaby going out of business e-mails-with all the businesses that are tryin to make an honest go of it why would i continue to support this piece of shit over them... i wouldnt help you by pissing in your lying mouth if your fuckin teeth were on fire and sure as hell wont be sending any more of my hard earned money your way you lying sack of shit.

bob  02/16/09 2:45 pm
ha ha you cheeky cunt.

carl  02/16/09 2:47 pm
When I heard of the "closing" I sent a comment maybe it was like faking youjr death to see how people would act. THat said I also hedged my bets and stock up. WHERE IS MY ORDER? - iIT'S LATE!

Cazza  02/16/09 2:49 pm
fuck yeah. glad you're staying :) What a surprise! I'm in Australia and we even had the news about you guys closing in the fucking newspaper. Didn't expect it to be a joke - well done! x

Polak  02/16/09 2:52 pm
Fuckin' cock tease!

katie  02/16/09 2:54 pm
thank you for bringing back "worse than hell"...it wasn't the same place without it!!

Davor  02/16/09 2:55 pm
i dont buy it, as much as i love this site, the closing down bullshit was a cheap grab for cash and you fucking know it you snake. You could've appealled to the loyal fans and asked them to buy as much as they could to support the site in hard times, but you didnt, you lied, you lied like a jewish serbian nigger bitch, fuck you.

killacelebrity  02/16/09 2:59 pm
A joke? I'm so proud of you. My eyes are welling up with tears. Keep at it.

one hot mom  02/16/09 2:59 pm
I fucking knew it!!! Good Job twisted T-Shirt Fuckers!

Jon Hoffman  02/16/09 3:01 pm
Thank fucking God you guys are staying open. Otherwise, I wouldn't have anywhere else to go to make fun of retarded kids and dirty filthy whores.

Smitler  02/16/09 3:02 pm
Suck my Ginger balls Sunshine! I dropped a fucking c-note on your god damn shirts last night because I fell for you Jew trickery. Well played asshole.

large-chested Nazi Bitch  02/16/09 3:07 pm
You fucking dicks rule. I'm glad to be spending my hard-earned unemployment money while lying on my cum-stained couch on your wonderful shirts about tickly abortions, stinky pussy and limp cocks. I'm from Germany, where, contrary to popular belief, people can still have a hearty laugh about fucked-up shit. You are an excellent liar, are you gunning for a government position? I want to fuck you in the worst way!~Claudia

Meghan  02/16/09 3:08 pm
I thought it might be a fake out, but regardless, I now have four shirts I love. Well, done and keep making a fortune!

feckinmick  02/16/09 3:10 pm
way to con me into buying some shit! i kinda had a feeling but fell for it anyways... and since your mom hasn't left any shirts on my floor lately i had to get some on my own...

justsomeguy  02/16/09 3:10 pm
Is it too late to cancel my order? I feel defrauded.

CARL  02/16/09 3:10 pm
When I heard of the "closing" I sent a comment that maybe it was like faking your death to see how people would act at your funeral. That said ...I also hedged my bets and stocked up. WHERE IS MY ORDER? - IT'S LATE!

Sheena  02/16/09 3:12 pm
Haha when i furst read the whole going out of business shit, i was like "yeah right". People who can't take a joke but can take dicks up the ass while screaming god's name are pussies and hypocrites. Keep em coming!!

Adam  02/16/09 3:13 pm
sneaky little bastard...i was devastated the past few weeks. i was fucking inconsolable. well played. i've been wondering how you could possibly close now that we have a black man as president...all those poor helpless jokes wasted!

John B  02/16/09 3:16 pm
good, you are not leavin. I can cancel that 2 kilo shipment of heroin to feed my tsh jones.

rusty slagle  02/16/09 3:17 pm
You are a fucking messiah man! We need about ten million more mother fuckers just like you in this shitty ass place. Keep it going!

Soulgirl  02/16/09 3:24 pm
LOL.. you fucking cunts.. there was me wondering where my next abusive tee would come from and all the while you were yanking my fucking chain! Woohoooo :o)

Bill  02/16/09 3:24 pm
Hey Sunshine, That's a good one! I'm glad you're staying. But I really didn't give a fuck that you were leaving. Poop.

DECEPT-A-CON!!!  02/16/09 3:27 pm
Four whore and seven queer ago, GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY BACK or not! I should have always doubted you Sunshine, & i thanx u. For, you are the one who gave hepatitis to the sea. There aren't enough bottles of mouthwash, in the world, to cover the stinch of your cock-suckery.

P.S. Any know where I can buy some E
batteries? Oh, I'm shutting down my site: www.didtheydrownyetusethe.net/tocheck
Where death goes to die?

m@  02/16/09 3:34 pm

Oh, that's right. You don't.

Carry on, then, fuckers. And bring back "WWJD for a Klondike Bar." I left mine with my ex.

J-F  02/16/09 3:35 pm
Que demander de plus?? im fuckin glad man!

and please bring back some 420 tshirts ! and Wiid !
stoners need their own shirts !

Jon  02/16/09 3:37 pm
Fuck you guys for lying to us like that.
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA at you guys lying to us like that!
Keep at it!

Rowena  02/16/09 3:52 pm
Well, hell's ding dong! What a great joke, and may I say that I am delighted you aren't leaving the world-wide-web thing, and I look forward to your rants and raves and pms-inspired blogs for all eternity! (maybe I'll even buy a shirt now,,,)

Mosparx  02/16/09 3:53 pm
Yew fuckin beyotch! I suspected THIS after your bullshit One-Cent-Sale ruse. You came "This Close" to getting me to fork over the cash for the "I Bet You Vote NEXT Time, Hippie" shirt. And I agree, all this PC-ness bullshit is fucking up what America was built upon. We NEED this "National Lampoon" kind of irreverence to keep us Loyalists Sane! FTW!!!

the miz  02/16/09 3:54 pm
i love you motherfuckers!!! that was a bad ass email! learn to take a joke you stupid asses!!! if you dont like this site or the t-shirts they produce... then go on another site... if you child came on this site on "accident"... fuck you, you fucked up parent... you should monitor your kids better you stupid fucks!!! -one happy son of a bitch... (yeah, she is a bitch)

Pam  02/16/09 3:55 pm
So you know, I'm a feminist. Not all of us are humorless cuntflaps. ;)

Kyle  02/16/09 3:58 pm
I was getting tired of being up all night trying to figure out where I would now be able to pick up such offesnsive t shirts. I can rest peacefully now, thank you and your employees that are willing to put up with all those idiots that can't take a fucking joke.

J.C.  02/16/09 3:59 pm
Thank God you are sticking around!!!! we need the laughs. and by the way...FUCK ALL THOSE WHO CANT TAKE A JOKE!!!! All those bleeding hearts out there who are trying to be better then the rest of us. May you all eat shit and die......LONG LIVE THE RiGHT OF FREE SPEECH!!!!! Look forward to some more of the "good stuff"

missy  02/16/09 3:59 pm
i love you and your fucking shitty attitude. thanks for making this sick fuck laugh.

Sophie  02/16/09 4:00 pm
Don't you just love t-shirt hell? No matter how fucked up they are, you just gotta love 'em

miller420  02/16/09 4:03 pm
AHAHAHA NO FUCKING WAY. Could you believe i almost shedded a tear when i heard tshirthell was going out of buisness! This site had brought me many laughs over the years. I still have my "I SHAVED MY BALLS FOR THIS" tshirt and the "MY LIFE SUCKS... but the special effects are awesome" hood. love it keep goin and fuck all the haters!!!!!!!!!!

abbey normal  02/16/09 4:05 pm
I love you!!!

diSco BooDuh  02/16/09 4:05 pm
RIGHT ON!!! Despite what the news says...all is right with the world again. Thanks guys.

John  02/16/09 4:07 pm
I fucking knew it. Now quit your bitchin' and get back to making me t-shirts.

jeremy  02/16/09 4:07 pm
you a truly hilarious and definitly a great entrepenueur ( or however you spell it ) saying your leaving and then not jsut to piss of some people hoping you were leaving. making some mad sales and gettin' the cash the way you need to, anyone who slanders abotu you now can just basically fuck off cause they're just jealous your smarter then they are. T-Shirt Hell rocks!

Dana  02/16/09 4:18 pm
Thank you for ataying in business. The same people who hate this site stop giving me hours at work.... so i didn't have money to stock pile t shirts like i wanted... though somewhere i knew you werent someone to give in sunshine...

if you ever need a personal bodyguard so even just someone to adore you 24/7... I am here for you. Just send an email and I'll be there.

Greg  02/16/09 4:32 pm
Ah. Good one. My dumb ass dumped my load to buy 5 shirts to stimulate you and all I get is a thank you and a "were still open" t-shirt. Oh wait I didn't get that either. Well shit happens. Enjoy my money. I'll enjoy the dirty looks I get with your shirts.

Jimmie James  02/16/09 4:33 pm
You glorious bastards!

Cynical Sam  02/16/09 4:38 pm
Niiiice !! I had my suspicions, but didn't dare hope out loud ! Long Live Sunshine Megatron !!!!


fuckyou  02/16/09 4:39 pm
Very funny, cunt. Where's my roman numeral shirt?

Susan E.  02/16/09 4:43 pm
Yeah!!! I am super glad u guyz will still keep on the amazing work! I love the smart humor and am stoked to buy more shirts now that your smart business ruse has woken me to how much I really like your product. Keep up the witty satire guys!
Much love from the eastcoast, Susan

Sean E  02/16/09 4:44 pm
Dude, that was FUCKING SWEET! I was hoping it was a stunt. I went ahead and bought 4 new shirts from you guys anyway. KEEP it UP. I love this shit!

M.  02/16/09 4:53 pm
Fucking asshole, you tricked me into ordering my Fall shirts early.... fuck you, no more money until July '10 asshole

Vanessa Alexandra  02/16/09 4:54 pm
I am SO fucking happy to read this!! This site has been one of the best places for me, because I love to offend and what better place to do it than buying the amazing shirts from here?

sam  02/16/09 4:56 pm

Maj  02/16/09 5:01 pm
Pure Genious.. Awesome! Love your site by the way!

Rob  02/16/09 5:01 pm
Shit...I was gonna wait until you were closed then get Amir's Silk Screening down the road to make me the cool ones cheaper.

Pig Fucker  02/16/09 5:03 pm
OK Fuck Face it's good that you came up to your senses --- Now How about a fucking Mormon T-Shirt? They definitely need a hard beating after Prop 8. I wish I could come up with a the nastiest t-shirt, but I'm leaving that up to you guys since you guys are the professionals.

Tyler  02/16/09 5:04 pm
omg, i rickity feel for it, and i almost cried because i havnt bought a tshirt here yet and i've been out of money the whole 3 weeks! FUCK MY PROSTATE YOUR HERE TO STAY! i'll buy at least 2 this week sometime and more for the futures. HAZAA!

blow me  02/16/09 5:04 pm
jesus christ. there is way too much ass kissing and ball licking going on here. we got it, you're 'part of the club'. get off his knob- he's laughing at you fucks just as much as he's laughing at the haters. twats.

ScM  02/16/09 5:11 pm
Kinda seen this coming. Bought some shirts just in case. Fuck you. And good one.

Guppy Gurl  02/16/09 5:12 pm
Yes... yes... yes... oh, yes... yeah... oh yes... that's it... right there... YES! You just hit the spot... YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That just fucken rocks! Best stunt ever!!!! Bet ya creamed it too!!!!!!!

robert  02/16/09 5:21 pm

Lisa Marie  02/16/09 5:28 pm
Knew it & loved it the whole time.. it's why I love this site...

Jizzes  02/16/09 5:32 pm
I had an inkling, but I still saved all the designs on my harddrive just in case...

xan alexander  02/16/09 5:35 pm
woo hoo! totally fucking awesome! its alive! can hardly wait to see what ya'll cum up with next... keep up the baaaaad work

Arkles  02/16/09 5:41 pm
Hee hee - thanks; I needed this.

aerofrce1  02/16/09 5:43 pm
You sneaky fuckers. I had to sell my left titty to afford the shirts I had to have. Granted I have some kick ass shirts and I am thrilled to see you are still going to be there for my t-shirts needs in the future. But all my shirts look weird since there is only one titty underneath. Not only that but my left tit was my favorite.

Stac  02/16/09 5:44 pm
Fuck all of the ignorant cunts who don't get good humor (or bad...)! This was brilliant as can only be expected. You are ahead of the marketing game. Keep up the weird and sick shit bitches. I adore your rotten souls!

Stac  02/16/09 5:46 pm
And fuck the christians-you mindless sheep!

joocee_fruit  02/16/09 5:48 pm
Just like Christmas!!!

dave mailman  02/16/09 5:54 pm
glad your staying open fuck the haters I dont always agree with some shirts but I'm not going to buy them Im going to buy the ones I think are fukin funny freedom of speech and owning a gun two things we take for granted.love ya gay robot

ms  02/16/09 5:55 pm
no offense but duh... it was your reasons for quitting that gave it away... a couple of mean emails and you weren't gonna sell the company... any one who is a big enough douche to sell these shirts would be douche enough to sell out...
... or prank the tshirthell world

Keith Curtin  02/16/09 5:56 pm
THANK YOU...you guys are the best. Now I don't have to cash in my 401k and get a second mortgage to buy the last great shirt you make. I wouldn't know what to do without you, I would have to walk around all the time with no shirt on. Thank god I don't cuz it's a scary sight!

dennis chapai  02/16/09 5:57 pm
fuck yea! I have been reposting your letters on myspace for two weeks! so many of my friends will be happy to know you are staying! yess!!!

schwarzkoff  02/16/09 6:03 pm
I purchased $160+ worth of shirts for this! that is fucking awesome. i cant wait to tell my right wing family how i finally decided to spend my fistmas money from them.
Mr. Megatron, you are a fucking man

Natasha  02/16/09 6:06 pm
Well this feminist is fucking glad you're sticking around! The shirts I find offensive? I don't order them! Rock on bitches!

Scott  02/16/09 6:12 pm
Fucking awesome.

Jeff  02/16/09 6:12 pm
You fuck head

.... I've been had. Hook, Line, Sinker, Bought a bunch of fuct shirts cuz I thought I would never see them again.

Good ploy. Good luck pulling this off again... Better hope your starving country doesn't fuck itself off into another infinite financial shithole again...


..... PS... Im sorry.. i love you guys. :)

ALEX  02/16/09 6:14 pm
You motherfuckers tricked me! Well, I'm glad shutting down was just a joke. Fuck what those whiny niggers say about your shirts. If they don't like them, they don't have to buy and wear them.

Joyce Boles  02/16/09 6:21 pm
You didn't fool me. I knew it wasn't for real. If you ever decide to shut down, however, please donate the business to me. thank you

shizz  02/16/09 6:21 pm
I bet all the other satire t-shirt companies are now shitting themselves after thinking they had smooth sailing once you guys where gone. Nice prank fuckers. Keep up the good work.

Sonya  02/16/09 6:22 pm
YAY!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Too bad you didn't set it up for April 1. But YAY!!!!! anyway...

Jen  02/16/09 6:25 pm
Well played, my friends, well fucking played. I am very glad you aren't closing though, there is a little place in my heart reserved for your extremely offensive (yet entirely hilarious) t-shirts.

Kudos for stirring up the haters, they were probably due for some new material anyways.

Reverend Jeff  02/16/09 6:29 pm
HAHA! Sooo funny... I'm living in a van after spending my last dime on tshirt hell, trying to resell your tshirts to people by saying "they're not around anymore," but I see you're sticking around... HAHA funny funny guy, you are... oh.. .whew... I fucking hate you sunshine.

superdouchebag  02/16/09 6:30 pm
i was new to your site about two weeks ago and ordered quickly to get a piece of history before it was gone, and now it's not leaving? all the better. tell all your haters to stick a grill brush up their collective asses!

Death Magnetic  02/16/09 6:31 pm
I fucking knew it! It was all a goddamn ploy. T Shirt Hell kicks fucking ass. To all you pieces of shit who whine and cry about how these articles of clothing demoralize society, contribute to its destruction, and promote hatred and violence against gays, wetbacks, niggers, white trash, Jews, dikes, towelheads, and everyone else I didn't mention, get over yourselves. You people are always going to be bitching about something. Now that you know this company isn't going out of business, you will resume your harassment of them on an even greater scale. You people are pathetic. Pour your energy into another cause because you'll never succeed in driving this bad ass company out. So here's a huge FUCK YOU to all of you idiots who thought it was on its way out. T Shirt Hell has my unconditional respect and love. Keep up the great fucking work.

Perilous  02/16/09 6:32 pm
See, this is why I didnt bother buying the t-shirts I wanted to buy before the FINAL DAY OF BUSINESS, or sending you a tearful email entreating you not to proceed with such madness - because I knew that unscrupulous twats like you had to be lying through your teeth as some kind of sad promotional stunt.

Nice job. Thanks for not disappointing me. NOW I'll buy something! :D

Praxedis  02/16/09 6:34 pm
This little stunt was fucking juvenile, but hey, whatever makes the buck. Still a fan.

Al  02/16/09 6:37 pm
excellent, love it.

DerFahrer  02/16/09 6:42 pm
Goddammit, Sunshine Megatron! You cocksucking shit-eating cuntrag!

I had to perform countless disgusting and demoralizing sexual favors on the autistic, the herpes-ridden, the homeless, a couple wildebeest, and even the Jewish... to scrap together enough money to pay for your retarded shirts!

What little dignity I had is now completely gone, because all I have to show for it now are some shitty T-shirts that fully demonstrate my lack of dignity...

... I couldn't be happier!

Rock on, motherfucker!

Dave  02/16/09 6:42 pm
I fucking love you SM

Tom  02/16/09 6:51 pm
You cocksucking shitlicker, I actually bought shirts because I thought you were going away. Those are the last shirts I buy from your company, ever. Enjoy your one time jump in profits, douchenozzle, it won't work a second time.

Ron  02/16/09 6:53 pm
HAHAHAH.. Fucking love it! Way to go Sunshine Megatron.. ROFL!

Fuck all the PC morons!

Moonglow Opti-Prime  02/16/09 7:00 pm
My name is actually Kyle Mason and I am 16 of 16 races THAT I KNOW OF. I was going to change my name legally to Sunshine Megatron, but someone beat me to it. Thanks. Suffice it to say, however, I do appreciate the fact that the little nagging voice in the back of my mind that said "this is all a joke and perhaps a publicity stunt and they can't really be going out of business THEY JUST CAN'T" turned out to be right and the one that said "the blood of the innocent must be spilled..." well, I haven't decided on that one yet. Anywho, glad you will be around long enough for me to finally get laid and have a bastard that I can clothe in your fabulous baby wear, assuming I can afford it. (Don't hold your breath, however.) Also, when I get my own talk show, your ashes will be an inspiration to millions as my words put douches in their places. That reminds me: I need you to be shot repeatedly on Feb 17, 2009 by a lone Caucasian Catholic...well, I don't remember it all; it's on my contest submission, though. Look it up- it's all there. But it needs to be after midnight tonight and before midnight tomorrow night, so you think you can get a start on that for me? Thanks. My creditors would appreciate that $50,000 too. Not that they'll see any of it.

rupnok  02/16/09 7:00 pm
you teabagging capitalist douchebag -- you rock. FTW!

zach b  02/16/09 7:10 pm
fuck yeah! gotta love that bill o rights

zach b  02/16/09 7:11 pm
fuck yeah! gotta love that bill o rights

sneakily1  02/16/09 7:14 pm
Thank god (or whomever) you're not closing! I'm proud owner of quite a few of your shirts over the past 4 years and designer of one...and I was about to have to admit I have a vagina and cry when I heard you guys were closing down. Now I can remain in denial about my vagina.

Santina  02/16/09 7:15 pm
YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK!!! I'm so glad to see you aren't going out of business!!! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next, and I'll be coming back to buy more...and more...and more!! Keep it up!!!

Obi1  02/16/09 7:15 pm
THANK GOD!!! dude, I was willing to buy the goddamn domain just to keep it alive! I'D MISS THIS PLACE WAY TOO MUCH!

Raf  02/16/09 7:21 pm
U rock! i was so sad !! thank god u are still here! keep it up long lived free speach and fuck you! if you cant take a joke!!

Matt  02/16/09 7:26 pm
I'm glad you guys aren't going anywhere, but you got me to spend $130 on t-shirts... and a hoodie. And for this I will track you down, rape you, buy a few more shirts, and rape you again till you cry... then rape you some more, but not because I'm mad, just because I like it when they cry. Thanks

Phubar  02/16/09 7:30 pm
Because of folks like you, T-Shirt Hell, America will prevail. Keep the faith, motherfuckers.

Yobee  02/16/09 7:40 pm
Tiresome, but lame :)

DON OWENS  02/16/09 7:41 pm
I HATE self righteous,politically correct douche bags!!! Glad you hung tough. Keep up the good work!

volatilepyro  02/16/09 8:04 pm
I got to say I half ass suspected something like this was going on but I couldn't risk NOT ever owning a couple of your amazing shirts. So yes I was suckered but I deserve it. I waited until you guys were almost out of business to buy a couple so your plan definitely worked. I am however FUCKING ECSTATIC that you guys are staying in business.

jeery  02/16/09 8:15 pm
fucking brilliant. well played sir.

CPT Steve  02/16/09 8:20 pm

Meagan  02/16/09 8:21 pm
today i woke up and thought "shit, today's the last day to buy a shirt from them...guess i'll never own a i should be in the kitchen shirt" BUT you guys made my life today even thought i did have to suffer with my sad shirt-less thoughts. thanks tshirt hell!

trinityknot  02/16/09 8:24 pm
Yeah bitches! Glad to hear it. I shall no longer be a pussy and will buy more shirts.

LeahTard  02/16/09 8:26 pm
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was so upset because I thought you all were going away! I have changed my mind about killing myself!!! Yeah!

Stenberg  02/16/09 8:27 pm
I kind of thought it could b a publicity stunt from the start but of course i still felt a bit sad if it was really true.
Now i am slightly pissed off of your way of making heaps of people buy your shirts in this way but i am way more happy that you are back.... or still here or whatever.
Go Hell!

Paul  02/16/09 8:29 pm
You sly mother fucker! I had suspected something like this, but didn't think that you were that much of a douchebag. The only shitty part is that I kinda look like a cunt now for telling my friends to hurry the fuck up and order shit. Oh well, at least I can keep buying shit for my seven month old son when he grows out of the two that I've already got for him. Now that you're sticking around, I'll send pics. Well played.

Kevin- sad case fucking brit  02/16/09 8:42 pm
Thank fuck you aren't shutting down. Didn't get paid enough this month to buy all I wanted. Still you're a sneaky fuck. Prick, Any hoo, at least we still get to buy the best from the best. and if you really wanna be a twat you can post my details so the mongy, colour blind and smurf fuvking mooses can have a rant at someone else,... HAD TO DELETE MY FULL ADDRESS, don't want my being mum killed... Derby, Derbyshire England. Here's my mail if you wanna rant at some one else who also doesn't give a fuck... [email protected]

the lost messenger  02/16/09 8:53 pm
llmfao, now who says mondays can't be good?? i finally got to go back to work after being laid off for the majority of the past month and a half(last monday was good too, since i got laid), got a great yearly review spotlighting my lack of motivation, yet congratulating my hard work over the past yer(imagine how much work would get done if i were motivated. i would have been laid off until late march instead of mid february), and then i finally end my evening by finding out that the only place that has come anywhere near offending me(keep trying, and i'll keep laughing) over the past 15 years is not shutting down. thank you so much. smiling has seemed a lost art to me lately, and you guys just gave me my largest grin of the week.....so far. i anticipate your future, and can hardly wait to see what levels you will take your humor to next. thank you for 7.5 years of laughs, and 12.5 more.

fgsfds  02/16/09 9:00 pm
YESYESYES thank you thank you

notthemomma  02/16/09 9:01 pm
Its like falling in love with your kidnapper, Sunshine...I love you, I love you, I love you. - Now, never.., never do that again!!

Lafe  02/16/09 9:02 pm
That was a pretty genius move if i may say so myself. So glad to hear your sticking around! If i am ever having a bad day your shirts put a shit eating grin on my face. Or maybe its just the shit im eating that does it... Thank you for all the entertainment and all the pussy ass faggots that i've pissed off through my years of wearing your shit.

jeff  02/16/09 9:05 pm

MO  02/16/09 9:16 pm
You sooo fucking rock!! I'm so happy that closing T-Shirt Hell was a big joke! Hell, I'm going to pull some cash out of the secret stash in my ass and buy a shirt, just because that was an AWESOME business move on your part! Keep up the good work, thanks!!!

Valerie  02/16/09 9:17 pm
You conniving little bitch!!! Good one!

Max  02/16/09 9:19 pm
Fucking classic! Glad to know you fuckers aren't going anywhere, and congratulations on your little ploy; I bought 4 shirts!

Randall McJamhole  02/16/09 9:22 pm
Yeah, I just wanted to say thanks for convincing me to buy $380 worth of shirts on a credit card i cant pay off. im excited to get em in the mail and all but i cant help thinking, fuck, im unemployed, i have rent, utilities, cell phone and a car to pay for each month besides groceries, and now i got $380 to pay off to you motherfuckers.....of course the thought of a hapless prick like me breaking the bank for your shirts probably just made you cream your shorts sunshine, so kudos on bending me over like a stripper and giving it to me hard.

happy to hear the hell will still be around. cheers.

Erin Kendall  02/16/09 9:32 pm
You fucking assholes. I love you. I knew this was a joke. It just HAD to be. BTW, you are right, it got this lazy fan off her ass and bought a few t-shirts. Much love to you still.

Shannon  02/16/09 9:33 pm

j.gabriel  02/16/09 9:38 pm
fuck yes!!!! im all about the jokes!! and i love the humor!! nice strategy i fukkin love it!!! dont ever leave fukkerz!!!

Thomas  02/16/09 9:41 pm
You fooled me, that's for sure! But hey, when it's for a good cause who can get mad? =) To me it is fucikng awesome that you never left, and will continue to be around making funny shirts for people with a sense of humor, and pissing off people with no sense of humor! This is like a delayed christmas gift or something! Thanks!

Andrea  02/16/09 9:55 pm
I was hoping this was all a gag! You guys rock!

Paul  02/16/09 9:58 pm
Fuck, you mean my kid didnt have to go without real food this month after all? Poor little bastard hasnt had a decent meal in ages so I could afford to get smoe shirts. Cheers fuckers. Glad to see you stay though.

Tia  02/16/09 10:00 pm
Evil, pure evil... I love it! Just promise me you won't use my hard earned money for any worthy causes. Looking forward to buying more shirts at your next closing down sale

sididis  02/16/09 10:09 pm
Phuckin Phew, I was despairing that my favourite webstore was actually folding!! Welcome back you guys, gee its likeyou never left

Sholva of ALH  02/16/09 10:12 pm
That whole thing has gotta be one of the best pranks I'v ever seen. Truly, that was nicely done sunshine!
Personally, i would have loved to have seen the look on a couple of the faces of the over-sensitive, cock sucking, emo, douche-bags who write you hate mail when they thought you were going, and then when you told them you were sticking around. i would probably crap myself if i saw their expressions

that guy who looks like jesus and charles manson  02/16/09 10:12 pm
i fucking love it. you made me realize my dream of owning the Jesus Did it for the Chicks thing. can you get any good weed?

btw i spent the money i was saving for a laptop on shirts. you saved me from becoming a laptop toting sackmonger. there goes my plan to steal pics from chicks cellphones via bluetooth when they come in my store. one love.

Mike  02/16/09 10:14 pm
I had a feeling this would be a joke due to the site being up at full capacity and allowing anyone to register to become full members etc etc.. It did make me get off my ass to order shirts just in case though.. So i was a bit worried.. now i can order tons more shirts from now on.. Whoopie!!

john Urbanski  02/16/09 10:14 pm
welcome back!
I knew you guys weren't TOTAL pussies........

Redwingirl  02/16/09 10:15 pm
You've made me so happy....

Scott  02/16/09 10:23 pm
HAHA ...dicks. I love your shirts, I own like 8. But seriously, that was a dick move. Dicks.

TroublemakingRedheadinVirginia  02/16/09 10:25 pm
OK, I thought you were taking down the site for real. Glad you're not going anywhere, not that I was a big customer (due to low wages and 23 percent tax on my freaking lousy paycheck)! My BF and I are very happy that you'll be around, and may I salute you in a big "KISS MY ASS" to the people that have no sense of dark humor. Sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray...(I know I must be about the 320980th person to say that to you)

Break out the cheap beer and let's have a wet T-shirt contest, right here in the church! Beats that ice-cream social all to hell, don't it?
- Very fucking sincerely yours,
She In Virginia Who Must Be Obeyed

Razor  02/16/09 10:27 pm
Fucking rock on. The moment I saw you guys weren't actually closing I laughed my ass off. Damn.

Nice play.

Phred  02/16/09 10:32 pm

Kazlor  02/16/09 10:43 pm
So I'm sitting here, reading this newsletter, and I get to the point where I'm supposed to scream out my window, and it felt like I ran into a brick-wall when the notion of my hopes was actually a reality and that T-Shirt Hell wasn't actually going out of business.

Now, I will be the first to admit, it's been a while since I ordered a t-shirt from here. In fact, the last shirts I ordered were "If you're close enough to read this, you now have SARS" and "Shot by the sniper!"

Words cannot describe the hilarity that ensued when, right before my back got all fuckered up for lifting furniture at a department store (which shall remain unnamed) that catered to really old, really fucking rich people, someone would read the SARS shirt, usually some old bat, and I'd cough at her.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know how much stress you put me through trying to find another t-shirt website that came anywhere close to yours (believe me, there isn't), and at the same time, the near orgasmic joy I felt when I realized it was all a huge hoax.

So all in all, a few words will sum it up very well:

Fuck you. Fuckers.
(Please don't do this shit again)

Dan  02/16/09 10:50 pm
Well played.

RedFlyer  02/16/09 10:51 pm
Sunshine Megatron, you are awesome!!!

Valerie  02/16/09 10:52 pm
Oh my god, you got me. That was great. I think I love you...again.

Kev  02/16/09 10:53 pm
Thank god! I love you guys!! Please PLEASE continue being as offensive as you possibly can!

VonCouch  02/16/09 10:56 pm
Good joke. I forked over $20 I don't really have for what I thought was going to be the last chance to support one of my favorite sites and I don't actually have a job to justify the purchase, but glad some people got a laugh.

PriiT  02/16/09 11:17 pm

Yes, I actually stood up, opened my window and did exactly that.

Catharsis  02/16/09 11:22 pm
You sneaky sonuvabitch... lol been a fan of this site for many years now. Was quite upset thinking that it was shutting down. Was pretty pissed actually... I'm extremely happy to know this cesspool of filth and slime isn't goin anywhere.
Well played sir, well played. Keep up the great work.


AutisticIsSexy  02/16/09 11:41 pm
I need to you to bring back "If I want to taste the rainbow, I'll eat a Lesbian" or please tell me you have a medium baby doll of that shirt just lying on the floor somewhere.

Michael Y  02/16/09 11:56 pm
I figured this was a joke as well, but it wasn't a risk that I was willing to take! You're welcome for the 15 shirts ordered... Now that there's nothing left that I still want, you bastards need to put up some new stuff.

Oystein  02/16/09 11:59 pm
Haha, Sunshne Megatron. I don't know if I want to fuck you in the ass, or kick you in the ass. Brilliant. Thanks for "helping the economy". Fucking bastard. If I had a vagina, you'd be a perfect fater to my bastard children.

Peter Deeeee  02/16/09 11:59 pm
Thank you for not going away! I've enjoyed the countless people that managed to find offense in my "Homosexuals are Gay" shirt but haven't gotten up the courage to wear my "What about all the good things hitler did" shirt to the kosher coffee shop I work at. You've set a standard and I will do my best to follow your example. Fuck all ya'll...Right? right!

POWE  02/17/09 12:02 am
I'm actually gonna buy a fuckin shirt now because you sick sons of bitches are so fucked up. This is the next plan though...

Pay somebody 20k to get on To Catch a Predator wearing one of your shirts. Well worth the adveristing for you guys and the 20k should pay off and exceed their attorney fees. Make this shit happen.

So You sort of get upside & it'll reach, at least a little  02/17/09 12:25 am
you fucking assholes.

I love you.

Lisa  02/17/09 12:29 am
You shuda done something cool for the reveal, like make a shirt with a slogan on it " I was duped into buying this shirt" or something. Woulda been way better

Curtis Zaerr  02/17/09 12:39 am
I'll take you up on the offer, and your welcome! Welcome back that is...

jebelious  02/17/09 12:58 am
FUCKING MINT! more t-shirts for me!

serter  02/17/09 12:58 am
That's ma kinda team!

shlecky  02/17/09 1:13 am
You are manipulitive at a a time where people are easily manipulated. Just like Hitler at a a time where...well you know. Use humor to take over the world...nah...your just another capitalist. What about the terrorists? Iran and the there lead to bring on the end of days, destruction of a country. The real real evil... micro chips... sign of the beast, bring on the real humor! You're now re- financed. Push the limits, create some hell... seriously,,, new shit is weak! BRING ON THE HELL!

S...  02/17/09 1:25 am
Glad Ya'll Staying Around
Its Always Good To See The Pissed Off Look On Those Clone Ass Peoples Faces.

Rock On!!!

Teri  02/17/09 1:28 am
FINALLY! Someone who remembers FREE SPEECH!
Congrats on your recent windfall~ You're a fuckin' genius!

brandeisel  02/17/09 1:40 am
You fucking pricks!!! I even turned to my husband and said :"It's gotta be a stunt!" Then I bent over and bought 11 shirts! Next time I buy a shirt from you, I'd better get head and not that lazy ass head either-stick your whole tongue in there! And someone had better at last lick my husband's balls for having to listen to me bitch about my favorite place going out of business!!! PS. I love you and am too happy that you're still here to be mad!

Berksy  02/17/09 1:42 am
... you're a fucking genius, Sunshine. You had me fooled, I will admit, but thanks for your great work. Keep it up. Glad to hear Tshirt Hell is gonna be around for a while!

donkyfakka  02/17/09 1:49 am
you son of a bastard bitch, i bought 4 fucking shirts. my lawyers will kick your black jewish ass, Sunshine.
best regards

Natasha  02/17/09 1:50 am
how did anyone believe you is what I want to know...I mean, it's fucking t-shirt hell!

Lizzy  02/17/09 1:58 am
I SHOULD HAVE KNOWNNN! but thank you. otherwise i would have never bought the fucking classy shirt. yay! gah. i should have known..... :)

Miss M�rk  02/17/09 2:00 am
YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

Anthony  02/17/09 2:06 am
Man I wanna smoke the shit your on. mind you the shirts are cool I have 15+ of them all the way to New Zealand but man that Rant was kick ASSS im sitting here wasted off my nut reading it.
So good shit in there short novel coming up {Im still waiting with some good shit for Voltron either smoking some fucker with the blazing sword or you can even connect the 5 lions in a daisy chain either way youll get at least 1 sale of each.. keep up the rants.... Ants

greebo  02/17/09 2:07 am
Haha, you son of a bitch. I was genuinely worried that I'd no longer be able to buy your wares.
But, on the plus side (for you), I managed to convince a bunch of my tight ass friends to pony up some cash and buy shirts of their own. congratulations, you magnificent cunt

Cavalierman  02/17/09 2:23 am
You scared the crap out of me there....

but I forgive you

Gilbert  02/17/09 2:30 am
"I should have named it 'T-Shirt Cunt Rape Faggot Nigger". Fuck yeah you mother fucker. I thought you were a pussy giving in to all the bullshit fags and fucknuts having the site you have man and calling it quits. You are the man mother fucker, and knowing you will be even more fucked up now makes bunching babies and peeing on old ladies on the bus have new meaning...cause ill have a fucked up shirt to match the situation!!! Fuck everyone!!!!!!!!

Robert P.  02/17/09 2:33 am
I've been had... and I loved it.
You guys should make a t-shirt commemorating (sp?) this fake ending...

Chattermouth  02/17/09 2:43 am
Sneaky fucking bastards. I bought a damn t-shirt over this. Well, the joke's on you, as your economy still sucks, and I still live in Norway. See you next sale ;P

Pamcakes  02/17/09 3:07 am
I may not like all your shirts, but I will defend to the...mild discomfort...your right to make them.
Rock on, T-shirt Hell!


corey  02/17/09 3:07 am
Haha you cunts tricked me into buying 10 more of your shirts...and ive never been more happy. Btw Im still waiting to get my ass kicked for wearing my "arrest black babies; before they become criminals" shirt out in public...but ill let you know when that finally happens.

one love

EthanEdward  02/17/09 3:10 am
Save that joking shit for April Fools, douche! BTW: Rock and with the shirts!!!

LazyBleize  02/17/09 3:11 am
you fucking legend!!!!
you got us all haha
could be a very early april fools
but an awesome prank none the less

cam  02/17/09 3:11 am
ohh, That is fucking classic. two words, Awesome!!!!

yourbitch  02/17/09 3:29 am
Glad you're not dead yet and that T-shirt Hell is alive and kicking ass yet agai......STILL. I'm glad you guys got to keep your jobs.

Rilana  02/17/09 3:34 am
Like DUH! I thought of that the minute I read the mail you were about to close the store. Ofcourse you don't stop when things go so well. Or you must be a great popband which doesn't want to end when nobody loves them anymore or like such....
Anyway.. I really couldn't care less. It didn't make me buy more shirts....

xaixailullaby  02/17/09 3:43 am
you guys are so fucking marvelous

Kurtis  02/17/09 4:05 am

Fucking Legend!!!

Mike  02/17/09 4:07 am
Awesome. Fucking awesome. There are no other words to describe it. This has been, continues to be, and will forever be the best T-Shirt site on the interwebs, and I for one am fucking glad that good ole Sunshine pulled one over on me. I was hella bummed about the site going down.

Arc Cahlon  02/17/09 4:09 am
when i first heard this site was going I was totaly fucking speechless. I knew the angry e-mial exscuse was bullshit but I thought you guys had other issues and where going to take away the best place for comedy on the internet. glad its bullshit cuz after fixing my truck and paying off the courts i am getting me some happy shirts, and i still gotta get my crackhead aunt the "who needs tits when you got an ass like this" shirt. cuz sadly her tits are smoked away, but hey she still has a pretty nice ass

Swandiggitty  02/17/09 4:14 am
Your 4 of the 6...? Why couldn't you put Gay in there as well? A gay polish robot would be awesome! Now your just partially awesome...!

Jake  02/17/09 4:23 am

Rocco (another damn Gi-knee) Cerullo  02/17/09 4:55 am
Genius. Total, up your ass, in your face genius. Kudos bitch!

Jase  02/17/09 5:02 am
Fucking awesome! You played it well, and wth style. I tip my hat to you. Keep the fucking awesome, and fucking hilarious, shirts coming.

Ebony  02/17/09 5:12 am
thank gawd you guys aren't goin' anywhere! and thanks for the discount on my new shirts!

Turdface  02/17/09 5:16 am
Laughed my nuts off at your stunt and want to thank you for fucking up yet again all the conservative cunts that got their dryed up wells flowing with juices from the thought that you would actually stop pimping that shit you do. Please keep doing this until people start taking stuff less seriously (or atleast wait until I get my shirts from mail cause wearing them makes me get laid 250% more).

What Would Satan Do  02/17/09 5:19 am
That's EXACTLY what I would do!

It's stays, You GO!  02/17/09 5:30 am
I LOVE the combination of the 4 of 6! :)
No wonder you are so crazy !!!
Only a great nutcase can come out of the coolest nations/people on Earth :) Irish.. Italian.. Yugoslavian.. Polish (does it get more crazy than this?) ;)

(unless I am totally mistaken and you are a black gay robot :D )

Jesse  02/17/09 5:33 am

AVAIX SYSTEMS  02/17/09 5:33 am
Kudos!! This is great news for those of us who are cheering you on from the sidelines!! (great strategy, by the way)


Keith Blitz  02/17/09 5:41 am
You Fucking Rock...I will continue to purchase my shirts that infuriate Oklahoma from TSH. You're Right-They Just Don't Get It. Fuck Em'. See you in Hell!!!

adriana  02/17/09 5:41 am
touch�... I suspected as much but just to make sure I had to buy some t-shirts. Oh well, at least I got the WHOPPING 10% discount - I think I saved like $7

gs  02/17/09 5:45 am
You bastard! You finally made me dig into my deep, deep pockets and buy one of your T-Shirts! And that's me, a Scottish Jew parting with my money: I can tell you how much *that* hurts! And for the cheapest sales stunt I've seen yet. Love you all! Hope you survive the recession! GS.

Danny Mack  02/17/09 5:46 am
You sonofabitch! As an entrepreneur, I admire how you strategically launched a pr stunt to drive in sick amounts of revenue. As an entrepreneur, I also hate you for leading me to believe that I could take your place in the market...the dream was fun while it lasted...congrats and fuck you!

Mari  02/17/09 5:58 am
I can't believe all these idiots believed you. From the very first email I got from you I knew you were just pulling a stunt to sell more shirts. Any real TShirt Hell fan should have seen this coming.

Kandi  02/17/09 6:04 am
Hilarious. It worked for me, but I must admit I did suspect a "punch line", new company taking over etc. It worked enough for me to hurry up and buy my Jesus hating tank tops before the summer hit, so I would be sure I could offend my fat bitch bible thumping neighbor, and my hypocritical Christian Crack Head neighbor. I opted for the Virgin Mary Anal shirt and gay Jesus. They'll look nice with some bright shorts riding up my ass while I garden in the yard. Got to love the bible belt. If you were really going out of bizzness I was going to get super ghetto &make my own shirts using Sharpie markers and copyright infringement.

Linda James  02/17/09 6:04 am
YYAAAYYYYYYYYYYY< running naked with streamers in each hand>, it wasn't true!!!!!!!

HolyFuckingShitBalls!!  02/17/09 6:24 am
Fucking sweet guys!
I also got some satisfaction out of the looks on my coworkers faces, when I sent them to you guys site. Keep the laughs cumming!!

HellBoy2000  02/17/09 6:26 am
Sure....just leave me like my mom and dad did.

You bastards! I hate you!

Curt  02/17/09 6:27 am
Awesome. Can we affectionately call the site 'T-Shirt Cunt Rape Faggot Nigger'? Like a pet name or something, you know? Just something between us faggot niggers.

John  02/17/09 6:30 am
You guys are awesome! Keep it up and I'll keep buying the shirts.

Mark Twain  02/17/09 6:31 am
The Buddha hates you.

everyone's bitch  02/17/09 6:33 am
Holy shit, I just came in my panties...marry me.

trisha  02/17/09 6:37 am
You guys are fucking assholes! And I heart you! You fuckin got me!

Willy Quixote  02/17/09 6:43 am
I was taken in and turned out by your "closing down" but Fuck It. If I was willing to spunk $200 on your shit (literally and figuratively) all at once then a few dollars every now and then shouldn't have been a problem.

More fool me.

I feel like the Yank college girl who let me buy her a drink and then wonders why she woke up in a Saudi Arabian brothel chained to a radiator...should have fucking well known the naive bitch I am.

Fuck you all and I'm delighted that your staying.

Ramun  02/17/09 6:51 am
I fucking knew it. Raptor Jesus listened to my prayers.

JD  02/17/09 6:51 am
Fuck you.

PMS Woman  02/17/09 7:01 am
Thanks for fucking me ... up. Ha Ha!

One day if I ever have some money, will definitely be buying the Han Solo t-shirt!

Bill  02/17/09 7:06 am
What an epic fucking joke! I loved/hated it. I was totally bummed that you were "leaving" but now I'm not. Insert Homer Simpson WooHoo here. Also glad to see the Cowbell Hero TorsoPant on Chuck last night.

PMS Woman  02/17/09 7:10 am
How the fuck do I edit my last comment?

* Han Job

(Fuck, I'm really fucked up today!)

Khemnis  02/17/09 7:30 am
You fucking suck!!! lmao!!!!! I bought into it 100%. Literally and figuratively because my son and I both bought 2 shirts each thinking we'd never get another chance to buy offensive shirts. lol. Good one.

Z Krog  02/17/09 7:33 am
How is this the bad news? Call me a moron (as you do to most) but I'm reading that you're raising your middle finger to the world like a pirate flag and Keeping the doors open?

Kathy Barthway  02/17/09 7:37 am
I could just fucking cry with happiness. That was actually TOUCHING. In fact, I'd like to show you on the doll where it touched me. Anyway, YAY!!!!

Buttocks Humper  02/17/09 7:39 am
Nice marketing stunt, you assholes. I love you.

Paul  02/17/09 7:45 am
You dick. I'm out of work, but bought one of your expensive-ass shirts anyway because I thought it was my last chance. Between paychecks from my part-time job (which I'm lucky to get in my town), my bank balance can dip into the double digits. But I'm out even more money because of your cutesy little stunt, you cock.

And I have bought shirts from you before WHEN I HAD A JOB. I was going to buy the one I bought last week WHEN I GET A JOB AGAIN! It was going to be my reward.

Seriously, fuck you. That's not a "fuck you" for being offensive. It's a "fuck you" for being a whiny little bitch.

David Robertson  02/17/09 7:55 am
Nice one guys , was gutted you were closing , now I get it , fuckin genius ! Been waiting for a reissue of "Native Americans..." , any chance of a return of "Born against christian" ? I lost mine . Keep up the good work . The economy needs you !

Spekoka  02/17/09 8:04 am
Only a gay robot could make the best t-shirts in the world. Sad to see you go but thanks for all the hate-inducing shirts!

Christopher  02/17/09 8:33 am
Awesome! Fuck the haters.

Alejandro  02/17/09 8:45 am
Yeah! Sunshine Megatron rocks!

Jenna  02/17/09 8:50 am
Ha! I fell for that shit, which proves my loyalty, eh? I even wrote a nice comment in my order. So how 'bout something better than a 10% sale next time, jackholes. And to think I was going to send y'all a pic of my double D's on your last day of operation.

f sakes  02/17/09 8:50 am
Bad ass! I love it. i was one of the retards that spent 2 hours writing a masterful email to Sunshine begging her not to go and to give me the company. what a dumb shit. at least i didn't buy any t-shirts though! HA! fuck you.

GuardianKiune  02/17/09 8:51 am
I fucking knew it! I knew you guys weren't closing, and I shit you not! Still, I'm very happy for the reassurance. Keep on truckin' faggots!

Jose F. Deida  02/17/09 8:59 am
In a country for fuckin big brother is always watching what we do and say,it's refreshing to know that a group of people had the balls to speak up. It's a shame you have to go out of business. Perhaps soon you can start all over again with another name, but the same great products. And for all those fuckers who wished you guys to go to hell....remind them that's that's where the best company is always at. Peace

welcome back  02/17/09 9:19 am
A tear just ran down my leg ~ I am so excited you aren't going anywhere. You guys are the shit!

Scott  02/17/09 9:25 am
Haha, you crafty bastard. Genuinely had me going there for a while and even had raised a glass to toast your farewell. Well i guess now i can raise another glass, or ten, and get back to buying some wonderful shirts and better your bank acount.

Randy Lenhardt  02/17/09 9:26 am
Laugh my god damn mother fucking ass off!

DJ  02/17/09 9:55 am
Fuck being mad at 'ya...you've renewed my faith in my fellow man. The world needs more ruthless capitalists and defenders/offenders of free speech! Thanks for the laughs.

Steve  02/17/09 10:02 am
I knew you had some gay robot in you.

JoshuaWolf  02/17/09 10:03 am
Damn straight. For a moment I was actually worried the only good website out there would sell short, but I'm glad to see you guys were just bullshitting. I hope to be around for the years and years of more offensive shirts to retards and gay rights activists you guys seemingly pull from your asses and still manage to turn into gold. Keep up the good work! ;)

MikeL  02/17/09 10:05 am
You need a self promoting T Shirt Hell shirt that says "FUCK YOU IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!"

SHann  02/17/09 10:05 am
YAY! Your not closing down:)

Big_James  02/17/09 10:06 am
And Nick sending our love for your shirts from across the pond, keep up the good work people :)

Bill Brown  02/17/09 10:09 am

AMY CHARTRAW  02/17/09 10:13 am
FUCK YEAH...You asshole you made me upset. But whatever I am glad your staying. Bring back my long walks on the beach after anal t shirt..please

theinfidel  02/17/09 10:17 am
hahaha you got me!
spend my money wisely fuckers!

anarchomum  02/17/09 10:34 am
im the one whose gonna kill you, puppy raping bottler of farts.... put down that dingleberry sandwich and put that horrid tongue in my cheesy, rotting cunt!
keep up the shitty work, motherfucker!! and why did you have dane cook skinned alive and are wearing his face??

but seriously, people really cant take a joke anymore.....its just words on a shirt....people who complain need to get a life.....

BUSHNAK  02/17/09 10:34 am
Ha! I fucking knew you guys wouldn't close your doors! ^_^ Thumbs up to all you sneaky motherfuckers! XD

nicole  02/17/09 10:42 am
will you bring back the fucked up wrapping paper now??

YouGotMeMuthahFuckah!  02/17/09 10:44 am
Ha! I KNEW it! I knew with a name like Megatron you had to be a GAY ROBOT!!
Are you single? ;-)

bozbozboz  02/17/09 11:02 am
oh, good. I was afraid I would have to mss out on all the shirts I want, as I didn't have enough scratch to get every one before you "went out of business". I'll forgive the lies and fucking with my head if you'll keep selling yoour shit without further drama. You self cutting, insecure little Emo bitch.

happy  02/17/09 11:20 am
You fooled me but that was genious. I am so happy it was a joke.

Outkasted  02/17/09 11:26 am
Hmm, you got me good. You fuckers.

Brian  02/17/09 11:29 am
Glad to here your sticking around! Awesome advertising job. What a better way to sell more shirts. You guys are the greatest! FUCK'EM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!!!!!!

Theresa  02/17/09 11:33 am
We love you, we love you, we love you! Glad you're not going anywhere! = )

blake  02/17/09 11:45 am

steve haberstroh  02/17/09 11:50 am
Well I sent an email But you said you fucking bastards wont be able to get to it and to just leave a comment.Basically I want to say you are a pretty funny dude and like you I always say crazy things at work to my friends just to be funny and get a reaction from them.I may be worse than you.With that said some of your shirts are ones that cannot be worn without a bodyguard present but could wear them inside the house.I bought the I support single moms shirt and one or two others But I forget what the others were.I like the sexual tshirts so if you could make more funny sexual shirts I would appreciate it.I will be buying a few shirts like the youtube myspace ill google your yahoo shirt. That is not dirty at all but its funny as hell and has dirty implications.I would almost buy the barack obama so we cool now? t shirt but I dont know if my black friends would appreciate it lol.Well anyways I think you are a marketing genius.If you have any new jersey offices I have a lot of good ideas for new shirts. My mind is just as crazy as yours.In closing thanks for not closing I was kinda upset I didnt get to order by the 16th. I am relieved now.Oh if you could please make a shirt that says something to the effect of FUCK YOU I LOVE LIVING IN THE BASEMENT. ALSO I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY FUCK YOU FOR SCARING ME AND I LOVE THE SHIRTS. FUCK DA HATERS.

ga  02/17/09 11:56 am
You fucking niggers. I love you guys so much.

Keep rocking, cuntbags.

Maria Eugenia Vega  02/17/09 12:02 pm


Jeni  02/17/09 12:19 pm
YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I KNEW it had to be a joke, otherwise it would just be so wrong!!! YAY!!!

D.j.  02/17/09 12:29 pm
Well played sir. Well played. I can finally take 'Final Countdown' off of repeat.

Prink  02/17/09 12:37 pm
Cool. Moar sales plz?

eric  02/17/09 12:49 pm
HAHAHA i fucking love "playing music in a minor"! BRILLIANT!!!

jon  02/17/09 12:50 pm
I love t-shirt hell, but this stunt is just customer abuse. Sorry, not buying anything now.

harkin  02/17/09 12:52 pm
If you were really committed to great shirts for all you would bring back the Charlie Brown/Lucy ALLAH! shirt that I ordered and you never sent.


dOOmShrOOm  02/17/09 12:56 pm
The best part is...those last 5 shirts I got won't be the last and I can get my mom the "I should be in the kitchen" shirt for a helluva mother's day gift.

Valdi  02/17/09 12:56 pm
So basically, you've done the website equivalent of faking a terminal illness to get laid.... It worked so I guess we can't judge :) My last purchase was 9-Shirts... before I knew you were "closing down the site", but due to a slight delay I still got the 10% off.... sweet! Glad you're still with us, now if only the stupid IT people would unblock your site so I could check out the new shirts when I most need the laugh.

jim  02/17/09 12:58 pm
Ha ha. I got the two shirts I've wanted for a couple of years, one of which hasn't been available in a long time.

But now what? Now I'm never going to buy another shirt from you guys. I hope you save the money you just made. Dumbass.

jessika  02/17/09 1:01 pm
fucking awesome. nice prank, assface. keep making great shirts :d

Jill  02/17/09 1:15 pm
I should have fucking known...I love you Sunshine. Don't ever leave me again.

Rosebud  02/17/09 1:19 pm
Man you guys are some funny motherfuckers man... I wanna throw you in my Delorean and gun it to '88

Hannah  02/17/09 1:49 pm
I'm really thankful that t-shirt hell isn't closing. I don't know any other site that actually has *decent* funny t-shirts available.

Keep up the excellent work so I can keep sending links to my friends (and enemies) with a big grin on my face

Ivan Joyderpuss  02/17/09 1:51 pm
I knew it you Douche Nozzles!!! Send me my fucking shirts. (Fucking "A" by the way)

becki  02/17/09 1:53 pm
I FUCKING LOVE YOU, BITCH. Now, give me anal.

Baillie  02/17/09 2:21 pm
Hot fuckin' damn. This makes my eyes leak with joy.

Andrea  02/17/09 2:23 pm
You make me smile. :D

Balls  02/17/09 2:24 pm
Well fuck. You got me good on that one. BTW, I lied to you about your test results BITCHES!!!!

Aaron Baumer  02/17/09 2:52 pm
Fucking amazing. What do you think the chances are of my making a decent (but really just shitty like my freshly fucked asshole) living by promoting your website? I could target non profit websites dedicated to peace or send regular ads to congressmen. Or wo-men. Fucking assholes. Go ahead, steal my ideas. They're not worth Jesus' carc-ass anyway. Fucking penile injections. Peace out.

MC  02/17/09 3:07 pm
How bout next time you pull a joke that only involves hate-mailers instead of making your customers scramble to buy shirts that are being delivered slowly due to the crazy ordering frenzy? We're your supporters. Don't be a douche to us.

papa  02/17/09 3:15 pm
You made me buy two shirts by lying to me! Just for that I'm going to saw off your ugly head with a comb. By the way, I'm glad you're not going anywhere. Now why don't you make me a nice shirt that says "I'm the one God is hiding from," or something else that an offensive atheist can appreciate (and buy)? Thanks, asshole.


Honey Cougar  02/17/09 3:21 pm
I love you guys.

*licks all of your privates*

soylentgreen  02/17/09 3:30 pm
ha! I knew it! Way to gouge the idiots...I LOVE MY NEW T-SHIRT!!

Marcus  02/17/09 3:31 pm
Here I was musing about what a cheap bastard you were for only breaking off 10%...

Erica  02/17/09 3:32 pm
You're a fucking champion my friend! Kudos!

Lindsay  02/17/09 3:42 pm
So glad to hear you're staying around..thanks for making me laugh every time I check out the site!

Crys  02/17/09 3:50 pm
I was one of the many who sent in an email, as a bi-sexual, christian with native, irish, dutch, french, scottish, canadian background I'm quite proud to say I blew off groceries and maxxed out my credit card in order to get a shirt...Asshats...I do appreciate the discount and will try to buy more shirts asap because I know a fucking HOT bi-sexual black ex catholic woman who would just kill a man for the "bring back slavery" shirt, guess I'll have to get it for her birthday. Congrats on yanking a lot of dumb fucking chains ;)

Jesse  02/17/09 3:51 pm
I cried a little when I read you were closing down, because I couldn't afford to buy every shirt you sell.

I screamed "Yes!" as loud as I could when I read you were staying open, and I think I came a little.

Leash  02/17/09 4:02 pm
FUCKING RIGHT YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You tricked us good! My sister bought 4 shirts! hahaha! I'm so glad you're bringing the best shirts back.

Justin  02/17/09 4:12 pm
fuck yeah! I just stopped by to see what "sloppy second" t-shirts may be around... fuckin IRS hasn't donated to my (our) cause yet. Bitches better get der shit together by the end of da goddamn week or I'm gonna bust a cap in der knees! Sonsofbitches!

Your Mom  02/17/09 4:14 pm
I knew you guys were too chicken-shit to actually call it quits.

Larry Ballsack  02/17/09 4:37 pm
Well played T-shirt Hell! I freaked out and bought a bunch of shirts because I thought you were folding to the fuckheads. That was just the motivation I needed to get off my ass and press the 'add to cart' button. Oh well, I got some funny shirts out of it (even though I had to sell all my blood to pay for them).

steph  02/17/09 4:43 pm
You dirty ass motherfuckers. My sister and i were so pissed off to hear you guys were going, just wait till she gets home from school and i tell her otherwise. Thank you for being the twisted indiviuals you are. You are legends! :D cant wait to see what you come up with this year.

Misty  02/17/09 4:57 pm
You are so made of awesome

BR Yo!  02/17/09 5:13 pm
Good god! Do you realize the things I did!?! I spent my welfare check, Sucked dicks Saturday night in my Alley, and even let one dude ANALize me. Thanks a lot guys, I now have five new shirts and a case of herpes!

Nick  02/17/09 5:16 pm
Great Joke....My wife didn't like it, I took her money to buy a bunch of shirts. Because I got no JOB!

Fuck You Very Much!

Mr.Pete Gonzales  02/17/09 5:17 pm
I didn't even get a reach around!!!

Jennifer  02/17/09 5:19 pm
Fucked by a corporation, you bastard, not me couldn't make your dead line..... haven't got my income tax yet!!! I love you.

geo  02/17/09 5:45 pm
You fuckers are going to burn in hell.

Not really ... you people rock. Welcome back. Or thanks for staying, as the case may be.

KB  02/17/09 5:52 pm
Man... you fuckers had me so worried you were gone for good I ordered 4 new shirts and one of those baby shirts. I was clearly driven out of my mind with sadness at what we thought was the site departure. I don't have children. Fuck, I dont even like children. Fuck you for making me plan ahead and thanks for staying open!

kornybob  02/17/09 6:02 pm
Yay! I can put the razor down and live my life. It wouldn't have been worth living without this site! Ironically did order "cookie cutter" I love that shirt!!!

J.L.  02/17/09 6:03 pm
well fuckina! i'm glad you're staying- you scared the fuck out of me dude! oh yeah, fuck those fucking fuckers woh were talking shit!

Shuga Draws  02/17/09 6:12 pm
That was a great prank. Mines better, I dont have monies.

jason  02/17/09 6:17 pm
Good on ya! Don't bow down to the haters!

snotty  02/17/09 6:19 pm
can i rub your balls for you?

Dude  02/17/09 6:27 pm
Good job man, glad your employees kept their job. This is truly some funny shit just like the shirts you sell. If people can't take a joke then fuck them. Get a pair of balls and a sense of humor.

milk.  02/17/09 6:55 pm
i KNEW it.


oh well.

michele  02/17/09 6:57 pm
Fuck ye!

Lee-lee  02/17/09 7:04 pm
sweet titties!!! Glad to see ya kept it goin!! can't wait to buy my ol' man the "I Shaved My Balls For This?" shirt!! Right On!

Goddamned Nigger Fuckers  02/17/09 7:56 pm
Mother of the fuck! And I was going to launch a TSH rip-off site tomorrow. Goddamn you Sunshine Megatron, eat my ass and balls!

Stefanie  02/17/09 8:02 pm
You slut. I knew you weren't going anywhere.

Tyler  02/17/09 8:05 pm
haha you guys are fucking awesome. I got on the site to see if it was actually shut down and I am ecstatic to see that it isn't. I've never been able to truly say that I have a "hero" before, but I can say it now. You guys are my fucking heroes. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go yell out the window.

Thank you for kicking the most ass that could possibly be kicked.

12 1/2 Soft  02/17/09 8:09 pm
yes t shirt hell has risen!!!!! Fuck you all if you can't take a joke bitches!!!!!

Rex Cramer  02/17/09 8:19 pm
No Shit. Dude, you fuckin' rule...

Fudge you  02/17/09 8:21 pm
Surprise! NOT!
Got me going for a while!
Soooo..... When are you print my t-shirt ideas and give me my money ?!
You know these'll keep you in business!
You know how you can sometimes smell the pussy through the jeans? This is hos I felt about your fire sale... It smelled fishy since the beginning...

insomnia  02/17/09 8:31 pm
I'll forgive you if you bring back the wrapping paper.

You know you want to.

Gary Selmes  02/17/09 8:33 pm
Bravo sir! I am overjoyed that you have decided to stick around! I wear my "HUNG LIKE A HORSE" t-shirt with great pride, and find that it always gets attention in a crowd(or one on one, if you know what I mean!), mostly positive. i.e- where can I get one? I send them all to tshirthell.com! Keep up the fucking great work! Cheers!

mike  02/17/09 8:41 pm
You fucking faggot. I hope the next person that goes after you actually finishes the job. It's bad enough that you sent out that worthless newsletter every month, but now you lie to your entire devoted customer base just to try to indirectly steal from them? Go fuck yourself. I hope you all get what you deserve. Die of AIDS. Super AIDS.

Bear  02/17/09 8:41 pm
You suck Sunshine. Here I thought I only had a week to get my order in so I spent money on t-shirts that should've gone to feed my wife and child. Now they're dead and all I've got to show for it is a humorous shirt about clown rape.

Well, except for having a wife or kid or anyone who cares about me. Still, you suck. Those t-shirts better get here fast.

Quinton  02/17/09 9:18 pm
Fuck Yea TSH , I agree with you guys soooo much. People are such whinney bitches now who can't take a FUCKING JOKE. It is great to see that other MOFO'S are keeping at it and understand the greatness of a joke. U GUYS ARE FUCKING AMAZING AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO EVEN IF THERE IS NO TSH ANYMORE.

TAKE DAT BITCHES  02/17/09 9:20 pm
Yes, fuck urselfs right in ur motherfucking faces u fucknut haters! T-Shirt Hell is the shit! T-Shirt will never die! T-Shirt Hell is god! So before you decide to hate on T Shirt Hell again i need you to take a deep breath, step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE! Keep it real Sunshine Megatron.

Arik  02/17/09 9:21 pm
Hahaha fuckin' loving ur shirts and you so got me! i was paranoid you were going out of business so i started showing this site to everyone i could to get them to buy shit from it. and i as a comedian dude guy thing completely understand your struggle with those bitchy motherfuckers who have no senses of humor.

Anthony  02/17/09 9:32 pm
Please....for fuck's sake, bring back the damn Postal Shootings shirt!!! Stop being a pussy and put it up for sale! It is the one shirt I regret never ordering, and yes, I am an asshole for procrastinating, but I need this shirt...especially at 10% off! So, pretty please, with a fucking cherry on top ; bring back the fucking shirt!

CDOG  02/17/09 9:39 pm
Keep the shit coming!

jvl1985  02/17/09 10:57 pm
Sunshine Megatron Syndrome (SMS): A psychological disorder in which the victim of being mind-fucked into buying awesome shirts develops amorous feelings toward the brain-rapist.

Seriously...thanks for fucking me into buying shit i wanted all along. Keep on printing awesome shit, hopefully some of the shit i'm about to email you guys...lol.

necro666  02/17/09 11:06 pm
i fucking love you(in a non gay way). you are a genious your just as bad as i am with jokes like these except your is on a world wide as mine was only my school wide. but this was fucking epic....

Byron  02/17/09 11:18 pm
Well played. After months of laughing at the shirts on this site and thinking "I have enough shirts", the closing got me off my ass to buy some. Now that I realize it was a ploy motivated to stimulate business and keep people working...I will be buying more shirts, because I respect that kind of chutzpah.

Mustard Dick  02/17/09 11:29 pm

Mustard Dick in the house!

noto  02/17/09 11:32 pm
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! You Guys Fuckin Suck Big Time..

Without you, my days would have been more boring ;) ..

Thanks so much ..

Ryan  02/17/09 11:51 pm
I FUCKING love you guys. It's just a tragedy that some simplistic morons can't see the amazing humor that is T-Shirt Hell. Fuck them, Fuck censorship and FUCK IDAHO!!!!!

I would've bought some shirts recently, but due to your ever disintegrating economy I lost my job in a lay off. You bet your fucking ass I'm getting more as soon as I can.

One more thing FUCK DEMOCRATS!

Eclipse Optimus  02/18/09 12:40 am
You finally forced me to buy the shirts I've had my eye on. I even got one for my baby, who starved to death after I gave you all my money. I think that's a small price to pay to help keep this site up. Loosing this site would have created a much larger void in my life. You are a sick man/gay robot. Keep selling shirts, because the world isn't ready for how you would otherwise spend your time.

okdok  02/18/09 12:53 am
Very funny .. but you really are a racist, misogynistic fuck ... obamanation help us all ...

Satan... no...really I am Satan  02/18/09 1:10 am
Fuck Jesus, he's a cocksucker.
Sunshine, you too LOVE the cock!
You got $85 fucking bucks outta me on this one you fucking prick! And then I thought about it, 10%? WHAT THE FUCK? I GOT A 20% DISCOUNT WHEN I SAID "IMBLACK"!!!

would you PLEASE put out something offensive for once? you can do better than this childish shit!


jack mehoff  02/18/09 2:06 am
way to get to me to spend my hooker and crack money on you. now i have to put up with the wife. at least i ll look good ya pricks.

Stan  02/18/09 4:26 am
HA! You tricky fucker. Now I need to go find a therapist. You win. Terrorists and the media hadn't fazed me with fear tactics...but you took it to a whole new level. 9/11? Psshhh. They're not even playing on your level. All hail Megatron!

Mike~  02/18/09 5:01 am
Okay so when you announced the first closing date I admit you had me. When you extended it I thought, HMMM it seems to me that someone is full of shit and yanking my chain. Thank GOD you're not a pussy and gonna keep this shit going. By the way, Sunshine Megatron is a great name for a gay robot and I'm sure when you die Allah will have 72 gay robot virgins set aside especially for you!

tor  02/18/09 5:44 am
Thats so fucking funny!

Andrea  02/18/09 7:00 am
Slick move, Sunshine. Glad you're sticking around. Keep giving Hell.

Wellykins  02/18/09 7:53 am
Yeahhhhhhhhh!!! I'm fucking thrilled you guys are staying open. Good prank. Got all my friends looking at your site now because I told them all to check it out and buy now since I thought you were closing down!! You rock, that is all

Dc_MelLid  02/18/09 7:56 am
Damnit! You cum drips got me! I was sad to hear that one of my favorite t-shirt sites was going to the dumps. I would have had no place to get SUPER offensive shirts and flaunt them around school lol! Boy do I love seeing the reactions of peoples faces! I love you guys (no homo)!!! Keep up the good work!

Terd Fergusen  02/18/09 8:13 am
Thank tittie-fucking Christ you are not going away. Maybe I won't do something bad to a deserving douche to keep myself occupied!

Handsom B. Wonderful  02/18/09 8:25 am
You had me, I actually thought T-Shirt Hell was closing. I actually thought it was because of this fucked up economy though, not because of any hate mail. Although now that I think about it maybe THIS is all a joke and you're really are closing shop. Fuck I don't know what to believe now. Anyway (true story) some fat chick I work with is a HUGE (pun intended) Hanson fan. Her birthday is Sunday and she claims that the girl from Hanson (the drummer one, not to be confused with the other 2 girls) is actually coming to meet her on her birthday. I guess he left his wife for this bitch. Anyway my bullshit detector went off so if he actually shows up I'm going to try to get a picture of him and her (or is it her and her) together. If this is legit I'm going to make her wear the "I fucked the girl from Hanson" shirt. Cross your fingers.

Craig  02/18/09 10:26 am
So this was a scam to fill your pockets? Go fuck yourself.

WTF  02/18/09 10:26 am
Ok - You got me...
What should my punishment be?
.....I guess I'll have to go down to the soup kitchen and find the nastiest cunt around and chew on those rotten herpe lips for a few hours - That should teach me not to be such a gullible piece of shit.
-Much Love-

codeblue315  02/18/09 10:39 am
Oh thank fucking God. I was seriously hoping that you weren't being a bitch and tucking your tail between your legs. Glad to see this site is sticking around, I fucking love this site and I'm glad you get all the hate mail in the world. It's those pompous assholes who make the jokes funny. If people didn't get all pissy when you guys made shirts, nobody would buy them. So, thank you for keeping this site, and you definitely had me thinking it was true.

nvalley  02/18/09 10:39 am
hahahaha. that made me happy.

Alex75000  02/18/09 10:43 am
You *******!!! News of the site closing pissed me the fuck off... lol

Awesome to see it's still going strong, HELL YEAH!

Sunshine Coin  02/18/09 10:43 am
Fucking Preeminent. Genius. Delectable nefarious plots.

Penny  02/18/09 10:44 am

Alex75000  02/18/09 10:45 am
Time to buy some T-Shirts, haha!

Jedit  02/18/09 10:48 am
Hallefuckinlujah! I was going to buy a couple of shirts I've been thinking about for ages, and then I found out I wasn't going to get paid from my new job until next week. I thought I'd missed the boat.

Great news, expect an order from me when I'm flush.

Modern  02/18/09 10:55 am

Ollie  02/18/09 10:58 am
I had a feeling you were just fucking with us but I can't say i'm not bloody glad to know your definitely not going anywhere. And a massive thankyou for the shirts you resurrected. It meant I could get the one I'd always wanted.

Edward  02/18/09 11:02 am
Why you Dirty Rotten Stink-Fart!! What a fucking Republican thing to do...God! I love you more than shoving a vibrating dildo up my gay lovers ASS! Welcome back, sort of....P.S. Body guards are cheap and plentiful and cute. Love Edward

Todd Gianarelli  02/18/09 11:25 am
yer still a pussy.

garl  02/18/09 11:27 am

Great job!

Blaze Glory  02/18/09 11:28 am
Soo.....weak......sold....most...of..my... blood and sperm....in order.... to be able..... to afford last of the t-shirts, you slimey jizz shit bag! You are my inpersperation.

Scott From the desert  02/18/09 11:56 am
Amazing how people will feed off the thought to be dead....nice work. i look forward to the new stuff and f everyone who couldn't take a joke.

Vin from MetsRant  02/18/09 12:14 pm
This is the greatest marketing scheme of all time. give me a job, i need one. peace

okyoutrickedme  02/18/09 12:16 pm
you guys are assholes for your stunt, but i forgive you because of my beautiful new shirts and the 10% discount and the fact that i won't have to try hard to find people gifts anymore.

Brandan  02/18/09 12:18 pm
haha that is awesome

Spyplane  02/18/09 12:18 pm
Nicely played. I figured it was a joke, but like everyone else, it stressed me out so I opened the wallet. Oh and I found a bug in your "guess your death" game. I just picked a late date in 2011 and if no one gets you before then, I just put in my own stats and will come and pick up my 50 g's in person!

Keep up the humor bitch, see you in 2011.. maybe.

Jim  02/18/09 12:36 pm
lolz, you might be a fucking genious..
imagine a well known company advertising themselves going out of business, and putting everything on sale for a month.. like this site, they would sell sooo much more shit, just for the sake of selling it, then spin it around instead of as a joke, and say that they sold so much that they can stay open, hahaha, dont be surprised if we see more of this in the 'real' world soon!
thanks for not closing assholes! i love your shirts

Billy Voodoo  02/18/09 12:48 pm
F'ing brilliant!!!!!! People who complaint should brush up on their fucking constitutional rights. You have the freedom of speech, not the freedom from being offended.
Thank You!


Drew  02/18/09 1:04 pm
FUCKING HILARIOUS. Way to pull the wool man... hat's off.

Jamie.  02/18/09 1:07 pm
You rock.. T-Shirt Hell rocks.. Your employees rock.. Everyone else sucks.. Glad you're not REALLY shutting the site down! Because then you would have totally sucked..

K  02/18/09 1:09 pm
My friend and I were just talking the other day about your site and wondering why in the hell you would actually want to give this up...how it is one of the few places where humor and jokes about anything and everything under the sun can be made and laughed at. I'll admit--I am on the mailing list and check your site and laugh, but have never gotten off my ass and bought something. And beleive me, I was tempted in the past couple of weeks. Now, I'm going to make it a point to buy something--smart business move asshole--I mean that in a good way of course. ;)

elysha  02/18/09 1:26 pm
i fucking love you guys.

The original Sunshine Megatron  02/18/09 1:26 pm
This was my idea. Really, it was. I'm glad you took it and ran with it. Really, I am. I'm not mad at all. Go on with your bad self. I hope you get a big kick out of your oh-so-generous 10% off sale. Big whoop. Try and convince everyone you're not Jewish now. You and your t-shirts. Now go to my room and get ready for your punishment.

Katrin  02/18/09 1:28 pm
nice one!! i'm really glad to hear it was all a joke. cheers!

Dr. Packenwood  02/18/09 1:34 pm
Good one. I actually stopped wearing my I Support Single Moms t-shirt when my girlfriend went and got herself knocked up a year and a half ago. The fucking joke went out the window with that one and it hasn't been funny since. Oh don't get me wrong, because up until then it was fucking hilarious to nearly everyone that saw it, save for a few single moms, that were in fact, exotic dancers.

In closing I'd like to say 'fuck you' for making me think that one day my shirt would be worth donating to The Smithsonian when its still barely worth wiping my ass on.


P.S. It will be The Maid, In the Library with a giant dildo.

BloodCunt  02/18/09 1:38 pm
I didnt buy one, nanny nanny boo boo!!!! Youll have to do better than that you sneaky prick.

k  02/18/09 1:48 pm
I fucking love you!

Scooby  02/18/09 1:57 pm
Well, holy fucking shit, I should have known better... For the first time in my life I actually feel like a sucker.... Oh well, good to know you're not going anywhee

MacaroniLips  02/18/09 1:59 pm
Nice one, you elephant rimming cum loving momo. I dont wanna murder you, but Id love to wrap my big macaroni lips around your pee pee. Maybe take a bite of that love pump....

Flerbizky  02/18/09 2:01 pm
You fucks.. I almost cried when you said you were closing down - Nicely done ! :-)

Dorian  02/18/09 2:01 pm
Hahahaha, you really had me going!

Sydney cole  02/18/09 2:05 pm
Finally, some good news today. I didn't know where my laughs would come from if not HERE!!

Tara  02/18/09 2:17 pm
You brilliant bastards.

You're shitheads for duping us, but I'm far more pleased this was a fuckin' sham.

Carry on.

steve  02/18/09 2:26 pm
I love your site !!! Glad to see that things are still cool there, I be back to get my shirt thanks T-shirt hell.

Greg  02/18/09 2:27 pm
u guys rock i was kinda mad wen i heard u were taking the site down but FUCK THE SYSTEM this is the best site ever

mistressd  02/18/09 2:31 pm
you are one shiesty bastard and i love it

isak  02/18/09 2:40 pm
Pls bring back the Shirt "Jesus is a Homo"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kinsey  02/18/09 2:40 pm
Damn i just parted with $50 New Zealand bucks to get my first hell tee..... Definately made me part with some dollars. Sent me a free one coz i spent my grocery money.

Jeff  02/18/09 2:45 pm
Fucking A!!! :)

I didn't have the $$ to shell out for a couple of your t-shirts... now I can wait a little longer!

furillo  02/18/09 2:48 pm
thank you guys for not leaving this world. you guys rock!!!!

Jack  02/18/09 3:00 pm
God damn it, even though I was sent into a blind, destructive rage for nothing, I'm just so relieved I don't have to search Ebay for your shirts. Damned fine prank, Sunshine.

Debbie  02/18/09 4:10 pm
You fucking BRILLIANT son of a bitch! BRAVO!!

Steve  02/18/09 4:21 pm

Gig  02/18/09 4:35 pm
Way to stimulate the economy like the priest did to that 12 year old boy down the street.

buck my face  02/18/09 5:00 pm
jeeeez sure cant wait to be the 666th

Phylyn51  02/18/09 5:02 pm
I can't belive I fell for it. Oh well.

Duckyistrippin  02/18/09 5:02 pm

TJ  02/18/09 5:23 pm
Fuckin right keep the shit flyin

robert willis  02/18/09 5:24 pm
hell yea im glad your really not closing the business down... i love your shirts and will most likely buy alot of them in the future... maybe when i get my income taxes back!~!

Robert  02/18/09 5:34 pm
YOU ARE A DICK...LOL Glad yer here to stay !

Melone  02/18/09 5:38 pm
I really felt like this might have been a joke, but since I was still convinced enough to buy 4 shirts at the last minute, I feel obligated to start buying 1-2 shirts every 2 weeks when I get paid.

Alexandria  02/18/09 5:38 pm
hip hip horray!!!! I heart tshirt hell.

Meggery  02/18/09 5:43 pm

Billy  02/18/09 5:58 pm
Nice! Good Job! you should make a T shirt out of all us dumbass that thought you were going out of business! I used my Weekend Beer and strip club money to buy up all the killer shirts before you shut down! Anyways glad to see you guys are still going to be around. I will keep spreading the word about Tshirthell! Billy

Mortius  02/18/09 5:59 pm
Well as someone who just spent $218.20 on shirts "Because I'll never have a chance to buy shirts like this again!" I say FUCK YOU and ROCK ON! hehehe...well done and kudos all around

thenorton  02/18/09 6:01 pm
Thank you for staying open. You won me 50 bucks!

Its hot in AZ  02/18/09 6:08 pm
Right fucking on.

recluse  02/18/09 6:31 pm
Well played you crafty motherfucker, I hope your enjoying my money

Eddie  02/18/09 6:34 pm
You sly greasy mule dick! well played, i finally ordered thinking it was the end. guess you know who will drink the kool aid, ya prick! congrats.

Kathy f  02/18/09 6:40 pm
I'm so glad you guys aren't closing down because some douche bags can't take a fucking joke. I was really going to miss you guys... even though I was a little pissed at first because I thought you were being a pansy. Good to know you didn't

V  02/18/09 6:44 pm
aah, ya got me but at least i got 2 of the shirts i always wanted. not for lack of money, but cause i'm a lazy bitch. thanks for giving me the motivation i so needed t-shirt hell!! hugs

Leigh  02/18/09 6:56 pm
I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

I, of course, was prompted to buy my first T-shirt Hell shirt, after who knows how long of visiting the site and receiving the newsletter... Hee hee, and for some reason, I love you even more now!
Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Benjamin Gilbert  02/18/09 6:58 pm
I'm guessing there's about 200 other responses similar to this making me part of the masses here, but I just feel the need to comment anyway. I find it odd how it's socially acceptable to be offended by these shirts, but not against "God is your savior" shirts and shit like that. Aren't they equally prejudice? Anyhow, thanks for NOT bringing t-shirt hell down. I promise when I'm not poor I'll buy some

Mosparx  02/18/09 7:04 pm
Are ya fuckin' happy now, getting your wang sucked worldwide? I think ya owe everyone who wrote here, 5 bucks off their next order for scaring the piss out of us.

sambo  02/18/09 7:05 pm
the only comeback more contrived than johnny Cash

Megan  02/18/09 7:14 pm
I love you. I can finally stop crying.

Nick  02/18/09 7:14 pm
hahahahahahahhaa fucking hallarious

davidmegatron  02/18/09 7:34 pm
Dude, is that you in the 'Win $50k' add?! You're fuckin' hot! Now I'm really glad you guys are sticking around.....don't you go dying on me, now!

ronnie  02/18/09 7:38 pm
THANK YOU WHOO you had me going there for a bit. i rally thought you were clothing i got a little teary eyed.....i LOVE tshirt hell as much as i like my pussy eatten...ok almost tha much. you guys fucking kick ass and thank you for not closing.

hope you get your dick sucked everyday!,

chandra  02/18/09 7:43 pm
hahaha!!! thank god! excellent marketing ploy, my friend, it totally worked! i absolutly LOVE the site and i was so distraught by your "going out of business" that my mom (who is currently filing for bankruptcy) let me buy over a hundred bux wortha shirts to cheer me up :D
it no way near worked as well as the news that your not going anywhere :D keep up the excellent work, hopefully for a long, long long time!

SN  02/18/09 7:46 pm
I. Fucking. Love. You.

GDub  02/18/09 7:52 pm
jerks! fuckers! glad yer not leaving.

Cali  02/18/09 8:02 pm
I fucking new it!!!
I just won $40, thanks for the quick cash, and I'll be using it in your store.

DarkLN1X  02/18/09 8:16 pm
Genius!!!! i fucking cried when you said you were shutting down, i love the site, love the shirts, love the girl on the "Music in A Minor" shirt. Just fuckin legendary......oh yes....im from Guatemala (Central America) and completely love the site and the shirts and you bastards.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clayton  02/18/09 8:19 pm
Thank fucking god you aren't leaving.

Valerie  02/18/09 8:33 pm
penis. maybe now i can submit my whore of the month pics again and i can win. i know damn well that im way hotter than those whores u let win before, maybe i'm just not as slutty and skanky as them. sorry. i'll try harder to look like a filthy hooker next time i submit pics

Chris  02/18/09 8:50 pm
WTF, really? Got me, I got 3.

PRETZEL  02/18/09 9:05 pm

sack craddler  02/18/09 9:22 pm
haha i spent $250 on tees out of my college tuition money... i hope you get sodomized by a poisoned strap on

LOWDOWNKILLA  02/18/09 9:36 pm
Some Generic Comment about you fooling us. You fucking Bass Turds (fish poop) Your letters are too fucking long. If I needed any more lip from you I would scrape it off my zipper. FYI, I will add to me 16 + shirts I bought from you.. Keep Em CUMMING CUNT LICKERS!!!!!

ramazeni  02/18/09 9:50 pm
AHH!! you got me!! I bought 8 of your shirts in fear of not being able to have a chance to buy them when I could easily afford them. Good Job!

But the swing side is, you're still here, oh happy day!

Stay Fucking Classy!

WTF  02/18/09 10:21 pm

cody Dudleston  02/18/09 10:24 pm
fuck yeh you sir are the shit... keep up the good work:}

EMily  02/18/09 10:34 pm
Your the best.
I dont know how anyone can hate you or the shirts that you make.
Long live T-shirt Hell!

Kat  02/18/09 10:51 pm
Fuckin' ACE.

shane  02/18/09 11:17 pm
HELL FUCKING YEAH!!! I am so God Damned glad you aren't going any Fucking where! I was so afraid I would never again to buy such awesome shirts that piss off every Fucking panty waste on the Fucking planet! You have so many awesome shirts that I would have to take out a bank loan to buy them all! (Don't get your hopes up that much Sunshine). YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!! Keep the offensiveness coming. We love it all and want many more years of pissing off the losers of this miserable mud ball planet!!!

Milt  02/19/09 12:01 am
I'm obviously in the minority that doesn't buy this guy's self-righteous bullshit. In a country where so many are completely full of shit, this was hardly a breath of fresh air. I didn't buy any of the shirts then and I sure the fuck won't buy any now. I'm fine with the designs and some of them are funny, but I wouldn't give this scam-artist a dime of my money.

Tina  02/19/09 12:04 am
Mohohahaha! I feel so happy with myself for realising you never was leaving in the first place! Yay!

bitterblue1972  02/19/09 12:15 am
thank fuck for that. I couldnt afford all the shirts we wanted in the last rush, now I have more time. I'll add the ones we want to our wedding list. thanks for all the laughs.

Rosetta  02/19/09 12:47 am
After reading that bullshit, I wanna be the one thousandth (?) of us you fuck,cause I'm wet from laughing at my stupidity for thinking you'd leave!! I love these cunt nigger polish babies fat skinny (and so much more) tees!!

Stevo  02/19/09 12:50 am
I am a man of few words, so I shall just say this; cunts, nice.

Aglet  02/19/09 12:57 am
Oh fuck yes.

Twitch  02/19/09 1:26 am
Damn man, I put up your shit on a pedestal to a whole bunch of Twitter celebrities. Granted they are to real celebs what Crystal Pepsi was to soda, but it still helps if Felicia Day bought at least one May The Horse Be With You shirt. Hang tough, boss.

Lyric  02/19/09 2:14 am
You fucking Fucktard...
After jerking of a few times while reading the news and looking at Gary, i finally manage it to get my Hands to the Keyboard...
Fucking Cunts!!!! I nearly freaked out, 'cuz i couldnt decide what to buy of ya and i nearly sent a 20 tee order out... But now you not leaving, i think i'll still send it... For you being so malicoius Fucktards...
Greetz From Switzerland...

mizoka  02/19/09 2:16 am
Fucking AYE! Excellent! Thanks.
I would have been mad not to have my monthly laughs.
Who the fuck is Gary, anyway? I want to have sex with him. Where can I see photos of him? He's fucking HOT! Please give him my email address.
I promise I will buy more shirts from now on. Thanks for keeping our lives sane and fun.

Justin  02/19/09 2:28 am
I freaked out and was broke so I could only buy two. My girlfriend broke up with me because I was so upset and she told me I was immature and needed to start buying clothes from the mall. I just flet like my life was worth living again. I bought a gram of coke and am reading Stephen King. I can't thanl you enough for helping me express myself. By the way the black eye i recieved for the Remember 4?20 shirt with the joints burning like the twin towers healed nicely and the blood stains came out. Great Products! You have added happiness and justification to my life. ROCK!

Nat  02/19/09 3:19 am
You guys seriously have some balls. Straight up. I love that you guys realize the American dream instead of just talking about it. You make me so proud to be an American, no shit.

I have been on your mailing list since I was in the 8th grade and I've really enjoyed the fuck out of your newsletter as well as your t-shirts over the past 6 years. T SHIRT HELL is the shit.

Amanda K.  02/19/09 3:32 am
Wow. You guys are some greedy fucking tards to do all of this just to sell some t-shirts. And you couldn't give more than a 10% discount for your "final days?" Really? Lame.

I'm glad I called your bullshit and didn't purchase anything. :P

nka  02/19/09 3:44 am
Goddammit you're assholes!
Oh, and I love you and wanna fuck you too.

TJF588  02/19/09 4:26 am
FUCK YOU! Who ever typed that I thought you'd all become an heros over hate mail? Here I was thinkin' you all had your own aspirations in deeper pits of hell than to waste any more mortality on this site, and here you are, caving in to the capitalist system.

Burn in your own 50% polyester faux-graves, you money-grubbing whores! As for me, I'll go back to procrastinating getting some of these shirts (and damn if I don't want the autism one for my mom, who'd worked with one of 'em for years).

Vaker  02/19/09 5:20 am

canadon  02/19/09 5:49 am
I kind of feel bad over this one. Now I have to go back to procrastinating when I was almost probably motivated enough to almost be ready to get off my ass and do something. I called this one; you guys are awsome, Fortune 500 companies are shaking in there five thousand dollar shoes right now trying to save thier asses. I wonder if they are too proud to learn new tricks. Thank You Tshirthell.. I think

Aksel  02/19/09 5:59 am
FUCK YEAH! This is so awesome I am actually farting from my penis.

shannin  02/19/09 6:04 am
I'm so happy i could just piss on your face!

me  02/19/09 6:13 am
I was hoping this is what you were doing - nice marketing!!!

Annie, Cunt, Ass, Fuck Face, Dick Sucker, Cum Swallower  02/19/09 6:17 am
LOL!!! I've been following your crazy E-mails about going out of business since you sent the first one. I didn't believe it for one minute. Nice going. I can imagine all the shit you stirred up with all the self-righteous, unable to spell, haters. In fact, I can smell all that stirred up shit all the way here in Texas. Oh wait, excuse me, that IS Texas I smell. Oooops.

amanda  02/19/09 6:21 am
welcome home...not get back to fuckin' work!

Roxanii  02/19/09 6:55 am
Hahaha omg I fucking hate you ^^ got you bunches of business tho didn't it?

Bill  02/19/09 7:04 am
Whew! Thanks for keeping free speech alive and yes, fuck everybody who can't take a fucking joke.

Rock on,


Nimil  02/19/09 7:12 am
FUCK YES! i am so glad you guys aren't going anywhere.. i didn't have the cash to buy anything and i was so upset because i didn't want you guys to leave! but i'm so glad it was fake! i love this place

scott a biggun  02/19/09 7:31 am
you little ripper. fuck all the assholes of the world who need a sense of humour. warn up the credit card bitches. i'm gunna go a shoppin!!!

sharyn giggles  02/19/09 8:04 am
you rock. i love you even more now. lol. oh and can't wait to get my shirt. fuckin awesome.

Sarah Noelle  02/19/09 8:06 am
I'm relatively unmoved by the whole "we quit" bullshit. Really, what a retarded way to go out. You'd just sell it for a killing to the Ruskies a la livejournal if you were going to bail. But anyway the real reason I wanted to comment was to tell you how much your mouth resembles a big hairy vagina. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it just reminds me of 80's porn and Aquanet.

Tim S  02/19/09 8:09 am
I was a douchebag who actually believed you were shutting down, thought it was pathetic that it was due to "politically correct corperate swine" and my fiance sat behind me saying duh you really think their closing the site? they're fucking with people they won't shut it down don't be silly, glad to see you are sticking around, and to all that are offended easily fuck you very much for making this a fun place to hang out!

bmjustice  02/19/09 8:12 am
Thank the baby Jesus T-Shirt Hell isn't going anywhere! All you pussified feministic holier than tho douche bags can suck my ass balls titty cunt pubic lice herpes puss filled pimples!

BhustaNutz  02/19/09 8:21 am
Good game tshirt hell, good game. Thought this might be a prank, dont care, ordered six shirts anyways, couldnt take the chance. Thanks for the laughs and keeping the most kick ass tshirt site open for business. This site has been providing weekly laught till I pee a little entertainment for years now, and you just penned your own masterpiece.

Wicked site, fucking amazing prank, fuck the haters, and keep the ridiculousness coming.

your loyal and humbled servant
Bhusta Nutz

thegarz  02/19/09 8:51 am
I knew it!!! LOL!!!!!!

bogs  02/19/09 9:02 am
way to use your customers. Glad I didnt buy anything.

Emily  02/19/09 9:10 am

Joul  02/19/09 9:16 am
Glad you're back to business. But I can't help thinking you did this only for the money...am i wrong motherfucker?

Gin Swilling Whore  02/19/09 9:17 am
Sunshine(s out of my ass), you sneaky fuck. Well done. Yay more shirts.

reese h  02/19/09 10:05 am
this may sound rather mundane campared to other e-mails, but it's a good thing that you are not closing, because i was ready to find out how many of your t-shirts would fit up your ass if you did. usually the highlight of my week is wearing your t-shirt to the local pub and see if 1) someone buys me a beer or 2)if i have to use my cherished mug as a getaway projectile. there are so few of us that have this twisted sense of humor (it doesn't go over well at the dialysis unit i work at, every time someone dies, i can't help but sing to myself "another one bites the dust"). so cheers, bottoms up, and remember that there is no wrong way to eat a reese's.

Jenna  02/19/09 10:47 am
i love you

BloodFart69HAHAHA  02/19/09 10:55 am

Theresa Piatanesi  02/19/09 11:00 am
FUCK YES!!!! I fell for it, I love it!! and I hope you fucking do it again, thoses fucking moron PC people need to get a life. FACE ON THEM !!!!! I think I just came on myself...

Chris George  02/19/09 11:57 am
You guys fucking rock. Please bring back I Came on Eileen !

Shane  02/19/09 12:15 pm
FUCK YEAH!!!! My wife and I were seriously pissed when we heard of the closing. This makes our fucking day!!! FUCK YOU ALL IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A FUCKING JOKE!!!! SUCK IT TARDS!!

Phil's Fuzz  02/19/09 12:15 pm
This reminds me of rock band Thin Lizzy's "farwewell" tours of '78, 81, 83 and '85. I bet they sold a lot of T-shirts too. And, in the end, only death could stop those pricks reforming and doing it all again. Perhaps we'll see them back this year playing as Torso Lizzy.

Lil Buddy  02/19/09 12:41 pm
Fuck everyone else! May we rot in hell forever!!!!

yeahboy  02/19/09 12:51 pm
you guys are so fuckin' predictable. glad you finally made the announcement, though. keep it up!

A  02/19/09 1:27 pm
Fucking Classy....glad you aren't closing!

Mr V  02/19/09 1:31 pm
Oh thank Allah, I can finally get that 'I eat more pussy than cervical cancer' t-shirt!

Fej Resik  02/19/09 1:40 pm
I feel, um, I feel, um, what's the word? Oh yeah! Fucking GREAT! Wait? What are are all these squiggly things that look like letters in a spider web? Help me daddy!

Flesh gordon  02/19/09 1:47 pm
all i have to say is-I SHAVED MY BALLS FOR THIS- GREAT GAG

suk 1  02/19/09 2:10 pm
You, sir, are an uber-asshole. Don't change a thing.

Dee  02/19/09 2:11 pm
So glad u decided to stay, but we need more lesbian shirts out there, lol.

suk another 1  02/19/09 2:12 pm
oh yeah...fuck all ya'll if you can't take a joke

Daniel  02/19/09 2:20 pm
You had me shittin bricks because I couldn't buy the shit I wanted. Thanks, jerk. At least I can buy my beaner friend the Mexican't shirt now. WHOO HOO, T SHIRT HELL ROCKS!!!!

Brian Sohngen  02/19/09 2:36 pm
HAHAHAHAHHA You fuckers rock! That's good news right there...as soon as i pimp out my childrens and fuck the nieghbors husband i'll be making an order...it's hard out here for a pimp

big man  02/19/09 2:37 pm

NeilsNotes.com  02/19/09 2:43 pm
I was so distracted by the possibility of your leaving... I even stopped watching children run around on the playground during recess. U FUCKER... don't EVER do that again!!! XOXO - Neil

sedfsdf  02/19/09 3:00 pm
Fuck I was hoping you'd go out of business, you're a corny guy.

Shianne  02/19/09 3:07 pm
I'm a single mom of two, I can't afford SHIT, let alone the TP to wipe my ass of it ... but one sure thing is no matter how fucked my day is, and no matter what miserable prick tries to make my miserable life even more miserable.... I have always turned to this site for a pick me up... the usual narcotics don't seem to work anymore...
I was genuinely upset to think that the site was shutting down, happy as HELL that your not... and laughing my ass off at your way to generate revanue... Bravo!!! and now perhaps one day my broke ass can finally buy one of these fuckin shirts LOL..Cheers!! xo

Justin  02/19/09 3:09 pm
WTF does Sunshine look like Dane Cook??

Randy  02/19/09 3:24 pm
HA! That is awesome! Keep the depravity coming!

murray  02/19/09 3:39 pm
oh, great. just fucking great. i went and had unprotected sex with a gay bovine with mad cow disease and now you say you're staying in business. if i live, she's gonna want me to get her a shirt! you got 'em in cattle size?

MadBadger  02/19/09 3:41 pm
Not at all amusing like... i was in a panic! i was looking all over the interweb looking for another site with as abusive and crude t-shits as you fuckers. but no luck... i guess all the virgin sacrafices i made (virgin flies and ants mostly) must have forced you to stay open mayhaps... ohh well pity i was made homeless the other week else i woulda bought some cheep t-shirts... gimmi a week or 2 and i'll finally buy some t-shirts from u slack cunted black Irish Yugoslavian gay robots. keep me smiling!!!! and i am fuckin classy.

damoe  02/19/09 4:07 pm
I've only bought a couple of shirts over the years from you, but I visit every chance I get and used to share the site with several of my co-workers - until my company started blocking your site at work. Bastards!

You guys rock and do keep it up.

SomniGirl  02/19/09 4:24 pm
I knew it, I FUCKING KNEW IT, you assholes are always up to something, nice real fuckin nice. Well off to practice anal like mary

Doodle  02/19/09 4:42 pm
hahaha... you fucker! you tricked me into buying two shirts... oh well, good for you... I wondered why a "going out of business" sale was only 10% off... my dumb ass fell for it anyway... (you can thank my tax return)... so fuck me, and keep printing kick-ass T-shirts... I'm glad you're sticking around to piss everyone off... this site rocks!

1bigE  02/19/09 5:06 pm
This site always gives me a warm feeling.......oh.....wait ......sorry.......I just peed myself again.....well, it still feels warm. Oh, and by the way, Sunshine Megatron is my sex slave, so HANDS OFF MOTHERFUCKERS!!

DJ Alvis  02/19/09 8:02 pm
Finally read 2 months of TSH emails, and absorbed it all in 1 day, brilliant better than an episode of Lost, 24 or Hannah Montana. Still need to buy a T-shirt though. Keep Giving the unfunny Douchebags Hell.

To read the original going out of business page, click here.

long division


division of labor


T-Shirt Hell is proud to announce that in honor of our return from the dead, we have hired none other than Jesus Christ to be our guest blogger. For an omnipotent being I think you'll be amazed at what a down to earth guy He is. Enjoy. picture 1

It was another one of those fucking days. The moment I woke up things weren't going my way. My alarm goes off (Playing Fallout Boy, no less. Fucking thanks, KROQ), and what's the first thing I see in my groggy state? I look down and I'm still wearing two cock rings from the night before.

What the hell am I paying a whore for if she's not going to remove my cock rings and clean up a little afterward? Shakeesha, I'm motherfucking Jesus. I can use any woman to get my nut; I pay you for that little bit of extra effort.

Take off my cock rings, wipe off the shaft and balls, and just because I asked you to shove your panties in my mouth doesn't mean I want them there in the morning. When I wake up there should be no sign I just fucked a slut. Basically, you should be like an orgasm that flees in the night.picture 1

Anyway, after I finished showering black hooker off myself, the day only got worse. I go to the kitchen to get some coffee and realize it's all gone. I could've just turned some water into coffee, but it usually comes out tasting like shit when I do that. So it's off to Starbucks I go.

Never fun, but on this particular day was a huge pain in the ass. First off, it was completely packed with "Starbucks" people. Expected, but annoying nonetheless. There was the laptop douche, the old bearded douche reading some book about the economy, and the obligatory hippie douche.

picture 1So the stench of gay was wafting through the air, but as I said, that was to be expected. What was unexpected, and quite infuriating, was the chubby, semi-retarded girl in charge of taking orders on this day. I'm standing three back in line watching her fuck up the same order repeatedly.

Everyone was thinking it, but I went ahead and said it. "Hey, you fat cunt... can the Son of God get his goddamn venti mocha latte sometime today!?" They kicked me out. I, the savior of most Americans and a few other people, was kicked out of Starbucks. Using my magic to lock everyone inside as I burned that place to the ground did little to lift my spirits.picture 1

So I did what I always do to get myself out of the doldrums: I raped a sorority girl. Afterward, I used my magic (yes, again) to wipe her memory and, for good measure, destroy her uterus. I don't need some blonde skank showing up in Heaven in one year and forcing me to move to the suburbs just because she was too fucking stupid to get an abortion.

I was feeling a little better after that, but then I headed home and, hey, guess who’s DVR didn't record the last five minutes of '24.' You can lick my divine balls, Jack Bauer. How else could a day this shitty possibly end?

Oh well, I guess I'll give Shakeesha another call and have her inject some heroin directly into the biggest vein in my throbbing cock right before we get down to business. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different story. Until then, remember to mail JC your used tampons.

Later, sinners.

division of labor