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Net T-shirt seller sues Ozzy Osbourne

By Gwendolyn Mariano
Staff Writer

An online T-shirt company has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Ozzy Osbourne, alleging the heavy metal rock star swiped a T-shirt slogan promoting his hit MTV show, "The Osbournes." filed a $15 million lawsuit against Ozzy, his wife Sharon, Sony Music and Epic Records last week in a U.S. district court in New York. The suit alleges that they snatched the phrase "F*** My Family, I'm Moving in with the Osbournes!" from the New York-based company and produced T-shirts carrying a similar slogan.

Aaron Landau Schwarz, president of the 8-month-old company, said he began selling his "Osbournes" wear online in March, including $500 worth of the shirts to Epic for promotional purposes. The suit claims that about two months after that sale, the Osbournes began selling clothes bearing similar slogans without Schwartz's authorization. "What I hope to accomplish is whatever is fair," Schwarz said. "I should be fairly compensated for the shirts that have been sold and (awarded) damages on top of the sales that I have lost from it." The Osbournes' publicist could not be immediately reached for comment.