Suit: *&@# T-Shirt Is Right Out of Hell

A California T-shirt manufacturer filed a $15-million suit yesterday against John "Ozzy" and Sharon Osbourne, Sony Music and Epic Records, saying they appropriated the shirt's copyrighted motto and began using it as their own.

The original shirt, produced by T-Shirt Hell, Inc., and its owner, Aaron Schwarz of Pomona, stated, "---- my family I'm moving in with the Osbournes." The shirt's motto refers to the former Black Sabbath lead singer and his hit series on MTV, which features the real-life doings of his family.

The copyright-infringement suit contends that in March, Epic Records and Sony Entertainment bought $500 worth of the trademarked shirts at $22 each. Then earlier this month, T-Shirt Hell lawyer Corey Boddie says the Osbournes authorized the issuing of a new T-shirt with the slogan, "*&@# my family" I'm moving in with... The Osbourne Family." and a photo from the cable series.

The suit alleges that the defendants, by manufacturing, distributing and merchandising the shirts, have been "engaging in unfair competition and created a likeness confusion" and are causing "irreparable damage" to T-Shirt Hell.

Reached yesterday about the suit, Boddie declined to comment but said he would ask a federal judge to stop the Osbournes from selling their shirt, seek to have all profits from the sales of the offending shirt turned over to his client and seek $15 million in damages.

-Patricia Hurtado