Features our shirts. Plus, chicks that are Red outside,but still pink inside


This is the translation our mail order bride gave us. But I think they probably should have poked a few more holes in her box before they mailed her.

Kremlin Kool

Greetings Comrades! When I'm not eating borsht, drinking window cleaner, or enjoying a vodka enema, there's nothing I enjoy more than a funny t-shirt from T-Shirt Hell. Yes, these American Capitalist pigs have grown fat on the backs of the labor of the people, but boy can they make a funny t-shirt. Believe me I know funny. I went to summer camp in Siberia with Yakov Smirnoff. At the end of the day when I return to my home near John Lennon's tomb, I dream about winning their $200 idea contest. That is more than I earn in an entire year writing for this decadent Western magazine. Even if you include my meager earnings from selling the turnips that I carve into statues of our great and fearless leader Joseph "Joe Stallywood" Stalin. So, if you are looking for a way to get a few laughs while you stand in an endless line for bread, or just a way to break up the monotony of one of our evenings that lasts for six months, I suggest you bring your rubles to your local KGB office. There they can use the computer that powers our massive spy satellites, and controls the weather, to place an order for you.