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According to many of the "good book" thumpers out there, by participating/choosing this tattooed and pierced lifestyle--or supporting it in any way--you're going to Hell. No big surprise there, right? I've already been contacted regarding my demise and have been assigned a pretty cool job. Yeah, you won't have any problem finding me... I'll be the doorman. And, as doormen often do, I will be enforcing the dress code. Lucky for you, I'm gonna help you out and let you buy your clothing ahead of time. Just do all your shopping at www.tshirthell.com.

That's right kiddies, T-shirt Hell will get you an express ticket to the fiery place where all your friends will be. Just take a look at some shirts shown here. Not satisfied? Take a gander at some of these slogans: "Restraining orders are just another way of saying I love you"; "I may have Alzheimer's, but at least I don't have Alzheimer's" or "I'm huge in Japan." Don't worry, there are shirts for women like: "I taught your girlfriend that thing you like"; "Who needs big tits when you have an ass like this" and "I'll be using these to my advantage." Fear not, kids are also included (I feel I should warn you. Only really cool parents should order shirts for their kids.): "Daddy drinks because I cry"; "They shake me"; "Now that I'm safe, I'm Pro-Choice" and "Daddy's little squirt." Get it? Squirt? Never mind.

Just for reading these, you'll have to go and perform some act of contrition. However, before you do that, check out the Web site and laugh your ass off. Of course, then order a bunch of shirts because, after all, the dress code will be enforced. And remember, "Autistic kids rock!"

-L. KaBong


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