We're mentioned in Sweden's top Men's magazine

T-shirts från helvetet!

I took Swedish in high school. So here is a loose translation of the article:

It is so sad and bleak here in Sweden. My feet ache constantly from my wooden shoes. Oh how I wish that I lived in America. That would really kick ass. Then I would not be forced by our cruel Emperor to live in a windmill, and make cuckoo clocks all day. They feed us only meatballs, chocolate, and herring. How I wish I could live in a country with cool t-shirts.

Oh www.tshirthell.com we are not worthy here to wear your fine products. Truly you are Gods that walk among us as living examples of all that is glorious in mankind. You give us all hope (PEG)

(Editor's note: the last word may not be hope. It could also, possibly, be Swedish for herpes. The words are really very similar)

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