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Internet T-Shirt Company Files $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against the Osbourne Family, Epic Records and Sony Music


An offensive Internet t-shirt company,, has filed a $15 million dollar trademark infringement lawsuit against Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Sony Music and Epic Records accusing the Osbournes of swiping a slogan from an original foul-languaged t-shirt.

According to's owner and president, Aaron Landau Schwarz, The t-shirt which reads "F*** My Family, I'm Moving in with the Osbournes!" began selling online back in March. Soon after, Ozzy Osbourne's record label, Epic records, purchased $500 worth of the shirts from's website for promotional purposes.

The suit then claims that almost 2 months following the sale to Epic Records, the Osbournes started selling a shirt with nearly the exact same slogan as the original shirt. The Osbournes released two versions of their shirt in popular retail and online stores worldwide, a censored version which reads: "*[email protected]# My Family. I'm Moving in with the...Osbourne Family" and an uncensored version with the same.

Following the filing of their suit on May 28th in New York City,'s lawyer, Corey Boddie, declined to comment but said that he would ask a federal judge to stop the Osbournes from selling their shirt, would seek to have all profits from the offending shirt turned over to his client and seek $15 million dollars in damages., known mostly for the extreme social satire displayed on their t-shirts with slogans such as "Bin Laden is a Big Fat Doodiehead", "Suicide Bomber" and "Who Wants to Marry a Hundredaire?" have been online since October of 2001.