T-Shirt Hell.com Affiliate Program
We'll pay you $4 for every shirt a visitor you send to T-Shirt Hell.com buys! That's right, $4 for every single shirt that's sold.  Doesn't matter if we're selling the shirt for $7, $10 or $17...you make $4 for every shirt sold! 

You also make $1 for every shirt a webmaster who signs up under you sells, using our 2-tier program.

All you have to do is link T-Shirt Hell.com.  WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING ELSE.  If you've been looking for a way to make money with your over-the-edge website besides the typical porn clicks thrus and piss-them-off pop-ups, THIS IS THE WAY!

We pay $4 per shirt you sell (no other t-shirt site offers an amount this large).
We have a 2-tier program (earn $1 per shirt sold by webmasters under you).
We offer products that are unique and actually sell(perfect impulse buys).
We feature more styles and colors than you can shake a dick at. (So people can actually look good in their offensive t-shirts!)
Finally, a way to make money with your site besides porn ads or pop ups. (T-Shirt Hell was created with over-the-edge websites in mind who don't have as many options to earn as the more commercial sites out there).
Topical Shirts, Topical Shirts, Topical Shirts! (You will sell more shirts because we constantly add shirts that parody the biggest current events and celebrities).
You can link to any page on our site with your affiliate code and your sales will be tracked (promote a single shirt or a section of shirts to better target your surfer's interests).
Real Time tracking of statistics. (24/7, 365 days a year)
Sign up now and start paying your web bills AND MORE by simply linking to T-Shirt Hell.com.  We accept affiliates from all Countries (we pay US Affiliates by company check and Non-US Affiliates with paypal)! If you have any questions before signing up, e-mail us here

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